Apple unveils its latest and most expensive smartphone

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, September 13th

You can unlock the iPhone 10 with your face... sounds painful.


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All right. Yeah that the UN I. The night. Then you let things. PH 713 thirty K and pass as soon we are Stevenson in the morning. At 746. On Wednesday. Three big things. Wichita school board and service workers reached tentative contract agreement. Couple from Wichita area killed in that cup semi crash in southwest Kansas. Public gets a look at possible plans for which applause and three do. Three big things Stephen dead on K and assess. And asked several things in traffic happening right now big slow down southbound on I 135. 29 street north we've got to traffic slow down their southbound after an accident. Now we have a traffic accident in 1996 iron to 35 bulletin for slow down. There and I just got a call from traffic tracker might consider westbound. On thirteenth at Mosley we have a non injury traffic accidents. And that involving a school bus. Thirteen and mostly backing things up there. Traffic update on Kate and SS radio on jazz champ little warm things up over the next couple days sunny today with a high of ninety degrees. Mostly clear tonight the overnight low 63 Thursday. Sunny and breezy tomorrow's high may be three now partly cloudy and com. 55 degrees picture yourself and act and see what I have to do for you. Whether it's for sun protection of the strong Kansas wind and then Jackson is simply for you at the clock tower in the Leino. At bay injects. It's 747 now Stephen Ted and president tropics on the road again and more sanctions for North Korea should. Focus on the White House. He will go to Florida. President trouble visit Florida on Thursday and according to her Twitter account the First Lady will also be joining him. Reading they will beat aired a quote serving the damages from hurricane Irma the pence is will be joining along as well according to the vice president's Press Secretary the White House has not yet released any details for the track. ABC Serena Marshall a day after the UN Security Council imposed new sanctions against North Korea sanctions that reduced but do not totally ban oil exports to Pyongyang to. We had to vote yes today on sanctions. We think it's just another first small step. Not a big deal at the State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert. I'm not gonna go against the president but I think the sanctions are significant I think the president's more looking at. That there's more that can be done and recognizing that the world has a lot more work that can be tough. Mr. trump says it should be exciting when he addresses the United Nations General Assembly in New York City next week Richard Cantu ABC news. Higher energy costs led to prices at the wholesale level rising in August. At the fastest pace in four months the Labor Department says its Producer Price Index the PP guy. Which measures inflation pressures before they reach the consumer rose two tenths percent last month. It was the largest monthly increase it to five tenths percent gain in April. Inflationary pressures have largely been subdued in recent months. So PPI just 210s of a percent that's. Not I wouldn't say a big deal. Stephen G Edwards stoppers dot com poll on our website K Unisys radio dot down the exciting news survey that sweeping the nation. We have three choices on the question it's time for the state there of the Kansas state fair will you attend this year. I may if there's an event I want to attend 6%. I've been planning on it 30%. And no 64%. That's see that's the final on that one right jet yes he has done on the final statistics pretty good response on network yes there were a lot of people responding on them. Here's our new what just give you posted this just a few minutes ago right right right on our web page Cain is just radio dot com which of these. Most deserves to be in the national toy hall of fame we have a dozen. Nominees this year big Lendl sort of the bottom with a ball. You know transformers. As dispenser my little pony matchbox cars matchbox cars. Magic eight ball clone. Wrist. Play food sand. And paper airplanes go on there and give us your joints a boarding up mine and I'm not going to prejudice the outcome of the survey by it is disclosing which one. I'm like this but now I don't think it'll have also laughable now after a sustainment Edward Hopper dot com poll. Our web page innocent Israelis and not outside a prejudge the outcome. US stocks rose to record highs Tuesday. As bank stocks and kept rising and retailers climbed after some. Encouraging job did it now. The Standard and Poor's 500 index rose eight points while the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 61. The NASDAQ picked up 22 points. Most commercial airports in Florida reopened it Tuesday but activity was limited. And hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed as a state recovered from hurricane Irma. American Airlines said the storm forced it to cancel more than 5000. Flights over several days cutting into revenue and profit. And in a stark reminder of the damage done by the Great Recession. And the modest recovery that followed the median American household. Only last year finally earned more than it did in 1999. That's in the last century folks. Incomes for typical US household adjusted for inflation. Rose 3.2 percent from 2015 to 2016 to just over 59000. Dollars according to the Census Bureau. The median is supported which half the households will fall below and half or above we're just getting back to the place Hoover. In 1999. But about a slow recovery. 752 now Stephen Ted privatizing the air traffic control system wanna fly here's editor bill Roy the Wichita business journal a morning bill. Good morning Steve the at least one democratic congressman says privatization of the air traffic control system probably won't happen. Representative Pete Defazio told aviation international news that there's opposition among house members and in the US senate. The general aviation industry and business jet industry oppose privatization. Saying it would give commercial airlines greater power. The Wichita state university of logic and institute for the study of economic growth in the doing it with a three point 64 million dollar grant from the Charles Cooke foundation. Institute will be part of the Barton school of business Dina not the size says the institute while the university attract and retain faculty and expand economic courses up first task is to hire an executive director. And apple of course unveiled its iPhone ten Tuesday it has a newer screen technology allowing it to be that are lighter brighter but also has an edge to edge display and there's no home button will see who wants it bad enough to pay for it. The iPhone generals sell for a thousand dollars. Now also unveiled a new apple watched and new apple TV. Local breaking business news everyday on campus ascent which atop his mr. dot com with a which obviously external line dual role. And get this thing where it recognizes your face in nets have rights logon just put your face. I've been told I look a lot like a very gruesome in his serial killer when that. A now aren't you connected it to your phone should be just so what about Halloween if you got a mask on both in the world might me a little bit if I'm just. You know I'm throwing a little Buddha crimp in the whole thing here. Let's get punched in the face get a big black dot yeah they Nazis won't be able to get on your own. Tabbed plastic surgery you get your nose herself up then there's a thousand dollars down the drain right there suppose so how can a quick ouster of lap on seven. Bill or my phone zero. That it's low low tech yet alone there right yeah I today's international chocolate day and the I don't know how anybody could. You know you can dispute international chock Wednesday do you have a favorite everybody got to celebrate that he got a favorite chocolate. Treat their answer. You know it there's so many young youths ice cream chocolate icing on cake and yet. On the depose I I can I really like those crackle bars there's. Crackle yup that's good that's good elect Ellen do. I think and one of my favorite would be the out. The race in centered jobless that they sell the nifty enough house you know yeah oh yeah and it raises net it's meant to your dad getting veiled shot but not it's long as it's a dark chocolate yeah policy there he's -- strange the applicant Atlantic hockey team and yet just did as he had a strange level up AM central European time like this coffee being covered in dark chocolate like Nancy there. You can man. Just played all Hershey bar now it's also Scooby Doo day yeah scooby do the cartoon series and a Barbera. And a beater in the states in 1969. When you're a child build a new watch Scooby Doo. No not really packed a mean either my son did and I never got it. As the points is going to see no let's rough grow raw raw. As Obama we kids would watch Edmonds at sit there isn't you know parents and just criticizing act out of. Yeah exactly how did you kids walked actually. Oh commandeer the thing. That's not Bugs Bunny rights and try our quick draw McGraw all right and a week ago. I'd third 9755. Steven did come out of an 8 o'clock UK and us this morning news was even dead. That's contracts or servers worker. The US in 259. Attend defense mechanism that's got enough. In the dead on gay and assess.