City Council discuses the fate of Century II

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, September 13th

City Manager Layton and the council hear some of the potential solutions.


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In the morning. 56 degrees. President of could joke to you Florida are starting to return to their homes look much of the area still largely without power and water. The key sustained some of the worst of hurricane earners who wind and rain damage when it reached the US mainland. Despite mandatory evacuations some residents opted to ride out the storm John Street. He would in her bathroom. Says she didn't know whether she would make it out alive. When Katrina hit Louisiana and stuff like that. And you feel sorry for people need output of the calendar April when it written against her and stated differently you know that that does that every. Now look at the forecast with key innocent staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning it looks like we'll have a gradual warming trend throughout the rest of the workweek. Sunshine today is clouds move on off to the east are high near ninety it will be clear overnight down to 64. Thursday's high in 920. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy 56 degrees not much wind west. At just three miles per hour. Future plans for centuries to were discussed at a public meeting Tuesday night in downtown Wichita wild no decision has yet been made it. City manager Robert Leighton told the council century two will always be a part of which because history. I think it's important that we respect the history of seat to what it means to the community. But the re doing away. Assures our successful future. The findings from a consultant study and ways to pay for them over laid out during the nearly two hour meeting. Public discussion is plan for the next step of the process and that beating will likely come before the end of the year. The witch style police department is asking for the public's help in locating a woman who has been missing for daily news this. Passed Saturday alana Evans common law husband reported that sometime in the morning of Friday September 8. He noticed that she had gone from their home in the area of Kellogg and hillside. According to the police department's FaceBook posts the woman struggles with metal health issues and loves to take long walks. Her family has not seen or heard former and is asking public's help in locating her. Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call you there 911. A crime stoppers at area code 3162672111. You can find a picture of the woman in the news story on our web page Jack Kate and SS radio dot com. Dan O'Neill KM SS. News Kansas governor Sam Brownback tells Kate in a serious news he's looking forward to his new job. Ambassador at large for international religious freedom. To get more religious freedom around the world which the basic concept or human dignity and human rights and certainly for the United States. The senate must still approve brown backs nomination the governor commented on Steve into the morning right here. On KM SS. Apple launched its latest product line Tuesday ABC's Rebecca Jarvis has details. Roland bailing it fanciest most expensive iPhone yet the iphones and a thousand dollar starting price that is two times the cost of the original iPhone model that was unveiled a decade ago this one boasting an edge to edge screen no home button instead you open this phone using your face because it has facial recognition technology an upgraded camera that includes augmented reality along the lines of what we've seen with Pokemon ago. The cost of college you going up more students are turning to more economical options community college is becoming an option for more stewed. You really are offering an. Unbeatable value we're seeing that the return and educational invests mid. Teens but more quickly relatives Gio Gonzales says these are three of the best number one Wesley east lake tribal in the Minnesota. Arizona I was number two it was kind of cheese county community college edged number three US southwest Wisconsin intact. Average full time tuition at a community college 17100 dollars a semester that's about a third of the cost of a four year public school dowry Alden. ABC news Wichita State University will use a three point six million dollar grant from the Charles Coe foundation. To create an institute for the study of economic growth. University officials say the institute will focus on economic and business research. And it'll be housed in the Barton school of business. And as has used time now 834 Steve intent in the morning on king and assess. Is that time of the day and David Newsweek health the blurred and dead chambers is boring this morning. Right Jack. That's right I am Mandy in the aftermath and devastation caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Dozens of actors musicians. A blisters joined together for hand in hand on Tuesday night. It was broadcast across multiple platforms. Here's Matthew McConaughey Kate welcoming America from San Antonio. Gone past. New York this the first time guy right here in San Antonio tech. Here's actor and performing artist Justin Timberlake later in the evening. They're on hand and hand it. No home or car. No furniture. No appliances. And a beloved pictures kids' drawings. That's favorite model if you're the best dad on it. All gone. Destroyed. Telethon of course was to raise money there and at that event aired simultaneously. On all three major broadcast networks. No a chance was on TV's. All over the country in it was a hand in hand actors and musicians. And help out after hurricanes RB and Irma. Jim rock last night he was at a concert. Didn't offering new clues about his political future that now. He opened the little Caesars arena after two months of teasing a potential Republican run for senate in Michigan. The Detroit area native. He made a completely new political claim during this year though he can run for senate. He's got some folks in disarray. All they do. I suppose stranger things happen Zemin. Did rock for president why not sure. There we get a Kid Rock rock but the we'll see what his his political future is going to be here Nina I suppose Clinton. Have to drop for president in it really wasn't too hard to figure out who was gonna be the butt of late night jokes last night. Texas senator Ted Cruz of course. And his Twitter account. Like. Oh yesterday. The truck or and if you're gonna that a mistake here's here's it was a mistake here's late night with Seth Meyers. Senator Ted cruises Twitter account last night lights a pornographic video about a woman who finds a couple having sex on her couch. Lou groves said the porn stars after hearing that Ted Cruz walked. It just about every joke was like that that was. That was very represented of course Ted Cruz says many people have access to that Twitter account. Well done that's an intern job. And cruise says do you like was an inadvertent click. Very easy to do it right yeah infected Christiane haven't some fun with it this morning he said well. Yes maybe I should have done something like this during the during the primaries but at the is lecture publicity get a little extra gutless idiots. He's having fun with this morning good the may Broadway history with American history the creator of the landmark musical Hamilton at honored in Washington DC yesterday. Composer lyricist playwright and actor Lin Manuel Miranda. Was given the 2017 freedom award by the US capitol historical society. The award honors grandest work to advance the public's understanding of the nation's founding through his Tony winning musical. Miranda credits access to creative arts programs. For his success. That humanities and arts programs that would be standing here. And without Alexander Hamilton and countless other immigrants who built this country it's very probable that very few of us would be here right there. That's the creator of hemlines Hamilton was an immigrant from the from the Caribbean. Yeah I was born on the island you know an island that was a British territory strength to me indeed so. Let's see. Me cut Peterson Star Wars news for all Star Wars fans and I are good meet the new Star Wars director. He's the same as the old Star Wars director here's ABC's Jason Nathanson. Bob and balance been restored to the port street hit it right direct stalwart of the should not. Film that will wrap up the current trilogy at the trilogy he started when it's dollars and three launch with the force awakened. News comes after drastic world director Paul untrue borrow part of the way through. With Lucas film last week over creative differences in any statement about Abrams Lucas film president Kathleen Kennedy said she's excited Abrams is coming back to close out the trilogy. Episode nine is due out may 2019. Jason even took it easy and it. Hollywood. So there's and Star Wars news for you Jason error sorry JJ Abrams coming back to a direct that episode nine. Couple years off from them though. We'll have star worked in the meantime but at least a couple of different star were films coming out where that when does. Big day of entertainment history today back on this date in nineteen. 69 and I'm happy. I'm sorry that was around the house or on one that was supposed to be Scooby Doo that was a Swedish chef I recorded that 14 to them correctly yeah apparently so now oil well on this day in 1969. Scooby Doo where are you. Premiered on CBS. The episode was called what a night four nights. The second night spelled with a K and our allies saw van and what a night for a night. It's going to be in the gang they search for a missing archaeologist you know also on this day in. Television history let's hope this is the right ones. It is is it's. I. Yes that's right the Muppet Show debuted on television stayed back in 1976. An excellent comedy variety show that featured some big guest stars all the time now. You know it really lies and some classic characters all of its own course debuting on that show. Now we agree we heard from them already but the other Swedish chef. And it's just gibberish exactly edit or do you view but he didn't want to be out and that it that it did you cleared does a great he really donated to ship him exactly what that you have an additional guys up in the Chandler and Waldorf out for them at Avandia. Audience this stellar work in the world are always had a great comments in here and a when my favorite ones was. After that was one of the guest stars sang it this amazing song. Stadler actually says while that was really nice Waldorf and look France winner I think hitter who could put it. Now that the mistake big laughter there was the Muppets show debuting on this date back in 1976. Course. Older than that. Pete Johnson during old now they've been in business since 1969. And a bad down a derby 208 south Baltimore 7015 and marketing derby. And of course you can get all the pizzas there in the small medium and the small pizza the median beats of a large pizza and of course the giant pizza. All there they've got hot sandwiches salads Posey Eddie Eddie oil you know it. Purveyors around meals and flat snacks pizza John senior Jeremy and 840. Food. Coming up of Wichita business journal editor bill raw as. Which the City Council case bonds for a local business expands and seals themselves all the about that. Stephen did the morning on CNN cents.