Steve and Ted: JC Penny stores to close in Kansas

Steve & Ted
Monday, March 20th

Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy says the Wichita stores will remain open... for now.


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9713 thirty K units since we are deep into the morning 746. Three big things mean. Tucker basketball season and as W if you loses or Kentucky. 6562. C news. Seventeen year old back home fatally shot in golf which Alley. Wichita police say officers shot and killed a man who killed a police dog. And with the gun and police. Three big things Steven Ted and K and assess. This morning the gasoline prices here in the Wichita area. Gasoline right around 209 gallon I spotted a little bit better though 206. And found that neared Douglas. And Seneca traffic on K and SS's brought Cuba Jodie probably. Carl's Goodyear tire located downtown at market and Waterman in the east cherry street Moline on money Carl's tired dot com your home for complete dark hair. Sunny and warm today with a high of 83 degrees partly cloudy tonight the overnight low 52 Tuesday. Mostly cloudy and cooler with a high of 62 now mostly clear 59 degrees southeast wind six miles per hour. Davis is whether brought you by the monarch open at 11 AM for lunch Monday through Saturday and noon on Sunday the menu can be found its. Monarch which does not count the monarch in the Leino. Are you working out your home and how. Does that impact your income taxes. It's tax tips I'm now with Stephen dead if you work from home should you consider the home office deduction when you file I'm Scott Goldberg with today's tax tip in the past the home office deduction has been a red flag for IRS auditors ABC news chief business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis says start by asking this question. You wanna be able to say. 15 of my house is my office this is that this action of where I define inside of my home as my workspace and if you use that space legitimately you can deduct part of your rent your mortgage heating water all of those things you can take a fraction of them as your did that same for housekeeping and insurance Rebecca says the key is don't exaggerate you are using your entire home as an office but. If you're using your kitchen for part of your office if you're using a section of your house or party or rapist be reasonable again keep those receipts. And make sure you really are using that part of your home your claiming exclusively. For business. With today's taxed at Scott Goldberg ABC news Stephen in the morning comments now from. Kaine as his radio FaceBook. Marshall's wife escorted out of arena after shock of loss of basketball coach's wife barely got a little. Excited after the game and security guard helped her leave the area. Patch as I admire -- passion for the team and I can appreciate Blige she was upset but the refs. There are some calls at some folks thought were questionable. And Tucker Carlson laughs at liberal women upset over trumps budget cuts to public arts Christopher says I've made the argument before. That at the TV movie and music industries would donate just 1% of the billions they earn annually of offset by the federal government and each state government spend. Funding the arts. That's a Christopher's alleged and a 749. Student. No dairy queen offering free ice cream cones today. The marked the first day of spring. All you have to do is stop by participating locations outside outside of shopping malls today and you get a free small Vanilla salt cervical. During greens will also be collecting donations for children's miracle network hospitals. Over the past 32 years dairy queen restaurants have raised more than 120. Million dollars for those on line waiting you know DQ. Rate Sotheby's is displaying the startling and star diamond in London. Before it's auctioned in Hong Kong next month but he says that Jim would fetch more than sixty million dollars would put on the block April 4. Which would represent a record for a pink diamond sold at auction legendary Pink Panther Booth is that what you now. The 59 point 60 carried him 59 carats. The largest flawless fancy pink diamond ever degraded by the journal articles and some sort of America. So be jewelry division chief David Bennett says the attempt size and color suppressed any. No pink diamond recorded in history it was by to Africa in 1999. I saw an effort apparently it's better than the non fancy. I thought I'm done via company sold the blue moon of Josephine diamond for 48 and a half million dollars in Geneva. And when he fifteen. Some big diamonds renting rocks. The size happening carrots that that was tailored Dimon was to get from Richard Burton or that thing is it is pretty large music at all. Hughes was signal ships with. One big jam right there. 751 now Steve and Ted at new leadership for a local company editor bill which Bob is a gem with us this morning bill good morning. Together will soon be a changing of the guard and accompanying I am a president and chief operating officer Kirk Watson has plans to retire in June. That means his leadership responsibilities will be parceled out after he believes he tells us three people take over his duties. Two had been chosen Luke Procter and who in Schultz. Watson joined IMA back in 1996. We have the latest list of stores JC Penney says well closing Kansas Wichita stores will remain open for now the stores in mission Newt. Great Dan Hutchinson Lawrence and Winfield will all shut their doors. Stores in town east and town west malls will remain open. About 5000 employees nationwide are expected to be affected by the closings. A local landscape there's been sentenced for his conviction of defrauding homeowners in May's Miller and Wichita. 44 year old James Arnold is the owner of premier lawn care. District attorney mark Bennett says Arnold was convicted in January of four counts of theft. For taking money from customers neither are not starting him or completing the work he got five years' probation. Local breaking business news every day on Canas has in Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual wars. You know if I heard you right to K. The gentleman who's leaving Miami. It's gonna take three people replace this person. Yes his responsibilities. Will be spread out among three well he must've been pretty much worked at. Kirk is hardworking guy and Austria real hard working Fella. Congratulations to him. You that today is question your the wildcats that your team out of it out of the tournament now the shot right around knowing. Are you gonna and you're from a year Katie state grant but you're gonna let. And break down and root for the jayhawks from now on how am I ask for anybody who's representing the big twelve at this point and then especially representing Kansas via email we'll have to hold on for a law we'll all unite now. That your client there ego but I got to deal had not been done but it. Doug about this morning Kennedy's charge have you and almost everybody back this year. Everybody's back everybody's everybody is back yeah those two seniors. Really weren't they didn't get a lot of playing time zone read it to you wouldn't wait next year. And I hate to say that is just like to Chicago Cubs but you know they aren't they did okay cavs just on the world's. Maybe it should. 753 Steven did today is international. Astrology today. A New York are you a big believer in astrology deals with the signs of the zodiac and it. End of the fate of the stars aligning in the moons and all that and where you and now know with the just just not into astrology edited those I would Ireland amateur astrologers in my study giggle yeah Reagan local thereafter you're already veto to what sign are you bill and get it well I am ICC that's right there astrology should know what's and you largest pilot connector right. That's true which means what Billiton IC like Jesus that's the fish deal. Larry you know you have had I not only how does that describe how does that define your life in it doesn't. But that. I it did in the I don't know what qualities along with my season well you know India and I think it's hard to believe than anybody boy born and a certain month you know. Shares all these traits and you know is not you know not you don't have to be born high seas have scaly skin. These are true or funny looking guys don't get your eyes are not fish eyes. Not real like I can do a little amateur reading for you if you want I'll have a great if you have what I'm seeing for you it was a busy today with that asks. But you will be able to accomplish nearly all of them. Very very well and at the end of the day. Yeah icici year home has even beautiful wife at home when you're going to have a great evening together has now. Then the last part is wrong she's out of town. We Geithner and rehearsal tonight so I can be at home and I'm gonna you don't have to pay for that reading thank you. You strike out when it was worth you go what it was worth for accuser it says 755 now Steve instead. 11:8 o'clock the pianist this morning news on the day's news as Stephen did win. How's fire. On the set which obviously will tell you all about it Stevenson in the morning on CNN sense.