Pet pig stolen in Cleveland

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, September 13th

Home owner asking for the return of Spam the pig.


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My. Probably the North Korea saying renowned NY. Edge of destruction and everybody. Ninety exhibited dirty thirty case as as as we aren't even in the morning now. 846. Three big things. Wichita school board and service workers reached tentative contract agreement seen. Couple from Wichita area killed in pickups semis crashed in southwest Kansas line. Public gets a look at possible plans for which it because CenturyTel. Three big things even dead on K in a sense. And this morning out there in traffic you know those gasoline prices still little unsettled. Had a round shoot 38 a gallon is what we're seeing. Here in Wichita area from 230. Eight a gallon you can find slightly better prices after the 237. Douglas in Washington us at 236 of Lincoln and hydraulic. Traffic update from cape and it's as radio Bryant invite Jodie probably Carl's Goodyear tire data downtown market and water meant to the east ferry street. Small and online at -- tired I come home of the 3495. Loyalties but you know warm things up here for the next couple of days in south central Kansas. Sunny today with a high of ninety degrees. Mostly clear tonight the overnight lows 63. Thursday sunny and breezy tomorrow aside from the 83. Now partly cloudy 56 degrees we have a west wind at three miles per hour. 847. Now Stevenson in the morning Cleveland police. Are investigating a reported. Breaking an effort couples said someone entered their whole look and stole jewelry TV's a camera. And their fifteen year old of their fifteen pound pet pig spam. No spam the pact they get. The owners say they. The the suspect they suspect that the thief is planning to sell the miniature pig which they say. Could be valued as much as 1000 dollars. Now recount posted about the missing pager on FaceBook says she hopes her public plea will lead the thief to return spam. The tactic. Cleveland police say a detective will be assigned to the case. In around the depend on what kind of people leafs the czar but spam. If things are done properly spent could be heard and hammer something so new and it gets spam back safe and sound yes a pet pig under. Really considered a pet pagan had a cat and dog it. Never cut it and yet a Florida none news pitching in on the cleanup efforts following hurricane Irma. By taking a chainsaw to downed trees while dressed in her full Abbott. So the video of the quarter mile line awhile ago on TV and this is terrific. He has taken agent you know she's got a task she's gonna do it Miami Dade police posted video of sister Margaret and it work. On social media. Taken by an off duty police officer. Who came across her police say the nun was cutting trees to clear the roadways. Around archbishop Coleman Carroll high school near Miami. Sister Margaret and his school's principal or the website. At. She's ahead none police say acts of kindness like. Sister Mary Margaret answer remind residents. That's are all part of the same community. About the sister Margaret and taken the not the bull by the horns for taking the chainsaw by the handle and clearing debris. US stocks rose to record highs yesterday. As a banks kept rising to retailers climbed after some encouraging job data. Standard and Poor's 500 index rose eight points. Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 61 points NASDAQ Composite picked up 22 point sell another good day on Wall Street yesterday. And most commercial airports in Florida reopened it Tuesday but activity. One is limited and hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed as a state recovered from hurricane Irma. American Airlines said the storm forced it to cancel more than 5000 flights over several days. Cutting into revenue and profit. Five thousand flights out canceled the efforts. I can make of punch a little hole there in the profits. Are up and Allen eight 51 Steve intent in the morning which style City Council. Okay he's bonds for a local business expansion. Editor bill Roy the Wichita business journal witness as always this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stevie out those bonds paved the way for expansion of BG products BG plans to build a 34000 square foot building near its existing site. At 740s up to peak at routers out Wichita. It will expand research and development efforts and international training opportunities. The company plans to hire as many as eleven new employees next five years. Average salary is around 70000 dollars. Construction has been named the construction manager for the handover school districts 188 million dollar bond program. Six contractors in return requests for qualifications. For were invited to interview and submit proposals. Tripper Johnson talks fry is the architects icon structures will serve as an owner's representative for the district. In the case state college of engineering his name Textron aviation it's 2017. Cavity of the year university says Textron donated 100000 dollars to the college earlier this year also corporate partner in the engineering leadership and innovation program. University were recognized Textron later this month in Manhattan. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and it which atop his mr. dotcom the which adopters mr. line dual role. Hey bill let's talk about football field about. And K state a year all the Mueller going no where to go back east issue this week and right. Gordon Nashville. Nashville and the chiefs. Of course are the new radio hall we bright here at 97 and thirteen thirty K and assessed Kansas City Chiefs. And they won that opener and surprising fashion and yet surprised everybody. Man this weekend Friday is Kansas City Chiefs red Friday. Right the boys and girls clubs of south central Kansas partnering with heartland Coca-Cola quick shop and beat Kansas City Chiefs to bring red Friday back to Wichita now. Last year 25000. Dollars was Brady's. To support Boys and Girls Club members about that oh well great we got to beat that this year here's a way here's a way it works. Chiefs kingdom red Friday flags will be sold for five bucks Friday September 15 this Friday at area quick shops. So it's a way for you to drop into a creek shop support the chiefs and and do some good for the yet boys and girls clubs of south central Kansas about the I'm very bad beat that 25000 acquire yeah let's compete against ourselves and conceive you've read Friday that's great idea all right but I got a couple of days talking about today first this is Uncle Sam day. A cast Sam Wilson a meat packer from New York supply barrels of meat to soldiers during the war of 1812. They were stamped US on the barrels until he became. He was actually born on this date to. In 1766. Or at least have our government recognized him. So yet this Uncle Sam is a little the little man who's a symbol of our country. It's always in the it was capital got gray here that would be bmg and wrote directly eat world red white balloons right on top hat right pointed of people yeah as as opposed to cousin Danny. It's like a completely different deal. This effort you know this is national did well national kids take over the kitchen day. I'm sure that your twin daughters have taken over the decent just done everything for you and Gretchen right back he had a couple of times couple times now. Not that it just I just thought about this and I've got a grandson now who's is taking up the food class. Haven't Carroll and the view laugh of their people losing easy credit that can come in very handy my food class from Wichita west. I still use that to this day I absolutely I took a third class and and and it helped me a lot probably taught you how to eat with the right utensils as well right. Yeah net not all like shuttle there. Ego real purpose. Edit just one more than as scooby do the the a cartoon character was a board on this date first for debuted in 1969. How are you on Scooby Doo where are you on ski read it. All I'm I'm OK it was QB do I was never in it is QB do you a little bit after my bride grunge so how does that Leave It to Beaver guy. You know quick draw the draw. You know great drama garage. So I can you tell me at least what is Xilinx mean. That's distributed what you got ranked Xilinx is a little soon now and get. Probably the links and thank you. The thank you about Bridget time this morning and day K Unisys news a dime coming up. Public looks at possible plans for century to Stephen 10 in the morning on Qaeda SS.