Finn the dog, running for mayor in Newfoundland

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, September 13th

Video extolling the virtues of the Australian cattle dog making the rounds on YouTube


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This is news station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. We do in the morning he's back in time. Here on Wednesday morning residents of crude jokes key Florida. Are starting to return to their homes that much of the area still largely without power and water. The keys sustained some of the worst of hurricane Herman is a wind and rain when it reached the US mainland. Despite mandatory evacuations some residents opted to ride out the storm. Sean street hid in her bathroom. Says she didn't know whether she would make it out alive. When Katrina hit Louisiana and stuff like that. And you feel sorry for people need output of the calendar April when it hit again it's I don't know it's daily different things you know that that does that everybody. Now with the forecast with he and his says staff meteorologist Dan holidays aborted and the good morning another great data ahead Hutchinson for the Kansas state fair but it appears you may need to find the shade from time to time this afternoon high pressure building in from the west. He's won a warm us up a little bit more will be in the mid eighties by lunchtime at ninety for the hi this afternoon clear overnight are low 64. Sunny and 92 on Thursday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy coal and 55 degrees. Future plans for a century two were discussed at a public meeting Tuesday night in downtown Wichita while no decision has yet been made it. City manager Robert Leighton told the council's century two will always be a part of which caused his theory. I think it's important that we respect the history of the seat to what it means to the community. But the re doing away. Assures our successful future. The findings from a consultant studied and ways to pay for them were laid out during the nearly two hour meeting. Public discussion is planned for the next step in the process in that meeting will likely come. Before the end of the year. The Wichita police department is asking for the public's help in locating a woman who has been missing for days this. Passed Saturday alana Evans common law husband reported that sometime in the morning of Friday September 8. He noticed that she had gone from their home in the area of Kellogg and hillside. According to the police department's FaceBook post the woman struggles with metal health issues and loves to take long walks. Her family has not seen or heard from her and is asking public's help in locating her. Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call you there 911. A crime stoppers at area code 3162672111. You can find a picture of the woman in the news story on our web page Jack Kate and SS radio dot com. Dan O'Neill KM SS. Snooze Kansas governor Sam Brownback tells Cain is his views he's looking forward to his new job. Ambassador at large for international religious freedom. Which were trying to get more religious freedom around the world which is the basic concept or human dignity and human rights and certainly for the United States. The senate must still approve brown backs nomination to governor commented on Stevenson in the morning here on K and a sense. The vice chairman of president trumps election integrity commission says it's highly possible the panel will make Knoll recommendations. Republican Kansas secretary of state Chris Coe blocked. Was responding to criticism that the panel is bent on voter suppression. He says the commission might not make any recommendations. And even and does it can't force states to adopt them. Apple launched its latest product line Tuesday ABC's Rebecca Jarvis has details. Apple unveiling its fanciest most expensive iPhone yet the iphones and a thousand dollar starting price that is two times the cost of the original iPhone model that was unveiled a decade ago this one boasting an edge to edge screen no home button instead you open this phone using your face because it has facial recognition technology an upgraded camera that includes augmented reality along the lines of what we've seen with Pokemon go. The cost of college going up more students are turning to more economical options community college is becoming an option for more still. You really are offering an unbeatable value we're seeing that the return and educational investment. Is Arnold me easier to which teens but more quickly quality of Joseph Gonzales says these are three of them number one was leaked late triangle in Minnesota. Arizona I was number two it was cute she's county community college and number three US southwest Wisconsin tank. Average full time tuition at a community college 17100 dollars a semester that's about a third of the cost of a four year public school dowry Alden. ABC news 735 now Steven and Ted in the morning on came in and says son this Wednesday morning. September 13. A Vermont police department is asking for help identifying a suspect wearing a panda costume. Believed to have stolen and air soft rifle pro sporting goods store. Lewiston police say the costumes suspect walked into the Dick's sporting good Monday night picked up the rifle and ran out of the storm without paying for it. Police responded but were unable to locate the suspect. Story employees told police the suspect had been in the store earlier Monday. No panda suit at that time. And looks at the same rifle but left without biting it he told employees should be back to buy it. They're soft firearm shoot pellets and are usually powered by. Springs or compressed air. So he expressed an interest in the again then came back in his panda suit and try to run of the belt tournament thinking that no one. What they was him I'd put on a panda suit in all of a sudden this is the perfect crying yeah well that's. I don't know it it it's just a line of thinking it doesn't seem to make. Teams have a lot of holes and in Maryland and this is a person who would risk jail time but the two defiant air rifle. Or as we used to call an idea BB gun and this is and since similar but pellets are a little different. Now a little bit Sager old presently a little bit safer but they'll put her out temperature and that. One of the candidates for mayor in saint John's Newfoundland has begun and come become a celebrity. The one with fur and four legs it's a five year old Australian Cattle Dog named in the he's featured in a tongue in cheek campaign style YouTube video that has been making the rounds and social media. Owner Glen Redmond said Tuesday a lot of people are saying Finley is the best candidate. But he concedes the dog's name won't actually be on the ballot. Edmunds says he made the video to draw attention to local issues like potholes. And sidewalk snow removal. So thin the dog is. It's a joke OK let that happen that you can't you can't or you shouldn't vote for animals. For public office. Although the of course the Republicans are are represented by an elephant. And the right that's by bulky sure she'll. You don't see elephants are about he's actually running. No frills toy he's including the paper airplane. Sand. And played food are among twelve finalists vying for a place in the national toy hall of fame. The contenders for the class of Tony seventeen. Were announced Tuesday. Also up for the honor of the board games risk and clue. The magic eight ball. Matchbox cars my little pony the Pez candy dispenser. Transformers. The card game Puno and Whipple ball. OK did you have any of those toys as a kid I had done a sand. Don't think we have any play food overall boys in my announcement and play house. Paper airplanes are easily made I don't know that I confession mode right now but. They are easily made an eight DNA fly if you do it right animal might. My grand kids don't have to do a paper airplane or not. I think we had the clue game in our house. When my kids were growing up I've I've played it before magic eight ball though we had somebody. So but it worked for had one of those at the office while back now that's the one where. You to ask a question and you turn the ball over in this little window comes up and little thing floats up to give you the answer. In Isaiah how will I get rich and it is the answer will come up. Probably not or positively yes things like dance a magic it. Matchbox cars pretty well look my son had a great collection of the matchbox cars. Transformers now you know and I didn't we had Whipple ball Whipple ball and I think it is total classic there. I think that one's. That was up I mean net I would go for that right now they're gonna announce the winner November 7 at the strong museum this is in Rochester New York. The winners will join 63 prior inductees including the doll house right dominoes. Bubbles. And big wheels to read that you do we determine its but the slick is and yes like he's already there slinky made its disliking native. The stick has our addiction there and a you know though which is one of my favorite toys during his kids his stick. Now it's 63 prior Howell is a wistful ball not already I don't know it's just there's just around the football Campbell late comer there but it the slinky is that thing it was a touch coiled. Spring right right yeah and all of would dude there's one thing it would one trick it would go down the stairway. That's it. And thought about a mindless. Mindless and at the now sticky in the year imagination you know when you're seventy years old you stick can be done. I'm knife. Better not be canonized anymore yeah I can't do to you in general grant and worn out your imagination let you go with of possibility of the what else can it. And be all sorts of things Steve it is and I really imagination go trees I'm trying to think what what else lay people. I used it for a cigars. We better not use it for that yeah baby daddy you know our debt output and politically incorrect and everything I did is and the stick is a terribly politically incorrect you could put dry out with a stick it. I was reminded at sunset if it's unsafe it anyway. The stakes already and a yes sticks Arnie and the what football how many new unit and this is I think more and I think it and sure girls played with the four balls as well the that usually missing the guys that poisoned they've heard all get together and you would figure out some way to make a the barrier that was a whole run. The real top of the roof of the house rights over the house Oman and Yemen and then you would just play this game two or three guys and the powerful ball could be you just throw hard and it would do all kinds of things yeah dance and curved over the house of its home run but if it comes down the roof you can play it off the roof might throw somebody out of Bryant and cantonal. Our does that one way to play it I the best it's the my cousins in Kansas City in Overland park at a at a house that did the back haven't had a big screened in porch. And it had a deck on the porch. And of course that was where that was a home run area right to get hit one up in the second deck in here a group there and a third deck. Though we had a we had a ball out hours and hours you basically had a stadium that nobody sitting out that you added an upper deck we have state. Okay nice that was the idea of laughable thought that at the at a local ball I'm gonna vote for willful you'd would you vote for Whipple ball up and have more on this coming up in just few minutes and so you don't like this slinky I personally don't like the the magic eight ball like I imagine a ball is his country. I hope that does not get in there now in my he's not this year. Yeah. It should just these little ball that is sure to link he should not be in the sand. Oh yeah sure it. 742 now Steven dead. Coming up on the case and as this morning news' bill Roy editor of the which business journal privatizing the air traffic control system will it fly. That's coming up Stevens on the morning on Kerry in a sense.