Steve and Ted: Happy Look Alike Day

Steve & Ted
Thursday, April 20th

A day to dress up as someone who inspires you.


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Well let's talk radio news. Just like the fact they can this night guys interacted together and choose their opinions. Helen its exports of its strengths dialogue on yeah. 8713. Thirty KN OSX. We are Stevens hid in the morning at 846. Pretty big thing for me Fox News continues with the factor after bill O Reilly's departure so. Kansas three largest universities will be allowed to band guns at sporting events line. Kansas corporation commission says no to west are great plains merger. Pretty big things even dead on Kate in a sense. Stalled out vehicle westbound on 1996. At rock who road a potential traffic slowed down there again today. Installed a vehicle we also have a stolen vehicle. He's found Kellogg brands. Excuse senate has sycamore so I'll watch out for a slow down there as well traffic updates on Kate and as as radio congestion. It's a moon clouds hanging around but. It's going to be mostly sunny later in the day here in Wichita on south central Kansas high today of 69 degrees then. 40% chance for rain tonight the overnight low fifty. Friday Cooper was an 80% chance for showers and thunderstorms. Tomorrow's night 56. And eight type 69 tomorrow's night. 56. Now cloudy skies 56 degrees north wind at thirteen miles per hour. President trump makes an effort to help military veterans and welcomes champions of the white. Else. Focus on the White House president trump signed a temporary extension of a program allowing some veterans to seek medical care in the private sector. Veterans have poured out their sweat and blood and tears. For this country for so long and it's time that they recognize. And it's time that we now take care of them. And take care of them properly. The move gives veterans affairs secretary David schalken time to develop a more comprehensive plan for allowing events to go outside the VA's it swallow an Emmy president's more lighthearted duties no team has been this good for this long. President trump welcoming these Super Bowl winning New England Patriots to the White House is. Patriots are an incredible organization. At this Super Bowl victory what is a complete. Team effort that's the beauty of what they do they win as a team. I've NFL championship since two audio too today schedule includes a joint news conference with the visiting Italian prime minister Richard chance to ABC news. 848 now Stephen Ted more people sought US unemployment benefits last week yet total applications remained at historically low level. That's suggest workers are enjoying solid job security. Labor Department says weekly applications for unemployment benefits rose 101000. To a seasonally adjusted 244000. Applications are up proxy for layoffs. And they have been below the 300000 benchmark for 111 weeks. That's the longest streak such street since 1970. Stocks mostly lower Wednesday the Dow dropped nearly a 119 points the S&P 500 fell four. But the NASDAQ increased by more than thirteen points. A person filling familiar with the situation says former New York Yankees star Derek Jeter. And former Florida governor Jeb Bush have joined forces in their attempt to buy the Miami Marlins. They initially had competing interest in pursuit of the team last week. Marlins president salmon David Sampson. Said talks with multiple parties interested in buying the team were in the fourth inning. ExxonMobil corporation and a Saudi partner have agreed to build a multi billion dollar petrochemical plant near the Texas coast. The plant will be built in Portland just north of Corpus Christi. Set to open and Tony Tony for the plant will produce components used to make plastic bottles and other items and president Nicholas by the Euro. May be struggling to feed his people in Venezuela but. His socialist administration still managed to make a 500000 dollar donation. To Donald Trump's inauguration. And a variant on the money was anything yet we have a good birth stated got a pretty good today. Which kept at Kansas senator Pat Roberts is 81 today. 81 I'm gonna I'm I'll give you a trivia question here how I. How many senators currently in the US senate are older than Pat Roberts. Tent. I've I have no idea. I think it's an old Europe I mean yeah guys they don't like to resign at least six on the list. You know you get in there and a couple of you know. Five others have been their long is no older than him Dianne Feinstein is the is it is the oldest Hayley now look at and Orrin hatch from Utah's been there he's in he's couple years older and pat. Let's face you don't have to work too hard and pays good chow is good. Benefits are good. Pat Roberts 81 today happy birthday Pat Roberts from Dodge City, Kansas yet. At Roberts at 851 now Steve and to add to a local insurance companies. Merger is underway and it. Editor bill Roy that would stop business journal here to tell us all about it bill the way. Now Kagan morning Stephen Ted Wichita business journal exclusive Eminem insurance associates merging with Richie health benefits beginning may first Eminem owner Jim Newhouse says his firm gains a book of health industry business and more in house expertise. Richie gets access to lions and automotive business and home insurance. Terms of the deal not disclose. Jerry Jones is going out on his own Jones has been vice president of commercial developments Lawson companies. His last day is Friday he's starting his own real estate company. Jones commercial development company will have offices in old town. Jones has been what's Lawson since 1998. The CB RE group will take over leasing its Austin's new market square. And the alcohol marketing Kansas obviously changing the state legislature passed a bill allowing grocery stores to sell stronger beer to this point found only liquor stores. There are 752. Registered liquor stores in Kansas and folks we talked to. Say they will feel the impact of the change when goes into effect in 2019. It appears that many of liquor store owners view of the bill as an acceptable compromise. Over efforts to allow grocery stores to sell even more kinds of drinks. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS Sander Wichita business journal dot com. The Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. Built tennis star Serena Williams is pregnant and based on the timeline she offered it she already was pregnant when she won the Australian Open. While the spokeswoman for Williams Kelly bush Novak wrote in an email to the Associated Press. I'm happy to confirm Serena is expecting a baby this fall. Earlier in the day when he was posted a photo of herself on snapped yet but the caption Tony weeks sparking all sorts of speculation a social media about whether she was indeed with child. He announced in late December that she was engaged to read it co-founder Alexio Pena and so I know you let's keep up of these kind of things as celebrities absolutely human keys out there playing tennis and tissues and she was pregnant he should have been given the doubles championship. Right true I think. That's strictly strictly observing the rules of tennis sent. This doubles today is lookalike day. All its time to look like somebody else time to be a copycat. Today's a day to find someone you really look up to and try to look like them. So it poses a question I know that at one time. On stage you've got to look exactly like one of your one of the people you really admire and respect and as Ross Perot. Ross Perot I had tears and every here's an area is everybody you'd liked it to dress like connect and make your hair looks like that you would copy on lookalike day anybody. I'm sure like to look like Elvis side that dark haired dude look in felon. And of course Elvis and let's say in 1969. Elvis. Yeah an earlier edition and then now now I think I'm maybe I'd go for Warren Beatty I don't know. Look I. But either dead or unanimous on Omar Sharif did it again and leisure. International are there enough. Our code that unfortunately are both of us Morton. Probably look more like Rick Taylor than any of those Atlanta so playing well life goes yet now you can't it at all but if you have somebody. It would look like today today is look alike that day you know 855 thank you very 55 Stevenson coming up. K Unisys news a dime Fox News continues with the factor. After bill O Reilly's departure. He is a few tonight Stephen dead on K and a sense.