Steve and Ted: Happy Birthday to George Takei and Jessica Lange

Steve & Ted
Thursday, April 20th

Steve and Ted talk about Jessica Lange's new miniseries The Feud.


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This is distinction which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS when she talks number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. In the morning on Kate in excess. The three largest universities in Kansas will be allowed you banned guns at large sporting events beginning in July. The Kansas board of regents Governance Committee. Has approved a request by the University of Kansas Kansas State in which they. Doing so sick. He measures such as metal detectors and guards either temporarily or permanently at the games. Now most of its forecast with key is his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Well good morning an area of high pressure is going to move and giving its quiet weather today we should be in the mid sixties by noontime 69 and breezy for the hi this afternoon and overnight another storm system coming into our south and west will spread in the chance of showers and storms downed 51. And a flood watch with a rain Friday are high 56. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday thank it and now cloudy skies 56 degrees you've got north wind at thirteen miles per hour. A seventeen year old was arrested Wednesday in connection to a threat against a coffee bill high school. He's student from field can only high school informed administrators that he'd been told by another city and that he was third into should get to school on Thursday April 20. Police to the seventeen year old in to custody after interviewing multiple students Wednesday. Police plan to recommend a charge of criminal threats to prosecutors. At this time coffee though police captain Dini Craig believe there weren't no other students in the fall. Arctic Perry KM SS and. News this week Kansas governor Sam Brownback appointed to Jake let turner of Pittsburgh the job of Kansas treasurer. Cedric county commissioner Michael O'Donnell served with the turner in the state legislature. I realize he's the youngest say why. Officeholder in America who had 29 years old so it's pretty. Pretty awesome for him we were elected to the same time we were that the kids in the senate. Maternal serve the rest of the term for former state treasurer. Ron Estes who recently was elected to congress from the fourth district in Kansas. A proposal from president Donald Trump will cut the department of transportation's funding by 2.4 billion dollars. KE SN and news spoke with Newton mayor part of hate. Who said the 13% cut would jeopardize passengers rail service in Kansas. Just in terms of passenger volume of about. 141000 passengers who come through here. Each year if that budget proposal was adopted. He would essentially eliminate service. To the state of Kansas on emperor. Takes as many communities in Kansas fought for 28 billion dollars in grant money over the past few years to make rail improvements. Along the southwest chief route. The superintendent of the State's third largest school district is retiring the Shawnee mission school district says Jim Henson's. Retirement takes effect June 30 the nearly 28000 student district in suburban Kansas City. Says the 54 year old Hinson. Wants to spend more time with the family and pursue other lifelong goals. K and incest national news time 833. Donald Trump campaigned in part on the notion that the United States was partly to end abound why. Too many global agreements that hand in US leaders policy options but now. The America first candidate too he's been president for nearly 100 a seem to be showing. A different stance whether it's the much maligned NAFTA trade pact or the Paris climate accord. Or even the Iran nuclear agreement. But seems to be in no rush to withdraw the United States from these compacts that have been made by other administration. Vice president Mike Pence says the US wants to strengthen its strategic partnership with Indonesia. He's praising the world's most populous Muslim nation for its democracy and moderate form of Islam. Senses stop in Indonesia is part of an Asian tour and aimed to reassure US allies. Yesterday Indonesian president. Joseph Cole we don't know suffered a serious political setback. When a political ally was defeated by Islamic conservatives in the election for Jakarta as governor. General Motors says it has halted operations and in Venezuela after authorities seized a factory. Venezuela has been rocked in recent days by violent protests of government policies as well as food shortages and triple digit inflation. The plan was confiscated Wednesday in what GM calls an illegal judicial seizure of its assets and it's as assets such as vehicles were taken. Dow Chemical pushing the trump administration to scrap the findings of federal scientists. Point to a family of widely used pesticides as harmful to about 18100 critically threatened or endangered species. Lawyers representing Dow and two other makers of organ a phosphates sent letters last week to the heads of three cabinet agencies. 834 now Steven 10 in the morning on net. And he said the thirteen thirty Katie and as an associate is 8 at Thursday morning April 20 when he seventies and it's time to check in with Ted Woodward. At the blurred nest find out what's happening in the entertainment world. The water ten regularly gearing up for guardians of the galaxy zoo and even a huge name from the past is involved. Aspects of the premiere of what could be one of the biggest movies of the year guardians of the galaxy going. And to the star that dominated the purple carpet wasn't Chris Brown sly Stallone it was Davidow song told me how we got a scare me. A thing ever because. James Young the directors saw me on a show called night runner Rudy years old. And he says I've. Love that show and love the theme Knight Rider one day can make a difference my whole life any ideas like that like. Amazingly nice person and Hollywood was hard to find. Guardians to is that made it. Happy birthday to Davis Star Trek star and activist George decay and turns eighty and to you sending them to god. You guardians of the galaxy volume to hit soundtrack is another pop rock classic hits playlist. The 1970s throwback sound track the first guardians of the galaxy moving was chart topping hit. So marvels not messing with success following the same formula Ford guardians of the galaxy volume two soundtrack. Rolling Stone has the track list featuring hits from ELO Fleetwood Mac Sam Cooke George Harrison parliament and more. Many of the songs have already been featured in commercials for the film soundtrack comes out tomorrow at the movie is out on May fifth. From the ABC news' parent company Disney. New music is out from prince but his estate is apparently not happy producer named George Ian box still. I was behind the release of the new prince song deliverance on Tuesday night. He allegedly doesn't have the authority to release the song and five others in an EP planned for tomorrow. Prince his estate is suing according to AB CTV affiliate KS TP in Saint Paul. The lawsuit states box still sign papers saying everything he did with prince would be owned by prints and box ciller had no rights to any of it. I'm still said in a statement the release is what prince what do you want people well we'll see if the courts agree that. That. That's the wrong things in a little bit of a mess right there for the fifth time in a record for the publication Julia Roberts has been named people's most beautiful woman. 49 year old who first graced the cover of the special issue back in the early ninety's. Was announced as this year's cover star by editor in chief just hit eagle appeared on ABC's Good Morning America. She's in a great place and you have the world's most beautiful is is not just about physical beauty that's part of it. But you also look at where people are in their life you look at the amount of charity work that they do. And she she checks all the boxes. Ticks all the boxes or anything. New York's TriBeCa film festival started last night it's not just about movies anymore. This year's TriBeCa film festival isn't just about movies it'll premiere some high profile TV projects too like clues new series they handing its tail and Ron Howard's new National Geographic series genius about Albert Einstein when I was your age I knew everything. I was. Home virtual reality and digital only works are part of the mix too they're also new movie starring the likes of Debra Winger Andy McDowell Robert Pattinson and Zachary Clinton plus a celebration of classics like the dot com hello my confidence. Lynda Lopez ABC news. TriBeCa film festival underway in the Bill O'Reilly out at Fox News and Captain America will not be working blue. You are about dangers these no spin zone one of cable TV's highest profile news personalities has lost his job Fox News has announced Bill O'Reilly quote will not be returning and quote to channel the announcement comes in the wake of news earlier this month that a Reilly and Fox News page thirteen million dollars to five women who accused him of inappropriate conduct and new accusations of similar conduct that surfaced in recent days in the despite the box office success of 20th Century Fox is. Marvels owned by Disney the parent company of ABC news. I'm Christopher Watson. Peaking of Bill O'Reilly he was certainly in cross hairs of the late night comedians last night Jimmy Kimmel joked about Bill O'Reilly. Here it is from ABC's Jimmy Kimmel lie ever. Decided to extend bills vacation to forever after a all the jobs. President trump promised to create you wouldn't think bill Reilly's would have been one of the. Actually last night Jimmy Kimmel live at. Couple of notes tonight on Broadway it's opening night for hello Dolly. Revival of the game. Broadway work horse a just say is that something we've seen before it in the 1960s. It is a couple revivals in the seventies it to one in the nineties. And almost twenty years it's been broadly so bring it back hello Dolly tonight. And you'll like the two leads in this Wednesday. Course Dolly is being played by Bette Midler. And now Horace. Her suitor is being played by David Hyde Pierce knocked up dead the next tidbit goes to will be good or an area. Hello Dolly course music theater Wichita adjusted to show couple tonight appears of course. Frazier brother you. Niles and idols. On my favorite TV care simple hello Dolly the leader of my running opening tonight on Broadway. And we already mentioned George TK's birthday today eighty years old starter mr. Sulu us. And another birthday Jessica Lange is 68 today. She is she is star if you haven't seen the miniseries feud on FX. It's it concentrates on the feud between. Joan Crawford and Betty Davis. And Jessica Lange is playing Joan Crawford in this and she is giving the performance of a lifetime and it's been task appeared in what's gone on FX. And that's an eight part miniseries for seven parts of why it was look at that last night couldn't find you you and your life would love this thing. Weller just don't ask fans of both Betty Davis and don't grow well. And they Susan Sarandon Jessica Lange are just chewing up scenery in this thing you can tell having a blast doing it. Pretty it's pretty funny it's pretty good stuff yeah happy birthday Jessica Lange she is 68. Today that's. Entertainment news in the blur for another day brought to you by our good friends at pizza at Johns in derby he knows it pictures Stevenson right there on the law yes you know. If you haven't seated to your kids haven't seen your grandkids say you've got people coming in from out of town and who knows and sees something amazing. 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