Happy National Day of Encouragement

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, September 12th

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It was good so often found in others. You know maybe not. As a country. 887 and thirteen thirty K and as as. We aren't even tennis the morning here. Pretty big vein. Apple's coming out with a new iPhone today for the price tag 201000. Dollars. Jeff Davis resigns after ten years on the Wichita school board a lot. Man injured and house explosion near rove still. Three big things even dead on K and assess. Those gasoline prices in Wichita today. Little all over the place says seeing prices still as high as around 239 but an average of 238 and I saw a couple of lower prices out there. I did sponsor at 236 dead carrying all of her. And also pony hillsides is the best I've found this morning traffic update from cape and SF radio on dad chambers. Sunny today with a high of 85 degrees mostly clear tonight the overnight low sixty bonds. Quite stay sunny warming up to a high near ninety now partly cloudy 58 degrees. A north wind at three miles per hour Stevens in the morning on this Tuesday September 12. High temperature in Wichita yesterday was 87 normal high 85 on this date in 2008. Nature showered south central Kansas of all kinds of attention when numerous thunderstorms inundated the area with five to twelve inches of brand. Hardest hit was Wichita over the west northwest and both sides. Of the air capital were inundated by ten to twelve inches of rain. Mid continent airport now Eisenhower. Sent an all time rainfall record that day measuring. Ten point 31 inches west side got bad it was and 2000 rule eight. Stephen Ted Richard Toppert dot com poll taken by director and a web page Kahan is as radio not to hole. I for the Kansas state fair will you attend this year I may if there's an event I want to attended 7%. I've been planning on it 27%. No 66%. About that of the last time I went to the fair it was because of the concert that I wanted to see if they get the right act in there Angola in awhile and offer me course that we talked to the governor earlier this hour and he and he apparently was a big fan of the deep fried cheese curd cheese Kurds he was loved and sounds fantastic. A mariner steam engine which Stoppard dot com pulled level right there are web page pianist is radio about comic you're interrupted by. We'd like to know what you say about that okay. A Wyoming jury has found a man guilty of wasting sheep meat. He will be find more than a thousand dollars and lose his cutting privileges for two years wool. The Cody enterprise reports the judge also boasts six months of unsupervised probation. And deny any day suspended jail sentence. Officials say tighter slow greets. Obtained a tank and harvested the bighorn in September 2015 they say Harvard does that mean he beat Cuba. He removed the head and shoulder hide for a trophy mount. The testified that much of the animal's carcass was to blood shot to south muscles so he says however. Another header found it and reported it to Wyoming game and fish department. And Tyler got into a good deal of trouble apparently. The sheep meat is very valuable there. Wyoming. And it's the story does not inform me. A woman. Gut Lanny you know mutton. Almost all of paramedic track in Las Vegas. Instead pursuing police officers on a fifty mile motor way chase that reached California which are song for this rather mr. smarty pants. Authorities say they had heard. Eastbound. I'm. They had parked their vehicle outside a pharmacy before it was still of course Jimmy left the keys in. The woman into the chase on interstate seventy inside California apparently realizing officers are going to use of spike strips. Las Vegas police Nevada Highway Patrol troopers police helicopter chips they're all there. They tracked down the administering Jason he has surrendered stolen ambulance just like cannon ball run. If Farrah Fawcett Jackie glamour in the back there. It ain't fifty. Now Steve into the morning sporting good store is closing its doors here in which a top editor bill LeRoy the so it's a business journalism this morning good morning bill. Good morning Steve content yet probably the end of the road for Wichita gander mountain stores closed looks like Camping World chairman and CEO mark monus stopped. Aquino water blocked developer Jack before. And divorce says he's working with Wichita developed unfortunately I can't figure out another use for the gander mountain building. I have development sensible look at all possibilities for the side. Let's start crews busy now and Puerto there helping the effort to restore power to millions of people left in the dark mister Kenner and blasted through the state. Eighty westar employees are working in Florida they prepared for two weeks stayed according to the company what star as part of the midwest mutual assistance group which allows utilities to be called on to help with natural disasters. An aerospace company crossing the border from Kansas City, Missouri to a light on the Kansas side. Arise and air structures built sub assemblies for the aerospace industry. They're moving from a 70000 square foot facility to one that's 205000. Square feet. 65 employees move with the company leaders say they expect to create 100 to 200 more jobs. In the next few years. Local breaking business news everyday out can't assess it which stopped as mr. dotcom. For the Wichita business journal I'm bill roll it. And bill as usual keeping your folks you know up to date ended in handle what's going on in the very very in the current and all the Internet. Today is national chocolate milk shake day. I'm. Picked delicious creamy chocolate milk it. And my favorites. I see you have a favorite milk shakes flavor other than chocolate and orbit well India a lot of times not just don't. Know what district and often. Ed knows gonna give Vanilla shake bill Barnard's. They'll buy yes exactly that's and they nail. I like to coconut cream I shake at sonic. Look at look at use fancy lad. Wow our banana shake at Bronx. I'm very flexible on Belichick's. Today is Nash very exotic of you thank you today is national day of encouragement of course. Village you know I celebrate this day every day. Uplifting people dedicated to uplifting people and making a positive impact that this is this by Credo. I encourage. It sometimes I encourage a little too much Ted says. Right re getting you tell us that you and encourage us a lot I'm not seeing a lot of them on the other hand are you telling me that I. I'm not that encouraged. Well I told Jad it was national encouragement hate it. He was encouraged to leave the building. I encourage you don't leave me alone no apparent at CNET backhanded way or yes now. Encourage somebody today for I felt motivated me yet really. I can't tell. You can do this I know you can't down their business Carolina you're placed on my take much review but maybe you can change around today bill. Law I'll encourage an aperture I'd say to us. Coming up Davis says use of nine people aboard the recovery after Irma seated at the morning. On NFL.