Steve and Ted: Florida man arrested after 90+ calls to 911

Steve & Ted
Monday, July 17th

Man wanted money that was seized after drug bust.


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And right now yes and I do it has more promise than we've seen in the last eight years. It's evident thirteen thirty KI NS and we are he'd been dead in the morning at 847 here on Monday. Three big things. Health care vote delayed after Senator John McCain suffered what plot. One man dead after several shootings over the weekend in Wichita fly more than a dozen people displaced by apartment fire in north west Wichita. Three big things Stephen dead on Kate in a sense. This morning we've got death gasoline prices coming down a little bit it seems like they're gasoline prices coming down to two. 09 a gallon earlier this morning they were all the way up that says to thirteen to twelve but 209 eastern deceit that more and more. This morning traffic update from cape and it's as radio on jet chambers. Sunny and hot today with a high of 95 degrees and not much wind out there could blow the heat around. Mostly clear tonight the overnight lows 73. Tuesday sunny and hot again tomorrow's high 96. Now partly cloudy 76 degrees we have. South wind at seven miles per hour. Steve into the morning and got a little fact checking on the blur okay what happened we'll fake news story okay. Act today's the birthday of Donald Sutherland 85 guys said that he played trapper in the movie match. Fact checker Jad chambers told me it was wrong really yeah he is he was not trapper Johnny played Hawkeye in. The movie match Donaldson unaudited Elliott Gould was trapper John. That's very good read reliably accurate about to make economic daggers now OPEC fact checker about a thousand dollars cash about that that's a black times today without our hot and school cashed a yeah. While you do is listen and Texas a special code where we give out on Keyon assessed at 7-Eleven two and five next week coming up of course. At 11 o'clock Rush Limbaugh. Keep listening UK and assess each weekday 7-Eleven two and five for your chance to renew 1000. Over. Steven Edwards Toppert dot com poll on our web page to innocent radio like I'm in the senate is looking at a new health care bill what do you think is most likely to happen. Some consensus will be reached and the new bill will have a lot of support from Republicans and Democrats to pass go by 9% at a news. Senate Republicans will come together and pass a new bill only 17%. Senate Republicans will not get enough support to pass a bill 74%. So. The people who go to our web sites and by diet margin of 31 at the brunt pocket knife and they're not gonna get it done. And it might be faulted for discipline known as are we got a new question today new questions summer vacation how far did or will you travel this year. Out of the country. Out of state. And Kansas but more than fifty miles away or I'm having a state Haitian. You be a part of the Stephen Ted which shoppers dot com polar with a it. In his says radio dot com. A Florida man who authorities say called 911 nearly 100 times in one day. It's been arrested. Clearwater police and a FaceBook post it Michael walked. Called the department's communication center 98 times Monday. They say mock was trying to get money that was seized during a drug arrest in January. Police say much used to phones to make the calls and even made calls in front of an officer who responded. Authorities say much tied up by your resources that were meant to help citizens in need. And he is charged with making harassing telephone calls. So law. Michael is in big trouble. The police yes perhaps even more than once or it's only you know Maria you know. It's via he wanted to mess around with 9/11 that's. Like Purdue situation load times. But these people we do that usually have something going on. Maybe have been drink little turbulence of drugs and just that. Meant may not be in control or I'm not making excused tell them not to do it they just keep doing to protect. 851 now Steve and to Ed and injure bill Roy Blunt style business journalists to sport and he's got some breaking news formed out of a banking acquisition. In morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted yap every bank announcing today that two by two banks in Oklahoma. Eastman national Bancshares of new Kirk and Patriot Act of Tulsa. The deals add up to 96 million dollars there are expected to close by the end of the year. At that time actively equity will have consolidated assets of more than three billion dollars. School of engineering a Wichita giving praise from Lockheed Martin's the company is recognized globe as it immediately supplier. He award is given a Lockheed suppliers in the top 2% of the company's 14100 suppliers. For on time deliveries and quality ratings globe make sheet metal and machined components and assemblies for the aircraft industry. And we re recently recognized the forty at a forty class of 2017 we wanted to hear from those young professionals about how they see Wichita. And what went to Tom needs they say when to toss culture is changing. Wichita and used them hang their heads when they told somebody there were from Wichita now which attempts are showing pride that. By representing the Wichita flag and getting more involved in the community. Local breaking business news every day on K and a sense in which it obviously struggled outcome but the what to Bob business journal on dual role. As we need to be proud of our community right right. You are from Kansas City triple. I've been here longer than I was and can't you do say is oh that's right here this is this desert town now bill you bet. Ellison. Today is. Global hug your kid today. And I know you don't have control that those those twins your a couple of pretty notable people acting absolutely. And do they recoil when you try to. To hug him Miller well not anymore there there was a time or if they were in front of friends who all he had that can be said whole embarrassing. Yesterday I had my grandson look with me you know he's thirteen. Right and we went to read dying to to elicit chilies out west there where my other programs under Nolan is the major the right which he's the tallest Guinea's metered in the world. In a parking lot we ran into about five or six young ladies who were there softball uniforms who they were in town to play and it turned it over to. West Durban you know that night sunk complex over there. And got chat them up a little bit away from Salina. It is so them if they were when you go when you're gonna see a real tall skinny guy. Which it all seniors in high you know. Are all man. So they did a good day embarrassed them the poor guy you know that you challenged them all to give him a hug it's gotta be tough be in my in my grand kids that it was even tougher being one of my children. I am that's what they say I'm not a great under. And my dad mom not great editors although my 96 year old mother defy even over there and pretend I'm gonna hunger she just lights up. He just well you know cellular I don't get too excited to I don't do it for office and it is a hole. You're kid day. All right guys think it's a coming up on 855 Stephen dead and assist news at 9 this morning more than a dozen people. This place for an apartment fire northwest which of all that story and more at nine Stephen dead on K and assess.