Steve and Ted: Arena in Pennsylvania bans cowbells

Steve & Ted
Thursday, April 20th

Erie Insurance Arena banning the instrument after Erie Otters fans were throwing them onto the ice.


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9873030. K and us as we receive into the morning yet. 647. There. Now three big things. Fox News continues with the fact you're after bill O Reilly's departure team. Yankees three largest universities will be allowed to ban guns at sporting event slot. And his corporation commission says no to west are great plays merger. Big big thing Stephen dead on K and a sense. Okay the traffic accident now we've got. It's just the vehicle in the digital watch for traffic slow down 37 street north and the mates rode it. We also have some congestion now starting up the next in the road construction. Kellogg's east and westbound it's their right there at nine to 35. Just watch the traffic traffic update from state and as a radio. I'm Jeff chambers. Mostly sunny today with a high of 69 degrees and rained pretty much food down the area after the southeastern Kansas. 40% chance for rain tonight the overnight low fifty and then Friday's good jobs. Colder than 80% chance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow night only. 56 degrees. Now cloudy skies 59 degrees we have a north wind and it's twenty miles per hour. President drops makes an effort to help military veterans and welcomes champions to the White House. LB no drugs for sale no unauthorized music. And no permit it concessions. And no alcohol. Stocks were mostly lower Wednesday after a sharp drop in the price of crude oil drag energy companies down. A weak showing by IBM also weighed on technology stocks and Tug the Dow Jones Industrial Average lower. The Dow drop nearly 119. Points the S&P 500 fell four points. But the NASDAQ increased to more than thirteen points. A person familiar with the situation says former New York Yankees star Derek Jeter. And floor are former Florida governor Jeb Bush. Have joined forces in their attempt to by the Miami Marlins can. Initially had been no I can't competing interest in the pursuit of the team but last week. Marlins president David Sampson said talks with multiple parties interested in buying the team. Were in the fourth inning. That means two guys a lot of money yup and they could be these new orders. ExxonMobil corporation and a Saudi partner have agreed to build a multibillion dollar petrochemical plant near the Texas coast. The plant will be built in Portland to just north of Corpus Christi set to open. In a 20/20 four. The plant will produce components used to make plastic bottles and other items. And president Nicholas Montero may be struggling to feed Venezuela but. His socialist administration still managed to make a 500000. Dollar donation. To Donald Trump's inaugurate a whole well a fifth with these we have the money for now bullet the celebrate the inauguration. All right it's oh for the good of ball socialism a Pennsylvania arena has decided really needs less cal well. The Erie times news reports at the operator of the Erie insurance arena is banning the noise makers and clank cal wells. Throughout the Erie otters play off game is weak and some threw them onto the ice is all her tunes celebrated a win that sent them to the Ontario hockey league's Western Conference finals. The daughters had provided cow bells to fans as a giveaway and told them. As part of the merchandise lines is sold them as part of the merchandise slide it spokesman Aaron CUNY said the team agrees with the band and will no longer sell the items. What could be more security. And the continuing. Clanging bell will VD boo boos Allah. The result yeah yeah back to be morneau and just a reminder that trick to spring is in the air have safe fun in the sun with a mutually or one of the other. Many sun hats for men and women stop in June had meant Jackson the talked a lot. At the clock tower and I really do this again debt Kellogg Jeanette paper that. Don't try one more time sorry spring is in the air have fun in the sun with a near Chile. Or one of their many sun hats for men and women stop in soon act and Jack's. At the clock tower in the Leino ant man Jack take two was perfect way to go if it's that at 6651. Steve and to add in but Rita right now are yet to Don grants the FB the money tracker with us this morning good morning Don. I've ever seen you have to respect intent on the issue. Fourteen years and those are very rare. While well we're talk today about losing out in the effect on retirement you did lose out. You know we we get the best we can't plan for things that can impact retirement investments. Four market volatility we diversified. And we used product that. Offered downside protection. For inflation that we choose investments that reflect. Avery that react favorably the right thing going up. Well popular plans are losing our house and how could that back retirement investments. Losing spell could mean a different than most obvious situation would be losing someone who has pension and job that is tied to their own why. So when they died the pension income and a well witness I'll would be greater security that a district. It's early yet died in a relatively young age the surviving spouse wouldn't realize you can't benefit. That they could have at this weight. Well what he'd do to lessen the impact that this outlook. If you're fortunate enough to have a pension that you haven't activated yet. Carefully reviewed the surviving spouse benefit provision. In most plans you have several sources one would be good Tikka what some ointment payment rather than periodic distributions. Charged that you will be different than others so consult your are like I'd acquired the crunch some numbers. Not a choice would be a survivorship repaired and that allows either choose to have your engine and you at a spousal benefit at your. Out may reboot receive as much as 100% of that. And downed it at one point 5% at that. If you choose survivor options. Your life that that will be given that the pension insurer is essentially now insuring to block not to want. It. Has been. Just on your life in particular portion of that and purchased one insurance. When you're out here. And began taking so security benefits went first eligibility that need to. I'll with a higher earnings that there are so clearly benefit. Should consider what the build up that that as the surviving out could be dependent. Our boost that that of course that question let me call numbers or street or 2222. I 654 of which even did today is lookalike day. Wow yeah time to look like somebody else copycat day. Today today to find someone you really look up to and try to look like them. So our our armed address or use today. You have to you have to do the hair to be edited hair and all the clothing and everything in the in the managed. Our. Letter might. If you seriously who would you like to look like to look like. Or anybody you'd like to look like means somebody. Look I do yeah that's what it's an idea it's a collective. You are now respond here but it does wonders there were. Beyoncé. The lineup that. I don't know maybe that was analyzed Atlanta Hoover Dam might. Abraham Lincoln was not only got a good looking man a nickel look he was unique. Well there's not a doubt is not about how good you think about mimicking somebody who you respect so. You see Garland beard go or snorkel. Who chaired the one of those beard with a little hook that goes over the years if you piece of bubble gum and stick it up on her cheek and another Abraham Lincoln. Right. OK or Teddy Roosevelt how to get on some doctors are in the united short myself by about three week now you have to you can couple Bayer's New England to. It's. It's. As an art is there it is thank you done. They for regular this statistic 55 Stephen dead. Coming up 7 o'clock McCain and as this morning news is Steven desert Fox News calls it justice by a factor. As Bill O'Reilly exit the network that story or news on the half hour or even dead on in assess.