Adult siblings shot during argument over fruit snacks

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, September 12th

This happened in Wichita, one brother struck the other with a pistol.  It went off, the bullet injuring both men.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS. We just cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. The more speed Macintosh Ted Woodward. This weekend Wichita will host a league of Kansas municipalities. Mayor Jeff Longwell tells. All of the mayor's house members and to be managers from all over the stated and this will be. Down down at the and then and our convention center in Beijing and all kinds of opportunities to gather and learn them. Visit over each other and. The Wichita mayor will be sworn in as president of the Kansas league of municipalities. Long Will comment during Monday's. With the mayor Stephen 10 in the morning here on CNN assess. Now what's the forecast with Cain is his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday did morning Dan. Good morning a ridge of high pressure in the desert southwest is going to spread into the plains and that it's going to bump our temperature up a little bit more each day. Sunny warm and 85 this afternoon and mostly clear and 61 tonight tomorrow's high ninety and low nineties by Thursday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy sky we've got to northwest wind at six miles per hour and 57 degrees. People are back on the streets of Miami a day after hurricane Irma blasted through many residents are feeling a sense of civic pride. The electricity still out in most of the homes and businesses here and might not be restored for several more days. So Kuwaiti immigrant Bashar and his young son decided to walk to the small park across the street from their building. And clean up the fallen palm fronds and limbs. All the never come to help not to think about. Because I'll give you an update without the city and we wanna pay back for the. He says he's just grateful that the original projection seven or about landfall in this city did not come to pass. Jim Ryan ABC news Miami. A ransom where attack at the Butler county computer network this past weekend. The caddie said all offices are opened its services requiring the use of computers such as motor vehicle and driver's license renewals are not available. County administrator William Johnson tells KSM news. They're also locked out of a first responder 911 system that includes mapping and GPS. Authorities are having to walkie talkie information in and write it down. Johnson says it is something they prepared for. Our biggest concern is for you're not working for a making sure we stop and close that access point our second priority then is to make sure we're able to take care of our employees through payroll. And our vendors through accounts payable. And then you get our operations up and going that are important for public. Kennedy said they're working diligently with third party vendors to restore the system authorities do not believe any public or private information was stolen. Last Friday and Saturday several law enforcement agencies conducted a sex trafficking staying in Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it involve the Wichita by section the exploited and missing child unit. Homeland Security investigations and also involve health and human services office of the inspector general. The police patrol south Broadway corridor team and the police patrol west special community action team. The result of this. Organized effort or eleven people were arrested for buying sexual relations. One for sale of sexual relations. And want for promoting sales of sexual relations. And too for unrelated charges. Were multiple arrests made downtown at the Wyndham garden hotel at cal on Broadway and at the airport Hampton inn and suites in west Wichita Harry and rich. Two men rewarded by one to gunshot in southeast Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says this happened Saturday night in the department north upon you and all over. There were four people in the apartment 25 year old man his girlfriend. His younger brother and another man the siblings. Began arguing about fruit snacks. Between five year old male. Then struck his brother on the back of the head with a handgun. And the gun discharged. Causing minor injury. To the point three year old shoulder. Our minor wounds to the 36 year old males leg. The man with the gun fled the scene. A federal report says Kansas inspectors. Failed to follow up on nearly half of the problems they found in nursing homes in 2014. The inspector general report issued Monday said federal officials examine 100 deficiencies. Related to health services. That were found by state inspectors had 79 nursing homes. The federal investigators found of the state verified the nursing homes fix the problems and only 48 cases. Kansas City Star reports and other cases inspectors from the Kansas department of aging and disabilities services. Require the nursing homes to submit plans to correct problems but didn't check to see if the plans worked. The report cited a shortage of inspectors as a possible reason for the findings Dan O'Neill Cain and SS news got a. Favorite sports team then you're probably willing to spend some serious money to support it when it comes to sports. Play around Americans is absolutely loves sports unions it's only getting more and more expensive to claim them to watch them to just generally be involved in them credit cards dot com's special says we spend a hundred billion dollars last year or tickets cost a fortune parking costs a fortune buying a beer hot dog costs a fortune and he says will probably keep paying even if times are tough people are still probably get any key Dylan. Terry held in there. ABC news a library of the University of Kansas campus now offers a gender inclusive restrooms. The Lawrence journal world reports that the Watson library has debuted to private. Non gender bathrooms. The semester. 735 now Steve and Ted the man who helped bring us Monday Night Football. And you're going to phrase must see TV has died at. Don old miner was a long time producer who won sixteen Emmys during his career. Including a lifetime achievement award all minor took over the reins at Monday Night Football in 19720. He was also responsible for bringing shows like friends ER and will and grace to NBC. He was seventy two's a giant in the industry us television industry will you talk about Monday Night Football now. How big it was in the 1970s yup it was really relieving authorities say thieves have stolen an SUV. And an attached U haul trailer with a casket inside. Outside an Albuquerque motel. Albuquerque police say the heist occurred yesterday at a residence in the they say a woman and her husband were taking the body off her father from Oklahoma. To bury him in New Mexico when someone snatched the traders they were holding the body like the 21 century version of lonesome dove. Weekend at Bernie's. Another cutter found it and over the casket that it was later found near the site where was taken so dad they got to head back that will. Happy ending of sorts. This is of course September 12 day after 9/11 and did you you know we had we talked to a lot about 9/11 yesterday do you have any. More thoughts to share today I don't know that we. Did that we really did we really get into what we did that day I think we did pretty much covered a little bit way we cover written all of that. The end of the day it was a day or two later we had a a ceremony at large stadium wants to mostly be remembered that an evening thing and you were there. There I was called to say a couple of words and basically I believe if memory serves me right I talked about. My Brothers two of them firefighters. News you know which to reverse including firefighters in the way they go. Into the fire into the yellow line. And you know. And talked about it. What they did and now proud was due to have others to do those can work but. I was watching a little. You know documentary last evening with my daughter for a few minutes and repent and it's showing that the towers coming down and all that and it's just. Is painful to watch but on the other hand. Now the change the world changed that day. As we've said many many times. Yesterday that we were driving by Cedric county park yes and I sought to women walking along what it was carrying great the American flag. I halted waved and now I'm I'm finding out that they had some sort of a relay going there yesterday. Where people the look like oh they were all women were running and carrying the flag in relays. Around the park to get that big circle count patriots day on patriots day and sell pay. That was a nice thing to senior running running with the flag. All right let's see if we get dug out a wanted to mention that does story that. You brought back from the police department about the two Brothers. Who got into it over fruit snacks. Out before too long there's a gun going up as he's been able bullet one yes and a can get a anymore bizarre than in commodities are. Are the responsible adults anywhere out there in not that not matter parliament that apartment at no time there were no. Adults do. Take care of things and well it was very interesting to me. Now the keys of fruit snack argument fruit snacks leads to a bullet how could release fruits and I don't know must've been really amazing. Is the sign of maturity sort of when you back off when your. You know when you attempt to save more mature now and it's. We haven't got the people that aren't on the crimes sheets of the law that managed to stay amateur the united Geithner said in a series will be save ourselves the ones who show up on the police chiefs something's gone wrong. A coming up here in just few minutes we're going to have about eight. 8:10 this morning to talk with such Kansas governor Sam Brownback about that he's going to be with us this morning we're excited about talking with the governor at this point so that's coming up. At 8:10 this morning OL quick note and and you know I. Don't want overdue are the Marconi award thing that we've been talking about now for a couple of days it's impossible to overdo it that it this of course if the NAB. And National Association of Broadcasters. Recognition of Stephen tendon and is midwestern. But as of now media market personalities of the U he did it's a huge honor and as you rate national honor national honor yesterday. We were told to stay in here about 830. We were told to stay in the control room. Do not go down to where the yeah. Our commons area down until we knew something was up. Right right that we're not done well okay they're gonna be something down there and to water the Marconi and sure enough we got down there. And that was the southeast high school what was that the path and the need only about eight what it's 68 kids there well outs. A small represented an as the southeast high school pep band which is yet massive and their their leader and I did I didn't catch it the teacher's name it's a collector. She's awesome she puts on a show it is either seen or heard of at a basketball and southeast basketball game she is part of the Cher put Nona shell and his fund and then yet that's the way it should be teach kids something about. At a good time and they played a couple of numbers for us now that was awesome. Are great. I think somebody says something nice about this one equipment to Jackie or -- something nice I believe certainly I was overcome by emotion that. Or perhaps go. And perhaps you'd already had a couple among most is by that point of almost out about them now. But anyway they are fellow employees were nice to issue yesterday. Not to say that there aren't always nice to us but. We need people like Jon poll anew about been around here for years and completely forget her name from time to time but in and it went into thank you for and it was nice yesterday. Thank you for that and of course other employees do get silly is that the band directors. She told that I yeah you're right and cute part of the show. He sees Jason knows it's the southeast. There's another graduates now these store you. There are program director Tony using. Yeah and the most famous southeast graduate of all time Mike Kennedy right. Might Kennedy hearing I was going to say Jeff ropes but my people don't mind can now go attended. Isa most fame I told our general manager Jacqui Liza said well this is nice president I now expect the most is every morning yeah. And some sort of professional musicians right and over and memorized he says little thesis and strains of I can get used to this band directors name's crystal Cutler Crist how do you know that. As you just call. A listener called in the prisoners I noticed that crystal crystal Cutler. And you got a great thing don't know whether this itself. Have you been down to the commentary at the sport I have not. I'm thinking maybe scramble eggs hash browns what do you think probably yeah now I can and count on night after dude on diners brought in Q. But they breakfast buffet for us this morning on here ugly down check 742 duke is Stephen's head. A mentoring program for new local companies. Built Roy at a for the which the business journal all the way he was in the morning on tape and assess.