Steve and Ted: Are you underpaying your babysitter?

Steve & Ted
Thursday, April 20th

Steve and Ted talk babysitting and have the results of the 2017 survey.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one. News talk bad weather station depend on. 7 o'clock this is the case in this as sporting news was even dead. I came back in time. Fox News calls it just the factor as Bill O'Reilly exits the network we've got the story. Wichita bus drivers part of the national survey on illegal passing of school buses. And it would blurred those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays we get a brief break between storm systems before Moore arrives overnight with a flood watch in effect. Our complete forecast coming up. Changes at the factor the top rated cable news show hosted for twenty years by Bill O'Reilly. The first episode aired hours after all Riley was fired by Fox News. Now. Now Michelle is simply called the factor the O'Reilly name is gone fill in host Dana Perino made this announcement at the end of the show bill. Has been the undisputed king. Of cable news and for good reason he has an incredibly talented broadcaster who raised the bar for interviewers everywhere. Perino read a statement from Fox News chairman Rupert Murdoch and his two sons praising a Riley's ratings accomplishments this excess. By any measure is indisputable we wish him the very best Richard Davies ABC news New York. A body was found four miles west of Syracuse in southwest Kansas Tuesday afternoon. Hamilton county sheriff's office is conducting an investigation. The decomposed body was found by railroad workers and autopsy will be performed to determine the cause and time of death. The Kansas bureau investigations is assisting with this probe. And aggravated assault and downtown Wichita early Wednesday the victim a 53 year old homeless man. He said he was approached by three unknown suspects were underneath the bridge. Efforts to Waco. The victims they are one of the suspects struck him with about. Which caused injuries to the back of his head. Police officer Charlie Davidson says the victim was taken to a hospital. The Wichita school district participated in a national school bus illegal passing survey Wednesday. Goal of the survey is to determine the prevalence of illegal passing of school buses. So state officials can help improve safety countermeasures. ASN news this followed a bus driver came elevens on her south Wichita bus route. I happen to have two stops on south hydraulic that just this morning I wrote five stop arm violations. And that's a daily thing for me at those two stuff. Two top bus drivers logged nearly 450. Bus stop violations during the one day survey in 2016. Drivers will turn yesterday's results into the state. So officials can continue to track and study the issue and hopes of finding new ways to educate drivers police in Fresno California and learning more about why a suspect. Went on the deadly shooting Rampage there Tuesday. The alleged gunman Corey Ali Mohammed is now gone with police backed hate each murder scene to tell them how and why he pulled the trigger chief Jerry Dyer. And through debt and shared with him exactly what transpired which is very consistent. With the evidence we've found and witness statements. He says Mohammed his reinforce their belief that what he allegedly carried out here was an attack on white people and not a terrorist attack. Alex stony ABC news Fresno California. Arkansas governor is a Hutchinson says he's surprised and disappointed. The State Supreme Court has granted a stay of execution to Stacy Johnson who was scheduled to be put to death today. In a statement late Wednesday Hutchinson did not say whether the state would appeal the. The 43 decision. A southwest Oklahoma woman fatally shot a man who police say was trying to break into her home. Police say 37 year old Iraqi stamper wasn't responsive when authorities arrived on the scene Tuesday morning in Lawton. Officers took the homeowner to the police department for questioning but she was later released the ball and says she woke up to find stamper standing over her with a handgun. And the tee shot him in self defense. They're just used on now several. Or 4 minutes past 7 o'clock. Opposition had trouble scoring against both the royals and the shocker last night. And details highlights coming up sports Pittsburg Kansas high school students bulletin and the white house correspondents' dinner. That story coming up on McCain is this morning news was Steven says. Stevenson now 7088 minutes past 7 o'clock. A group of high school students in Pittsburg Kansas is excited about attending the white house correspondents' dinner next week. The student journalists recently published a story in their school newspaper that led to the resignation. Of their school's new principal. Seventeen year old many batten was asked what she's most excited about ahead of the correspondents dinner April 29. Yes now being in the same room as so many other accomplished journalist and you know just you know dressing up. Getting off fancy and just having fun time taken. Students principal resigned after the story questioned her credentials. City officials in San Francisco are taking a more proactive attitude to this year's. For twenty gathering at golden state park. Thousands of people converged on hippie hill on this date every year to smoke pot costing the city tens of thousands of dollars for security and trash removal. This year the city is working with a local organizing group to raise funding in a deal will also provide port of bodies and approved merchants. San Francisco supervisor president London breed laid out the ground rules. There'll be no drugs for sale home no unauthorized music. And no permit it concessions. And no. Alcohol officials also said children are not permitted at the event many credit cards offer rewards. Why aren't you cashing in a lot of people apply for credit cards because they offer cash back or airline miles or. Points towards all kinds of things. And then they never take advantage of them and Bankrate Robin sax Frankel says they're missing out. Happens is over and hotel prices and airline prices tend to rise so you're credit card reward will be worked less the longer you hold on to them almost a third of cardholders have never redeem their rewards and. Usually it's because they don't know how to in most cases they aren't automatic you must sign up for them. Dairy opener ABC news scares us news time now 71010 minutes and 7 o'clock. And traffic figures traffic tie up right now this is northbound and I want 35 it's just north of Kellogg. Right now but back at goes all the way back pass on neat though. Very very slow moving traffic you're gonna wanna avoid this and stay off of northbound I won 35 that traffic accident. North Kellogg vehicles they vehicle on fire there as well. Traffic updates on K and SS radio brought to budget province Carl's Goodyear tire. Located downtown market and Waterman in the eastern street mall and on when it crossed our dot com your home for complete car care. And now McCain and assist storm trackers report casts from Kansas today the neurologist and director and good morning Katie. Hey good morning we had did I know we had rain because I saw earlier this morning that it's pretty much moved out of the area for now right. Yes thankfully having to deal with traffic problems that thankfully now let us problems on your drive out to the Rijndael at a here. And it's done for the rest of the date today is basically our 12 right date for the rank comes back tomorrow. Now we had a pretty close to an inch of rain overnight and Wichita right. Actually one point 22 and I are one point 22 I had a little lighter than it thank you for having me on that and other. Little over an inch of rain and all moved down to the southeast part of the state. But as you said hate don't hit too excited about the dry weather because we're gonna widow maker wetter here when tomorrow and later Friday of Wright State. Yet it eight should start actually overnight and looks like tomorrow just one of those kind of cool cloudy rainy days it'll just be off and on showers and thunderstorms throughout the entire day. I really had some some severe thunderstorm warnings to the north of here. Late the afternoon and evening right. Yet the I yesterday at Internap wit epic two inch in diameter hail elsewhere it came yesterday poll. Pretty good museum. That's irony that's borne golf ball that's about tennis ball and a nasty out officially that they called it an eight. Handing out. The don't ask don't find it. Don't try to scramble and indeed it says the actor guy yeah exactly exactly that al-Qaeda or manipulated. The right now mostly cloudy and 56 and you say later on it and tonight maybe today or tonight delivered and has more intimate back enough. Right yeah that but they drive I beat. 69 men and increasing sunshine you bet. I'd sounds good thank you Katie McKay and assess storm tracker three forecast. From Kansas today meteorologist Katie western this morning. As I said mostly cloudy now on 56 degrees north wind at fourteen miles per hour. The story this morning about a Texan who is apparently planning a mass shooting. And ABC's Jim Ryan is live with us in Dallas this morning at a tells about the morning Jim. Cardboard paper they are troubling story when you think about it the FBI takes these things very seriously as do local police department. Given what happened here in Dallas last year you ambush assault that killed by police officers attacks on police headquarters building here and in Austin. They do take it seriously when someone comes forward. And says that someone like Stephen Thomas bully is exhibiting views that are giving them concerned so. They started looking at ball leaked out that he'd been trying to purchase handguns around the Austin area for the last several months he can do so because. He has a criminal conviction in his past from. Can go from a Connecticut. I yet tried to do that had lied on paperwork saying that he had no criminal past. But there's so when FBI agents served warrants on his apartment they found that he did in fact somehow get a hold of three guns. At about 11100 rounds of ammunition. And yet FBI investigators suspect that he was planning some sort of mass shooting. Now also sent out and he vowed to find out about somebody close to MF. Yeah and to recognize it was gonna. Well yeah apparently so confidential source went to the FBI. An informant and told them about it concerns that they had about this guy. And does so they started checking about apparently told the the woman with whom he lives in the Austin area. I had no idea edit this was going on they the police say that she was completely surprised when they found three guns and all sorts of ammunition in his closet. All right so easy he's in jail now and probably not to get out draw yeah yeah yeah court date this morning federal court and Austin. All right thanks Jim purchaser ABC news correspondent Jim. Ryan in Austin are Dallas displaying a Texan. Palin planning a mass shooting in somebody they found out about it the FBI in Irvington ago. Possibly saved if you lives money an excellent 714 and Steven and Ted. Gupta sneaking suspicion that you're under paying your baby sitter it's possible the average sitter gets paid nearly twice to federal minimum hourly wage according to a new survey. This week by care dot com. The Tony seventeen babysitters survey which is based on the polling of 800 parents around the country in February shows that the average hourly rate for babysitters nationally. Is thirteen dollars and 97 cents fourteen dollars an hour. That's nearly double the federal minimum wage of seven to 25. And it's not funny 6% from the average and won eleven of 1111 per hours ago babysitting as a there's you know. On up well it's. Much of the day it's in demand and you wanna. Pay that people well to take care of your children to get somebody trustworthy you know and yeah you pay for that person if you kids after all. And overwhelming share of parents 83% say babysitters. Should indeed make above the minimum wage the likelihood that parents tipped their sitters on top of the hourly rate is on the rise as well 34% said they tipped. Compared to 26% in two funny fifteen. You know we'll update about about babysitters apparently I need to get into this business you camera where you ever eighty set to idiot you know now. Now. We edit an arrangement with them. Well enough when my son was there is very small and my wife went back to work at a rate that with a a life long a family friend. Named Phyllis Dixon. Lived up there she was the close of my wife Shelley family they were they were all good friends and Phyllis watch Scott first for a couple of years. And as she discovery was like Kevin. Your favorite aunt there she is terrific person and so he got after real good server that the those kids get bigger in India. And big didn't leave much of babysitters of mind my mom and Ebbers were in town so we use big east it is that way that it. They wet paper babysitters talent out there can be pretty you know there are sometimes my grandparents were available for the at a mine and but on nights. And there's a time period there I wasn't quite old enough especially the younger siblings in the house yet either you're on a charge so he needed some little older than me for a few years there of these babies that are got twin granddaughters are tan and they are chomping at the bit. I love babies and wanna be babysitters but does it. Or to have to wait just well no wonder they're chomping the bit get some good money sounds like if they can make some pretty good for you might do a net. I hate egged get cured discount golf cart. You like to golf eighteen holes at each of six area golf courses for only 49 dollars owl that's it 49 dollars. Play at six area golf courses find the deal now I'd which Toppert dot com while supplies such great deal else like a real good dealer which is actually. That's up 718. Stephen dead and K in his chest and again there was a giants in the royals look it up last night in Kansas City. And at ten not a not a high scoring game this time either right. And Nolan we had to shocker baseball on our plate to battle as doctors and the royals and action last night shocker to X stadium. Taking on the Kansas Jayhawks. In Wichita State got some great pitching started out right away six shocker pitchers combined on a four hit shut out. Setting up the jayhawks shot double offense along the way as well Mike Kennedy with Colin game right here on tape in excess of one. And a soft fly ball less gonna drop for a base hit better around third Kevin home here's the throw it will be cut off. At this doctors taking thwarted us big lead is no crime stays. Shocks go on related eight to nothing split their season series with the jayhawks each team winning at home. He's got that they know across Zola crawl here that is duchess. River Chinatown. Now done Houston's character written Norcross we'll let. Maybe not our behavior of the outer Chinatown next RA I'm sorry right I should have been erupted you know yeah. The Kansas City Royals were home last night at Kauffman Stadium finishing up at two game set with the San Francisco Giants. Once again tonight in which the opposition stymied by home pitching. The royals got a great pitching effort from Jason Vargas and win the game didn't need much offense that it was another tight low scoring game you're the game on K if they. Comes from the stoppage. At heart yeah. Include. The okay. The throw at first base the royals have the lead. Royals when it sooner or nothing Vargas went seven innings nine strikeouts no walks. Twelve straight starts for Jason Vargas where he's allowed two runs or fewer that's the longest streak by a left handed pitcher in royals history. And city went to and I think that's a winning homestand and the royals now but on Arlington Texas take on the last place struggling Texas Rangers in a four game series. Live coverage of the royals in the rangers' 630 tonight teams start left at 7 o'clock live on. Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. College men's basketball Wichita State head coach Gregg Marshall has hired Donnie Jones to join his coaching staff. The guy that has been a head coach at Marshall and at Central Florida spent last season as a college scout with the Los Angeles Clippers. Coach Marshall and coach Jones have known each other for twenty years but finally going to work together Donnie Jones. Welcome to Wichita. College bowl laying the intercollegiate bowling championships under way in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Wichita State juniors Sydney Bruntlett with two wins yesterday beating competitors from Long Island and Kendry. Sydney Brahma advances to the TV semi finals national play on Saturday morning team competition begins today. Soccer women are ranked number one in the nation's soccer men ranked number three in the nation coming into this the Newman men and women are also in the national field. Track and field one of the great events in the nation is under way up and Lawrence the ninetieth version of the K you real ways that'll run through Saturday. That you realize they all the way back to 1923. When fog Allen was the case you athletic director. You relays are under way right and happy birthday today to former Wichita State pitcher Greg brought it. The winning pitcher when the shots when the national championship up in Omaha back in 1989. I don't know which Tom northwest high school happy birthday to data Greg Brown that he is. Fifteen. Today all right hardly seems possible that sports was the intent on Kate and SS. About a great prize on a couple of great prizes for arcade and SS listeners right now. How about prairie fire coffee roasters I've got to prairie fire travel mug in a couple of bags a copy that's a thirty dollar value very hard copy. And I'll throw in a twenty dollar gift card to Freddy's frozen custard and steak burgers along with that that's a twenty dollar value ready. That's a fifty dollar prize loud it's right there about that. Who hop let's give that away color number four and by about. Only now at 869. At thirteen thirty for this great prize back from Stevens did you have more negative I get a cup of coffee right now and it is. Prairie fire coffee. They don't serve very hard copy your work your boss doesn't love you could sense that sounds good to me 742 given their Rush Limbaugh morning update. And Russia's gonna talk about Republican and Democrats town hall meetings been a lot of applaud allowed. Town hall meetings fluent Russian talk about it. Even Ted in the morning on K innocence.