Average American's savings at every age

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, September 13th

Moneytracker Don Grant has some of the savings statistics.


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So well. Most of the new. Holding. Yes sir. 9713. 38 am as as players even in the morning. At 646. Here on Wednesday three big things. Wichita school board and teachers reached tentative contract agreement to. Probable Wichita area killed and pick up semi crash in southwest Kansas line. Public gets a look at possible plans for Wichita century to. Three big things to even get in the morning on CNN sense. Stalled out of the vehicle and this is. K 96 eastbound at meridian so watch very potential traffic slowed down there. And again at sixteen and six east found that radian. Also this morning we had date yet traffic accident an attempt death. 63 street south Broadway looks like things are. Very quickly gonna go back to normal in that area traffic updates from pick and at as radio I'm dead chambers. Sunny today with a high of ninety degrees. Mostly clear tonight the overnight low 63 so little bit more like summer now. Thursday sunny breezy tomorrow Franken is up to 93. Now partly cloudy northwest wind to three miles per hour and 55 degrees. Kagan assess whether brought you by the monarch. Explore your love of America's debut spirit every Wednesday. With four dollars like burdens and was keys located at 579 that's Douglas in his story delay notes. The monarch. Betcha Steven. That it's time for the Kansas state fair this week will you attend this year. And we have three choices I may if there's an event I want to attend got 6%. I've been planning on it 30%. And an absolute no 64%. So Axl I don't know I don't know the Vermont. State fair this year not get a level of at least from the Pope go to our website Unisys radio to attempt which shoppers dot com Poland we are. As I speak at believed in his I mean putting into question yes it's it's gonna be up early seventies routed to you about here coming up a few minutes. You heard or news story at this this morning pop probably about the which stubborn and education. And the Service Employees International Union reaching a tentative contract agreement. It didn't include uniformed security officers and security disparate groups highlights include three point 75%. Salary improvements almost 4% jump in salary. One step on the salary schedule. On freezing longevity pay for years of experience. Movement on the career ladder if employees are eligible and qualified. And no changes to the employee health plan premiums so. The premiums not gone up for healthcare that's a good crack. I can't remember the last time that app at a package for employees valued at four point 35%. We're a situation now I think I think across state where then. We've hearing is not only from you from the experts where Harry teachers may become a little bit of a challenge. He can't just say education is not been keeping up with salaries and making. And the teaching experience. In Kansas attractive enough let's put it that. So all looks like to which the board of education and try to open up a little bit here this year. US stocks rose to record highs Tuesday as banks kept rising and retailers climbed after some encouraging jobs data. Standard and Poor's 500 index rose eight points while the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 61. And the NASDAQ Composite picked up 22 points. Most commercial airports in Florida reopened Tuesday but activity was of limited. And hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed as a state recovered from hurricane Irma. American Airlines have said the storm forced it to cancel more than 5000. Flights over several days. Cutting into revenue and profit American. Really hard hit down there in the Florida and Florida area. In a stark reminder of the damage done by the Great Recession. And of the modest recovery that followed the median American household. Only last year. Finally earned more than it did in 1999. Incomes for typical US household adjusted for inflation. Rose 3.2 percent from 2015 to 2016. To just over 59000 dollars according to the Census Bureau. The median is appointed which the past. Half the households fall below one half or above cell. A many have you had many of us getting back to the point where war in 1999. Which is to battle the time. Ten Woburn and I began this Rickie up. While. I can around 652 you know would Stephen Ted. We've got Don grant CFP the money tracker talk about the average American savings every age is sporting glory done. Girls aren't. So called out the Latin and collect content and they beat our. You know it outpost make you better about ourselves as. We're not as desperate as they're real housewives Torres back would it on who grew wars Spain has occurred and we can help. Where how we stack up to those people. What about our work and retirement. How to we stack up to the average American talk about the mean in the media and were gonna talk about that. What we Economic Policy Institute ETI reports that he mean. Retirement savings have all working each family declined as 32 to 62 years old. It's not odd 1706. Dollars been mean there ever. Most Graham have zero retirement savings and some may have. One million dollars in retirement would hold up the average now we check them median average of just the middle earners beat. It percentile. We get out to print them. Number it's just 5000 dollars a retirement saying that workers between aged thirty to 62 years all out breakdown or they're using numbers from it. Bank of America Merrill Lynch report. It means. And median retirement savings amounts were families have different age groups and around. What you should to stay on track for retirement that could help you maintain your current lifestyle first of all that mean retirement savings have damaged between 32 and 37. It is 31640. Or dollars median is. 480. Dollars at dirty side you shoot out two times your annual salary saved depth. Means or ages 38 to 42 or 62270. Million it's 42 under. 840. Sure that three times her annual salary insane. The marine mean retirement Saban were ages forty or 4981347. That means mr. 6200. Dollars. And at that should have wartime or cardinals our port are. Mean look as if he'd critique by years older 120 or out an 831. The media and 8000. At age. Huge. Arms salary away. Mean are scrambling between six and 61 there's 163. By 77. The median is 171000. By eight since he argued should have been times your annual salary away. Where you sit there. Well of course you have questions about this product plans do not call numbers or street or want to hear. On tour in Europe very consistent and advising people to save save save. Gosh yes we're on no I mean nobody out there to bail you out of East Coast are still gonna be solid for quite awhile. You know decent job dust. Jeff takes a little discipline got to do it avenue at their it today is national kids take over the kitchen day you have the you have the daughters and I had do they ever take over the kitchen for a day and just say hey mom and everywhere we're gonna rustle up some check out here they do that. So my goodness they certainly do really. Bolt bolt during college now but when they're all man oh man they take over and get in need huge just about anything in the kitchen then. Do. One is all Mac and cheese. Chickens are here's an ancient got to make sure they're Keller enriching our radar but the other one isn't begin now. And so we get to experience a lot of things that we might not urged urged other large. How are ranked well I'd get them in get some grandkids and down a couple of Merck. Mel just about bill all of them are all about that age really could be taken over a little bit different some help and I'm not sure how much Rhonda. It's gonna happen under while it is innate they learned the valuable skills immunity and take care of yourself when you get older and and it may be rustle up your own grab on. And then we get to clean the kitchen and yup they never cleanup that's another day I went back to sort. Never need negative. So that's another day and is scheduled kitchen kid's kitchen clean up. Now again I thank you Don now. 656 seasons that coming up at 7 o'clock the Kagan SS morning news was decent edit. Talking about a tentative contract agreement between. Which it does teachers and with the school administration that's all the way David does a volley on KM SS.