Panda costumed man steals airsoft rifle from store in Vermont

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, September 13th

The costume wasn't a good disguise, employees recognized the man.


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This station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 6 o'clock this is the case and this is forty users even dead. I'm Steve back inside driven mostly cloudy and 59 degrees. Two people from Wichita area were killed and two others injured in a two vehicle crash. In Ford County Tuesday morning on US 54 highway about eight miles northeast of Mineola. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol pick up truck. And as semi struck struck a semi hit on. The driver of the pickup 34 year old Andrew Manning of Wichita. Andy's Tony seven year old passenger in a show O'Neal Hollingsworth of Winfield both died later at a hospital. The semi driver and the passenger suffered nonlife threatening injuries. Future plans for century two were discussed at a public meeting Tuesday night in downtown Wichita. The gold of the beating us to create a starting point for future meetings on what to do with the Wichita landmark. Manager of arts and cultural services John De'Angelo. Tells KS and use city leaders face a challenge no matter what decision is finally made it. And then what sort of challenges are going to be needed whether it's eight you know tax or some kind of private funding that supports. That movement forward. A 300000 dollar study concluded earlier this year. Included recommendations for a modeling the building of an estimated cost of 272. Million dollars. Or to demolish and rebuild it and an estimated cost of 492 million. Tuesday's meeting was strictly informational and public discussion is planned for the next step in the process that meeting will likely come before the end of the year. The Wichita board of education end of the Service Employees International Union have reached a tentative agreement on the salary and benefits package for the Tony 1718. School year. The agreement also includes uniformed security officer is and security dispatchers. In a joint statement from USG 259 and SCI you the agreement includes a three and three quarter percent salary increase. An increase of one step on the salary schedule. On freezing on Germany pay for years of experience. Movement on the curb flattering if employees are eligible and qualified. And no changes to the employee health plan. Union members will vote on the tentative agreement Wednesday September 20 if ratified the board of education will give final approval to the agreement on October 2. Dan O'Neill king and SS news. The damage assessment from hurricane Irma is only beginning in the Florida Keys. In other parts of the sunshine state the cleanup is well underway. As electricity is restored to Miami Beach and iconic South Beach. Businesses one by one or cleaning up the fallen palm fronds and display stand. And preparing to reopen. They have a clientele hungry for food and for a change of scenery. Many of the apartment dwellers around Miami Beach have been without power for days. They're simply ready for a hot meal at a chance to get out of their homes ABC's Jim Ryan. President trump may continue enlisting Democrats. To get his agenda through congress this fall these inviting them to another bipartisan meeting of the White House today. ABC's sandy field reports from Washington. A democratic member of the house problem solvers caucuses the president invited him to the two party meeting at the White House New Jersey Democrat Josh got timer to the president wants both parties to buy into health care tax reform rebuilding roads and bridges president trump tells me also plans to talk about passing laws that would protect dreamer immigrant children mr. trump telling Democrats he won't work we both parties in order to get things done. Kansas governor Sam Brownback tells Qaeda says do you -- looking forward to he has do you job. Ambassador at large for international religious freedom. Just how many people persecuted her around the world for. Gently want to practice their trade and a lot of times in a job like this you can give a person. In some jail and a foreign country and many administration keep them alive. The senate must still approve broad backs nomination the governor commented on Stephen 10 in the morning here on KN SS. KN SS news done now 6044 minutes after 6 o'clock. No 88 cent to thirteen thirty K and as soon as we are Stephen does the bolting down. 61010 minutes spent 6 o'clock on Wednesday. And so far this morning do you have a traffic accident already reeling that's right and didn't take long trip to extend debt 63 south Broadway. So left athlete he's still with diarrhea. 63 street south and Broadway. Traffic accident avoid that area. Traffic updates from Kate and as as a radio on jets chiefs delegate supporting cast McKee and assist if you don't just stand the holidays good morning Dan. Good morning it looks like we'll have a gradual warming trend throughout the rest of the work week. Sunshine today is clouds move on off to the east or high near ninety he'll be clear overnight down to 64. Thursday's high of 92. On KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy on northwest wind at three miles per hour. And 55 degrees while another nice day across Kansas Tuesday which of us right temperature. It was only. 83 degrees normal life the date is 84. So another nice day here in the Metroplex. Stephen Ted in the morning now and death. You heard our update a moment ago one century to as a city begins now to move forward after the consultant's report to see. Where exactly wanna know what we wanna do with this thing that was only information the last night but. City manager Robert Leighton. Apparently made his all proposal with this is reported in today's Wichita eagle that. Lleyton now favors renovating the facility. Adding a 150000 square feet of convention space possibly adding some rain to retail space. Recommends a contract for private management and leasing the facility to a third party long term. And forming a partnership with Cedric county for joint management of century to an interest. Bank arena I haven't seen anything official as far as a news release on this Olympic in the story at this morning and from the Wichita eagle. Lleyton recommends forming its citizens committee to study possible work. On century to. So that's what's going on with century to gonna have to include that sound proofing milk yeah yeah well. I think it's parliament given that and they've got all that lead from one from the and bring it to the other. But their you know we're thinking about but another but a poll or the Stephen Ted. Polling on our web page Cain is just ready about a little redundant license which tunes so now we have pulled off a little bit maybe it will be some more specifics. That we can look at. Here in the next next few weeks as they move for this thing possibly by the first of the year get a a decision made on century to. A Vermont police department is asking for help identifying a suspect. Wearing a panda costume believed to have stolen and Ayers soft rifle from a sports store. Well Austin police in Vermont say the costumes suspect walked into the Dick's Sporting Goods Monday night. Picked up the rifle and ran out of the store without pay for it. Police responded to run able to locate the suspect. Store employees told police suspect had been in the store earlier Monday. No panda suit that time. The RT shirts the same man apparently saw booklet. It's not a panda suit and it looks at the same rifle but without buying any told employees he be backed by its so the pandas who apparently didn't cover his face or they recognized in some yes I don't know when when they said panda suit I immediately thought of the like a mascot with a full at staying on it but it. I would guess not apparently is that not recognize the man from the candidates that are recognized him even even Inge and to shoot. I think they're soft firearm shoot pellets are usually powered by. Springs are compressed air similar I would present I am I'm not sure similar to a Beattie on air soft palettes tend to be him plastic. Knocked. The battle the little BBs we used to few rounds and I don't think so now you. One of the candidates for mayor in saint John's Newfoundland has become a celebrity. The one with her and four legs. It's a five year old Australian Cattle Dog named thin at. He's featured in a tongue in cheek campaign style YouTube video that has been making the rounds on social media. Or Glenn Redmond said using a lot of people are saying fined. Is the best candidate but he concedes the dog's name. Won't actually be on the ballot Redmond says he made the video to draw attention to local issues like potholes. And decide what snow clearing and sold in the dog his studies is on the serious candidate. But it Dell now. Asp animal's been elected mayors before him and some people say that they'll never expect that but that that the analysts say that maybe an animal. Would be not too bad. Yeah. All right I I can think of worse alternative now. Moving forward here this is a an annual report to reduce no frills. Saudis. Including the paper airplane sand and play food. Are among twelve finalists vying for a place on the national in the national toy hall of fine. Lay food and this is listed to his twelve too much. Yap the do a poll with you think that well no no that's not too many I'm gonna say it's if we get we get to the sweet beautiful woman if you want. Which of these toys belongs. Which of these toys most incident toil and can put through maybe 32 or three of them yet that's something I don't know if I can do you are polar not to let us go for favorite and able to select how many of them but yeah he. We can definitely do which one is your favorite paper airplane sand and play food are are there also up for the honor. Board games risk and clue mean for is magic eight ball that I want where you turn over Indian view of the fortune. You know does so it's all like me and I hope it is have definitely so you know member I would hope that never gets in and enjoy how often. I'm not a fan I think this whole Lotta the eight ball they did it was out popular went on time matchbox cars and acts box there we go classic my little pony. The Pez candy dispenser and transformers. And the card game uno and this might be my favorite. With global aware full ball will fall ball hit hit more classic than a with the ball up to three toys will be inducted November 9 into the strong museum in Rochester. Where the hole is located anyone can nominated all right. The inductees are chosen on the advice of historians educators and others. For the longevity and success and ability to inspire creative play well you can't beat Sampras up my bet old as a prologue time exactly what they mean by played food though I don't show mud I know our troops that's illegal packages the release of those for the and people had to tonight and have a kitchen but it did it that's all we did get a garden. And handles little boxes look like cereal I got to presume. I don't know that or maybe eighth yeah maybe a bit you know the mud pies I don't know. Editors will join 63 prior inductees including the doll house dominoes bubbles and out but S and big wheels. Not big whales the day. Coming up November 9. And we might just. State him on the web page is has reviewed my account as we just might use that we currently cadets nobody denial like it you know these two club against kind of the via the guy in charge of ends of the pole from the one you know these are technically able to put it together no matter when he puts at technical the touch it and makes it goes so. We'll see what happens one other quick note. You may have heard our story a moment ago about a couple on young man from Wichita and a woman from Winfield. Killed in the car truck head on accident. Now the southwest part of the states or. Yeah this you know you were re talking about this yet we talked about this yesterday over the weekend over about three or four days there have been like. Five foot at four or five it wasn't it wasn't here for days it was just too understated mourning the are no Monday morning. Monday morning there were four. In different places around the state that just involved at Kansas Highway Patrol. And a semi truck and now there may have been more but just the Highway Patrol reporting right so that's that was definitely one more here in Sedgwick county a half dozen within two days history yes. Areas of their car they're car semis or add on its. And we don't know what's going on it's something something strange weather people are distracted or falling asleep. But do you make careful out there and driving yeah now. As we are seeing a real spike. In highway fatalities and we don't like it we like our district to be okay right and we'd rather they get where they're going certainly absolutely. 619 now Stephen Ted indigent chambers on the sports desk. This morning for leadoff sports. But I'm gonna throw darts at the old cardinal wall and say yes sure. Well I was gonna say royals but I can start with whatever we want to go on to win the cut so it doesn't matter and now we get the what are audio and yet we got to wait no it's an action to Russo right. You take it away that was but it it. It doesn't matter where you start I start anywhere you want started out to admit that that it was an afternoon game yesterday for the Kansas City Royals against the Chicago White Sox royals get the offense going early. They loaded the bases for Brandon Moss and you heard yesterday over on T if H 12:40 AM 975 FM. And Denny Matthews with a call exploded one away in the first. It's. The royals should. Guard drove alone and don't do improve its early batting practice. Well yes the effervescent Denny Matthews you know page called downed any of the closest the first inning. Diana is just the first inning the royals this year it ain't gonna happen the funny baseball left to play at that point. Well. Actually. The very lucky to tap bases were loaded right there is that was all the offense the royals get. That was it that was it for the day that was it for the ten and you know what he was right it was enough. Kansas City beat the White Sox four to three on the strength of that won Grand Slam there in the first inning so. Paid to get on the board early. Royals in the White Sox again this afternoon at Kauffman Stadium royals on radio over on KFH pregame start at 1230. American Association championship series starts tonight. You're in Wichita Lawrence Dumont stadium it's a rematch of last year's championship series between the Wichita went nuts and he Winnipeg gold eyes. Personally nets are hoping that they'll be a different result this year. They didn't win last year it will be in the gold eyes tenth appearance in the league championship series in the franchise history. The wing nuts are in the championship series for the fifth time in the last six seasons. And the wing nuts of the gold eyes for the championship tonight game one there. Of its game one of a seven game Ers are in game one of a five game series at Lawrence Dumont tonight first pitch at 705. Kansas City Chiefs sees an opening 42 to 27 win on the road against the defending new champion New England Patriots. That's been getting some attention. The power rankings on They don't mean anything but the choose an out there for fun. Those were released yesterday the chiefs were number two that's up from number seven a week ago. And the latest rankings it Have the chiefs at number three that's coming up from where they were at number eight. Like I said. You know those power rankings don't really figure in any thing but. It is an indicator that people are taking notice of a very impressive win. Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith spoke last night on the chiefs kingdom show you heard it right here last night on Kagan SS Smith said it was a really good win but. It kind of have to. Turn and get ready for Philadelphia now it's. It's a game of emotion. Pope all right that's why we love us but replaced fun watching. Yet you have your emotions and opening days are always huge credit they're being right now and it went in numbers awesome. And and and Thursday it was is Biggs gets for openers. Yes since I gotta keep that down to earth. Got to get back to a guy cheated details the minutia of it in right haven't sense of urgency so got a big he's got a good religion. But it's going to be opening it's going to be opening day at arrowhead so I can't wait. Meaning. Jeeps and Eagles Sunday pregame start right here on tape and SS at 11 o'clock. Sports and Stephen dead in the morning. I had six when he to announce Stevenson. Cyber are very fired coffee break on Davis says very hard copy is the freshest coffee in the Wichita area. Because prairie fire coffee beans are roasted it. Right here in Wichita and then you can get very far coffee at your office just like Stevens had by calling 2673771. Or on line is very fired off coffee dot com. Copy break actually sleeping out given different times starting his Fox News television talking about TSA enhanced. Can't download procedure that's coming up even dead on K and assess.