Steve and Ted: An interesting documentary on Netflix

Steve & Ted
Monday, March 20th

Steve got interested in the Ken Burns documentary "The Roosevelts"


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A breaking news KS AS which could cause number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. The 1615. Of the video business or. It was even OK. It's great. In assists breaking news house where this morning in the 400 block of south poplar. This is just near downtown Wichita. The call came about 4:15 this morning smoke and flame visible from the back in this home two story house. One firefighter suffered minor injuries here to recess this was sent a plane that was. Easily seen from the interstate from Kellogg of highway 54. Over the downtown area again this was in the 400 block of south poplar or firefighters are cleaning up the mess right now one firefighter. Minor injuries this morning. Oh Wichita police officer shot and killed a 25 year old man who pointed a gun at officers during an altercation. That led to the death of a police dog. The incident happened Saturday night at the lamp lighter mobile home park on east MacArthur in south Wichita. Police say officers returned fire when the suspect shot the dog the dead man's name has not been released. The dog's name was rooster. Emergency dispatchers say a teenager has died after being found shot in an Alley in northeast Wichita detectives were called. The area of 23 street north and Kansas Sunday night. The seventeen year old victim reportedly was alive when the officers found him but he was declared dead shortly after that at a hospital no arrests. Have been made in connection to this case. A security guard asked the wife of Wichita State University coach Gregg Marshall. To leave the lower bowl bankers life field house. After she started loudly cursing shortly after send Sunday's loss to Kentucky in the NCAA tournament in Indianapolis. Lynn Marshall remained in the stands about ten minutes after the final buzzer Q first console fans and family members of the team players. But then she started shouting loudly about the calls made during the game eventually. The people around coaxed her to leave and a police officer. Followed. Hundreds of homes were evacuated Sunday as a wildfire burned near Boulder, Colorado. 836. Other homes are under pre evacuation notices. Boulder emergency management officials say the fire is 50% contained and no structures have been damaged in the 62 acre believes. And selectors home is in the pre evacuation zone in western boulder. She told ABC news she is preparing for the worst. Our car is loaded with everything that we most treasured returned. But I certainly hope we don't have to take note significantly place. President trump travels tonight to Kentucky a state that's emerging as a battleground in the effort to repeal obamacare. President trump is surging support of his plan to do away with the Affordable Care Act but even some of Trump's fellow Republicans don't like the new blueprint. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky among them. This man role as a red bolt from top to bottom with problems. It's nine days ago vice president Mike Pence was here to appeal for support to the proposal this evening president trump will pick up where pence left off. Jim Rice and ABC news lawful. The House Intelligence Committee today years from FBI director James Scully on the Russian hacking charges. And claims president trump is made about President Obama wiretapping him during the campaign house intelligence committee's ranking Democrat Adam should have hopes the FBI director's testimony finally puts Donald Trump's wiretapping claims Taurus. We've director Ken in the Oakland refute what the president has said. I don't see any reason why he. The CIA and MBI have already brief house and Senate Intelligence Committee members in both parties who say they have seen no evidence to back the president's claim and field ABC news Washington. The cost of upgrading security at Kansas major middle hospitals and also wannabe and Lorna the in order to avoid allowing concealed carry firearms in the building. Could reach 25 million dollars. Speaking capital journal reports that state not begin in July required an open door policy at the two hospitals serving people with severe mental illnesses. And that's extraordinary security measures have been taken to protect patients. That they are not required kansas' community mental health centers public hospitals and public universities. To allow individuals with concealed dead if there is no airport levels screening at the interim say it's the says she applies to state hospital. It could cost an estimated 25 million dollars to install a metal detection equipment. In bolster security staff. On Perry eat cayenne S destiny youth. K and assist used time 06040 yeah. 9873030. KM answer as we RT content in the morning. Extend now 10 minutes past 6 o'clock on Monday march 20. And that a couple of places that you will want to avoid we've got a radio fire. Right now and fire crews on the scene this is in the area. George Washington boulevard and Lincoln streets. And so. Big fire there watch for traffic slowdown might wanna avoid that area if you can and this morning in traffic accident when he first and Broadway. John in that area as well traffic updates from cape and it's as radio I'm Chad chambers. I listened to forecast now. We keep an assist as meteorologist Dan Holliday to point and good morning spraying has officially arrived here in south central Kansas. And more warm weather is expected today before cool front slides through this afternoon. Should be in the upper seventy's at noontime 84 later on this afternoon the wind becomes northeasterly overnight are low 54 QB windy cooler tomorrow with a high 63. KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays thank you Dan Nomo mostly clear we have the southeast wind three miles per hour. And 62 degrees. So on this Monday march 20 place 17 Stevens in the morning at a really. Warm Sunday in south central Kansas which does high temperature 89 degrees not a record. But. Thirty degrees warmer than normal high of fifteen I mean. 89 for high yesterday looking for a high today is stands at around 8384 degrees yikes spring officially sprung. At 5:29 this morning our time. So we've been it's been spring time now for almost 45 minutes. About that although it felt like it's a Marines already here yesterday yeah. On this date in 1984. A winter storm struck an area from south central Kansas to Kansas City. So full range from six inches to a foot. Ice was also a major problem the top 76 feet of the case FDI radio tower buckled to. Under the weight of the ice. And that. Now hold almost all their power lobbed a large portion of the tower fell now. That's a lot of ice they were your life partner that was on this date in 1984. In 1991 the Sony announced a long term contract and Michael Jackson. That was said to be worth potentially. One billion dollars. While. Stan 1991 billion dollar contract that is a lot of McGraw. For one entertainer. Police in Vermont didn't have much trouble finding their suspect he was on the move in and on way. When they responded to a report of a crime in progress they found 29 year old Michael Perry. On the hood of a moving vehicle. There Berlin Vermont police department says. He try to get inside several Holmes. Before trying to commandeer a car food in he'd curls. But they lock the doors. Sharp they were quick and they drove off with Perry on the put. Now he's facing multiple charges including assault disorderly conduct resisting arrest and possession of heroin really. Now we may be getting to the bottom of the root of the story there yet. All right just says 613 that was Stephenson although if you hadn't added that heroin been I could've and get you to resolve things with some sub and yes substance abuse yeah when there was drug. But kinda where I was going without an honor when the drug or whether it's some sort of alcoholic beverage that he had meant by that in the bag did too much up. Lines spring is here I tell you what I did not. This is over the weekend didn't have a chance you don't yard which I should have been in the yard days. They didn't make it out there were things that came up. Had things to do with the grandkids. It. I got trapped in Netflix I found a they yes series and documentary series and I hadn't seen before. It was Ken Burns. On the Roosevelt's. Up yeah and it was good it didn't bring me much that I had already known frankly. But the personally they put together with the interviews in the photos and it was just fascinating. Richard about Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt to president's. Watch are the White House something like nineteen years. And the first. Forty years of the century. These two dollars a huge huge huge personalities. But everything about their politics and they were pretty progressive in many ways. A lot of ways but it was just fascinating of the families and and how they were. In a locking Eleanor Roosevelt server is very compelling very interest in. I'm Kershaw was very very very liberal and everything she did but the her child and it's something else sees these people at the whole family a lot of trouble alcohol. And then they were alcoholics and suicide note. Anyway it was a fascinating 67 part series which actor and watch at all through two days a few of the basketball and I have Ted. Update you on the basketball here in just a minute most you know what happened but we'll get a real talk about their adjustable now. Little final. Business about the 42 annual Blarney breakfast which was last Friday. And I was at the breakfast in the old Chicago he says you know and it doing yeah. Talk segments with Ted Ted in a Dampier told them afford to only the information is resent it was this fund free it was it was for us now which it was fun. Com because as you know so people that that we know and then yeah and and Sinaloa had a good time and said thanks to a of course have our friends from K you want and Don all in and barb Wright. Newt did their show from over there and so the Three Rivers for their. Old friends getting it together and have a good time we're kind of stopped. In behind the bar at a at accomplishment of the bartenders were going back and forth in behind this in front of us and hang in handing out plates of food and it. Yeah it was a little busy back there but yeah. I'm not enough corporate Madonna episode eighty. I hope it's next year to it you know yeah we want some prominent placement prominent placement I thought that the it taken care of next year well hey at least you were inside the green side gap perhaps next year they'll just you know kind of push you out the door and you'll just have to eat outside now the point is that. It is deployed is to raise money for these kids bring bush united. And I saw an email Obama and I think that. You recently over 50000 dollars maybe even over 52000. Dollars to may have double check yet they just glanced at it before when an air. I think week piled up more than 50000 dollars for one day. Or to do it every year in. Hope this year indeed big bigger and that a lot of people out there and their. Green if you listen to the show Friday you know the bagpipe. Bag pipers were there in the Irish dancers were there and probably people words pouring coffee. TV in Britain where local TV stars. Over there I wouldn't talk any of those people they were too it is okay. Busted that'll like mean that's not true. But it was a lot of fun and again a little busy behind behind the bar there. Actually asserted cleaning up place dual busing busing in Bartel take in the area here at fort Gloria know enough about back there months. In my part though is just sit there and just talk a microphone you know. Six these would Stephen dead let's go ahead nearly all sports here attend liberty here and on a Monday morning in net. Well there are some bad news and good is one of our teams is going on with. If you were watch in the closest friends all over for the soccer practice tell them up madness of march has come to an end from Wichita State. We gain yesterday between the nineteenth ranked shocker fifth ranked Kentucky going and it's been around 32 with the NCAA tournament. But the second time in the last four tournaments which doctors exits. As Kentucky advances to the sweet sixteen. You go at each other close game most of away. The shocker were down by as many as seven late in the game rallied to cut it to one. Shocker that a couple possessions with in the final minute that both times Kentucky blocked the shocker shots on the perimeter. And Sox couldn't get a good shot off in the final minute Kentucky went to 65. 62. As contested both teams now 31 and five of soccer season that ends. And with it goes the nation's longest winning streak shocker that a sixteen game winning streak snapped yesterday. Now it's Kentucky's it has the nation's longest winning streak at thirteen in a row as they head into the sweet sixteen. And taking care of the basketball with an issue yesterday the shocker had seven turnovers in the second half Kentucky only had two so. The wildcats had a few extra possessions there and close game not be different Kentucky wins it 6562. Shocker finish the year with a record of 31 and five of if you make it to the at least the second round of the NCAA tournament for the fifth year in a row. And that is better body back to the shocks to all the key players returning next year so. The next campaign looks to be very promising as well the shocks. As they take their exit from the NCAA tournament. Kansas Jayhawks number one seed they go into the sweet sixteen. As Kansas yesterday beats Michigan State. 9870. Was the final score. Whatever 111 half lead changes clothes in the first half the jayhawks pull away in the second half you when it's thirtieth win of the season. And they use in the sweet sixteen for the second straight year frank Mason had twenty points freshman Josh Jackson had 23. Mason also had five assists and no turnovers. As KU advances into the sweet sixteen they ought playing in the tournament. Any College Baseball yesterday. Wichita State it's win on the road truckers shut out cal poly to nothing to regain your opinion assess that Lewis. Threw seven shutout innings shocker beat cal poly in the finale that three game series on the West Coast. Sports with Stephen Ted K and as you know and I'm by no means an expert but it just looked like the shocker for. A little out of sync yesterday kind of sloppy on both Koreans than you'd think both teams or does not that. And it uses a lot of missed shots you know level members not only shot 39% for the game Kentucky only shot 42% yeah. Though still Shelley about it both teams playing tough defense yeah I talked about halfway through ticket that. You know I think Kentucky's give him every opportunity to win this game. But the Oscar apple automate shots. Didn't know the offense cranked up that's the basket well Jack Morris did not score a bucket the final eighteen minutes of the game of honor frank camp did not score a basket the final seventeen minutes of the game on that's good Davis got a those guys got to scorer in some point the second half yeah winning game like that mirror didn't. Well I think it's a great group of kids got a young mold and fantastic and we are proud of me anyway they're going to. We'll see you on bear down and read up for next season should be exciting acted like funny one now keep it here for fox news company to touch sirens. Pennsylvania college freshman gets Arctic air package. That story coming up plus traffic and weather on the way Steven dead in the morning on eight and as fast.