NY man pulls the worst "prank" ever, and now is facing charges

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, September 13th

Man walked into his neighbor's house saying he had shot a police officer, the neighbor called police.


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This is a distinction which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news JNSS. We just cause number one news talk and weather station. Depend on us. Content in the morning I'm Steve back in time. President of food Joseph key Florida are starting to return to their homes but much of the area is still largely about power and water. The keys sustained some of the worst of hurricane Thermage wind and rain when it reached the US mainland. Despite mandatory evacuations some residents opted to ride out the storm. John Street hit in her bathroom says she didn't know whether she would make it out alive. When Katrina hit Louisiana and stuff like that. And you feel sorry for people and you count what are they telling group wanted it against her and stated differently you know that that does that every. Now it is to forecast with K and assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning another great data ahead Hutchinson for the Kansas state fair but it appears you may need to find the shape from time to time this afternoon at high pressure building in from the west. He's one warm us up a little bit more will be in the mid eighties by lunchtime ninety for the hi this afternoon clear overnight Carlos 64 sunny and 92 on Thursday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 55 degrees not much wind a northwest at three miles per hour. Future plans for centuries to were discussed at a public meeting at Tuesday night in downtown Wichita up while no decision has yet been made city manager Robert Leighton. Told the council century two will always be a part of which browser history. I think it's important that we respect the history of the seat to what it means to the community. But the re doing away. Assures our success in the future. The finding government consultant studied there and ways to pay for them were laid out during the nearly two hour meeting. Public discussion is planned for the next step in the process and that meeting will likely come before the end of the year. The Wichita police department is asking for the public's help in locating no woman who's been missing for days. This. Passed Saturday alana Evans common law husband reported that sometime in the morning of Friday September 8. He noticed that she had gone from their home in the area of Kellogg and hillside. According to the police department's FaceBook post the woman struggles with metal health issues and loves to take long walks. Her family has not seen or heard former and is asking public's help in locating her. Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call either 911. A crime stoppers at area code 3162672111. You can find a picture of the woman in the news story on our web page Jack Kate and SS radio dot com. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. Kansas governor Sam Brownback tells K Unisys news he's looking forward to his new job. Ambassador at large for international religious freedom. Which were trying to get more religious freedom around the world which is the basic concept or human dignity and human rights and certainly for the United States. The senate still must approve brown backs nomination for governor commented on Stephen 10 in the morning here on K and SS. The vice chairman or president Donald Trump's election integrity commission says it's highly possible the panel will make no recommendations. Republican Kansas secretary of state Crisco buck was responding to criticism. That the panel is bent on voter suppression. He's as a commission might not make any recommendations and even if it does it can't force states to adopt them. Apple launched its latest product line Tuesday ABC's Rebecca Jarvis has details. Apple unveiling its fanciest most expensive iPhone yes the iphones and a thousand dollar starting price that is two times the cost of the original iPhone model that was unveiled a decade ago this one boasting an edge to edge screen no home button instead you open this phone using your face because it has facial recognition technology an upgraded camera that includes augmented reality along the lines of what we've seen with Pokemon go. But the cost of college going up more students are turning to more economical option Community Colleges community college is becoming an option from Horst. You really are offering an eye. Unbeatable value we're seeing that to return an educational investment. Is not only me easier to which teens but more quickly relatives Gio Gonzales says these superior the then number one Wesley slate tremble in Minnesota. Arizona I was ever series could cheese county community college number three US southwest Wisconsin intact. Average full time tuition at a community college 17100 dollars a semester that's about a third of the cost of a four year public school dowry all the there. ABC news which dusted university we'll use of three point six billion dollar grant from the Charles oak foundation. To create an institute for the study of economic growth university officials say the institute will focus on economic and business research. You will be how to in the Barton school of business. In SS Huston now 635 Steven dead in the morning there on Wednesday September 13. A can stand Xia New York man is in trouble 59 year old Leonard Rahman's. Showed up at a neighbor's house with handcuffs attached to his wrist claiming to have just crashes truck and then shot a police officer trying to arrest him. The neighbor called 911 in state troopers showed up. But the officers did determine that. Rahman's had made it all up for a joke plot not funny no. Now he faces charges of reckless endangerment and false reporting a crime. Yeah Eleanor dean of thought that went through a little more thoroughly before you did something really who feel like it. City planners in Milwaukee pushy form than adventurous idea to help some at risk teenagers. Many are approaching the age when they would no longer be in Foster care but without a place to live they are at risk of being homeless so planners. At come up with a knighted yet they want to build as many as three dozen tiny Holmes. Thousand. Of the tiny ounces. Italy serious journalist man walked into Vermont woman's house. While she was home I left carrying a grocery bags filled abundance rubber on. The victims says he hasn't occurred Saturday after senator Brookline home the woman told Leo it unidentified man to leave. And then she called police. I barely deadly but he filled a bag up with some of her things urged. Want. You know watch at a one on Nimrod that gap. Terrible 637 now Steve and Ted. You know the boys and girls clubs of south central Kansas. Participating with heartland of Coca-Cola quick shopping in the Kansas City Chiefs could bring a red Friday back to Wichita. Last year 25000 dollars was raised to support Boys and Girls Club members. Chiefs kingdom red Friday flags will be sold for 55 of the fifth on the five dollars since then got a they're gonna just the glasses five dollars five Friday this Friday September 15 at area quick shops all cool yes so this is the way you you do that Hewitt. It's red Friday and you spent five dollars and you should she fanned. And it supports the poison clubs boys and girls clubs about that right that's a terrific idea. 638 now Stephen did in the morning time for our commodities up statement. I left where rove left the commodities going down. Good morning Steve the team feel like cattle Peter Mandelson triple digit losses in the Peter also closed on May decide if they haven't mixed trading early in the session. Once again I would like corporation inflate prices one direction or the other. In all future flipped open gaps on the charge yesterday morning close maybe a probably not a good little streak since October 3 of last year. And it was yesterday October live cattle by the decent role models and exporting seven. October because they don't want a simple 149 did he not totaling about two dollars and twelve cents lower at 945. Can't be used the report the particle the corn and soybean production yield Indian stocks higher than in the August report. The report resolved in the world prices since August 31 closing argument for what we negative for corn and soybeans. But the important that belt off and trading and ideas and positive and very good volume. Is that particularly have revamped and took full 45 and a quarter. The court opinions to record or three TP three and a quarter in November soybeans up six cents at 956 and amp. October crude up forty cents fired 4863. Similar import all the money that type 237. Sixteenths. The symbolism PDM three points at one point 91 and a quarter of Cameron dollar index seventy cents lower at 9179. September that it owns certain separate bedrooms futures. Point lower than 2077. Commodity trading right marketing advisor contact Oprah commodities on the on the web by using 86622. And talk. Dumb because we've been reporting about the of the hurricanes. All the spurs are the heart. And that Irma and elderly people are trying to get back to normal down there in that part of the country. They have the story of a Florida none pitching in on the cleanup efforts following hurricane Erma by taking a chainsaw to downed trees while dressed in her full accident. Back Canada and I'll Miami Dade police posted videos sister Margaret and at work on social media. Taken by an off duty officer who came across their police in the nun was cutting trees to clear the roadways around archbishop Coleman Carroll high school or Miami. Sister Margaret Anderson could school's principal according to its web site apparently she's a handful I eat she asked me. He's out there haven't with a chainsaw. Police say acts of kindness like sister Margaret and remind residents at that are all part of the same community about that. Well then heat and humidity definition you have to be taught. Well she bugs in it and that she's doing her part trying to help people out and just received a lot of examples of that in these in tough tough times in depth. That's I guess that's what it should be folks open each other out right. Sometimes I think adversity to pull people together. It does have you ever had a it's part of something where you're house got blown up or something like that. And needed a neighbor's help immediately. Yeah you know I have. They did a now and election go into any details that might be. And it also I know you've got pregnant. Could be the time that did you go to accidentally blew up your mom's house or something you know. I spent Berkman started my mother I can tell you that almost that they I don't hear. Thank asserts exported to 41 now is Stephen Tim again says the bodies update with time left there and done. All the way we've got Don van GOP. The money tracker average American savings at every age Donna is gonna fill us in on that coming up. You're listening to Steven did in the morning. On 98713. 38 and as best.