Happy National Video Games Day

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, September 12th

Ted was very entertained by watching Steve trying to master "Angry Birds."


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Obama care I think we should definitely make some changes bucks but the only place is not an. Tonight at 71530. KNS as we are heat content in the morning. At 747. Here on Tuesday September 12. Now three big things. Apple's coming out with a new iPhone today with a price tag to 1000. Dollars us. Jeff Davis resigns after ten years on the Wichita school board to. Man injured and house explosion near roads still. Three big things even dead on K in a sense. And in traffic at continue to watch for a big traffic slowdown right now and that is eastbound on Kellogg and act on eighteen to 35. They've actually at the right lane closed there in the left lanes are closed for some construction so. He's down to just one lane things going. Very slowly there till organized to 35 traffic update. From Kate and asked as radios brought to budget problem Carl's Goodyear tire. Located downtown at market and Waterman an Easter retreat Mullin on my girls are dot com your home for complete car care. Sunny today with a high of 85 degrees mostly clear tonight. The overnight low 61. Wednesday sunny tomorrow's high navy. Now partly cloudy 57 degrees we have a northwest wind at six miles per hour tape and assess whether brought to you by the monarch. Quoted one of the best suburban barge in America by the urban review. Located at 579 Buster Douglas in historic delay you know the monarch. 748 now Steve intended. Remembering 9/11 and a new sanctions for North Korea should. Focus on the White House. Sixteen years since the September 11 attacks remembrance ceremonies in New York City Shanksville Pennsylvania and the Pentagon on that. Day not only did the world change. But we all changed. Our eyes were opened. To the depths. Of the evil. We thank president trump declared there is no dark corner for terrorists that is beyond the long reach of US power. Voting unanimously the united nations Security Council imposed new sanctions on North Korea they'll reduce Pyongyang to oil imports by almost a third and further crackdown on what it can export. US ambassador Nikki Haley. When these new stronger sanctions are added to doze passed last month. Over 90%. Of North Korea's publicly reported exports. Are now fully Bain. Do you it's not a blanket ban on oil exports to North Korea that would have been vetoed by Russia and China Richard Cantu ABC news. Nordstrom is opening up a store that doesn't have any inventory. The luxury department store chain says its Nordstrom local concept store that's due to open in LA next month. Will be staffed with personal stylists who can order merchandise for customers. Nordstrom says customers can also buy on line inside the store or pick up online orders same day. The total offered tailoring and manufacture a manicurist services. And it's small just 3000 square feet compared to the average 140000. Square foot size of a full Nordstrom's store. So for those people who. Like to shop that they don't know how to go on line that you went to the Nordstrom's store and somebody general view personal style personal stylist will help you shop and help you shop in need to just the right thing there. Is that we're going to now maybe it is maybe maybe. I still like to try stuff fought for a walk at time yeah I'm I'm kind of with you on helped him. On Wall Street yesterday the Standard and Poor's 500 index made its biggest gain since late April as it rose 26 points. The finish at a record high. The Dow gained 259. Points and that wiped out a month of losses on international tensions him as those worries about the lingering effects of recent hurricanes. The NASDAQ Composite jumped 72 points so. Basically Monday a good day on Wall Street. Bear in house sounds like. Samsung says it aims to launch a full double Smartphone next year under its galaxy note to brand and it. The fate of Alaska's largest daily newspaper will be determine what Bryant then that's it yeah it's. Southern they've they've invented the flip phone under regulation of Samsung. You know what is the made of Alaska's largest daily newspaper will be determined by a federal bankruptcy judge. Judge Gary each breaker heard testimony Monday. In the bankruptcy filing of the Alaska dispatch news. And more than fifteen million Americans were victims of ID fraud last year. A record high annual survey by javelin strategy and research says. Rosters stole about sixteen. Billion dollars. It and I catch if you these guys taken out in the public square and shouldn't that be the end of does that worry you. A little bit past where everybody now worries me I do certain things that I hope will. Keep them away. I think wielded. After 752 Stephen did a mentoring program for new local companies editor of billboard which stop business journal with a us this morning good morning bill. According Steven to gather next group of companies has been chosen for the launch prep program that's collaboration between the media accelerator. And the center propped open worship Wichita State companies are matched the local meant for sports Fremont curriculum. The company's arm based labs midwest. Lucid. Jog along stroller happy face and bliss bolstering and climbing complex. A business based Wichita State is 101 million dollar contract from the US Department of Defense. Or modern it technologies was founded in 2008 by engineering professor it is not a bond. Want a contract for development efforts structural forming process that's used for making complex shape parts of the aircraft industry. That DOD money will be used to build prototype of the machining process. I have a shortage means some western Kansas flights to Denver being canceled early and air announced it's filing for bankruptcy protection now most of its pilots should resign. That means the service out of dodge city of liberal and Denver's come to an end before another carrier can be found to take over the routes apply it's probably won't resume until the beginning of the year. Local breaking business news every day on campus massacre which a top business journal dot com. But which dubbed as mr. align middle. Alleged all of this new last week ten and I got to fly and a big airplane in fact for the you don't have Austin and a we have been I guess the interesting part is how long you have to wait. Right Ted although we did have a quick connection and our world you know. Flying time on these things is about 37 and it's grown to about four hours but yeah it handled the whole process of mean an airplane big airport takes forever so we get to Dallas. You're gonna hook up over ought to write what they edit the numbers there roads and gates he severed should be unified so we start walking or go the wrong way and after ask somebody would edit and today skylab over there a cigarette there write it right and this guy. Yeah Ron -- DFW says the says C gates points to the left and and you walk a few steps assists Seagates it points to the right yeah it's always posted here you know it's like you to meet code yourself and kind of accurate test to be able why now well UCL AW now you know Eisenhower airport big beat up three gates leaves it's not a big day out I tell you what the three airports we were in on this weekend. There's one it was clearly better than the other two yeah ours ours ours looks okay yeah it's a beautiful we liked. Today is national video games day in debt. I don't doubt who wanted. This is kind of something for younger people I guess my grandkids play the video game who'll wait too much but are you a video gamer at all their bills. I am not your closest I ever came east play gala at the Arcadia now for. I would play that are talked endlessly bill gala and a great total classic just oh hours I was stealing. On the new Boeing planes they have that little video screen in front a year chair on the airplane. Where you can do that were all sorts of things including India and games just now Steve found out on the flight from Austin to Dallas that you can play Angry Birds on there. But let me tell it. Sitting next to those Steve Macintosh on an airplane watching him try to figure out how to play Angry Birds well boy was quite amusing. I couldn't contain a so I couldn't get that little slingshot out a little slingshot he kept it going wrong wrong lesson I take out the corporate entity he became more and more frustrated. In August and everybody in the road surrounded by doubt about that do I wish. But Ted was laughing at me as he always does but yeah yeah I know what is going on why can't I British slingshot. I know why they called Angry Birds I'm Gregory and what. And track. Anyway but as always travel is an adventure for a rider is okay thanks thanks to bill coming up at 8 o'clock. The gay and as this morning news was even dead all today's news what's going over the Irma and Wichita school board member has resigned. Stevens in the morning on CNN SS yeah.