Ringo Starr's stage boots going up for auction

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 18th

These leather boots were worn by the Beatle during a concert, estimated to go for over $5,000.


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Are filled. And replace obamacare I'd definitely. Obamacare is a. 713 thirty K Ennis says we are even dead in the morning. And 7:45. Here Friday morning. Three big things. Police in Spain killed five suspects after cars went to the pedestrians. South of Barcelona so. Former Manhattan city attorney pleads guilty to child porn charges are. Governor announces pay raises for Kansas prison workers. Three big things Steven dead on CNN sense. Traffic slowdowns now being reported in. Well some of the normal places right now really bad up around the north juncture especially Ike to 35. Headed towards I won 35 stuff around Broadway in meridian and my 235. Things really starting to slow down their traffic update on K and SSI guess Jesus. Partly sunny with a 30% chance for rain today and a high of 91 degrees 30% chance for rain tonight. The overnight lows 67. Saturday sunny tomorrow's night night before. So we're getting closer to a normal. Temperature they get little above normal for this time they're now cloudy skies 68 degrees and we have a south wind at three miles per hour. Can assess whether brought you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of cramped reverence and Christie's in the streets of Kansas. Pulled cocktail menus can be found at monarch Wichita dot com the monarch in delaying. Cloudy now 68 degrees earlier. This morning we had just a little bit light rain in the which time area then that looking at the K Unisys weather center radar you could see some light rain now. Between here and Hutchinson up around great men they've got some rain falling and it. A little spots out there in Pratt Kelly now down to the southwest a larger area but this. Area is pretty much standout Oklahoma. And it's in the northern part in moving to the east. If you're heading to to peak right now you panacea probably some rain showers between Emporia into because there on the Kansas turnpike says. Quick look at the key Unisys weather center radars and sporting. Ted. I'm just it just into aren't argues while Jonas the story about doubles for the eclipse cut my attention. Who would think that I mean I guess. If you hadn't ever seen and eclipse of the normally you think the dogs might go out with the thinking that somebody is trying to sell some articles news and sinking of that dog goals. Now my regarding on your pets may experience with my late rat terrier like he was you couldn't come near putting glasses on I don't know. He would have been he would torn a throw down. You don't do that can put things in my pines and course. I never know what dog is normally do yeah on the self respecting pill or any and a animal probably cat here and don't go out and yeah Ian how cap sits still for. To put goggles on not openings than. When I put that story on our website ticking and it's it's radio dot only got a photo over a hug where does it doubles so. Least one dog in the but they were or. Because dogs and Hollywood are those job you know. And glasses because their big may be retention lord our goals when he was the spuds MacKenzie yeah Edward Adler shade that's true. Ringo Starr's stage boots are among the items going under the hammer at an auction of Beatles memorabilia. More than 300 lots are up for sale the annual auction organized by The Beatles shop in Liverpool. Everything must go. Two pairs of stars footwear our ports sale including. Those he sported on stage in 1960. Labor Day sale at The Beatles Beatles shop owner Ian Wallace estimated the work to be between five and 6000 dollar now. They're black suede boots and are said to be warned. But in good condition on radio. So he actually. Put his feet on the issues. This big and apparently he didn't want him anymore is big English wet socks on and and there they are now they can be yours or your prize for five or six grade average 6000 dollars for a pair of boots are ceded to them or hate your 401K if it. That's one of those things for you buy at the walker and he's a ring those boots people deal. Anyway aren't. Big game. They're 401K is probably taken a hit after a rough day on Wall Street's happening in Washington isn't helping Wall Street the Dow plunged 273. Points on Thursday. The NASDAQ lost a 140 Perry attacked. It congress isn't in session at the moment. Compound then attorney because the clock ticking on how long they have to get. An enormous amount of things. Star an economist I answer wonks says a series of disappointing earnings reports isn't. There's a reality check injury camp. It's interesting that companies like target did OK because their right mind is still out there and stir didn't it. Crazed area all the inner ABC news. Apple is donating two million dollars to two human rights groups as part of CEO Tim coach pledge to help lead the fight against the eight that fueled the violence in Virginia. During a white nationalist rally last weekend. And it is taken bloodshed in Charlottesville to get tech companies to take a firmer stand against accounts used to promote hate and violence. Major companies such as Google FaceBook and PayPal. Are banishing a growing cadre of extremist groups and individuals. In the wake of the deadly clash. Less weekend in Virginia. The rally has shown how easily technology. To be used to organize and finance such events. And how extreme views online can translate into violence offline. 751 now Stephen Ted to which our business journal recognizes excellence in manufacturing and distribution op editor bill brought with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning guys the big story the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal on the streets today. Wichita makes things so we recognize some of the best in business that are manufacturing wholesale and distribution awards luncheon Thursday. At the Hyatt. We recognize 22 organizations and individuals in seven categories. In one company was announced the overall excellence winner for 2017. Johnson Controls. Johnson Controls produces about a million pieces of residential heating and cooling equipment each year. They were winner in the job growth category. Johnson has about 16100 employees now staffing up 22% last year. And it's up nearly 38% over the past two years company officials say they expect to grow another 10% and 2018. This week's top 25 list which is not area aviation subcontractors. They rank my employment. Spirit Aerosystems on top the list at 101700. Next its leading technology composites at 379. The rest of the top five problem I have com HM done aerosystems. And metal finishing company. Local breaking business news every day on can't assassin a Wichita business journal dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role like. You bill now 752. Was Steven did it take your bureau of bacon fan are united that would be ye Jean who is not bacon fan are you interested though in the history. A vacant I don't know about that I'm gonna tell you about it anyway Austrians were making bacon thousands of years ago. And researchers says they were probably the first in Europe to do it on and in industrial steal on no wonder there's such a happy people haunts a rush right her. A Vienna's museum of natural history says DNA traces. From more than 6000 pig bones of what was preach prehistoric slaughterhouse. Near the upper Austrian town of hot spots. Shows are more than 3000 years old they were slaughtering pigs. 3000 your that's an Austrian heritage so maybe that's part of my back you'll probably. Painkiller are Macon maker. He told the Austria press agency that excavations at the site show that the pigs were all cast rated methodically slaughtered and their meat cured and huge wooden barrels. Before it was hung to dry in nearby case. One of those Austrians were pretty advanced retained in the done. Order they had that they detonators there. The putter on the union. I had some Mac and cheese this week and it is loaded with bacon. All its command that was just pretty gear and all that sound is healthy but it. Felt pretty good I was carbon up I gotta train. You're training for. Beats me it just. Do you know a few feet Mac and cheese just tell people I'm carbon up on in training. Saturday. Tomorrow the August 19 is a national aviation day and I thought we should national aviation being you know Wichita being the air capital and Weaver. On the leading edge of aviation that. The state dedicated by presidential proclamation to those who held. Helped Planar aviation unionized Ontario should be a big day in Wichita it was established in 1939 by president Franklin Roosevelt. Holiday was issued a presidential proclamation designating the anniversary of Orville Wright's birthday. I national aviation day. Oracle and will count carries over to Wright Brothers they do on wilders is several years ago that I. A pick up that biography of those two I didn't know much about the Wright Brothers and it was in and I apologize I don't remember the author. Might have been David McCullough. But it was it was fascinating those two guys. They were away editor time. And now they are experimenting of all kinds over a bicycle shop and they aren't they weren't backed by big corporate money error anywhere subsidy is engineers are there discount. Tampa this idea in their garage on a bicycle mechanics. And courts the other part was it to having the guts to go out there and we'll try to fly that thing. And the Vietnam flying in the air like that there was also though of any person in the French were really into it too. At this very same time if you know that. Oh yeah they were right you should pioneers on and it. Tomorrow is 88 volume Emeril and had a Summer Olympics last year Brazil they claim that they have the person and made the first flights today have no recognition all the Wright Brothers. An American thing the Brazilian French have their person that made the first flight in the resilience of their person that made the first one here in the USA we know that we recognize the right don't as a writer wrote it. 755 now Stephen. Ted. Coming up at 8 o'clock thinking and as this morning you receive a get a quick look at today's news including governor Brownback announcing pay raises for Kansas Princeton new workers. And the head of the morning on Kagan has asked.