Steve and Ted: A hot, muggy, nearly windless weekend

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 17th

Almost no wind to help cool things down; and hot, dry and no breeze for the rest of the week.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk can't weather station. Depend on. Good morning 6 o'clock this is the case in this morning's news even dead beat Arkansas. Currently on a cloudy and 71 degrees. One man is still missing after nine members of his family were killed in a flash floods in Arizona. The family was swept away from a popular swimming hole as a wall of water roared through without warning. ABC's Elizabeth. Her reports rescue and recovery operations stretching into day 3 in central Arizona the flash flood. Sent water debris and mud. Rushing down a mountain into the river below eye witnesses say dozens of swimmers caught off guard. Held onto what ever they could to stay alive for people were rescued and flown to hospitals with hypothermia authorities confirmed so far. At least nine people including two children were killed. Can be arranged in more flash floods are likely in the area in Arizona today. Family members say a forty year old woman called 911 to report a possible assault in the Alley behind her house was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer. The Minneapolis bureau of criminal apprehension says he officer's body cameras and the squad car camera were not on when the shooting happened. Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges says. I have a lot of questions about why the body cameras weren't on questions that I hope anticipate will be answered. An apartment fighters Sunday afternoon in northwest Wichita firefighters were called to a four plex apartment in the 9000 block of west lawn. Just after 12 PM. Battalion chief John Turner says rescue crews believe it there were several people trapped in one of the units but after searching the complex Millen was found. Now would conduct a very thorough search of victims were found there at all it is it all right. Arab wire. Firefighters faced challenges during the searches of furniture is blocking doors in the residence. Turner says fire damage was extensive the wall for units in the complex and that's twelve to fifteen residents who lived in the building will be displaced. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire one firefighter. Suffered minor injuries. Man died after he was shot Saturday afternoon near downtown Wichita. It happened around 130 at an apartment complex in the 500 block of south Bullock played. Captain Danny's with the Wichita police department tells our news partners at KS and TV. That the man wasn't as late teens or early twenties and resided at the apartment complex. More information will be released later. Randy prize Kate and SS news. He's now report a suspect is in custody in connection of that fatal shooting. Cedric county dispatchers say a shooting early Sunday left one person critically injured. Inspectors say they got the call around 2:30 AM from the lamp lighter mobile home park near McArthur and hydraulic. These are the victim was found not breathing at the scene and was taken to a hospital. Kansas management orange spend more than fifteen years in prison for abandoning his infant stepdaughter. In an apartment complex trash compact her. Lawrence journal world reports that 48 year old marquis young was sentenced Friday in Douglas County. That's where he pleaded no contest in May to reduced charges of aggravated battery and child abuse. He initially was charged with attempted first degree murder after the baby was found in July of 2016. In a trash bin. The then nine month old suffered two school fractures but has recovered. Young's wife has testified she went to spend the night with friends after an argument and left the baby with her husband. He'd been drinking and told investigators he couldn't remember what happened during the night. Blood on his shirt matched the infants DNA Phil holed a brand K and SS news a well known. Actor is dead mark Len doll who is 89 years old died Saturday. Of unexpected health complications during a short state. At UCLA medical center mark the land dials breakthrough role as the villain and Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1959. Thriller north by northwest. And he became hopeful in the 1966. Thanks to the hit TV series Mission Impossible. Blend those career kicked into high gear in the late eighties when he earned Oscar nominations for the movie stalker the man and his dream. And woody Allen's crimes and misdemeanors. Lendl finally won his first Oscar in 1994. Thanks to a supporting role as lead or store bella Lugosi in Tim Burton's Ed Wood. I should showed up learned that I champions class. Don't believe BC news seeing an assist used on now 6044 minutes past 6 o'clock. 9713. Thirty K and it says we are deep into bed in the morning now. 61010 minutes and 6 o'clock on the Monday. South I was looking at the gasoline prices they're still see enough. Gasoline prices as high as 215. Lots of places down to around to thirteen or 212 best I found. So far today though let's 20947. Street south and hydraulic. So that's the low end of their traffic update on Kate and it's just radio on jets chambers. Irons into the forecast here the Monday morning with pianist says staff meteorologist Dan the holidays good morning dance. With a few high thin clouds this morning it is going to be sunny and hot across south central Kansas today will be close to 95 noontime. 95 later on this afternoon and it. Tonight clear warm Marleau 74 headed hot and humid court Tuesday tomorrow's high in 97 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Think it and now partly cloudy 71 degrees we have a south wind at three miles per hour. Today is Monday July 17 when he seventeen mile. Sunny muggy weekend across central Kansas in just felt good and felt hotter and really wants against which it does write different you get today. 93 degrees and that is normal. That's a normal high for this time a year for the state. 93 we're gonna be a little above that we think. Today as you just heard in the forecast there. On this day July 17 1955. Disneyland had its opening day in Anaheim California. Disneyland via. The magic kingdom mine. My Brothers and I've mom and dad but loaded up the card we took off from Kansas throughout their I think it was about two years after the opening date. Elastic to it visit Disneyland and it. It's pretty cool without that you didn't even cooler than join land here in Wichita but death always in the started just barely it was barely open but. Yeah that's a that's a farm government back there are several years ago my life and so I've been to this Disneyland twice. The opening day they had an opening day broadcast. On ABC television live ABC is struggling network and they did live broadcasts. Of course Tuesday was in the Schoen on ABC in the the host of that broadcaster Bob Cummings Art Linkletter and the guy named Ronald Reagan. It's timeless spokesperson for Westinghouse and it'll stuff on ABC 1955 this state land. On this date in 1981. Tragic day in Kansas City when 10114. People were killed. When a pair suspended walk worries about the lobby of the Kansas City Hyatt Regency Hotel collapsed. During a tea dance that was just now through a tough tough story the water that laps than that walkway collapsed. And as you go to. Herded our news a moment ago Victor veteran actor mark Landow has died at best known for playing the master of disguise. In the 1960s TV show Mission Impossible. And he played a horror star. Milling doce and Ed Wood in 1994 and Oscar there aha he actor's publicist says he died Saturday he was 89 years old of I don't know I think Ted and I can think to. One of our favorite mark land dosage of very young actor. In north by northwest. Yeah he wasn't the primary villain is a set in the ABC was one of it about three or four guys are pretty nasty yet all of them headed up by James Mason who has Bausch. Couldn't slow which could be. As they pursued it. Roger Clarkson across the country north by northwest. That's a Hitchcock and if you've never seen it. Nearly deluxe you. Also say it's a story it basically the story of a gray business suit that makes a goes across country yes and while that winds up at mount Rushmore Rushmore yet to rule and a big finale there. Bald Eagles have made a remarkable recovery across United States since the pesticide DDT. Was banned the 45 years ago but now. They're dying from another environment poison. Led from bullets and shotgun pellets into wildlife carcasses. There were left behind by hunters you know that the carcasses left behind the bullet is independent and and Eagles come down that's part of their five better diet the food and a he's led bulletin not been many good. In New York which has been a leader in the bald eagle restoration in the northeast for four decades. State wildlife researchers have documented. A growing number of eagle deaths from lead poisoning in recent years. Why lie every ability meters have also seen increasing numbers of Eagles testing positive for lead in Minnesota. Oregon. Virginia. And other states crack. I don't think bullets are ever good for anybody oh Florida I would imagine that did any any animal eats an animal that you know. Can be harmful. And it. They bullets just aren't good for health and general losing any real everybody's got one going through your body art right it's there and let her priest on but it ET yes. I at 615 now Steven Ted and a Friday. I don't usually do this kind of thing that and you know early in the afternoon Friday. Outside it would go to the reception. At City Hall for retiring Wichita fire chief Ron Blackwell. You know usually I don't mantra that time and government take in and damper on endurance up and but I thought you know. He's kind of become a friend over the years he's of these music is a good man always gonna get a piece cake. Stats say I don't know what the what style leads top not a little bit. You see Alan King the public. Utilities rector is there civility and the mayor. Mayor Jeff Longwell was there by the way coming up this morning. And at 735 it's Mondays with the mayor was Stephen Jen has always right here. On K Ennis says we will be talking to him now today and it saying he did today he has something sort of an announcement to make possible. Event. Or some visitors coming to Wichita. So he was there. Deputy chief. Tammy snow was there. Who else justice and several battalion chiefs cubicle some innocent people we've known over the years. And had a nice conversation. With mr. Blackwell not not long and it had a line of people there taking photos with it. And it's just an eight. Thanks a lot and your job and onions and Kate and it dignity cake. That we need to Kagan has never did Kate did you get yourself self eleven not a selfish though and I've got a letter on Facebook's own you know we're set at. Everything is set. All right interesting weekend date it and I thought the weather was. Good enough Saturday morning to get out with a life and do some yard work this yard work now. You know any any train these both day Saturday and Sunday gather early to work out what Nancy. It just wasn't much breeze now I think that's what made you feel a lot and little bit warmer to me and maybe it actually mustered just wasn't much breeze out there you know here in Kansas. Can accountable wind to blow a little bit. But just to move the heater got to get used to that he. Doesn't look like we're gonna have much now heard almost a week you know look like for the 48 hour forecast it does look like there's going to be a lot of reason there. Yet on the Stephen Ted trash can went leader said it's a level one today and you might as well run that through the rest of the week OK you know level want for the week which means trend probably don't even mood right right. And like if he would have been far reaffirming in Kansas to wish for wind a little bit wouldn't be too bad. Pete and a nice 618 now Stephen dead. And it's time for leadoff sports here on Monday morning with him what. Word yet. Royals back connection incidence of other stuff going on this royals actually yesterday in Kansas City against the team that they have just absolutely struggled against you know leave. The Kansas City Royals taking on the Texas Rangers team that. Beat the royals twelve times in a row going into yesterday's action on a Sunday afternoon. This was another one of those games where neither team could really seem to get a foothold it was very close the entire game. The royals trying to win it in the bottom of the ninth inning any 33. Game. Royals might get a little help from mother nature yesterday you heard the game on K abate and now the 21. Swung on lifted right field going back is too. With a sign up for the. Yeah. Two outs in the bottom of the ninth routine fly ball drop and just he was in the sun couldn't say it may concede it yeah. And happens often times in baseball and that's how the royals win that game Avery they needed a break gaffe at the finally beat the Texas Rangers have. After losing to them twelve and row and the royals snapped a five game losing streak would that mean to. So were ninety games in this puts the royals even up 45 and 45 at the only two games out of first place in the division. Long homestand continues for the royals next four games will be up in Kansas City hosting the Detroit Tigers. Live coverage of the royals and the tigers begins at 630 tonight listen live on Sports Radio eight at eight. 12:40 AM 975. FM. Not many runs scored at all at Lawrence Dumont stadium yesterday. As the Wichita wing nuts taking on the Sioux Falls canaries. Sioux Falls got a home run in the top of the fifth inning solo shot. They're I was the only run of the game seem falls beat the wind up one nothing yesterday afternoon once a month stadium. Salvaged the finale of that series. Wing nuts who in good shape though of course top record in the league at. Hey I have a huge thirteen and a half game lead atop the division. Yesterday that was the last home game for the wing nuts for three weeks. They have an off day today and of course he'll be gone during the national baseball congress World Series for the next three weeks so. I can't see the wing nuts for awhile as they leave for the road trip in very comfortable situation is huge lead in the division. Best record in the league but the long wave that's long time to be away from home three weeks and when it's embark. And we have some of the best junior amateur voice golfers in the world were all in Wichita this week. For the junior and the national junior amateur take place at Flint hills national in Andover. Like who have taken only action there admission is free so. That's great boys' junior golfers in town this weekend at Flint hills National League that sports is. Even Ted KMS. Two and granddaughter during Kansas City yesterday got to go up there for their birthday. He royals play Ollie were at the game yeah they just stayed at the end all sued. Eleven years old and they they want they won't know more about the royals. Far more than ninety. These two could be they can do go up and blues do the whole game. And on TV they're probably do better in the clowns have yet. Couch bird I mean what comes okay that's the element you'll want. The Kodak my right Sadler you know the model wife and I don't care for him at all. He can be and they're so particularly tough pill to take its time and I just kind of a guy who states the obvious really needs to swing the bat you know things like that them. Well that get it right. That's just an opinion but I guess they had a great time six when he really good theater for Fox News got a hundred times dimes. He says a Wyoming mayor removed president cups picture from City Hall. Even to the Martin coming up CNN cents.