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Friday, August 11th

A game preview during our daily chat with Mitch Holthus, play-by-play voice of the Chiefs


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS. We just caused a number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. Good morning it is like this is a king and this is forty years was even dead. I'm Steve Macintosh. Severe weather over right across parts of Kansas we've got the story a fatal traffic accident in east which is Tom I'm it would alerted those details just ahead. The secretary of defense is in California today and talking about North Korea and Alex down ABC news in Los Angeles the story coming up. I'm K and assessed meteorologist Dan Holliday so far in the month of August in Wichita we've had more than an inch and a half of rainfall. Will likely add to that total this weekend our forecast is coming up. One person is dead one injured in a traffic accident in east which at all. And SUV struck her residence in the 7200 block of east when he first. Around 1115 last night one person was reported dead at the scene the other hospitalized in critical condition. Genders and ages of the victims have not been released. In the northwest Kansas storms hit watch TB hard last evening with rain and heavy hail some the size of base. Another injury crash was reported on I seventy mile post 130. Many businesses indicated broken windows vehicles near walking also suffered broken windows and other heal damage. Heilman says that some trooper cars were also severely damaged he acted after the hail the biggest problem was with thick fog but descended on the area. Putting on seventy visibility at nearly zero. In the web K and SS news. And the Kansas Highway Patrol now reporting that a three vehicle accident on I seventy near walking needs. Took the life of the 56 year old woman from upon to city Oklahoma dale Mohler. The loss of the US military is in California today on a two day trip as president from reinforces his warning out firing theory in north. Korea that small petty thief and dare as you say that is a statement of. Fact his Defense Secretary James Mattis is hearing California touring Silicon Valley seeming to try to dial it back a bit. Tragedy of war as well enough known it doesn't need another characterization. Beyond the fact that it would be catastrophic. Matty says in North Korean effort is being led by diplomacy and that some results are being seen Alex down ABC news Los Angeles. Last year it was the hottest year on earth since we started keeping track that's in a new report from government climate scientists the national Oceanic atmospheric administration says you can see the symptoms beyond the record high global temperature only sixteen was here in the Arctic like we ever see. Or Jeremy math as the director of the group's Arctic research programs has deep ocean temperatures are up and Arctic ice is trumped the lowest levels ever recorded climate scientist Jessica blunder and says she's working and no way for seven years. And setting records. Every year that I have been doing it. Amateur records go back a 137 years greenhouse gases have also reached a new peak that's a slightly longer scales and ice core samples go back 800000. Year Brad milky ABC news last year the city of Wichita sold the downtown Hyatt hotel to businessman Phil Ruffin. In the city is using ten million dollars of that money on residential streets. Alan King is a director of public works and utilities for the city he says right now they're focusing on the worst asphalt streets in the city. Once we make those spot repairs. We come back later sometimes a few months sometimes even at the beginning of the next year. And put a coding over that street so that looks like paper it looks like a brand new street when in reality what is done is we've made some very Smart repairs. That really stretched those those funds. Other best we can. The city hopes to address those streets in the worst condition during the next two years. I SS news time now 8033. Minutes past the clock. We are just about ten minutes away from our daily chat with Mitt told lists play by play voice of the Kansas City Chiefs it's game night tonight some game preview with Mitch. Coming up in about ten minutes history repeats itself sales of bomb shelters way up. That story coming up on McCain has this morning news was even dead. But it has escorting you drew Stevens and now 8077 minutes after 8 o'clock. This week entertainer Glen Campbell died after a long struggle with the alzheimer's disease. Rihanna Tucker with a alzheimer's association of central and western Kansas. Tells K Unisys news. He was courageous. On key putt helped put alzheimer's disease on the map and get people talking about it. He had opened up his life. Reporter asked to see what it's like to have alzheimer's disease on his final goodbye to order. Brandon Tucker and association director Fave border land where our guest this weekend and if usually seventeen. Sunday morning at eight on K and assess a medical mystery in Cuba involving American diplomats and apparently personnel from other embassies. Details from ABC's Victor oh Kendall in Miami. Canadian government now says that their personnel. In Havana. Also showed some on usual symptoms just like the Americans so the State Department and the FBI not revealing exactly what it is that made the US officials sick but sources telling ABC news that starting in the fall when he sixteen it appears that these officials were exposed to. A sonic device that cause hearing problems and other physical symptoms. Senior US official tells ABC news they don't really know exactly what's sickening the employees. And that Cuba is being cooperative with the investigation history is repeating itself bomb shelters are hot again just like in the fifties. Was sellers coast to coast. Saying they can't keep up with the demand. Nuclear threat to the big concern ABC's Amy Powell is in the Los Angeles area talking to store owners who sell underground bunkers. Yeah yeah. You go inside Ron Hubbard owner after a survival shelters says he's been getting bombarded with phone calls. Customers at even lined up outside his business and it's. And it's called me like they normally did they rarely got in the car. And they've driven down here. This shelter friends coming as tensions rise between the United States and North Korea over the threat of nuclear attacks. It is is news time now 8099 minutes past 8 o'clock which he content in the morning. Traffic update you on the Friday morning commute we do you have a four car traffic accident in northeast Wichita 21 and Oliver. The trick meet your security check on that one. And they're just a reminder. Tomorrow all day long and there's going to be just one lane of traffic both westbound and eastbound on Kellogg underneath Ike to 35. And all four of the clover leaf ramps will be closed. Are overhead bridge work all day tomorrow. In west Wichita traffic update from KMS asks I now is to go to the. Cortez Smith can't insist stamp meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan that's. Good morning showers and a few thunderstorms will continue across south central Kansas through mid to late morning. Those will move on off to the south and east and we'll get a break for awhile today with a high eighty to the disturbance moving out of the southern Rockies will trigger a few more scattered showers and storms overnight the other 67. Isolated storms again Saturday with a high eighties and KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Now showers in the Wichita area 74 degrees with a northwest wind at six miles per hour and taking another look. At the Kansas weather center radar for you this morning at. The entire Cedric county pretty much covered it. My light to moderate rain according to the radar right now a little bit into the southern part of Harvey county and down over south and east and southern south of Hutchinson Reno county. Ranking than. Is almost clear of rain. And this is all kind of boiling to the east southeast. Barely slowing there's a much larger area that came through our area in Wichita area. Earlier today a great big area of rain that's clear down. Passion Newton southeast Kansas now so that rain is moving gradually to the east southeast and but as you heard our. You've heard in our forecast this morning all morning long. We have a good two entering yet tonight and tomorrow in Wichita Krispy Kreme is going dark. Ahead of the solar eclipse. The donut chain is giving its signature glazed treats a chocolate Sheen for the first time ever in honor of the August when he first eclipsed. Where the moon will pass in front of the sun. Company says eclipses are rare occasion providing a total sensory experience for viewers across a continental US. And that it's chocolate donuts will have the same effect. So Krispy Kreme will chocolate I thought they redid that was some of their donors but. Maybe Iran. I think you want to I just thinking about the eclipse and from now on since what's today the eleventh the next ten days you're going to east. He will be able to escape all the hoopla or already there and number is already starting you know 1011 days out. But you won't hear the end and I remember and I think we're we were in grade school we had it. And eclipse Cecil were eclipse and and I remember we we did the shoe box thing. And cut a hole in the hand and in that we could see the eclipse and on into the shoe box. Interstate I can remember but this one is a total eclipse eclipse. Yeah it's always a Phillies we don't O'Neal cloud cover that day here in Wichita. You may see I don't know that is totally right here in this we're in the path I heard that we're. Production and going to get and somewhere around eighty or 90%. Now adults again and now they advice is still they don't look directly at the sun energize. It really is true. So I'm there it is schools are gonna have a ball it is only now they're gonna get it by a way to do it which will be in session yet. Heck yes it will leaflets warning thirties when when this public schools start and so on pop element and so will be. But the teachers will make a lot of this if they are in class and it'll be great but yet don't look directly at. You wanna look at the clips believe the United States is the only country experiencing this really look you know. If you may feel if it's a sun is shining and it may darken a little bit you know but don't look right up there who. That would be disastrous. Com an animal case of bubonic plague has been detected at the choir I mission of Salinas Pueblo missions national monument in New Mexico. Monument stamp discovered dead rock squirrels on the square key day at the mission July 11. The veterinary diagnostic labs says this world tested positive for plague the the OCB bubonic plague can be fatal to humans welcome to the fourteen hundreds if there's not caught early enough yeah this is the the black death the bubonic Clinton in Europe back and went to 1230 the latest of the religious. Spirit that some heavily by rats. This is by the does slug one of the few stories have ever seen from AP. If they put at restarting Israel put but the location that day. Mountain air New Mexico. This is. About it well the last two words mountain and us one we're just one word mountain air there's a small town in east and west never heard eased him out there anemic if you. Have talked about before that's for brotherly you've never mentioned the name town OK okay my late brother Mike and his wife lead. Have a rancher or at ranch about about twelve miles from right you know detrimental exactly where that is and leader still lives of course Mike passed away and pony eleven but latest solicitor. And initiate a mob on this ranch. And in the last time we went down Shelley and I. I'd be down there in years on the Mariners not want urban crowding around like I couldn't find the ranch you know I thought what is this. So I stopped into the town of mountain there. And it's a very small town in their little gas and go to the convenience store there. So I'm gonna ask you know. I should stop in on on women seem a Stockton and as a gentleman behind the counter. And I said look I said. He can look at me funny you look at we kind of strange like I know you as I'm looking for my late brother's place. And I told him my brother's name Mike Macintosh and the guy lit up. Oh yeah yeah you gotta get their. This town everybody in that town knew miked and ignores the alt it's it's a group is great the community there a lot of American Indians living there. And about I'm a little worried about it about Lido option to the bubonic. Israeli government. All right is he here are right here it is 815 now Stephen did the highlight of our day here it's even did the Kansas City Chiefs training camp updates. With Mitch hostess good morning match. Good morning Sweden. Good morning beer or the morning. Regime change folks and a indignity. Gregory in an American a credit and it is made it read write a year ago more elegant. Brother opposite struck the straight I think he's even where in Oklahoma. Yes he's great we got door I've never met Greg Reno as he is handsome is by year I dig really good looking man. Would be yes sure. Johnny did not. Meant you McConnell. And it is also wanted to restrict presents do its work combined or combined. It. Took it from where ago. Oscar. These rogue brokers analysts currently ya old order and carry out there. Pretty courier actually it's a little. Chi 49ers. And Derek Lowe got down our blood eight a period. She's 49ers tonight and airless stadium pre season game number one and and Mitch I know we always discuss what active coaches want to get accomplished yeah it's they what's the box checking it will go on tonight for the first pre season game. Assimilation into an into the game situations you only have you as people the result my early. Football and then there's been about Margaret but the ball that well don't you. There's been Dili European Beers not in Korean so there's little or screen where it's just a target. In its basically evaluation strictly guys that are on the so called global. My only point of emphasis and our young guys course this is the most anticipated precision in my 24 years is poised to reduce. Because a quarterback Patrick Holmes will start the third quarter and I the first quarterback taken in the on Patrice and 37 years there's the arc but look at it it's mostly evaluation in the only. Bring close to a laboratory you have to prepare your. And after two weeks of training camp you know used you'd get old get all the juices flow on winning at the lights on an error led tonight. Shia and the guys are actually coming down procedures on the transit. Leave her meeting last night but it'll be on the school bus basically coming down from. Missouri western and an increasing the lights man that's all those saying. He jus the float your right and bill to come down that tunnel. It and many of them at the perimeter to guard them. This site who knows what happens from here on that we're gonna Wear that uniform and run them at subtle at all the deal were in the Red Bull. Right now all buddies at depth chart on on the quarterback what are the top three or four positions there. Here are six gonna happen Steve. Alex Smith will start obviously. In play either one or two centuries now. It's been a ten play bureaucratic or and he's going to be there the remainder of the first step O Peter responsibility of Tyler correct. And then here comes the much anticipated. Patrick more homes to start the third quarter. I respect to play the third probably wrapper on the fourth of annual survey. A young guy at Wisconsin. Will talk about. It's just the quarterback. Excuse me how much they play. This is quite interesting to listen tonight on your station to us. Is who's on them. It's almost as important is who cuckoo the skill guys that they place. Would the homes. Who are in alignment that request with my arms incorrect. Because I wanna give them a chance of success but also part of that laboratory. An evaluation they wanna EP warriors query with this quarter. And that that's a very key part that's where they have to be organized like to disperse series we want the beat goes on the offensive line picked him this. Of skill players so it's. You have a chance to succeed. It's obvious that you don't want to you keep what you want any players get hurt at this point but on the other hand football not a game where you can play. Afraid to panic irks you. Get out there and Aron. That is equilibrium point of the National Football League continues. On to our. Because they limit now at work. In camps. So march. There's just there's a fine line and he of course is a huge. Part protecting their game of football all throughout all levels down to middle schools that are playing. An up this morning in Woodstock. You've to have you can't just went to the first week of the regular season. This article contact you it will not work you're really risking injury echoed very. More than likely would be injured. And you sit in the preceding games ticket to a point. Well so Rangers are unavoidable there that they're non contact injuries that Stevens out here spike and I and I move I mean. And there's there are those what happened and order episode ask our art our very goodness. But we're gonna happen. And that you don't over. Expose a player reader for example senator I want to give Alex Smith and placement which includes its giving forty or 45. A particularly against a younger. San Francisco guy who's trying to prove himself. In east this is suitable for him. Temporary reciprocal remember a lot pre environment where real starts. Paper temporary tonight the biggest game it is her. And of course tonight a real treat for us here in the Wichita admits because for the first time ever we've got. Mayor told this is grand hall of fame voice live right here on our airwaves for game day coverage every chief's game your new home of the chiefs is right here on 987 and thirteen thirty. KN SS and we are pumped about that. And if people listen closely bill here are some what little message. For you to during the aren't as. Private and wanna cart it's there you it's ignorance or equip our. Awful awful. Evil or certain let me say senator Albert real quick you're not you're in the Kansas is broadcasters hall of fame. And I went on the same night and the thing that struck me about your speech is something that I've found. With every that may actually great broadcaster. Preparation is the name of your game you prepare right. Actually yes and I unethical. Maybe. You know Puerto Rico but here's hoping we try to just like you guys do a warning it's well is an important group portrait show. There could be human form. But here there entertain and there's a fine line they're two units into such a disposable clowns clown show we've seen examples of if you're informed too much about entertaining in the world that. That I have tonight then it's you muzzled as you'll look at stats under on it's it's well. In his new places where. We're either their drive and journalists they're on the back patio cook and out and go on a the best compliment you can give me without even given a couple. Well I didn't know that well this game is coming alive to me. We've got to make that game real and vibrant for every family in every person atlas. And that's what I try to do don't remind. Closing in on forty years in this in this business and by twelve report here's. We're switchers. And look forward to the great genes wide receiver Otis Taylor birthday today seventy I have a boy it would be great to have led Otis Taylor type catch or two or three tonight from those four quarterbacks didn't complain time. Vote yes absolutely low. Tees. He's been struggling yeah he's he's. He's a strong going to pet owners like we're gonna go in person challenges. The best one of the best players and an orchestrated not in all the weird because they're gonna hold up there I'll actually like that in there. But. Inland you'll Syria when he got some alternative big reason is an ultimate service Taylor Burke took him out says it is. An amazing time in another example of the troops. The chase for the poor and the extreme great racial barrier. And not just one or two token guys on. In port and Otis Taylor preview renowned. You can go to those schools aren't where's it was however the chief sir our Aqua. Let's go amidst a reporter's notebook all the time from school like. But does in Jamaica which he was and. Mitch have a great and all tonight we're looking forward to it. Critic at her interpreter brought but there are part of our game and reverence there aren't trying Kansas City he seizure training camp they would mr. Mitchell has brought you by. Rusty. Or did. That it's time for our prairie fire called beta on gay and essayist prayer prior coughing the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee beans roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very tired coffee you're always just like Stephen Julia. By calling 2673770. Bought or online at prairie fire coffee dot com. A 25 student had given up ahead in the morning minute president trump talks to reporters Stevens head of the morning on Kerry in a sense.