Steve and Ted: Deer invades Minnesota Wal-Mart

Steve & Ted
Friday, May 19th

Customer tackled the animal and set it free outside.


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Is distinctions which talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Wichita is number. One news talk and weather station depend on. About 7 o'clock. Severe weather includes several tornadoes in changes we've got the story on Dan O'Neill. Obama says he won't prejudged voter fraud in panel's findings. A memorial today for fallen police officers and it would work those detailed. Ahead president company prepares for his first foreign troops are taking office behind me these kind of mode and being felt on the president's overseas. Mr. coming up I'm Taylor says meteorologist Dan Holliday a flash flood watches have been posted across south central Kansas we'll talk about what we did expect any wind coming up in the forecast. Damaging severe weather rolled across central Kansas Thursday evening a possible. Rain wrapped tornado reported an near Salina. In Salina a large tree fell onto a house and that required fired Russa saw the tree and a segments just so residents can get but there were no injuries. Tommy Edwards for the Salina speedway tells KSM news the speedway suffered considerable damage. Oh it's all over men's bathroom destroyed light poles knocked down roofs off of buildings. In Wichita tree damage reported as Lynnwood park entries were also damaged in bowl vein and rose hill earlier in the day tornadoes were reported in Barton. Barber and Ford counties in flash flooding was reported in great band. Damage continues to be assessed but no injuries have been reported. Authorities are saying it was not terrorism but it was deadly one person was killed more than twenty others injured. After a man reportedly high on synthetic marijuana started plowing down pedestrians in the middle of New York City. ABC's Jim Dolan has more. Snarling and menacing 26 year old Richard Rojas had to be tackled to the ground before it was finally taken away by police the scene was madness a car. Airborne and crashing after charging into a packed pedestrian walkway. In the heart of Times Square throwing tourists into the air and running for their lives. Its First Lady in Milan new trump. Will join the president today on his first trip overseas since taking office when president probably is greeted by world leaders of Saudi Arabia Israel Belgium and Italy. Personally Dovolani at trump will be by your side. The First Lady is expected to take part in her only benefit NATO G-7 summit singing in a statement it will be an honor to visit and speak with women and children from different countries. With different perspectives. In Italy the White House as mrs. trump won't deliver remarks US military personnel and families. Kenneth movie ABC news the White House. Kansas secretary of state Crisco bock is preparing to help lead a new presidential commission on election fraud. A balk was the first state elections chief do gain a prosecutors' powers. He says he's not pre judging what might be happening in other states before the commission appointed by president trump begins compiling hard data. In Kansas he has described the dozens of non citizens on board rules and mine successful prosecutions. As evidence of a significant problem. Voting rights advocates though have criticized the commission and cold box appointment. He is the new commissioners vice chairman with vice president Mike Pence sans the chairman Dan O'Neill Kate and SS news. Today in downtown Wichita on a law enforcement memorial service will be held at City Hall. Each year during the week of may fourteenth law enforcement agencies across America remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. To keep peace in their communities. Since 1871. Point nine law enforcement officers and certain accounting now fallen in line of duty. Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says that includes nineteen Wichita police officers. Eight Sedgwick county sheriff's deputies one officer from derby and one from Clearwater. That memorial services at noon today and City Council chambers at Wichita City Hall. A proposal nearing passage in the Kansas legislature would require that. Abortion providers give women information on their doctors history in black twelve point times new Roman fought. Republican House and senate negotiators agreed Thursday on the bill's language and took procedural steps to bypass committee Democrats. We fit the bill treats abortion providers differently. Then of a doctor. K I SSU. Time now 7055 minutes past 7 o'clock. Wichita wing nuts will try again for the season opener tonight at Lawrence Dumont stadium went off another. Action baseball the shocker in the royals club highlight some details coming up sports Roger Ailes is death was apparently an accident. That story coming up on McCain in his has sporting news ms. Stevens head. We have an injury traffic acts involving three vehicles s.'s. On I want 35 north of Bonnie traffic update from KN SS radio I'm jet chambers. To celebrate Memorial Day mattress firm is giving away 53. Mattresses. After 3000 dollar retail battle. Hurry Indian mirrors mattress firm ten locations in the Wichita area. Between may nineteenth of may 29 for there for your chance to win your perfect mattress is it mattress firm dot com. Slash giveaway for complete details of the visual rules of course on no purchase necessary that ends on May 29 open legal residents fifty US and DC eighteen and older. For complete details see the official rules that are participating store or mattress firm dot com slash giveaway that spot to by an actress for and even if you're not a grand prize winner. You can still receive great offers. During the Memorial Day is sale everyone. Can save up to a thousand dollar home why don't brands like beauty rest certainly at Hampton roads and more and state or something for everyone oil clean sets starting at 17999. Do not wait before you get in a mattress I can recommended the Tempur-Pedic these adjustable. It is a great way to get a good night's sleep. And there are ten locations in which at all ball stamped with terrific people. Don't see somebody today mattress firm makes it easy to love your mattress didn't mattress firm for the big -- are old sale. Great candidates higher can be wealth Mike trying to find a needle in the haystack. Sure you can post your job to some job board but it. 9713. Thirty KE NN says Stevenson in the morning this is the game is this morning news Steve attended. At 709. 9 minutes past 7 o'clock. To death of former Fox News chief Roger feels Thursday it was accidental. ABC's Erin could turn risky with the latest Roger sales fell on Wednesday of last week and a ground floor bathroom of his oceanfront home in Palm Beach he had his head. The fault caused serious bleeding in police say that left Ailes not completely alert. The Palm Beach County medical examiner says Ailes died of complications of a subdural hematoma a pool of blood between the brain and its outer most covering. Hemophilia contributed to his death at age 77. A US military plane gets a close encounter from Chinese fighters. US air force reconnaissance aircraft was flying in international airspace over the Yellow Sea when it was intercepted by two Chinese fighters. Cutting it close is a 150 feet one of the fighters and flew and an inverted position above the American aircraft. The US economy Chinese fighters actions unprofessional. And is addressing his concerns to China through appropriate diplomatic and military channels Willie Martinez. ABC news Washington star he serves more than 500 people with intellectual disabilities in Wichita up start you director of communications Jamie oh pot. Tells can't assist news some clients they was starting for a long time we show. A photo from her on this Turkey's goal in 1954. And three of the kids and a photo we still serve today. And so that gives you sense that we're there for lifetime and for those kids their family members have passed away enters Turkey is a family. I'm for the people that we support. Jamie opens against this weekend and issues too funny 17 Sunday morning at eight on KM SS. Kate is just in time now 7-Eleven 11 minutes past 7 o'clock. And this morning we've got to traffic. Accident this is an injury traffic accident involving three vehicles it's just north of Bonnie. On on 1353. Vehicles involved in this thing and it looks like. There are vehicles in the left shoulder in the left lane traffic update from cape and SS radio I'm Jeff chambers. Now McCain as this storm tracker three forecasts. We've Kansas today meteorologist meals for the good morning Leon. Right. And we we're here. But did there isn't a lot of activity a lot to to keep the meteorologist busy last night and. It would be very very. But are yet the idea a number of confirmed tornadoes why did that up earlier look like we at least nine confirmed tornadoes. Numerous tornado warning and the good news is. Eight although we get those all at a rate and at a break those all. A line and a pretty close Elway and took some damage out there on we should not diminished and that fortunately none of these none of these tornadoes. Went right here again operation so they stayed he stayed out you know in and feel good report. Been very safe and our news this morning say at least three tornadoes confirmed on the ground and I'm there's each say probably a lot more. These it site citing tornadoes is one of those things where. It to you can be a little iffy if you know of the as the yet only spotters out there they may be looking at the same one it or. No we act and a lot of these tornadoes or rain wrapped it just it's so much depends on the condition that these storms went up and down. It got in mask early on so it is typical casinos discrete super cells and and the tornadoes they're prop that every bit of buried. You eat day yesterday forcefully to date thing settled down by. It got to be in it applied in the court we've got another round of wrong that may be more severe storms were forced. Late this afternoon in the primary threat today though a look at some rain and there's a mob hailed as it went Bartlett going to be heavy raining. With the social. Well 80 1000000 last evening there was some heavy rain and our aryan Riverside for a little bit but it didn't last long and I know that the rain totals up to. At the airport National Weather Service not that great but they're responding heavy rain from little bit there. I mean they did at the airport again that's one rained a you know it picked up one quarter inch of rain out there are so detail those super he would Wear that and so himself that that mileage to bury. But it looks like we will have more widespread heavy rain of these storms will be going right over an implication that the pre storm went over so you don't have a lot of area Robert Udell. Accurate that any top corporate probably localized flooding and storms will put out any patent. And he. The had the poly on yesterday for severe weather but of Wichita right on the eastern. Edge of that big area which is seemed to be pretty accurate you know. It was you know those storms fired up right there on out and basically on. Our Barbara and I are out in the business which rate or as they went door in order leading edge. That really blew up became a prolific tornado producers celebrate it what the site again which fell right on the deal like that like within. Three miles hi. Risk bullet but we good and so morning. Get it in the board producer and went yeah that was the game early now you know look banking unit look at it quick light heavy rain strong winds that blow at all. And in today's falling on which those kind of on the on the western edge of the thing right. And eight days it is so those so much let I'd never want to diminish the severe weather threat than looking at you know large tornadoes and large hail and Kerry and win. Regular and nickel the course site L a worst. Probably some it he would speak about win. That being told it's stronger award dot I did big issue is going to be right that we get localized flooding like splitting up to the late afternoon. And then overnight and I knew probably early tomorrow morning at a week ago. Well. Which eat out there and have a ride your motorcycle the seeding in the rain at B fund maybe get low and wet. But I would only do you are out there. Alone well by. Well now that's what yet you know. We'll just go in a car and to be safer and. I that kind of the plan. It the week it looks like and these are best day. Saturday at the start up a lingering showers but you know today. Is going to be one of those that means we get through storms should start to develop by early afternoon but it would not look at the big beer rep there's a lot more rain out there noted how much you. It is muggy I. Thank you sir appreciated that ski as the storm tracker street forecasts. From McCain's Kansas City meteorologist Leon Smith have been here with Steven dead now 716. And it by the way right now cloudy skies and 63 degrees. We have an east wind at six miles per hour. It was a windy Thursday in south central Kansas before the storms came up even high temperature yesterday a muggy 84 degrees wind speeds topping thirty miles per hour all day long. One gusts clocked at 45 miles per hour and it's we shared just a moment ago with the Leon. He shared with us overnight rainfall about a quarter of an inch that is at one rain gauge at the airport in our friends at the National Weather Service talk to them this morning. Which are other totals wherever you go around because brain is like that it's not the consistent everywhere you go. Coming up Saturday. A second anniversary for the Stephen did morning show that our new studios here in the rough and building. It's been two years and years isn't that amazing I don't know if you've ever at your place of business if you've ever gone through a movement. It can be really. Challenging deal out meek has been in a radio stations it's even more challenging because what you have to do. You have to go over the new place. And in our case build. All these new stadium so we have four. The on air signals what we want to GeForce four studios. Right and it spot for five production studios and the 45 yeah have to do all that have to block off who's gonna haven't been where the offices are going to be. And get all they get all this equipment fired up then we have to come over and learn how to. Iran all the equipment because Brandon. And it's it was it was challenger as it was challenging again today and it does. We got her done and it's that it's a beautiful place a beautiful building they had an open house. And I was this year and I was somewhere go to funeral or something remember them. And I so wanted to be here for agreed to all the dignitaries coming through but that was a fun day that way you weren't here and I didn't make it. And close our friends with my in my friends at the Wichita eagle just went through that having the lead of their old building and move into a new place. But the probably taken that kept saying computers with a little at it knew Wednesday and they're. Be gone by that. Be gone by 825 he's Douglas recently milk or go to the big building area haren Medicare now area now well. It's a mess right now and Cargile souvenir out Cargill only making the big move in coming months Sunday's big day at the end of Woodward's house where. Your mom and dad are gonna celebrate their 51. Wedding anniversary is next Sunday you know I'll get a big get 51 years. Got a lot plan there is a lot of excitement a lot of fun. The ought to ask them you that are today as the way they do things there. They never asked head low and intently blog last year on their fiftieth or yeah so 51 F 51. Yeah I and I do not know what they have gone and why she spring freeze may be some some frozen peace over there Dylan to something like that that's that's not a bad idea that the little of that to. Here and appreciate that what it hey happy anniversary to your mom and dad and a in our years together butter all nineteen years have been doing the show one of the great things about his I got to meet. Your mom dad what delightful people they really are. I just love being around him unfortunately they never invite me over the house because you know they know better but in the have they learned that pretty early early on now that they're they're terrific people and and happy anniversary to now and Ford and goes 719 Stephen dead. It's time for sports has got tells about some baseball and some baseball that happened to. And in this sport to sport hit. Gallows season opener for the Wichita wing that's got washed out last night the weather got rained out so. Let's do it again season opener is tonight. I only know pre load in their tenth season play 7 o'clock tonight and Lawrence Dumont stadium taking on the Salina stock K that. As part of last night's postponement they will play a doubleheader. Tomorrow to seven inning games beginning at 5 PM Lawrence Dumont stadium with winds. Kansas City Royals and Major League Baseball last night in Kansas City beat the first place New York Yankees five to one royals avoid the sweep. Good pitching by Danny Duffy he went seven innings only give up three hits a season high ten strikeouts. His first win in more than a month Mike Woodstock its. And one of the royals five hits it's a three run home run and health 51 win. The last place royals are visiting the first place Minnesota Twins this weekend. The royals only have five road wins this season and is by far the worst in Major League makes little. Games tonight. Tomorrow afternoon Sunday afternoon at the Minneapolis live coverage of the royals and the twins. Let's not all those games this weekend on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. At them. The Wichita State baseball team has not been good on the road this season and that. Bore itself out again yesterday Indiana State beat the shocker in Terre Haute thirteen to six. Shoppers have lost nine of their last eleven games in terra haute. Shoppers have two more games. Indiana State and each of the regular season. Today 5:30 PM tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock Mike Kennedy in saint Denis had lied covered soccer baseball right here on 987. And thirteen 38 and aspects. Indoor football tomorrow night a huge road game for the defending league champion Wichita forced on the road at the Dallas marshals. Which implies a game behind Dallas in the standings as they're both fighting for a playoff spot. They won three games to go in the regular season at 7 o'clock tomorrow night for football right here on Kate in this mess. Jew go softball the division one national tournament in Utah number one ranked Butler wins again a clobber Howard Texas fifteen to three. Butler softball teams now 55. And one that while they play fifth Grand Central Arizona this afternoon in the final four of the winner's bracket while. And in the division two national tournament in Mississippi seventh ranked tally college. The second ranked Kirkwood Iowa for the three yesterday only Kirkwood fifth loss of the season. How Lee advances in the final four of the winner's bracket. Taking on the third ranked Phoenix this afternoon. Though both Cali am Butler and made the final four the winner's bracket in their division two national tournaments. In softball. And we are racing in Kansas this weekend's the national hot rod association top fuel circuits may detainee will visit to Kansas. Part of the Menard heartland it nationals at heartland park in Topeka Friday Saturday and Sunday finals on Sunday afternoon. I brought action sports was. Even Ted Kate and test test. Seven what did you did get something for the listeners a Smart and wrestle prized right here I am Friday morning Leah will prize package. I've got a twenty dollar gift card Freddy's frozen custard steak burger I. And I've got data travel mug from prairie fire copy wow and a couple of bags of signature blend coffee from prairie fires top. Got that in my cup right there I don't you do as a fifty dollar prize package let's go right now what color number of five to call me at 869. At thirteen thirty all right did 723 down Peabody for Rush Limbaugh morning update. A Yale professor Wright some scathing online reviews. And traffic and weather coming up Stephen dead on K in a sense.