Steve and Ted: 2017, the year of the snake

Steve & Ted
Friday, July 14th

Snake bites are up in the U.S.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 47 o'clock this is the case in this as sporting news misty contestant. Hi Steve Macintosh. Republicans unveil their latest health care plan we've got the story I'm Dan O'Neill. A new report questions the accountable reason Kansas prison disturbance. Which top. Police cracking down crime on west and east along it would work those details just ahead. I'm KMS just meteorologist Dan holidays it's been awhile since we've seen some rain how Long Will look hang around our complete forecast is coming up. A published report says an emergency log book suggests. The Kansas department of corrections may have down. Played an inmate disturbance last month at a Kansas prison Kansas prison officials had reported that no violence occurred and weapons were taken by inmates during the June 29 incident. At the elder it'll correctional facility. But the Kansas City Star reports a law book shows there were two fights involving several groups of inmates at least one inmate had a weapon and at least one fire broke out. The head of the union harbors any prison workers had said inmates while refusing to return to their cell houses controlled parts of the prison. Corrections spokesman Tom voting says he hasn't seen the long but he adds that no department weapons were ever possessed by the inmates Dan O'Neill king and SS news. New health care plan was unveiled in the senate yesterday but will it be popular a popular enough with Republicans to make it to vote the latest changes to the healthcare bill appeared at least get one previous Knoll on board following the last version ten GOP senators came out against the legislation by adding and parts of the Ted Cruz amendment allows more bare bones policies the majority leader shored up cruises support at the same time Susan Collins is still a note setting the deep cuts to Medicaid and Rand Paul also know because he said the bill still doesn't go far enough and the repeal three Marshall ABC news Capitol Hill. Visiting France president trump made his first public comments about revelations that his son Donald Trump junior. Met with a Russian lawyer during the presidential campaign details from ABC Cecilia Vega in Paris. A ceremonial welcome inherit the presidents must deal. They get away overshadowed by questions about why his eldest son met with a woman who he was told was a Russian government lawyer. It's called opposition research or even researching your opponent. But in those emails it was crystal clear Don junior agreed to meet with they quote Russian government attorney. He was told had incriminating information on Hillary Clinton information described to Don junior as part of Russia and its government support for mr. trop. During the past year police have been trying to crackdown on criminal activity in west Wichita. Police sergeant Steve ER Berry says officers were constantly responding to crimes clustered around motels and hotels along west Kellogg mostly west of West Street. We also received information. From other area businesses. Complaints. Drug activity. Prostitution. Human trafficking financial crimes and overall. And disturbing their businesses. The police department formed a motel interdiction teams during the past ten months. The team is made more than 200 arrests along west Kellogg recovered 44 stolen vehicles and more than two dozen stolen license plates. Now another team operating in east Wichita concentrating on criminal activities at motels and hotels along east Kellogg mostly east of wood law. A pair of robbery suspects were arrested in Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says. The robbery occurred Wednesday night to the dollar general store a pony and southeast boulevard investigators spoke with a 22 year old female employee. To a known suspects that entered the store one of the suspects. Pointed a handgun in her more demanding money. At the same time the second suspect I began to collect money. Both suspects fled the storm foot. Officers quickly responded this call and in doing so they've located and arrested two suspects. Police apprehended 26 year old man and 124 year old they were both booked into jail for aggravated robbery. The older man was also booked for the previous robbery of a dairy queen on north rock road. A man from Hutchinson was killed on I 35 in Oklahoma Tuesday investigators say Shane Miller stopped to help a person change a tire on the side of the highway that's when an SUV hit Miller and a seventeen year old from Texas killing them both. KSM news spoke with Kansas Highway Patrol trooper Chad Crittenton. It only takes 12 clear vehicle to drift off to the side of the roadway if someone's outside of their vehicle changing attire. You know picking something up or anything. They can be very tragic. According to the Kansas Department of Transportation 24 pedestrians were killed by cars in 2015. And nearly 400 were injured grace bed is a nonprofit that operates twelve health clinics in Wichita plus clinics into peak abandoned McPherson. CEO David Sanford tells K Unisys news Gray's bed was founded in 1977. We do see people have Medicaid Medicare and private insurance that's one thing that very few people understand is that will provide care for anybody who walks in the door. And then our main focus is to make sure that people would have no health insurance have a place to access quality care. And we believe that every patient should have some skin in the game and so everyone pays something on a sliding fee scale based upon their income. David tendered is our guest this weekend and achieve 20:17 Sunday morning at eight on Kate in SS pay in shares used are now 7066 minute span of 7 o'clock. Back at it after the all star break and Kansas City Royals at home this weekend style wing nuts are home as well and talk about eighth. Hugely attended baseball game that took place on this weekend sixty years ago in which he taught all coming up sports Missouri woman dies of rare tick borne illness. That story coming up on McCain as a sporting news received a dead. The cane in his S morning news was Steve entered now seventeen and 10 minutes past 7 o'clock. A Missouri woman has died after contracting an extremely rare tick borne illness ABC's Dave Packard has more. 58 year old Pamela Wilson tested positive for what doctors called the urban virus after she discovered two ticks on her body and fairly ill unable to recover. She was initially diagnosed with a urinary tract infection given antibiotics and set out away. But a condition continue to worsen. Wilson became the first person in Missouri did die from the virus since it was discovered in 2014. And just the fifth person overall. Widespread flooding in the upper midwest in Wisconsin a state of emergency was declared in several counties speaker of the house Paul Ryan traveled to his home state surveying damage in hard hit Burlington Wisconsin. Know people are frustrated they haven't had power put on yet. But that we energies doing everything they can get the power on their safety issue involved in that so hopefully power will be restored tomorrow and done a safe way. Can a confession in the case of four young men who went missing outside Philadelphia. The depth of this grade twelve plus feet. Could only have been accomplished with heavy equipment like back. Now his family owns a trucking company and a concrete company. And so perhaps. His ability to use hands and heavy equipment probably is not that difficult that. That is a very impressive poll and clearly. He was trying to bury himself deep though would be that would never be found. Qaeda says due time now 7-Eleven 11 minutes past 7 o'clock. And this morning we've got some wet roadways out there rain here in the area. Member state law got those windshield wipers going you do have to have headlights on. Is something to remember up their trip update from an answer that's radio I'm Jan chambers all the forecasts with the case there's a storm tracker three forecast with Kansas to maybe I'll just. Leon Smith have been good morning Leon. Did more. Good and we've got seniors overnight to. I don't know how much did his bit and I had and your reading of the two agents. On all five hundreds of and in some miniscule but I think since midnight we had more in the net and. Yeah absolutely just it was very localized would just where you were there or where that suggest that the good he is. We need to see some like ours that would appear like yourself. Look across the metro so you probably have them deal which lepers on at like well I'll. It equipment what you're preppy growing people with you because it while you're in the afternoon straight start it is possible but that rain yesterday. That was wonderful I mean there was some it better putters. Heavy rain but overall and I believe who is down high today. Only 92 we had uttered it yesterday and at 92 even though you think that's more but equally as European banks really. Walked out the new this morning little a little moisture on the street and on the ground there and men and cooler temperatures it felt pretty good this morning. I don't think anybody complain about a little rain to start today and I think we'll have a you know bite on it later on the staff of the overall. It looks like that mistake not a cut and China. The night Cooper I think that it is about Saturday and Sunday and for good weekend sale Saturday depend but now. Give us a pure one of those guys like 11 at 4 o'clock they'll run. Byron in this stretch hours but I think later in the morning on Saturday in the afternoon which really I should be up into the low nineties again on that partly cloudy and ninety recruit on forecast. Sunday a little bit on her back it would ignite and China and then what each day next week we just ramped backed up to east where we were upper ninth most electrical. It's an. Thank you Leon pursuits or decay insist or tracker three forecast. With Kansas today meteorologist we announcement and right now we have light rain which cause 72 degrees southeast wind at eight miles per hour. And we understand this is the year of the snake across the southern US. And who better to tell us about that and ABC news correspondent Jim Ryan get boring Jan. He attacked across this region there there's been a spike in the number of venomous snake bites that are happening aid all the way up into cancer understand that there has been an increase there and spent a lot of that is attributable to the warm winter that we just finished. And also to be human encroachment on TNT series it just makes used to call their own Holmes. You run into that combination and you and you got the other possibility of more snake bite that the totality remains relatively low. Compared with the rest of the world because medical help is usually isn't too far away in this country people are are quick to jump in their cars are 22 Coleman wanted to get the dead do get that. And done I've wondered if you had these can statistics who is it tops whose atop snake in terms of biting into radler. Or the cotton mouth or the copper had not approved a 1 o'clock. It is real release dominant defenseman on the part of the concern trader at BJP here down here in this. I had to ride back to vote the country you're looking primarily a continent. Copper had bites you know I'd step toward the Davis mountains that's primarily what this sucker but you know again the intent is you've got your share of bites as well and by eight kid biting snakes. Just looking at a list of copper head you've got him in camp assistant at the bit saga which is a little rattlesnakes loose and timber rattlesnakes all three of those live in Kansas. Okay well by late brother in law lived in New Mexico and out in the country and and he had one time. When they first moved out there he would shoot today again the great big stakes him on the property shooter but the Indians in the neighbors had no Mike. That's bad medicine. So it began it got a one of those little hooks things that he began to transport them off the property and never killed and more about well for him well so what do. What do we do just when you're up about just watch out you don't step on one of these things right. Absolutely there was a guy here in Dallas Fort Worth in Europe was bitten pick on Monday or Tuesday night that. Stepped outside at his ranch west of Fort Worth it was dark. He didn't have a flashlight he was wearing sandals. And he was bitten on his support. For times well who. Copper had. Four point Serbian doctors were treating him say it and it's a miracle he's doing as well as he is just what has ballooned up but but illusionist or part of it got to a hospital very quick. Yep get there quick treatment you should should be okay and this right. Yeah absolutely and don't trust it I don't think that if you ever rattlesnake kit at home with the bulls suction cup. It added that has questionable value in in trying to extract the vet about just get to a hospital as fast as you can like. Enemy of the things and it's got the got bit bitten four times that there must hit him and an agreement and. Did was bang bang bang steps on the ice water crosses like only about six feet from his house yeah you feel this intense spinning in his sport. And then there's the snakes slithering across his other foot out here think that it was dark out there you know he gets to his house quickly and realizing he had been bitten twice I didn't four times by Tuesday all right. Thanks Jim fresh answer the year of the snake across the southern new residents ABC news get on it Jim Ryan live from Dallas this morning Reynolds appreciate. Jim's updates he's always gets open interest and tells it seems. OK today is a Friday July 14 and it is today is the last day for a Ron Blackwell is chief of the Wichita fire department as is his last day Pittman. Ron's gonna move on to something else I can't remember what he told me but he says he's he's gonna have fun doing absolutely nothing in retirement. Which that the point I think that's pretty much describes what he's been doing on the no I'm just kidding of course but our best to run he's always been a very helpful. As far as me is concerned he's terrific guy and and we wish unabashed. Now who's going to be the next chief is going to be Tammy snow she's interim chief. But who's going to be the next fire chief and if they're having a going away for party for Ron Blackwell why were you and I invited. That would be the next softened and if you've been in the off flyers City Hall already. OK so what is he can ago it's this afternoon humble you aren't we better. We better go to wherever it is trying to form I'm not sure what the heck. It's a good guy eleven bias it vehicle refreshing beverage okay. No seriously Iran thank you for your for your service and good luck to you 718 now Stephen dead. On KE NN says it sports I would dead but we're looking at getting back into the swing of things with a Kansas City Royals today right to it. Now back after the all star break the royals are home this weekend hosting the Texas Rangers. The royals lost three in a row in Los Angeles against the Dodgers before the all star break. In city trying to get back in the win column this weekend taking on the Rangers tonight tomorrow night Sunday afternoon was an all those games live on Sports Radio K at 81240 AM. 975 FM. The royals are just a game and a half behind a wild card spot that can play at the break. Pro baseball first place Wichita wing nuts last night thinking on the Garry South Shore rail cats wing nuts trying to. Snapped a three game losing streak and avoid the sweep and they did got seven runs in the bottom of the third inning to break the game open which Tom. Beat Gary tend for a we nets remain home this weekend tonight tomorrow night Sunday afternoon. Posting in the Sioux Falls canaries making their only visit into town this season. There's fireworks after tonight's game in Lawrence few months dating when nets have the top record in the league they have an eleven and a half game lead atop the south division. By the way this weekend these these these are the last three home games for the wing nuts prior to leaving town for three weeks during national baseball congress World Series. Last time see the winners and you have to really want to know. Outdoor soccer action in the heartland conference finals are tomorrow night right here in Wichita fifth seed Wichita hosting Tulsa athletic that the striker complex 29 in green which tomorrow night. FC Wichita as went last five conference games in fact Wichita is unbeaten at home this season in conference play. It looked FC Wichita in the finals tomorrow night. Racing it's a huge weekend it's the 61 annual Hutchinson grand nationals a great annual event. Take place tonight and tomorrow night at the big half mile oval. The state fairgrounds in Hutchinson of the grand national racing action starts tonight and championship action tomorrow night. And that we this weekend marks the sixtieth anniversary. I'm a huge baseball game in which it's off when the Wichita braves'. Triple A team. Posted the American Association all stars at Lawrence stadium downtown realist in a crowd of 9939. That act as the ballparks that then I was stunned. And the Wichita braves had the likes of one Pizarro undesirable and about west Covington. And that was the other I think so. That's the first team I can ever remember seeing his kid you'll braves the all star team and managed by Ralph houk route now bears. Under long you've ended up winning. The gangsters and BA yeah rationale as manager. Catcher Vern wrap Marv throne Mary was RLR yeah Marv throne Barea. Tom Cheaney. On others. Got to look at it that Scotland at the program in this game exceeded the advertisers were like CNET yeah the end of the likes of us steffens Devin Terry Randall bread ring hotel last and Pepsi that. As a place called. Look chance. The member look champ restaurants soul steaks seafood beer on tap the edited Broadway and Louis. They are big ad in the program too fancy for my family champ let chance. Also led the jets camera shop on east Douglas wealth is cleaners for a national bank yes or. Mission orange soda pop the remember that when you're in Orange amateur archer. And aren't holes coffee Arnold on hand appeared Amber's mostly it's at at a there don't. Sit Arnold's copies served to the Wichita braves fans at every game. There's nothing you want but rather total July on a hot summer night and good and I cut Carl's car. Right that. But anyway that was sixty years well there yet this weekend is the sixtieth anniversary of that game that's not need 900 and Lawrence AAA and your mentioning players who bound up in the big league players and great lately you know. Radio sports Stephen Ted AJ and as haven't money to keep it here for Rush Limbaugh morning update a new study. About the extension of the extinction of the human race. That sounds scary Stephen dead in the morning on Kagan SS.