KC @ Patriots - Review (Week 1)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Sunday, September 10th

The Kansas City Chiefs defeat the World Champions in decisive fashion 42-27. Listen to the highlights of the statement game. Plus exclusive interviews with: -Justin Houston -Tyreek Hill -Kareem Hunt -Andy Reid #TWICF #ChiefsKingdom #KCvsNE


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This week it seems football. The official teacher radio podcasts. Most then Israel led Kendall Gammon. Welcome to this week in chiefs football today will review we won the chiefs in New England Patriots. Well take a listen some of the highlights from that game plus we'll hear from one of the MVP he's of that game rookie running back cream hunt. Also hear from Justin Houston Tyree kill as well as the architect of that victory had coach Andy Reid but first the headlines. She's headlines this week church football. An all pro safety airy fairy law. For the season with a ruptured Achilles tendon sustained in the patriots game. Yet they're very unfortunate but Stephen Carroll who was in the chiefs' training camp was cycle replaced him on the active roster so we'll have somebody. Who at least has a familiarity. With the chiefs defense and as expected running back CJ Spiller was reassigned to the active roster along with reserve offensive lineman Jordan give them their release was purely a business move does their whole would have been guarantee that they've been on opening day roster since both were busted. Veterans and finally the chiefs next opponent the Philadelphia Eagles faced the Washington Redskins in Lincoln field embassy has been set as the Eagles went to victory seventeen so. So many different story was about one which we will talk about does your headlines for Sunday August 10. 2070. Until the chiefs come home from New England with a victory what a great start this season. I gotta tell you know I expressed concerns about cream hunt not letting the moment get too big you told me he'd be fine I wasn't sure that I talk to cream hunt. He seemed think he was gonna be fine and he came on he tumbled 31 play. And IU. Was right for a second and then you became right because he went through the line on the right side first submarine yards and believe it looked like a great role in them right at the images gets ripped away from him. And as I mentioned on the broadcast he then. Equaled the number of fumbles and he's actually had his entire college career. That's amazing it is a major and I don't believe he lost settled life the key actually recovered to soak in college college so. Just a crazy thing but kudos. Not only to him there but I think relieve the coaching staff Eric beyond me running backs coach and then also. Big red for how they dealt with him on the sideline and then in classic topped our impression they got maverick back up in the air and flying as they gave him the ball the next time they got it and eat he was successful there as well and in the the night Justin pulled it from there yet the good news is that you were right then I was right but then you were right again he settled down and he settled down very quickly. I asked the coach after the game how they settle him down. First play from scrimmage you're rookie running back did you aluminum holding that he bounced back how did you settling down prices in the ball again. And sells products that he's telling kids. And he runs hard and and he is trying to Harden is juices are gone but really it was also another one today Foreman has pretty big stage years he he. Regained his composure and back. About the grit of this team in the way the didn't stay down again back up again. Now that's that's been him. The chiefs there. That way. The guys here that core group of guys. Are greedy greedy players and they showed that tonight every opportunity. Fold and we didn't do that they rallied. So office gesture and he says guys whose gesture of profits again specialties amid surveys in the game. Defense had a couple massive fourth down stands house proud of them and I'm those those are tough ones right there let alone one that we're we get to a woman. That takes a lot of like you settle on a grid guys were so Harding camp on the two minute drill the Foreman o'clock. Do you feel like that pay dividends tonight. Well last summer apparel and here we didn't do to get the two men so. Straight have that drive before half and then they'll come out with the ball which which helped or didn't do this while you want to do that but that's always get back to back those things. Head coach Andy Reid he talked about settling cream hunt down by giving him the ball and that's exactly what they did. So. Condemning gold to go after three. Career home. In the backfield Vista Alex with the throw under pressure putt left and spreading to the lesser degree does not touchdown. Parents house I read about this as far as National Football League touched. Alex Smith complete put too many. I was thirteen seconds remaining in the second. Corner. Of Kindle screen hunt not only settles down but he settles down into historic fashion really yeah her pro football focus. 246. Yards from scrimmage was the most by any player in their first start. That was simply amazing seventeen carries 448 yards one TD of course five catches for ninety yards in two TDs. I thought who's going to do well I never could have dreamed that he was going to do that well but the way he ran. Five at least downhill. He sir survey the holes he made quick decisions he does make quick decisions cuts and yeah I did for a guy who runs so downhill that kind of surprises me some usually those guys are either steam rollers rodent Jamaal Charles. And I both know it and what I've seen is he's going laterally. What we call it a downhill run of force six Lacey you're looking review of four hole. Of between the car in the tackler the six hole between the title and tied in with the aid which is outside. And your survey all those and you're watching alignment you can you've been coached up what to do in terms of where you see the backers and we can go into all that but the fact is. From that coaching you make a decision and when you plant in Ugoh vertical. And when he goes vertically goes vertical in a hurry and with a purpose and he was very successfully entire night in. You know Patriots defense just didn't have much answer for it as you know evidenced by our current 48 yards rushing yeah he did not only run the football though he caught the football very long. Yeah he made some nice coat catches the course they were put on the money bella Alex Smith and in what he did and we'll talk about that a little bit later as well but. You know one long catch he made in the second half for him he's been quoted saying is he just. He he felt like when he can't he just had to get to America and I personally thought it was going to get caught I don't. I did get I didn't feel like he has a long speed to run away from people. I'm not gonna say ran away from him but he made sure he got into the end zone. And it was that a very crucial time of the ballgame because the chiefs were trying to hold serve or they're trying to match that the patriots just depend on where they're rotten things but. You know what's so many pivotal plays that game and number 27 played a part in so many of them. Here's 47 in one of those pivotal players. Jack. National football. Eight yards second touchdown of the night. Our Jenny wiley X spoke with Kareem after his very first National Football League appearance. One of only three players to have a 150 yards as well as three touchdown since 1970 in your NFL debut okay. Take me through a couple of your touchdowns tonight. You know Breslow and well wanted to start off so I knew I had to make plays then knew we had a school and red zone so every time I got the opportunity to make a play I had to make it. So pretty much on this excited you know they would've helped contribute to a you know a huge win for the guys and. We've just got to keep biggar. What goes through your mind as you obviously do something at the beginning with the fumble your first hearing. But then you're able to show resiliency come back and have the performance that you did how do you rebound from that. You know I pretty much just had to take a play by play in this forget about it you know thought out the window leg and a map and then. I just had to fight through and honestly one away how member the last half fumble and kind of you know really hurt me so. I'm glad they use as the you know another drive you know the. Keep god not you take me through that really long touchdown pass where Alex hit you in stride. On the go he had the silent probably more excited than you work take me through that how did you get open and how did that transpire. You know how does this honestly Ron and I had to be the guy who see it Alex made a beautiful pass and I can I can't. Can't drop this and now this news. You know we had to go get points by that point we're down Honda we had to give points to seven on the boys so I just was on in my fast is the hardest hit. And how does a steal your NFL debut to do something like this to catch the eye of the nation. Just got to keep begun now you know you anybody can do someone outside this wanna keep it going you know hopefully make a big ground with the same man. You know get the you know ended apprised the goat. We've mentioned how good cream on was in the scheme that Alex Smith deserves a lot of mean 148 quarterback rating or something like that yeah I was solos basically. Almost perfect him. Alex Smith 360. Yards passing four TV's battle alone gives you a while he has a 75 yard strike and a 78 yard strike both for TDs. Both of those 31 or more yards and here. End. For him it was his third and fourth longest of his career so I mean it just but the thing she did and even. I thought early on it was a good sign there's a crossing route thrown to. A Ross Travis a tight end and it hit him in the hands of the would have been important first down and unfortunately. Ross sudden drop that ball. But what it showed me as well as we watched it. Alex reared up and if he threw up all culprits and it was down until let me put it in a tight window. That's what we saw him do in training camp and even some of the written your pre season. But to then do it all and enemy turf in the game like that the way he did you showed me that this is a guy is very confident about what's going on him. While it was it was fun to watch she had you know one of his best games ever and he was certainly key. To win I think. His presence in the pocket was good he was protected fairly well in the couple sacks but. And in general how he held himself I think. Really trickle down into the office and here there's no doubt that he is the the office of leader I think the team leaders well. There's a few of the guys certainly like a. Unity a lot of people would cushy all we've been asking for this forever what's the differences among homes pressuring him a look I I don't know maybe some. But I honestly think that the play calling the design of this scheme. Was to test that deep ball that third layer right of new England's defense because. The last time somebody through this many times that deep this many times was like 1968. He was Lenny Dawson. So this isn't. You know normal quarterbacking normal play calling you don't go deep. On a team constantly. Unless you see something that makes you believe you can get there so they have to have seen something. They did and I think we have to understand also that he still was the same old Alex Smith and that's a good thing. Which was he managed the game the right way he didn't force things but when they presented themselves we saw him we talked about throughout the game he was getting to his second third read. Through the progression so more than once and then it'll wasn't there Houston's checked out being getting good yards without also. And it should be noted where struggled this to begin with is the fact that he spread the ball around there were eight different receivers who touched the ball. That's still opposite defense when you got that many people and you're not keen almost certain person I mean one of those duties was to was to Demetrius terrorists who continues. This pattern of catching TDs in and having sure hands and and if you can continue to do that. Then that's good news because Kelsey had an OK night but again you're going to try to not let kill Kelsey beach yeah. And with that if you double him or if you bracket him and other people can step up and that's exactly what happened not to distract this bit I was a little surprised at this whole game. That neither Travis Kelsey where Rob Gronkowski were really factors no limit I think fit for gronkowski. Had a chance to be a factor early autumn effect catch them Muslim correctly overturned and I think fell for the victory imports of the game and then. The patriots go forward on fourth and less than war really less willing to go ball and that she step up and stop them and yeah and you go from. Possibly being down two touchdowns to getting the ball back or being down eight touchdown. That's monumental my keys to winning at the beginning in the game I talked about the energy in the stadium helped chiefs had to withstand the first sixty minutes. And I think that was a very big part of it right there with withstanding that and then coming up with that big play the course and came up with another big fourth down stop in the second half. But it'll I think that was one of the moments we saw that Tom Brady was impaired. By not having to be an element on that field the other thing that was very evident not only was Tom Brady not in sync with all of his new receiving corps. Alex Smith was in I think what the two things we saw out of the New England game is that Alex Smith is not only in sync with his receivers. In the and he put. Both of those deep balls to Lalime into the Tyreke. On the money they just didn't have to adjusted all caught them in stride in I just thought they were beautiful beautiful plays in in again. I don't think this is this something you're gonna see every week I don't think it's gonna be a new. For for fancy might think boy this is gonna be exciting to see three deep balls every week for the touchdown pass. I only day you see that but I do think when we have a secondary that's. Got some weakness to it I think we've got a much we're much better position to exploit that now. I would agree. You know when you look at the defense is of New England. I talked about the fact that you can't bracket. Too many players you know day they try to make up for the word they were playing a little bit recover for where you've got four people back there and really was just kind of a cloud back they're trying to keep people in front of them. That was their answer for awhile but on Matt long Tyreke. Pass he went out it was going to be a little bit of an out not to be recognized right away that he wasn't being covered meant a little bit of a miscue by the defense of the patriots. It's. Chelsea right there he was going across the field. And he carried to safety with him and a safety should not carried with him he should have stayed in and waited on Tyreke. A bit because of the timing was so right because Kelsey went before Tyreke. Was going vertical because he was running a little bit and out routes that timing was so intricate that. It just allowed to the safety shouldn't go to Kelsey and the Al cited defense about he thought he had help and all the sudden. Tyreke running free and sometimes that's of the scariest thing little somebody's at all alone and wide open but fish odd guy out but Alex Smith put it on the money and Tariq. Although he may. I think you'll find for it he he says peace out as usual and down there and get. Flash that the two fingers in them and got the touchdown but all the same. Fun to watch you know here is Alex Smith to Tyreke him. And. Yeah I'm sure you could stayed up kids loose in the morning 175. Yards in the chase take the lead. Kindle you and Tyreke set down after the game. Tyreke. Big night talk to me about a but. Com we just came out and district assistant notes and everybody did their part. I mean there obviously am going abroad at a film as is big for a so and then run game was getting us started. Well mark. Our markets and our office and on their so. I think we came out and whose aggressive. You what you guys with stood some. Sometimes the first half that were really view closer going down fourteen up in the defense comes up with some big stops is that an inspiration offensively when you see that happening out there. Valuable on most definitely arm and nom we also practiced those situations in practice so. On some lag it was already are ready for those types of moments and home that's what other great teams do they are already. Together in and they are supportive so that's what we kind of do tonight we supported the defense in the league in defense witness. And we support his best teams you know saying that and came together. Tyreke killed giving props to you Alex Smith is quarterback. That plane particulars a difficult one because of the design of the play. It develops very late but regardless when you get a receiver that open you have to deliver the ball and he does a let's. Not forget also that he was in the pocket a little while he had to wait a just a little different up play to develop. So the fact that so that's kudos to the line yes that they kept him clean and allowed him to have to. To survey hidden and know what's scored on an only kept him clean them up play. But for the most part it kept him clean up into that point so that he wasn't. Wary of what's going on it and could concentrate him in wasn't thinking OK got to watch out or they can protect this time so good job in. Boy it's. You you can't say enough for the play design and and how everybody did their job because with Kelsey crossing as I said. Early while Ty re Troy and towards the outside it made got safety. Make a decision which was the wrong Warren and from error there was just Katie bar the door. The other thing I love about the play calling of the scheme is that. They're very patient. You know I felt like the New England came out and they try to knock us to the ground with two punches. And you wanted to hurt. It felt like we might not get up right but we did eventually get up and not only did we get out but we started fighting back and they just skip town didn't. In pounding and pounding until the chiefs finally hit. He had done enough pounding on the New England Patriots to actually knocked them down. Yeah early on it was a standing may count because all right if you were sure what was going on where it was going the energy was there was who street pandemonium in the esteem at the time but. Again. The chiefs the very veteran group. In their leadership wise but it's still a young team and they just have a nice mix and it's a good locker room I think that's something that you know Randy talked about was. Was Howell. How calm and cool and collected the guys were you know you and I talked to Rick Berke Poulter on the plane all the way back he made mention the fact of you know how he was well he was a little bit frazzled please look at all the players like we're OK you don't regret this and other risks have been around a long as time will tell you what he was my first trader in 92. So he's been around a lot of analysts say how long but now. Always been around long time he's been around India along just. But you know it's just human nature I mean meaning you've seen Tom Brady come out there and Bill Belichick. Come out there and just not that the block off of the team early in. In the next thing you know it's it's basically a first half game in it sure felt like it was gonna go that way but. Well then I mean when you look at the numbers the patriots. In home hope orders Angel Stadium had been fourteen from one and they were Ford always season openers. A year after they won the Super Bowl so the Od sudden. That you had very little chance to win that game but you know. That the chiefs just chose not pay attention to all about him and that's what we do because really all that stuff is history in its great for us to talk about that is. Absolutely nothing to do with anything of that game because each and every year is is that there's a new year. There were a couple of items about this game this sure me on the first was what kind of what we're talking about his. The offense was so productive. And so you know I mean that's said. That kind of take suspecting your cheeks team we are you guys can score all day long the scoring was never the problem right. But that's just one facet of the game yet in the fact of the chiefs have the type of defense they haven't. A healthy Justin Houston who shorted there at the end of the game again a couple different Saxon. You know they've been pressured Brady. Forcing them not so much early in the game that was pretty frustrated a lot of times Bob Sutton chose to just bring three. Which puts only eight back in Cutler puts a backer coverage of the Brady was sparked their surveillance so long he was finally picking us apart but again. As you said as things wore on the she started make plays and as use correctly stated. That the chiefs. Art just one dimensional with you all the support that they have a defense like they have that makes the difference is this quintessential. Bend but don't break. I think so and I'll I'll be honest with you I just assumed that they don't break earlier all. It's a can be maddening at times but him. The 24 down stops and we knew you look at the red zone efficiency. The patriots were three for six you know but that's doing some good things chief's office we were three for three liberal would go efficiency. Of course patriots were three for for the chiefs three for three. And the all important short yardage where they were over to the patriots were during the first downs and those were big stops and really that doesn't happen very often but that. It's not normally because this is what the chiefs defense that last year and for the most part have done throughout the the regime of injury which is. You know like you said bend but don't break play good red zone defense the one thing that a mission there which was the offensive side of things in the a red zone out with the help the chiefs. Improved it in and performed and Dallas ultimate put a lot of emphasis on in camp and it paid dividends on Thursday night. I wanna listen to the first of that we made this the HCA turning point play the game because I mean we were about to go down fourteen to nothing. And this. Fourth down stand essentially keeps it it's seven and nothing chiefs are able but they're right back in the running and I felt like it was that definite turning point. Keep milk and it happened what. 56 minutes into the first quarter or whatever was put. I thought this was a huge huge play. Lined up for big. Fourth down at less than a yard. You'll get up the middle slams and the allied with cheap shot back this spotted that then I didn't she said hell yeah. They hit jealously right in the stardom in the Kansas City Chiefs get their first big play of the game and New England gambles and backfired. And that maybe the shot in the arm that the defense in the right there you see the defense coming up height five feet got something to talk about great job by the defense holding right there. In Kindle that was just the first of two. Yeah AM in the fact is though after after they hold them in the chief stormed a a twelve play ninety yard drive takes up eleven minutes and 57 seconds. And they scored tied at 77. I mean and that's a swing of fourteen points each of you cannot you cannot. Yeah overestimate how important that that was. I agree and him we've heard this now for years. But this is really. A perfect shining example of complementary football. Yes your defense pitching the ball back in you do something with it. And in that as you said is a fourteen point swing it was about to be the first nail in the coffin in suddenly it's a new ball game. And an all important thing it did as well. Which was helped quite a crowd got a little bit because they were they were don't want so I really don't want to get out they were so the one thing that's. Who I missed on a little bit and had a chance but really special teams played okay. Created a little bit of a field position but for the most part not what I expected not what they expected. So the fact that I don't know that they lost the field position battle with the New England. But they certainly didn't win I think it was just pretty even. But they beat him or alternates in defense sober so about it when you went to the three faces you're generally going to win very rarely is it both always do you generally it's O or. Yeah you right in Europe until it's a great point and and they didn't have a bad day. I don't think get a bad no it was a bad days just. Tyreke you know he fumbled a warning got the ball back caddie got that it would have been a good place to zoos come up. To return the punt and Wally wasn't gonna go anywhere he was gonna save yards so I guess in effect he still does save yards but again it's not the type of games that I think you're currency for the most part throughout the year for the Kansas City Chiefs the one they called boot. Tyreke we've deferred connections. In playing the chiefs. I would be so worried about that everything always dug up both those guys on the field come on now. In Q we kick it in the opposite direction is not exactly because of because basically those two guys in the past two in the film it's likely just turn it over on downs let's say for. It's going to be a that's gonna be fun to watch what else from this game. You know what I think William. You watch this game I think some things that were very important was of course Tyreke kill seven catches for 133 yards one TV. And some other things that we have to know which were so good was the chiefs. Did all this. While having fifteen penalties for Harvard in 39 yards and they gave. 41 downs to the patriots through penalties on defense souls are some things have to clean themselves up now. But it speaks volumes for the chiefs and how they performed a fact that you could still win him. With with things like that the defense hold liberated 44%. Completion percentage. Back but was titles that was his lowest since 2013. And this was the first loss ever. At home when taken a lead into the fourth quarter harder five games for Tom Brady so. Things like that you're being some tall logs and patriots I mean giving up five earned 37 yards of offense. To Kansas City that was the most and Belichick you're the 42 points was the most in the Belichick era also. And pick it coincidental leave the next most ports was where I'm. Arrowhead the relays at 41 point men I'll take that things started a slow the landslide. It's probably too early in the season for that. This time on her own album people are definitely this is being talked about nationally but that game when the patriots came in Darrell had and we beat them 41 points. That started the whole moron to Cincinnati just drawn to Cincinnati which is why we kept saying all night long run to the saints run. Dressing right you know something I didn't mention of Alex earlier was the fact of when the chiefs got the ball with 247 left in the half. And they drive down to score I think that's when they hit recalled on a crossing pattern. Before touchdown I believe in the cut it to seventeen to force it to one Horry goes inside the island no known about in the second half I believe we listen to that in oh. We did not listen to the emotional senator. She's at first then go to go to the four yard line. And toss it right the whole. Four yard line three yards like two yard line stretching out a based on a touchdown or. It's. Third touchdown of the night with a rookie Joey Lawrence. There were just plain highlights that will no doubt it's what you do when you win like is that the writing is then you know what this podcast is an over folks we may listen to the Alex if I feel like a or listen to how do you think that's a good. Four yard line three yard by yard line. Stretching up for the touchdown. Kids are silly. JoAnne it's. Ho may have achieves five plays of forty or more yards I talked about needing chokes in the NFL and that's what they did. 520 or more than two of those machines 75 for more that it doesn't have a very off the system a 153. Yards into place. Is just phenomenal him. That goes on and on and of course Allen Bailey is that the precedent it's one sack that just in Houston had a couple more hum there's one time were. I just felt like Justin Houston and oh well I told to watch a crutch and there was no happy days for Tom Brady because he just looked like he got sandwich from their elected demolition derby but. That's. That that was what it really started to take hold of the fact of of we're up we're exerting our will the chiefs end. They have nothing to do that they have nothing they can do about it because. Yeah not only sacked Brady three times in two series at one point tell me sacked him. Two times in a row and you almost took him down for his safety I mean they just literally I think you said they do this literally took the wheel you out of of the new England and just threw it down installed on it. It's funny tuned to see Brady look like you know we're just not used to seeing them at the offensive line for New England must be very get. But I just think they were finally overpowered by the physical body of the Kansas City defense. And after working all night to get Tom Brady just in Houston finally arrives. Really into the backfield for Tom Brady he's got Christensen and his own 45 after the touchdown. Snap back to Brady. He's back. Marriage. Parents browse to shop yeah. Our Tom Brady hits him hard back at least seventeen yard run a loss of seven. Fifty came from one side 55 came from the other no happy days there that was the more logic crushed I was crazy good bye just in Houston getting around the edge and once the defense it tasted it there was no stopping them just to Houston's been breathing fire. The last three snaps rated at. The five and I mean everybody was coming this time down goes Frazier this may be more like Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson. Allen Bailey the hole got it it's a back at the 62. And eighteen. 330 to go she's up fifty. Yeah. And it's just when you. And first off congratulations. Big win in New England talk to me about it. This big worry is a so well what we need to work at all. And it isn't good what we would go a lot of work to do off the leg of the defense we gave up to redeploy as we yard goes. Closed the brand clothes and do its embassy October 2 defense we ought to cover from a horse in the states are there were 200 big plays we're got a lot of work to do. But thank god for October we're go for them reduction by there's continue to work. As a pass rusher you guys don't get to Brady until the fourth quarter to you do you get two sacks. Is it frustrating or just have to trust that eventually you're going to get there has got to trust is a longer jumper awful Cortes users turn to in my opening enormous sum up and in the first quarter but they struggle when you brought to the start of the day of entertainment so secure do you remember don't break of our. Hamas or defense overrun with hormone would go break. They're continuously focusing today. Couple big fourth down stops dead just gonna go to the holdup some auto biblical Brodeur let him do. And I intravenous orca dominant force army or other mode ball before we startled when you stop or where we just felt so we want to recruit. Quicker we learn from better move forward Justin congratulations thank you. No we said it before but it is just so nice to have just in Houston back. And he's back with a vengeance in his focus. As you heard right there you could hear it in his voice and much focus has been talk about all care openings memorandum he can just see little difference in him. I think adjustable several of the guys on the team the the other veterans realize that this is a window. And you don't know how long was going to be open so you and you need to do everything you can't take advantage of that window being opened. Chiefs could not have gotten off to a better start for 2017. Beating the defending world champion patriots 42 to 27. In New England. And you never know when you're gonna need it conference win against a playoff contending team so. Who think that for now and turn the focus to next Sunday afternoon as the chiefs host the Philadelphia Eagles and their home opener. We will preview that game on Friday as well we'll do every game throughout the season. Meantime if you like the podcast please tell your friends you can connect with Kindle an eye on Twitter in scramble FaceBook Kindle is at Kendall Gammon I am at the end Israel. Thanks for subscribing and we'll talk to you this red Friday on this week in chiefs football places out. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey chief radioed dot com.