Steve and Ted: Carjacking suspect clings to the hood of a car

Steve & Ted
Monday, March 20th

Vermont carjacking suspect riding on the hood of a car when cops arrived.


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Kaye at SS we just cause number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock this is the case this does bring users even dead and Steve thank you so much. Suspect and the police dog dead after officer involved shooting in south Wichita we've got the story. Teenager shot and killed in north of Wichita I did what alerted those details just ahead president trump prepares to return to health care battle ground. And BC's Jim Ryan and Louisville, Kentucky this morning. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday a cool front is headed our way this afternoon and how will that change our weather this week our forecast is coming out. One firefighter suffered minor injuries while battling a house fire this morning unique Wichita. Around 415 fire crews were. All over the 400 block of south poplar near Lincoln and George Washington boulevard where they found smoke and flame coming from the rear of a two story house. Which stuff fire chief Ron black holes says. We also encountered parking. Addressing issues that. They search team did entered the structure of the. No word yet on cause or a damage testament. Which the police officers shot and killed a 25 year old man who pointed a gun at officers during an altercation. That also led to the death of a police dog the incident happened Saturday night. At the lamp lighter mobile home park on east MacArthur in south Wichita. Police say officers returned fire with a suspect shot the dog. The dead man's name has not been released the dogs police are nameless rooster. Emergency dispatchers say a teenager has died after being found shot in an Alley in northeast Wichita. Detectives were called the area of 23 street north and Kansas last night the seventeen year old victim. Reportedly was alive when officers found him that he was declared dead shortly after that at a hospital. No arrests have been announced. A security guard and the wife of Wichita State university's basketball coach Gregg Marshall to leave the lower bowl of bankers life field als. In Indianapolis after she started loudly cursing shortly after Sunday's loss to Kentucky in the NCAA tournament. Lynn Marshall remained in the stands about ten minutes after the final buzzer she at first console fans and family members of the team's players but. Then she started shouting loudly about the calls made during the game and actually the people around coaxed her to leave and the police officer followed. Hundreds of homes were evacuated yesterday as a wildfire burned a near Boulder, Colorado. 836. Other homes are under free evacuation orders. Boulder emergency management officials say the fire is about 50% contained and no structures have been damaged in the 62 acre blaze. And slick stirs home is in the pre evacuation zone in western boulder she told ABC news chief preparing for the worst. Our car is loaded with everything that we most treasured it turned. But I certainly hope we don't have to take note significantly place. President trump travels tonight to Kentucky a state that is emerging as a battleground in the effort to repeal obamacare precedent trump is surging support of his plan to do away with the Affordable Care Act but even some of Trump's fellow Republicans don't like the new blueprint. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky among them. This man role as a red bolt from top to bottom with problems. It's nine days ago vice president Mike Pence was here to appeal for support to the proposal this evening president trump will pick up where pence left off. Jim Rice and ABC news lawful. The House Intelligence Committee hears from FBI director James called me. On the Russian hacking charges today. And claims president trump has made about President Obama wiretapping him during the campaign house intelligence committee's ranking Democrat and I'm sure have hopes the FBI director's testimony finally puts Donald Trump's wiretapping claims chorus. We've director Ken in the opened refute what the president has said. I don't see any reason why he. Hit the CIA and FBI have already briefed house and Senate Intelligence Committee members in both parties who say they have seen no evidence to back the president's claim it. And field ABC news Washington. The cost of upgrading security at Kansas is major mental hospitals and also a lot of me enlarge it in order to avoid allowing concealed carry firearms in the building. Could reach 25 million dollars. It's speaking capital journal reports that state are beginning in July required an open door policy at the two hospitals serving people with severe mental illnesses. And that's extraordinary security measures have been taken to protect patients. That they are not required kansas' community mental health entered public hospitals and public university. To allow individuals with concealed dead if there is no airport levels screening at Adobe Intron thing is the statute applies to state hospitals. It could cost an estimated 25 million dollars to install a metal detection equipment. In bolster security staff. On a Perry eat cayenne S destiny youth. Can assist you time now 8055 minutes spent 8 o'clock. College men's basketball action yesterday at the NCAA tournament soccer's and the jayhawks both in action we'll have highlights. Your coaches and players involved in both those games coming up in sports and the world mourns the passing of a rock and roll legend. That story coming up on the king and is this morning news with Stephen dead. This is a Candace as more users even dead now until nine at 9 minutes past 8 o'clock. Police in Baltimore are searching for a man they say fire bombed an apartment building killing two teenagers over the weekend. S gators claimed the fires set to target someone inside the suspect throwing two Molotov cocktails into the building. All of her children jumping out up. The heat so intense that one woman that leapt from the top floor to escape she still in critical condition two teenagers killed six others injured including two small children Baltimore police believe they've identified the suspect as Antonio right now calling him public enemy number one the commissioner said the evidence shows the arsonist use accelerant to create as much damage as possible. Senate hearings begin this morning for Supreme Court nominee Neil gore such. The man president Donald Trump wants to replace the late justice Antonin Scalia who died more than a year ago corset she respected highly credentialed conservative member of the Denver based tenth US Circuit Court of Appeals. Democrats head into the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings divided over how hard to fight him. And the world mourns the passing of a rock and roll legend. The accolades keep coming from legendary rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry Khartoum at least here Bruce Springsteen told him quote rock's greatest practitioner guitarist in the greatest pure rock and roll writer who ever lived Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards whose love hate relationship fairly well known pleaded quote went up my big lights has gone out Barack Obama Ringo Starr Brian Wilson and many others pay tribute as well very died Saturday at H nine. ABC news. 810 countenance fancy it's like ms. Stevens as the on a Monday morning march when it first day of spring. And we have some ramps closing this morning the rant from. The Iowa 35 rant to quality and eastbound pony ramp to northbound I won 35 closing today. And those are going to be closed until April 3. Traffic update on Kate and as as radio on gas chambers hide this they could afford gas now with Afghanistan stampede urologist. Dan holidays good morning Dan. For the few clouds this morning we expect sunshine and more warm weather again today maybe not quite as warm as what we were on Sunday still getting to 84 for the high this afternoon. But cold front moves through later today we become partly cloudy overnight Harlow 54. Windy tomorrow with a high 63. And it finally looks like we have at least a few chances of rain throughout the rest of this week. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays thank you Dan now mostly sunny and 54 degrees it seems like it's been weeks since I said this. Called. No win in depth while. It has been at least three we correct it puts it we had no wind at all but that's what we have this morning with a 54 degree reading. A really warm Sunday in south central Kansas Wichita as high temperature yesterday was 89 degrees not a record. But thirty degrees warmer than the normal high of 59. And just to show you the contrast that we can hand this time of year on this same date in 081984. A winter storm struck an area from south central Kansas to Kansas City. 1984 snowfalls range from six inches to one foot. Ice was also a major problem. The top 75 feet of the KF DI radio tower buckled. Under the weight of the ice. And remember that remember that happening for years it's seemed like three years you could. Drive by on the interstate he's used their tower over their buckled. And that's a bad thing to happen do radio station you know that ice can build up there. On on a radio towers. On this day in 1991 Sony announced a long term contract with Michael Jackson. That was said to be potentially worth one billion dollars. Lot of money for entertaining well I guess is they ought to hear when you're the King of Pop they thought it was worth it. Now I guess there's a money gets generated burdens. And east the United States still making still making money. An amazing. Police in Vermont didn't have much trouble finding their suspect he was. On the move in on Broadway when they responded to report of a crime in progress. They found what a nine year old Michael Perry on the hood of the voting in nickel. The Berlin Vermont police department scene out of a movie it's says he tried to get inside several homes. Before try to commandeer our car full of teenage girls somebody that cart was thinking quick. Who they lock the doors. And then they drove off with Perry on the grief. Now he faces of multiple. Charges including assault. Disorderly conduct. I opt. Resisting arrest. And possession of heroin now whole litany of issues under maybe that heroin had something to do with his obvious misbehavior needed them. A main girl has gone to sleep overs and trick or treating with her pets back. Now they're going on national TV program together tightly brown and her pet back snowflake. Took the Internet by storm last year when a video of them was featured on TV Sunday six year old Kylie and still like repairing on TV again. Courtesy of Steve Harvey's a little big shots show on NBC. Program showcases talented kids from around the world and obviously. Just a pet ducks but Andrea. Or off. Gravest really cute it's an area had to be cuter than back in an ankle falling or things. And they become just like a dog or mechanic. Friday. Ted. Tried it was a big deal Weaver at the at 42 annual Blarney breakfast on Friday is of those of you were were listing Friday with. I was there Ted was here holding down the fort as we say. And just had to let a marvelous time out there. We now understand that this the morning of a borrower thousand people that came out why it with a breakfast excellent but number. And they raised over 52000 dollar fine for rainbows united which was of course the purpose of what we were drawn out there. With our fun and are still in this we've had bagpipers we had the Irish dancers. A celebrity people were pouring coffee for folks. And they were supposed to be tip you know. Davis. Davis Moore must've. They were matching tips very not whatever anybody gave they were coming in with its miss a monitor to help out in and we just had a good time it was a fun time out this what three years we've done mr. agreed to implement the rainbows he now and we enjoy it says ourselves it was a little. Hectic offtake. Because Weaver. Ensconced right behind the bar doubt that we got one in debit there. Along with our sister radio station's morning stream from KEY and and that sometimes the waiters had gone private to and let's put the plate in front of the the person there and you know I got to where I was just finally helping him. And devastate in the empty plates around and put the silverware around him that was help and I was busing as a race doing your part. Do my part. But you need tips to you get it I didn't get any it's a shame and that that that's our it was a good it was for a good cause and we like to be involved and in love B involvement here. As the 42 annual Blarney breakfast. Four rainbows united they do good work and girlfriend be apart of excellence coming up on men. Eight as seventeen just a quick question about yesterday be and it's a high almost ninety degree and it did you happen to go around her on the old AC there at any point. I did turn on my every listener at home. I got home last night. It was very stuffy and hot inside my house bill you know I flipped on the air conditioner for I don't know five or ten minutes is little cooler one through there didn't have on very long but. And we were thinking about it our house we never did returned on the at the ceiling fan and bedrooms of them did sleep a little more comfortably but. I'm that a lot of people turn their I had the ceiling fan on last night in you know the first time it was just just like summer. Boy now sure that feeling now in today is the first day of spring though. Yeah I like that got sun had in the right direction on to the next six months now and certainly about baseball right AD team is Steven says it. And attack reported dead government to lead off court at basketball. And the fate of our. Basketball shocker this year and a great great season but Ted is. All the things dividend what a game yesterday in this round of 32 with the NCAA tournament. Nineteenth ranked Wichita State fifth ranked Kentucky going at it towed itself. Little lower scoring we might have thought between these two. And it was it was neck and neck a lot of the way the shocker in Kentucky trading blows. Shocks were down by one minute with under a minute to go with the basketball. He possession for the shocks Mike Kennedy involve all of the college game on won all three point seven KEY and. But since. Not just the delicate and this year picked up because they don't wash its. Nephew discovers him telling us now almost. How I have I was somewhat but nothing would shock they can rolled to the basket I think that would have been better off. And try refuted but Fred is bleak month for getting up there and blocking a shot of the six foot eight but nothing. Now the shocks not able to score on that position not able to score the rest of the way if Kentucky wins it 6562. Shocker head coach Gregg Marshall talks about the shoppers in that position their late in the game. We'll look at dollars and get fouled him I don't know what he did but he certainly didn't it was a great play defensively by them and and I think we can put more pressure on my driving is playtime at that point to drive the ball but. He elected to pull the trigger there and so that wasn't great. Sox had the ball twice in the final minute but each time Kentucky. Exerted a lot of pressure on the perimeter and blocked the Wichita State shot Sox didn't get it. Good look at the basket there in the final minute and Kentucky wins it. 6562. Of the shoppers with the nation's longest winning streak comes to end at sixteen game winning streak finishing up. Kentucky now has the nation's longest winning streak at thirteen in a row in Kentucky takes that into the sweet sixteen. They're afraid I was still in are you pro or two last year when they are we laughter to big stars aren't too bad everything that. The folks of the programs that wait till this year being this year. Because they knew or something special going on him now we've got to back next to you lose two guys in the NBA and you. On that eagle 31 and five. Pretty outstanding into the second round of the NCAA tournament for the fifth straight year Stan got the job by the shots but the Kentucky did advances now into the sweet sixteen. Kansas playing yesterday in the NCAA tournament Kansas Jayhawks and number one seed in the midwest region. Taking on a Michigan State yesterday in Tulsa. There's a wrap up of the game from play by play voice the jayhawks Brian Haney. They were led by Josh Jackson's 23 points frank makes it at its one way. Had a double double from where the Lucas at ten and eleven for two years that's not forget about but they ran about eighteen points and we more steele's group now has seven. On the tournament with the victory gave you was now thirty and for its fuel cells 830 woods' season I can you pick up what do. First Hume Kansas City for the sweet sixteen I've bribed paid public jayhawk I AMC's sports network. Twenty point win for KU here's Kansas head coach Bill Self that is a hard game to coach. In large part because nobody listened to me. And and they were shooting too fast in the pace was too fast and and everything but but we're better when we when when we have pace and and certainly you know these these guys have all been there before another big game for the jayhawks from frank Mason twenty points five assists zero turnovers. I think we all play were a lot of pride though we don't believe any children not face the stars coach you know you really just on to us and practice and you know on makers compete and you know I was just carry on for the games and just Hardaway in my teammates played in the great job in my coaches do. Hey you advancing into the sweet sixteen. Last hour I did mention that there are two former K state coaches that have their teams in the sweet sixteen not forgot Bob Huggins now that are. There are free for former Kansas State coaches that have their teams in the sweet sixteen Dana Altman. Frank Martan and involvement. Wichita State baseball yesterday on the road you heard the game right here on 987 and thirteen thirty KE NS asks doctors taking on cal poly. Seen Dennis the following game. Clues are shoot out. Right left field line and they're just inside the bag the right side of the bag and around third on his way to score his lawyer and he's gonna make it without applying. Nice win for the shots and low scoring game two to nothing. Zach Lewis throwing seven shutout innings to lead shocker to that road win in the finale of the series with cal poly yesterday shocks. Now eleven and eight on the season at sports Stephen Ted KNS. That's at 820 Joseph time for prairie fire copy break on K and SS. Prairie fire coffee's the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted French. Right here in Wichita nice you can get prairie fire coffee at your office by calling 2673771. U2 67. 3771. Or on line. At prairie fire coffee dot com. 823 keep it over the Hannity morning minute TV reporter Rachel madcow and comes tax return. Less traffic and weather coming up Steve intent on K in a sense.