9/13/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mark Levin
Wednesday, September 13th

President Trump is apparently a RINO. What would you call a Republican that signs onto a 3 month resolution that raised fiscal operating debt, that taxes the rich or approves of a $1 trillion increase in infrastructure? Nixionian politics is not a new force changing the system. In the end, ...


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What are you thinking eighteen cents for. On banks means always taking money why USA classic decking gives you access to free ATMs nationwide. And refunds other banks eighteen seats like today USA dot com slash thinking. Deep in the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building here. Once again made contact without. Oh everybody mark the end here are number 877. 38138118773813811. The Phillips had sent him. But not the vast majority view we've been through. Country. Rangel means Republican in name only doesn't mr. producer. I would cry no means yet Republican in name out. And I help make that famous. As the first. Conservative radio host to attack that rhinos and to attack the established. And I still don't. Republican in name only rhino. Was intended to mean. That the Republicans in congress the Republicans had control their party. Are not conservatives. They're right nose Republicans in name only. What would you caller Republican. Who signed so handily three month continuing resolution. That pushes the deficit exceeding the F fiscal operating data over twenty trillion dollars for the first time in American history. What would you call a Republican. Who keeps promoting a one trillion dollar infrastructure program and did so again today. What would you call a Republican who uses the class warfare the left and talks about taxing the rich. What would you call it Republican. Who sounds like Jeb Bush now when it comes to immigration and dot. You would call number Republican in name only write a rhino while the present the United States is apparently are right now. So hard to be a rhino. Now you can have a rhino who's part of the establishment. I McConnell. And Ryan and you can ever rhino. Who throws him with a left like the president. More and more. And so I'm sorry to say but the president the United States. Is a Republican in name only. These are right. How mistakes blindness but what am I talking about. Well this class warfare stuff which is part of the progressive movement. Part of the national populist movement I think not a 100% Shuler. But CNBC report 20% of Americans to pay higher taxes under transplant. 20% of Americans. If trump sticks to the proposals he's laid out on tax reform the upper middle class those in the eightieth threw 95%. Does away. And by the way that's many of you know it may sound like a high number it's not so hot air would. Will likely end up paying the most the Wall Street Journal reports an overall about 20% of taxpayers will pay more. Although I know is I lived on the Reagan era we had the greatest tax cuts in American history. The president has said his tax cuts will be the greatest in American history when what we now know that that's boss like his other. So as some of his other promises it simply false you will not be. Any good measure he's brought him Pelosi and Schumer to help them formulate a tax cut that he believes you get through congress. I don't remember Reagan bringing in Tip O'Neill or Mike Mansfield any of these Democrat. Quite the contrary brought in some of the moderates anyone over the heads of the radical socialists. He rammed it home. Now this is according to a study by the Tax Policy Center which analyze the implications of what we know so far about to try to exploit. And the Tax Policy Center found that households earning between a 149400. And 307900. Are most likely to see the greatest increases in tax. A than nineteen million households that make up that income bracket about 13 would be affected. 149400. South. Let's say you're a two parent family. Are let's put it this way to income. Made up of a teacher and a firefight or maybe a police officer. And it teacher. You're now among the filthy rich. And your taxes will go up. It taxes will go up. There's a number of reasons that those earning between a 450000. Are likely be hit the hardest. The Wall Street Journal reports compared with the working port. They more ability to pay higher taxes compared with the highest earners they often derive a large chunk of their tax benefits from a host of deductions and exclusions. That can be cut back. Additionally unlike those in the top 5%. Those in this income bracket won't be able to reap additional benefits from favorable rates on investment income such as long term capital gains. Wow who knew. Cents a Iraqi noted. And the president today this is Reuters. President Donald Trump said. And under his tax reform plan wealthy Americans would not gain and might have to pay higher taxes I don't know who we means by while the American. Who's that. And what's what all this socialist. Propaganda. They're rich the. Or the middle class. What slashed taxes across the board why do we talk like liberals while we don't why must eat and Republicans talk like liberals. About classes of people where individuals of people. And by the way a lot of these so called Richard small businesses. That I was individual tax a taxpayer. Small businesses are all incorporated they're not all LLC's they're not all this Saturday the other. Most of them are proprietary. Sought prior to chips. You know and you know somebody owns AM. Gas station grocery store or what ever and a ticket to these brackets like the rich then they get whacked. Then they get whacked. You want cuts across the board. Mean what they bipartisan group of lawmakers at the White House Tron said his main goal is to cut taxes for the middle class and cut corporate taxes. To enhance job growth. There which one not be gaining at all what this plan. So. He embraces the propaganda of the left rather than talking about the American people. Talking about free enterprise talking about slashing taxes across the board. Again we point to Reagan who slashed taxes more than any president in history and the benefit was enormous. Enormous for all people 25 million jobs created not only in his eight years. After the ad presidency the want to presidency of George H. W. Bush and to the two terms like what the massive wealth creation massive business creation. We never saw anything like. Ever. You didn't talk like a left. They're rich will not be gaining at all this and we're looking for the middle class and we're looking for jobs jobs being the economy. So we're looking at the middle class so we're looking at jobs I think the wealth they will pretty much anywhere they are. Pretty much where they are they have to go high although go higher quote unquote. Another trillion dollars in. In debt. On infrastructure. A three month deal with the Democrats that funds Planned Parenthood and every other big spending program in pushes. The debt if fiscal operating debt over twenty trillion dollars without any effort to advance any part of his agenda like the wall which he said he would. Or even more important. To address the issue of the debt. Forcing them to put in place some kind of even gradual. Mechanism. To start to address the debt none of and he wants to negotiate with the Democrats. Forever removing the debt ceiling. So that they never have to be accountable for and vote for. The debt ceiling increase. Which means ladies and gentlemen will be absolutely no way. To even control under the debt ceiling. Not only spending and borrowing. And taxes and accountability. In the present in the United States as he watched the arena. Now what's interesting. As we have people who are complaining about the people who are around the president Liberal Democrats many from new York and so forth and the right in many case. But many of the same people complaining about the staff are defending his decision. It's a very strange. Very strange thing that we're watch almost a spectacle. Attacked a staff but defend the man. Defend the man who has the final decision making a side. Who knows what he's wants to do. But attack the staff and blame it on them. Not a thinks you know Mitch McConnell were meeting tonight and having dinner. Would Nancy Pelosi and Schumer to cut a deal. You and I would be furious that. Present United States is meeting with Chuck Schumer and he has a renewed friendship with demand an anti Pelosi for dinner tonight. We've discussed all these issues. Let me also say this nixonian politics nixonian politics. Which is politics that is not based on any particular principal. That's not new. That's not a new forcing governing. That's not a new act in new political force that's not a that's not a force that's changing American politics and changing the two party system now. That's nixonian politics. In the end governing gets much bigger they'll be more departments more agencies more programs. Massively more debt. The be more. The liberal agenda items advanced. And the Republican Party in the end will be weaker. As opposed to more conservative. You can follow the nixonian pass. Which is what's happening right now or can follow the right impact. Nixonian path. Is a very bad path and it didn't say Nixon. In a long central. Certainly not from the Democrats who hate his guts. We're smiling Philly and delete his food the go to this photo ops. We'll take every ounce of credibility they can from the man then if they take the house you'll see what happens. He better pray they don't take the house and yet he's making it more difficult. More difficult to stop them. How can a Democrat in North Dakota who's in deep trouble he calls are on the stage yesterday calls are greatly. You'll use that in her campaign. Calling in vulnerable Democrats the pressure them to go along with you may or may not be a good. Policy strategy I don't think it's practically good but that's set. Helps to get these people reelected. The same people who blocked the repeal of obamacare the same people who are trying to block our judges. The same people who are trying to block the wall on the southern boy it's not a good mid or long term strategy is not. Changing the Republican Party. That's the strategy. It's hard work. When you bring in rich grievous. Knack that doesn't fly. It doesn't fly at all so. They're like cowards and TV and radio ladies and gentlemen. They won't now attacked McConnell and Ryan in. Six months ago they when he would do that. But they will not speak the truth about what's going on in and around the White House and within the Republican Party they won't do it. They're afraid to lose ratings they're afraid of their corporate masters they just afraid. Which is why they're not terribly conservative or principled and much. Now the left. We'll cherry pick what I'm saying and run with headlines living calls trump a rhino I want you to understand the full context. He Republican in name only I would think that the present United States would agree. I would think his most ardent. And famous Harry gets on TV on radio on the Internet would agree. He's not so much republic. Fact they would tell you is not so much conservative. He's going third weighed on China. They're trying to redefine its third way that we see this is their way before. Called Nixon. I'll be right back. Okay. Ryan's under attack tonight. Does he say it's not the nation's interest to kick out the dreamers. Well should be under attack but how does this position different and Donald trumps Donald Trump says he's not deporting these. He loves the this is what I mean the schizophrenia so Paul Ryan's under attack for taking what is essentially the same position as the press that. There's no light. Between them. But it doesn't even matter what Paul Ryan says you know who's in charge of the executive branch right the president. In if the president wanted to round up. The dreamers. Quote unquote. And B port than he could do it starting tonight. All right can't do a damn thing. Present the United States can do it right this minute. Right this minute. So it's. So you have. The same people were attacking Paul Ryan who are not attacking Donald Trump why is that. On this issue. It's a cult issue has to be I can't I can't figure out any other reason can you. I don't wanna get into something else here the Democrats. Are starting their big push for single Payer now this word this phrase single Payer. You know it's Seles barrel its own no single Payer are going to pay one so that's that none. This is the nationalization of health care. So it's to nationalize. What is in effect taking place at the veterans administration. Which means some people like at. Some people don't. But a lot of people suffer from. And it's not like the world doesn't have experience would nationalized healthcare everywhere from Communist regimes to socialist. And it sucks. It's bank. And the Republican National Committee put together a video. Hat tip Washington free thinking that highlights global failures of government run national health care cut one go. It's warning this what it calls a humanitarian crisis in public hospitals. Not to 1200. Patients dad. Because of the systematic may yet. But and a chat. So called free health care. Believe that doctor protests France and Germany because governments hold down health care costs my pain doctors left manages cop caught. Putting patients' lives makes an elderly and vulnerable patients were left on the books on the fast without millions. That patients had done a darn suffered a movable. We can't send patients to other hot. Is there is no other hospital in the area and capacity ninety find patience and just 33 cubicles of. Reverse the great Canadian wait patients here who need to see a family doctor or specialist or go to the emergency department. Wait is longer than in other countries. How's it been hearing. England and Scotland have filed yet against me waiting times targets the accident emergency units more than a million Canadians say they can't find a regular family doctor. What's it like giving us this. Yeah I was. The national health service is in dire need some financial aid from the government it's. Tons of great. Oh yes yes and I'm sure gonna seek documentaries all every cable network and satellite TV showing us the truth. About national health care. More on this in this Democrats push forward and it is a push now when I return. You turn off your radio. Opened the window. You can probably hear and straight from the studio. Call marks on them. 8773813811. One of the leaders of the Democratic Party is a Marxist. And aim of Bernie Sanders. And maybe he'll be called the White House for dinner one of these days soon to talk about trade tariffs and protectionist. Nonetheless Bernie Sanders is a Marxist. Despite his best efforts to conceal. His history is quite clear and Sowers policies. And he's leading the Democratic Party. On the issue of healthcare. While all Democrats aren't following and this is the push. And he's gaining momentum. For national health care. And you'll also hear the class warfare that he used because this is popular in both parties apparently. You know the rich and support in the middle class and of course when you hear people speak like this you know who gets screwed grant. Used. You'd. Let's start with cut to. Bernie Sanders unveiling the Medicare for all act today and by the way as I've told you many times the Medicare trustees have said. That program will be broken about fifteen years so Bernie Sanders has okay. Then everyone should happen and it will go broke fast cut to ago. Today and all the applause stand before you and proudly proclaim how old beliefs. That health care in America all must be a rights not a privilege. Some day youth. We are right there what does that mean. He talked about this many times to what does that mean. Health care must be right not a privilege. Let me try to get. The veterans administration is controlled 100% by the federal government. At the state governments not the private sector not the big insurance companies not big pharma it's controlled by the federal government. Can anybody who's of that. Get care. Immediately is needed. Not necessarily. Can they get whatever or surgery they need immediately is needed not necessarily. Can they see their doctor they want. Immediately as needed no not necessarily. Can easily change hospitals that they might wanna go to note not necessarily. Can they get access to the to the drugs that pharmaceuticals that they may need. Immediately know. Not necessarily. And haven't many people died. As a result of the failures of the veterans administration yes they have. So when Bernie Sanders says healthcare is he right we have a government run program called the veterans administration. And clearly he is a class a liar. Because call it whatever you want to call it a com watt a fact of the matter is. What does it mean that you have any right. At the federal government's veterans administration. Make decisions everyday about life and death. Health and Elvis. Who sees home who gets what. When it comes to. To things like health care or anything that involves human interaction deprivation of products and services and materiel and so forth. Are right. What does that mean you have a right. If a right to see a doctor anytime you want that means every doctor has to be back at your Beck and call all 3 in the morning on Sundays. Nurses to. Facilities have to beavers are responsive to your every need. Well that's what are right yes. And it it sounds so. Compassionate doesn't. Tell me the national health service in Britain. You heard the long waiting lines here at the same thing about Canada and France and so forth in the Montana. Don't those people have a right to quality health care. Oh yes they have a right but the key yet. And this is the problem these arguments that are focused on centralization and government. And I don't individualism in competition. This is the problem. And you can see with a obamacare. You folks have experienced it yourself. You are right to health care what they told when they passed Obama can give the right to affordable health care the right to any doc you wanna see. You know and the right to ask to have your on policies reduced by 2500 dollars a great is that what happened you know because they are. Because they allot. If you read rediscovering Americanism you know exactly what I mean on the second part to end the tyranny of progressive isn't. It put out these freebies they make the case for radical egalitarian ism and in the end what is it about. It's about centralized government. Controlling your lives. It's about centralized government. We allocating what become. More and more limited resource is less and less access to professionals. In any any get better as well. In the and you get Venezuela. And of course Bernie Sanders never tells us how you gonna pay for. Orders go to a roller. I had long and difficult struggle. Then end the international disgrace. Of the United States our great nation. Being the only major country on earth. Not to guarantee health care out to all of our people. I saw that as a flat out lie we do actually guarantee healthcare to all of our people including. People who aren't are people like illegal aliens who may walk into an emergency. We guarantee. Health care to all of our people. You can walk and an emergency room he can't afford it you get to care. It to port to get Medicaid. Out only get Medicare. Your child they have the child insurance now how much more Toledo. So we do guarantee some level of health care for everybody and by the way that's one of the reasons the whole system is sinking. That's one of the reasons that sinking. According to Bernie Sanders and let's race centralized. Socialist country. Or a Marxist country. Act guaranteeing health care to people by the guaranteeing it in North Korea are they guaranteeing it in China I mean effectively now. About Cuba. No. No of course not. Go ahead. As proud Americans. Our job is to lead to the world on health had. Yeah I don't do any yet. You marxists I rabble browser. Mama took NASCAR three but still my Republican colleagues. Please go all lecture us on health care. And the last few months. You know the Republican Party has shown the American people what you stand flaw. When you voted for legislation. That would throw up to 32. Million Americans of all of the help that. No this a lie this is here than a Marxist and they've if obviously learned over a long period of time. The effectiveness of the big lie and repeating that they. Fascists do it Communist Dillon left this donut they're good at. 32 million people wouldn't be thrown off of our healthcare system. Tens of millions of people. Would choose not to be covered. Under obamacare. That's their choice. So in other words we would have gotten rid of the mandate. They blew the threat I've had no. Is also accounting people. Prospective. Because as you know under obamacare it's massively expanded Medicaid which is already going bankrupt. So well over the poverty. To well over the poverty. People earning eighty some thousand dollars a year. Is that the poverty level these days I don't believe so. So it wouldn't continue to expand its recounts that to see Bernie Sanders and his wife are not very good would numbers. And every it would numbers that's why she's under FBI investing. Cut more ago. Well. Let us be honest. Now that is an impossibility for remarks. If you're a mile. And as Reagan said you try to fit your facts India ideological bottle. If they don't work cut the tax off. And it. Now let us let us be honest. The crisis we are discussing today. It's not really. About health care. Thought oh this guy just sounds like an old line marxists standing on the corner Brooklyn somewhere. They Nathan's hot dog stand. You know last. Complaining about the price hot dogs. Twenty sounds like the usual left wing Kook and a New York I had. Crisis we are discussing today is a political crisis. Which speaks to the incredible power law of the insurance company. Stop right there. Incredible how of the showing companies like the oil companies when it comes to the right decision that. Annual automobile companies at all companies out. There is riot we're gonna get our company and the way. Is no problem with a centralized governmental monopoly. Not much so. This just propaganda work on you. There's a work on your neighbors. When they set a bully straw men and attacked them. When he centerpiece drama in an attack does this stuff work only. Well I didn't drug company JP. Well NN. The government is the biggest rip off clearance. Government's purpose and health care is not to provide you quality health care ladies and gentlemen they've told us since its purpose is to redistribute your well. Without health care system to other people who haven't heard it. And in the process or redistributing wealth. The government acts like the mop the laundry your money takes a big chunk of it for itself. Now how many times are we gonna go through it isn't Obama care a perfect example of what the government is incapable of so we should give them 100% control over health care. In the fix it they live their way to power. You lie their way to to getting approval for their programs and if they don't get approval for the programs they Ramon threw under the cover of darkness. Well yeah rod. Rod. So vets. Next time you call the VA and asked for an appointment and they say not now in three weeks you tell that it's our right. If they did not your particular. Procedure or drug. We're hearing a entered glasses or shoes or whatever it is you've elements are right. Government runs the next administration. And it are right and you want it. And you have every right so. Because Bernie Sanders said so. I'll be right back. Okay and. I. We celebrated constitution day every September down. I know you that the constitution and the rights of securities. You really know the basics. But he can't really celebrate something if you don't know the base strength. Hillsdale College once you do know the foundations of your freedoms. So hills those brought back for a limited time they're free online course introduction to the constitution. But you can take that course that your own pace in the comfort of your own home or with family and friends even your book club or a small group. Each lesson is under fifteen minutes long. And now you can download a free course companion booklet and includes discussion questions for hosting her own constitution study group. It's all events for Hillsdale dot com you know that's LE ZI and Hillsdale dot com. The course and study guide are free offered as part of hills does mission to educate Americans nationwide. For liberty. Now once you registered you can watch the lessons any time you want so sign up now in honor of the constitution. Pursue truth defend liberty with Hillsdale College sign up while you still can't as live in different Hillsdale dot com that's LE VI and for Hillsdale dot com you know what I'm and try something here. Mr. call screen I don't know do we go full board and what should clear two lines okay. I want Liberal Democrats to call. I want to call in. Because I wanna make peace with. He seek ladies and gentlemen I wanna make peace with my liberal Democrat France I don't want to defeat them anymore. And a one victory over them I don't want to advance the cause of liberating constitutional isn't. Or unravel this centralized federal leviathan that they created along with their I would not and a. I can't get through commitment count. I need get through it all right I can't get through to these Republicans. They all listen and they we spent many years on this a lot longer than Donald Trump I know I have I have back. Gone into the primaries. I tried to defeat these incumbents are we still doing that. And notice others are joining us now that's a good thing but look. Get through the McConnell we're not getting through. To Paul Ryan sell. I wanna hear from you Liberal Democrats may be all agree with Buena. And that'll teach him a lesson well yes I don't teach my lesson. I'm quite serious do we have a couple lines open. 8773813811. At a special line prior liberal callers 877381. Third what is it 38 elevenths. So give us a call. You know what. I'm tired of being principal. I'm tired of standing for liberty I'm tired of standing for the constitution. I do what the other radio host do whatever but the other TV host him. And not only that. Maybe I'll claim that their conservatism is dead. This is the future I'm an outsider in all due salsa. We'll do the whole thing. Meanwhile let's straighten and a little history. Scott Richmond Virginia serious satellite gut it. Yes sir I have more a question I heard you earlier site that Ronald Reagan. Did not get its code eight. With solid opponents but as I recall rose thirty years ago. Or call Reagan. Had a problem working for meeting with Tip O'Neill. Or working with Ted Kennedy. Oh regular work with the community. Now we didn't. Ted Kennedy went after it judges take can anyone after his agenda. He never worked with Tip O'Neill that's alive with great showing on here who has a Reagan historian and I know from my own life. He was fighting Rick endlessly he worked with that Rostenkowski. Because he was a moderate Democrat it's sort of an old. School party Democrat at a Chicago. On his tax cuts but he went over the head of tip on how Ali's. I am sure. Yeah well that's what he did he never worked with Tip O'Neill he never worked with Ted Kennedy. Said he always advances Sarah. And no he didn't socialize of those joke. But what how could even make a comparison by August in his first term. Ronald Reagan had the greatest tax cuts in American history. He spoke to the American people in early August before the voting went over the head of the democratic controlled half the democratic controlled house. He pulled ever somebody at blue dog Democrats at the time army left anymore about out of the south and the southwest and so forth. But I don't have a problem where it will moderate Democrats let me ask is Chuck Schumer moderate Democrat. Now. Is Nancy Pelosi minor democratic. Okay thanks recall. So we want some liberals to call because I went and you know I wanna work this out. And wanna work this out. We have one right here Jen San Diego Sirius satellite how are you can't. He'd do it okay. Tell me I know I. Well I am a liberal Democrat and I'm glad you invited me to call and I hate so and I'm not gonna invite you to dinner but then we can do is still ahead. I think that we should have. Socialized medicine I yeah health care should be all right I'm looking picture. And I think that all children should have. You know free government paid health care. Yeah well you know I love all children are you aware that Jim. I'm sure you know including the dreamers Eli dreamers can. I you know what this school where I work and let them talk poetry art. If filled with dreaming. And I think they're all good people I think. You know. Most of her excuse me no they're all good people aren't they can. All of them I guess I'll tell you about it you hold on I'm not I'm not done that and we unite. I have mostly wanna promote a bipartisan agenda so stay with me again I'll be right back. Why do I fashion hotline hi I. Sort of all my family needs nuclear spice up our our lord drove by that they're stylish new moldy old TV right now called him to run sales from big dollars for adults college kid let's get up to 8% up or might audience unveil plans to us why that's right all your family's favorite scene until now in old navy and maybe dot com recent fall not my fashion. Navy town and I for now not when it's in our clearance. It's okay. I'm totally underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript. Building. We've once again make contact without. Know everybody marked the end here on number 8773813811. And we have a liberal line 877. 3813811. And so because it's the in thing and I think I can be praise that. Outside. Hi yeah I want us to be more bipartisan on this program. I'm sick and tired of Mitch McConnell. And Paul Ryan I'm sick and tired of the yen. The Republican establishment. All these years I have been trying to get them removed. There are entrenched. So I think I need to go around them. And work. In a bipartisan basis with the Democrat and the liberals. And I many new friend Jean in San Diego on Sirius satellite Jan Jan granted tenure AM school teach you said correct. Yeah I've been less and yourself for a long time. And I just think it's time don't you know. I think everyone needs to come together and it's time. And the way to come together you'll agree is to embrace liberalism does to thank because it is the come together I've. I don't know about that you have to look at both sides. Okay let's look at both sides. Right. Can we look at both sides of health care tell me what both sides. Well he now. I think the real problem with that is that medical billing front iron in hand ball profit. Driven delivery as this yeah that's what I think is just really hit that high so prop profits the biggest problem. Actually yes. We have to put people before profits people like that. When people before it promising you that when I know that from him. I think it's your country. People before profit I like that wouldn't. Yeah what about people before profit how about people have rights to be like that when. Our own people can have the right to share. I don't know what you're going like that I would what I mean well Bernie Sanders said health care's a right you don't agree with that. Yeah health care a right. I don't attorney bashing on me what we're making good friendship progress and we are. We aren't we all know bringing hasn't bash anybody now let me asking that question yeah. But to talk a whole what do you have you have government run health care notre pretty much I mean you're schoolteachers so. The school system pays for your health can you contribute intuit is well I assume is that correct. I'm very appreciative for my weight gain from South Korea how case so when you go to a doctor or hospital and they don't even think here you want. And they denied you are right. You know than not I have health care that we pay for. But it's that if you go to a hospital or a doctor and they deny you a certain drug procedure care whatever we can't see them when you wanna see them they denying you're right. Well say it would be. Theoretically buy health care I think. Theoretically should be a right but we are not given right. Well I mean if we had a national single Payer Medicare style health care system for the entire country would you be prepared to give up your health care. Yeah I would even I know our debt that health care I would get. Under that nationalize the damn would not be as dead as a health care I have now. So you know I mean national hold on them so you know the national health care system would be inferior to what you have. Right I would take one credit. But there's a lot of people who has to take one for the team right. Yeah and why is that. I'm big and. I have probably one of the bank helped I don't know but why would everybody have to take one for the team what's that'll. Okay in Australia different then they care about Australia. I miss you that America why would everyone have to take one for the team. What is happening. As I am because I am looking at places where they have gone to look national healthcare system. And where they have already. I've met and seen how how it has resulted when they people are lucky keep private insurance. And what what a wedeman so you'd think people should keep be able to keep their private insurance if they want to. Well I'm Spain and Australia went people were allowed to keep private insurer I ranked Oregon all over the map here and Australia when they went. Would you trade our healthcare system for the Canadian health care system. I don't get pilot. You know I that the Canadian health care system. It Canadian people all who are quite Canadian people call here all the time we can't stand their health care system you wanna I wanna miss an image and Jan. Yeah even dating nice a speech you triggering me. IUS me Jenn yeah. Kansas in the bracket you're triggering me you're triggering me you're gaining in my save space and unexplained symptoms. There are a long long waiting periods in Canada. Even with people who have cancer he think it's a good idea. Waiting period aren't that Juan no they are long in fact I've I've talked about on the floor give access to Google. I do have access to the Google. No it's called Google not that Google what I want my girl is it. Okay well that's that's my hey I like that one too. People over profit is not Google the capitalized THE now at that they're okay. Anyway what he called blink. Called Dublin. Dublin. When she did Google but Google. Canadian health care and waiting periods will you do that when I hang up your teacher unit to list. I hear out. That. So here we are going forward and it's been a pleasure. Did you hear something that is. The reason I would give up my Cadillac health care system. Yeah four and national healthcare system is being hired I care about my Republican and my conservative bush is due and I cannot ask. Yes I jet and not just my liberal and I care about all of there. Because you're a good progressive view the big heart Aaron everybody. I care about everybody out there that rule I know you can including that tax payers and who pay confessed to play property taxes to subsidize your health care. You care about them too. And I thank them for that didn't that I that you won't give it back William. It depends. We can work something out all right and Jan I gotta go on getting bored no offense thank you for your call much appreciated. Not only moved to current Green Bay, Wisconsin the great WT AQ yeah scared coming up. Well we're talking about healthcare and I am a big fan of Medicare for all and glad to see jet so it's getting some traction. Yeah. Let me ask you question. Since the trustees in many case it's gonna go bankrupt in about fifteen years what do we do about that. What we properly under or better I don't but it's in the hole by trillions and trillions of dollars and so. When you can lose your spent so when our gross domestic product. Is about seventeen point six trillion dollars. And many care is in in Yunnan extremities. And it's in debt. In an amount that's a larger than the entire gross domestic product in UN expand and I'm just curious title leftist would went when leftist would do about to go ahead. Or the same here. They help please answer my question I don't answer my question. And I am answering your question if you would lull yeah well I'm Heidi Nina do interacting what we need to contain costs in bed again here. Temple administrator cost we pay more in this. Now it doesn't there's a massive amount of abuse in Medicare and the government itself puts our report slapping itself on the face. Over the abuses and Medicare. Well 10% ten empress Sarah saw there on Google what do you do for a living. You teach art portrait electric company or a threat. Then you know and use the Google took. I tell you what use the Google. And inform yourself see I'm trying to come up with solutions and you're being way too ideological. So how do we make sure everybody who has a right to health care and of course nobody has the right to a profit had to remake this works. While how we make it work we already paid more than any other country for health care. We eliminate the waste wood while we can start cutting those costs by cutting your house. Well I've played. Paved IP from my health care we want heated. Hey let's say you have less taxes. Are well. Okay great. I don't wanna cut costs at this is what always in the weepy more than any other country in the world for our health care what he wanted to pay for say wanna buy more U wanna buy another car. When abide bigger house went up by fifteen iphones what what he wanted to. I want to make sure that everyone has access to hell no you don't. You want to make sure the government controls health care that doesn't mean everybody is asks us to quality health care. That means the government controls health care. Introduce Medicare part C. Part of legislation did not allow the government to negotiate with drug company that's certainly a great start to reduce or hold trillions of dollars in Medicare that doesn't do that's not to do that billions. Under properly because people are paying more on how do you wanna find it. That premium Circuit Court currently paying I asked you how do you wanna find Medicare. What we would fund it. If I get away from employer. Based system that we currently out there while I'm. Try again and you you left as he never ever answered how do you want to fund it I didn't ask you what you wanna get away from. How do you wanna funded it's in the whole trillions of dollars. He won a expanded to include every human being in America all 329. And how do you want to fund it. What a corset under. By taxes so people would bought that you'd pay more taxes but you would more than make up decrease create your own. You like better care anyway and particularly what what anyway and what about the veterans administration is that's what's happened there. Now the VA has a separate system I think the G dub veterans deserve good healthcare in this country and I'm. Ask you about what you think in Theo I asked you isn't the veterans administration. They kinda model you're talking about. Though because they have their own hospitals I'm not talking about. Having got hospital to run individually. By the Dalai. When I say that the private health. Why shouldn't hospitals be run by the government. And by the way. What's wrong and that fact why should the doctors worked for the government. I I'd like the system of you know he talked about him about it and and our interest in music disaster happy. But fit their system. In weirder they're broke it would take everybody wants to talk about ten you don't like dancing about the Canadian health care system do you all please oh. What what what would you say that to me not knowing anyone bet OK tell us about the Canadian health care system. Well I could tell that you're not a very good listener is tell us. How the whole country about the Canadian health care system so far you've been rambling and rambling and sent a damn thing tell me about the Canadian health care system. I'm with mr. producer get on the yet 22 liberal clocked out. Yeah out against a DB this side Livan Paul Ryan district. Years he has already bright trending against them Paul Ryan has. So our Jenna ladies and gentlemen you see the problem here don't you parents trying to be I wanna. You know trying to be kind and beneficent them. Picker doesn't have any answers. You know many chances what do you think about your quarterback Rodgers who think it's okay that Capra McNeal what you think about that. Now he left because he's angry. In early old's the old saying I'm going angry just go away anyway I'm not done I'm serious and wanna talk to serious intelligent leftists. We're gonna tell us what kind of system they want and how it's gonna work I'll be right back. Okay and. The other way. For neurosurgery. 46 point nine weeks that's almost a year. Orthopedic surgery 38 weeks. Ophthalmology 28 point five weeks. Plastic surgery 26 weeks. Gynecology eighteen point eight weeks. Return almost five months urology sixteen point two weeks. Over four months internal medicine twelve point nine weeks. Radiation oncology now this is life and death for a lot of people four point one weeks at a month. General surgery twelve point one weeks. That's three months. Cardiovascular. Eight point four weeks. That's the heart. Medical oncology three point seven weeks. Now that you're on national health care at any cost. The average citizen there he fortune and by the way we thank call us from Canada call parents say and by the way it's not all free to tell us. We paid enormous amount attack has plus we have to pay a fee. Because it's an impossibility the systems cannot possibly worked and they don't work. And so what happens is your rationing. So this sickness among us in the oldest among us suffer the most. They suffer the most because that's where the expenses. Charles new Windsor New York to Greg WABC go. Okay let's move on ray I kept seeing the Arctic great WK IP go. Yes Arianna. Beautiful city a kid seeing here. I would say thank you I'm really OR virtue. Talked to an educated person hard. I started history. My leg when he has farming we went around that time. OK you know I just weren't sure there's no pressure addiction is the first. Precedent you were declared a war on cancer and researching. In the development that we've come a long Larry well Barack Obama alone you know everyone's parachute. No. There are Affordable Care Act and you you know what Chapman you're. They are stepping stone you know it's. Did I don't know what disaster open and in New York. Help our care. Kermode not that an hour and I don't know it's not one insurance companies are pulling out and individuals he used to afford health care can't afford it anymore these massive deductibles. When nine insurance companies are pulling out economies 'cause they don't wanna go broke. One lead to taxpayer are forking over billions and goings of dollars in subsidies left Friday and in between. When in fact that Obama care is essentially a government run redistribution program. Doctors wanna get at a health care and that's gonna become prime what are you talking about. It's a steppingstone or a lot. Stepping stone shall not perfect but how how how nobody said anything's perfect. And tired of these platitudes from the left. Here we are staring in the face of a disastrous government run centralized program. When everything we were told turns out to be the opposite and you tell us it's a steppingstone. Like I say my first track of America hoping this is the viewpoint of the utopian. Utopian progressive they will tell you that whatever they had to have its course it doesn't work it's imperfect because we need more. Obama occasion where so many government run health care that doesn't work. But because insurance companies are ripping us up the big drug companies are wrapping us up because patients expect too much they're getting till all we get it right up. People or over radio zone or maybe. These people would really rare diseases we should be focusing so much funds on that we have this focus finds the greater good I got that about right re in Poughkeepsie New York. Well you know our better start you know what how you really noticed I think in this stuff the real. You didn't live. You know work. Barack Obama put so much stopped all the government corruption in a war. We can't really and how did he do that. Defensive medicine now how did he do that. How are you here now I can't hear you. Well we had so much my kids are where they're doing. Yeah you're getting this property is I can. I ask you how he repeated use. Well that's not how that's propaganda. Patriots caught red you know ladies and gentlemen I wanna get along with liberals but it's very very difficult. I'll be right back. I'm 11 hot line from my book and show. Caller now earned and 774 years wanted to create what one. You know at Halifax recently announced a breach that could affect 143. Million Americans. And so far the organization determined that the credit card numbers for about 200000 consumers. And personal data including Social Security numbers for about a 180000. Consumers. Were accessed. Did you New York a eleven times more likely to become a victim of identity fraud if you were notified of a breach. Good thing there's like flock. Lifelike detects a wide range of identity threats threads you may miss I just monitoring your credit like someone stealing from your 401K. But if there's a problem a US based identity restoration specialist will work to fix it. No one to prevent all identity theft to monitor all transactions and all businesses alike flock is the best. Lifelike and help you see more threats to your identity. Got a lifelike dot com life Loc dot com. Or call 1800 like flock 1800 lifeline is from a cold will then that's LE VI yen for 10% off your life like membership. There's a lifelike dot com or call 1800 life flock saved 10% now with from a coastal event at Iowa. I think whenever we have one of these big natural disasters and after they hit our blog let me say this going the course and after they hit. No politician should be allowed to speak to us. Percent any to a. That's just my feeling I'm sick and tired of the Congo line up politicians coming through. What are they gonna tell us. All right we're gonna clean up on this health care stuff and we're gonna move on. To some other things. Jim Toledo Ohio Sirius satellite Harry. I'm mark I'm fine thanks. Oh I like order producer I'm a Democrat and liberal. And I don't want the government anywhere near health care I'm also a doctor by the way. We'll Toney doctor pediatrician retired actually announced Berry can practice for 25 years. But I haven't seen the government do anything with any kind tritium leak. Or cost savings. Or anything I have zero. Confidence in their ability. To correctly handle any of this stuff. You might have score and the little. But after a while well but first I wanna know when people say health care is a right. What does that mean the well it is I mean anybody can line up outside your door and get care whether you can net. Well whether whether they can afford it or not or whether there in this country or not or whatever the circumstances are. Well Taylor yeah I go back to the way we started the country and we're that. The Western European we're you know poor. Brother where our brother's keeper what do we like it or not that. Actually got as that is nothing to do with. Now our socialism. It is what our brother's keeper means that debt on voluntary part that the basis. We'll watch out for our neighbor that we do for us sort through our churches and synagogues and so forth. It means that we give to charity and support charities that we are people who believe in family in helping their neighbors and so has nothing to do it got. Also note nongovernment you know but it means this someone this immediate help. Yet in Madison and unfortunately the way it works the only way you can provide for them it is gonna cost money so someone can end up paying for that one way or the other mother tested. These some way to manage supply and demand right. Well they're demanding in medicine it always outstripped supply a lot of Canada has not true. They can become an enormous imbalance sick you're relatively Smart right. You looked around the world those systems that pretend to be compassionate. Where out where they control supply and demand through centralized government do they work. They compassionate aren't they police states. Most of them yeah our column by so what did you push for the opposite which is. The reason we have the greatest medical system in the world. It's not because of the creation of Medicare the creation of Medicaid. With the creation of the chip program or the creation of up emergency rooms open to illegal aliens since the early 1980s. The reason with the greatest healthcare system in the world is because we have the greatest economic system in the. It's also the reason we have the greatest technological system in the way. It's it's tied to human individuality. Human value human war's human emissions. And to say that depth that applies to two people who produce toasters but not to people in the medical field seems counterintuitive to me. Yes but that let me just say this. The medicine that we have in the United States is not necessarily always superior to the medicine that is and other countries are delivery of Madison. To the greatest number of big shortest period of time all that is true and that's due to the economics. The actual science behind it the actual medicine the united are quite. Comparable what you guys have that picture and it. Well I I'm for capitalism don't understand I'm for better idea is being imported in the United States. And it and in some cases are ideas being exported as long as they're not out in the country so what's the why is that an issue. Well it sent an issue would me. Go back recruitment for other words it's not an issue would mean south another country comes up with a great idea. And they wanna share with us or we can purchase it from them and they pack in and so forth I know proud when that. Now a lot. There has nothing to do with that my point was. That we provide more medical care to more people because every can non interest. But the actual level of Madison that we provide it's not the reason why medical by the demand will always outstrip the supply. Is because people think that they are strict when they're not and so they want instant relief we have Brad culture where people are looking for instant really just look at any PD. And now look at the commercials on. They have. Medicines to cling to do just about everything port. I mean we've created kind of our own monster in this case but that having been said. I'm not sure what a good way to handle this situation if we are going to continue to provide care for people whether they're indigent or not whether they're illegal aliens. There will be a point at which we can't. And that's the whole point of redistributing services. You end and and that's the point of shortages and that's the point of waiting periods and that's what these socialist industrialized societies do. They can there emergency rooms can handle a number of people come so there on the greens in their in their outside they're sitting and ambulances is today. This is a incredibly huge problem. In in Britain right now. Or you jest or or people get out of how ornery. Try. And when did you stop practicing told me about having your. City relatively young man when used. Yeah and why did you do that. Because my partner and I had a company that was side. Doing very well and I needed the practice to continue its stopped trying manually go in a primary care pediatrics and around the guy and recruited him. And the practice couldn't support five doctors will war. But and I miss it terribly good I absolutely loved it. But you know we have a business now would you include Marmara. Doctors are dropping out of the system Martha. And torture and I'm looking at it and look that this attack the statistics about the few months and we discuss this and we're gonna have a doctor shortage. You have doctor shortage. Special word count you don't have a doctor shortage and the special we're getting most of the money but you Al you do have a doctor shortage especially but your right. Pediatricians. Primary doctors general practitioners. All right doctor I appreciate your viewpoint on this very at a fund. And it mark and I take serious enough. Let's go to Max. Frisco Texas degrade WB AB I'll take one more call on this after Max. We're gonna move along go right ahead. They were real quick Marca a pleasure to talk quickly thanks for taking my call. I am I end it well I'm not currently but I I have been emergency room church no expert. They're more importantly I was raised in Canada. And although I'm a liberal on many many fronts. I can tell you I was straight in Canada. I'll give you a couple of examples award talking about awaiting. My mother had to have a hysterectomy and she waited. Eighteen months. He'd have a hysterectomy. When she had ever total knee is done she waited for almost three year. She. Kidney stone one time she waited for fourteen months all my lords that means yes. Yes I've got friends up there I've got a lot of friends up there who can't find primary care doctors. And back in the late eighties they decapitated their doctor. In other words are doctors could only make so much appropriation. And I can remember going into waiting rooms disputed doctor when I was in high school and so forth. And there'd be twenty. People in a waiting room and tell you outlived in this state since 86. I've never seen twenty people in the doctor's waiting room I thought that was normal. People want to say cap McCain did the doctor a lot of the doctor just sit tackle. Were kept rotated. We're gonna move to work four days a week. You had a way that's. Happens that happens truthfully we dentists. In Britain. And I haven't named a horrible problem people sing dentists and Britain's got ahead. You had talked to resolve this is what 4045. People waiting and I've got good friends up in Camden but lived there in the once. I mean in some of these guys owned business loose. And our world to do they cannot find a primary care physician I kid you not. Yeah I. I'm more liberal on a lot of in a lot like telling the American. People as this is a disastrous system. I'm telling you I lived through yeah my mother lived throughout my father lived through it. If you. This is not a way you wanted to go talk about rationing body should talk about waiting lunch talk about not being able to see someone. Yeah it's three. It's three because we've taken out here paychecks it's taxed and another missed about a Canadian health care system it's not national. Yeah that's well each. Problems are then sent they're all in the Ontario where I lived it was cold oh yeah. And you pay for that your paychecks they start to say the very first job I had. I couldn't believe the amount of money it was taken out my paycheck. For all hip in terms. It's. I'm just telling you mark. There yeah all all all battle with you on the other subjects but not on this one. I do all right Max I appreciate your call my friend well ladies and gentlemen. That is where we're headed and I can look into this new proposal by Lindsey Graham and Ron Johnson some of the others. As they claim it's the last to best effort. To get rid of obamacare. And so I wanna take a look at this overnight but I will be right back. OK things. Heartbreak hotel. This turmoil in America let alone around the world outside in the style. Every day we we hear about risks have talked about them for months now geopolitical. Cyber risk continue to be in the news every day. You know no matter where you turn there's serious risks that are effect generalized more than we think. And we need to take them very seriously and we need to be prepared for. Take the steps to protect yourself now this year prepared for the future. Gold has survived financial devastation and wars natural disasters currency failures. For thousands of years. It's better to gain peace of mind now on the looking back and wishing. You know gee I should have done. So do it now. Now for a limited time gold mine is offering price protection. For three months on orders his lowest 2500 dollars that's really great deal. It's an amazing special. From gold mine. It's been a wonderful sponsor for many years give them a call 1877365. Point. Be sure to read very important risk information. To be sure buying gold is right for you. 1877365. Corn. Went 8773652646. Yes I have gold. I'm glad I do gold coins that I got from Kohl's line. Think it's very very important. What. How did that happen how did I lose my call screen. I had this debate this and counting on unity issue wisdom and prudence who shall I speak to him. Tammy in Illinois serious satellite go. Mark it not an otter to talk with you I am on my list every day on my way home from work I pray for you I thank god for you your Richard Klein. Thank you so much. Thank you very much. I am I am not a woman who cut his mark but I am telling you as being too liberal make me cut. Miami sound stupid don't they. I mean I felony and they just go on and on like dummies. And you'll have been hated to very nicely yeah it was wasn't easy. Listen I want to ask I just want somebody to tell me. Who in the heck does not have health care. I worked for a literacy program. In the inner city of Decatur Illinois. Where I teach adults. To read and do match. I I also have an EF self teaching non native speakers just speak English every one of them mark. Can go to the emergency room they have health care they they they can take their child their child how the car. And they take them to the ER. I have hundreds of students. I have never heard one of them say I can't go I can't take my child they don't have hell I don't have health care. Care. In fact people cross the border to get health care in America. Are people come here illegally in many countries in many cases I've talked to many doctors. And people who can't afford it. Come from a lot of them come north attic Canada because they can't wait a year for particular procedure. It's ridiculous and I am sitting here on and get paid very little to teach these people could work grant funded program and I eight. I never go to the ER. I mean when Michael I was raising my kids I literally I waited and waited and waited because I knew I took on a boat and cost me an Carmela. And I won once. Things that perplexing to me. Is that there are millions of people in this country who distrust government run. And yet conversely. They trust that would life and death decisions like health care. How do you explain that they think they're gonna get something for free they think they're getting at something subsidize I think that's part of that they think somebody else is gonna pay for something. So that they don't like the government they don't like to pay for things. I know and I'm having a very difficult time looking these student in the eye without going. I am paying for European health care yeah look at me I don't cut mark I don't caught I don't cut. While every now and then try to while Kelly hi my friend. That's not I'm just kidding you sound great Tammy I appreciate it cause god bless you and pennies from Illinois the land of little Dick Durban. Is to be the land link announced the land a little bit better. And LA Albuquerque, New Mexico serious satellite go. Hey mark how are yeah I'm I didn't actually eight Hispanic conservatives here in New Mexico and actually have Elliott who lives in Australia my life and death. In order to receive a pacemaker in Australia pretty people who think that there healthcare is so great. You actually have to have a sustained heart rate. Thirty beats a minute for ninety days with an extra thirty days so modern way to complete. In order receive a pacemaker. After she got that piece acre industrial sewing away at least three months. Yes green situated three months so you may not survive. Right exactly which you have to have a documented so it had to be had to be in the 33 and. I know and this has happened this is now. This is how they don't this is how they cut costs go ahead. Well exactly so and then you have to have a verification. Thirty more days so Hewitt. A 120 days as she received her pacemaker checked got a pacemaker that would even sold in the United States. Reason I know the desire and the health care provider in the United States also. John's. Though I tell you little secret. Under Medicare today. More more senior citizens are being pushed out of hospitals faster and faster did you know that Louis. Well absolutely and people talk about the VA system like Colin to beat them also Wear it and if people wanna go to single Payer. System that they need to sit down and talk to veteran in between Kate and which I do and talk to our regularly thanks for your car ladies and gentlemen we're gonna move along. Discusses Q other issues I'll be right back. A closer look at unlimited data plan and we. Are not at T-Mobile. Unlimited data with the Texans v.s already included and right now get more lines of the Dana what are that works for forty bucks and commercial go to. Go ahead take a closer look and you'll see nobody to unlimited like T-Mobile don't we bring it to a T-Mobile or call 1800 mobile. And 3% users. 32 gigs a month he noticed Purdue beat. He's here. I'm totally underground. Heat from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leave it there. Hello everybody mark living here are numbers. 877381. Create 11877381381. When banks he follows. Look at seventeen and eighteen mr. Pickens and Nancy. Pelosi. Pacific glad gala Saturday and that's TL ADT. And let's listen to her as she speaks at seventeen go. Actually these blessed that the large Yeltsin BTQ community. And has strong history of legacy of advocacy for people right. We're very proud of her feel like I don't. Obama was so very much a part of them. Now with a different President Obama. We're fighting could be something called the east. Quality and a historic concert comprehensive bill and. And I will continue to do everything in our power to end discrimination in the work place finish every other aspect of life. That ensures that all American families. Are used equally in the eyes of the law. I think a plus I'm. The only thing. Can we use in our schools. And in our society. I'm okay. Well I think that package innovation. Must be about inclusion and that's what Kenyans about. Sam all men are right. All right all right. Stop ballooning our kids and she's is out to be too cute very very quickly. And she's can all these great applause. And yesterday issues on Capitol Hill. And she years but you've listened fears have cut eighteen go. So here we are. Nine miles then Manuel Miranda. Then Amman on Monday as the great creative talent and then my mom Brenda took a story and rap album I'm. And imbued with a fresh life and infectious spirit. The monolith continue iMac apple Angel and crudely. Truly convinced we celebrate Manuel Miranda a man gifted it by the news of history. Thank you limo. That's isn't. It's Lin Manuel Miranda. Area are Miranda. Went around and and thank you. Think that's an applause talk to a plus I'm by the way. I write this is not an applause line ladies and gentlemen. California wants to be a sanctuary state. And this is the state they gave us the great Ronald rang and this is a state that elected. Pete Wilson governor twice. The great duke nature and governor twice. Now here's the thing. He really wasn't that long ago. When the pundits went all the brainy acts that all the think tanks were telling us that Republican presidents will be elected as far as the Ike that's. Because don't have California locked up Texas locked up in Florida locked up. And then of course the rest of the State's football have those Big Three for a the Democrats said we better do something. It started with judges. Who changed the immigration policies of the state. He went from there. In California now is essentially a one party state. And not just a one party state very radical. Democrat party one party state extremely rent. It's spending itself from the bankruptcy it's choking off the Republican areas of the state particularly the army Marines. Like central. And eastern parts of California. So you basically have Sacramento. San Francisco and Los Angeles. Controlling the entirety this thing. And more more people who vote Republican or our core conservative leaving the state in and in many cases they were born in this state they where. There multiple generations from the state and you know when I'm at the Reagan library and meet them and of course I lived a short period in California both my kids live in California my granddaughter does. My son in law. And you can see what's happen. Every radical Kook left wing idea. Is codified. In California statutes or regulations. And there's really not a damned thing conservatives slash Republicans can do that. You know one party state. But I do salute. And tip my hat. That the conservatives who remaining California and do fight. And they fight at the local level and they fight at the congressional level and they do everything they can and that's a good thing. But California is pushing to becoming centuries to. This from the Mercury news the latest version of senate bill 54 would allow federal immigration officers to interview people in custody. That they can no longer have permanent office space in jails according to information verified by senate leader. Kevin daily arms office who wrote the bill the changes would also exclude state prisons remain either requirements would expand the list of crimes that would be exempt. From some of the bills keep revisions and amendments sought by some. A law enforcement groups as well as brown. So as they point and it hot air John Sexton. Brown reached an agreement the California senate leader Leon dealing you know whenever. Which would make California a century state. It still prohibits the proposed law enforcement officers from asking people about their immigration status. Participating in Border Patrol activities arresting people on civil immigration warrants are acting as deputized immigration enforcement agents. It still would restrict the ability California law enforcement officers to notify federal immigration agents. About the immigration status as some detainees had to transfer some inmates in the federal custody. They make concessional law enforcement and longer list of crimes to be exempted from those restrictions. Such as felony assault convictions was in the previous fifteen years while I was a gimme. Now the bill would also require California schools hospitals libraries in courthouses to restrict enforcement of federal immigration laws. The primacy. All this is being done to block what is seen as increased deportation activity by ice under the trump administration. And so we have an entire state our largest. Which is moving towards centuries stance which is an illegal status. That nullify federal law. That notifies federal law there was a time. When the courts were concerned about this they're not concerned about it anymore you can nullify federal law if the purpose of nullifying federal law. Is to advance a radical left agenda. Now they claim this is federalism no that's not federalism federalism is a constitutional. At that deposition or idea. Nullification is nothing political of the constitution is not legal. It's the Democrats are back to their old tricks of nullification this vilification or something that they promoted during the year. Pre civil warrants civil war periods. And of course the secession talking California is hot. And growing. Which of course is another a throwback to the pre civil war and civil war period the Democrats are up to their old tricks in this Rica. Don't believe in the union unless they get everything they want all the time. It's sad what's happening California and and the leftist gun nests and they've done this and a number of states they've done any California beating Colorado I remember the time Colorado. Was say dark red state. Reliable red state. The same can be said for other states. But not anymore look at Virginia. Virginia. For a long period of time was old reliable red state now it's a purple state moving blue. You simply cannot continue to lose the state. And expend to what expect to win national election. You just can't. And obviously when we lose Florida as we did when Obama ran. You can't win as a Republican. Now the Democrats are focused on Texas because they know if they turn Texas the game's over. Electoral College no Electoral College popular vote no poppy doesn't match. They get California they get Texas they add New York they have these big big states there's no. You know combination of states in numbers that can deliver. And victory through the Electoral College or the popular and of course a Florida goes in the you know the same thing that's icing on the cake. But their focus very heavily on on Texas now ironically. Mean that people leaving California going to Texas not all obviously but many. And so many respects. In my view that's helping Texas. But there will be a time. If the immigration patterns keep up if the legalization of illegal aliens that pattern keeps up. Whether it's stock whether it's something else Texas we'll go. Democrat. And it's over. Electorally it's over. I'll be right back. Open. The next big grave ladies and gentlemen he's heard some talk about it but we're starting to see some movement now. The voting of non citizens in local elections. Maybe it'll spread the state election. In and the game is over two is it. This in a Washington compost Maryland politics non citizens can now voting College Park, Maryland while hoping living in College Park, Maryland will you folks. Maybe we should all just go there and vote on election. And the have to be in non citizen about have been furious citizen. From another state can you vote we can all just kind of flood the place. Throughout the mayor's throw out the whatever they've got there their counsel. Put in some conservatives and then go home. The Washington suburb of College Park, Maryland on Tuesday became the largest US city to allow non citizens to cast ballots in municipal elections. After a divided City Council vote that deflected the nation's heated and emotional debate over illegal immigration now that's interest and is there a debate in this country that illegal whaling should vote. No but this is the yet propaganda in the stupidity of the washed and compost. Unlike most other states Maryland allows towns and cities to decide for themselves who can vote in local elections. Recent year high it's the Al Mount Rainier Tacoma park and several smaller towns of extended their privileged to non citizens you know. Offense to conservatives real patriots and Marilyn but. When I moved to this area I made it abundantly clear to my family I'm not moving in the Merrill. With their taxes would dig gun control and now this. You'd have to be adding a month. College Park home to about 32000. In the university of Maryland's flagship campus will join them. Starting. 2019 at College Park says seeing now is where the University of Maryland is based. The decision to allow undocumented immigrants. Even there the language is really change in exchange and it's like you blink and it's no big deal undocumented immigrants. So it's illegal aliens. Student visa holders and residents for the green cards now they can vote. Comes eight to eight months into a crackdown on illegal immigration by trumps what trumps four. And one week after his administration said it will wind down a deportation relief program free boat dock. But he said he's not gonna deport these people so they go more propaganda from the washed and compost. Makes you wanna sit down would dinner for with a Schumer and Pelosi have ideal. Count them and you better watch the civil where their Mr. President I don't trust that Schumer for two seconds. Watch the self aware. Council members and activists who support the measures said it would send a message that College Park is a welcoming community for all residents regardless of legal status. That's the message the message is. Let's get the hell out of this town before it's too light real estate values crashed because we have a City Council that out of its mind. That's crazy is hale. Even if it weren't for the national context of the important press devoted supported non citizens voting. Since former mayor Andrew fellows one of thirty people to speak during the four hour meeting we should experiment in. Inclusive Eddie wherever we possibly can not exclusivity stupidity you moron. On both sides tensions flared with some of the audience booing speakers in the mayor at one point. Declaring that there was not a competition to see who can clap allowed us. I came here to have a civil discourse and I was called a Nazi Sedrick Hudson who opposed to allowing non citizens to vote. That's right if you oppose noncitizens voting your obviously part of the Third Reich. Wanna put people in concentration camps is no question about it. People are afraid to speak one way or another on this issue. And it goes on one to Chris after another. But they voted for it and the vote was four to three. In this we'll start to catch fire this would become part and another civil rights movement you don't think so oh yes just like the bathroom thing. What do you mean just the boys they go to because from the Garros go to the boy's room and you self identify. That's insanity that I'll never happen. And the Fiat comes down from the department of no education. AKA the department of illiteracy. Yes we are for now want. What are. And by the way Department of Education OAS ordering that for now want. Boys can use girls' rooms and goes can use boys' rooms that they self identified. Biological and biological reality is live. No relevant. Sue Damascus Merrill did a great WM AR Harry used to. I had soon. I've held on the suit Christian moderate. Park California on the market and an act quickly go. I gave up our order to actually my first call in radio show and I'm glad. The first one. Well so you re virgin radio caller well welcome yes exactly I think. I'm my concern that from California young so that they wanted to draft apart they brought. I totally agree with your bet. You know looking away from California would just turn that state more more oil. And well you know my home born great and I wanna stay here and it turned back to rat. Well we can all move to Mexico and change that countries to be ever thought of that. That's definitely why not play and main news just bring your own water and a bulletproof vest. Yeah I think that's great location for a stumble at how much our commission Monterey Park some very nice areas. And it really pop up our Asian community so. Very nice and yet. Janet and I Christian thanks Rick off let's go back to sushi there from Damascus met. Not only is there yes. Yeah right. And yes I can't. I change. I don't find it. Could you wonder about discovering Americana and entry all the work you put industry actually being. Up. And items. And actually gets every American that it might have a book on it and I also have done hardcover book. And I find. You're indispensable to me to be the first Jewish guy. I'm what is happening in the country and understand things send our country room Keokuk on the back of child form last month. And you've kept things in one I gonna have to hold you over because he caught my interest with Hughes said something and so hold on suit don't forget your head sentence that I wanted to pick up right there. We'll be right back. De Bartolo let me show. National at 8773813811. By the national maybe that's what we do. Sometimes we get into a local. All right folks I need to talk about something very important. There's a huge misconceptions surrounding the United States concealed carry association right now and I need to clear things. You don't need you're CCW permit to be protected. When you carry your gun or keep it under lock and key at home you don't need self defense insurance. The story about body the army vet who was arrested on his own property just for defending his family. If you're still thinking that you'll be declared it good guy when an attack happens in your home you're leaving your family vulnerable. There'll always be an investigation and that means bail money and lawyer feature family shouldn't have to pay but here's the goodness. That is you can Childress south immediately immediately with the US CCA membership. Activate today you know getting 75 dollar range completely free that's right it's a great range bag. 75 dollar value completely free. So it's limited edition as well. But you have to Harry there's only a limited amount and they're gonna go fans. So act right now carry over to defend them dot com to secure your free range bag and get your protection. That's defend them dot com defend them dot com. I want to go back to sue in Damascus Marilyn the great WN me out so sue what you sent. I want to say that I can't remember what chapter was that you talked about. Morality. And the senate centering and government knew I had one lying in there that's had its entire citizenry. Is without and I am I'm in the car so I don't have a urbane and a citizen you've read them loses it's a very chewed no government and fix. No government will be able to save it from Jeremy let's can I. Trying taunted me off all the way up from Charleston, South Carolina. And when I got act. You know put on not audiobook content live content I'm not I do have CR TV which I absolutely. Would encourage everyone to get. I listened to it every day I watch it while I'm at the gym I tell my friend and exercise my body and exercising my mind. What that mean I'm actually I don't think I have read about. They're meant so much to me I can't spot and I want to thank you so much riding at lunch. Yeah it only took me sixteen months and virtually every night and weekend that I had the thank you. An amazing book and it doesn't matter what political ideology. Your reader has its. Own work history. And collapsed a street and what you get when you finished up well. If you realize how lucky you are that. You know and universal won't that I can you apply in this great country you realize how wonder why are sounding others who are. I documents. Are actually you know if I don't cannot thank you I'm not tricked up park and I would encourage people that go out and I got by and I'm not only read that book mark I have embraced. That bucket become part of. Now you're an and so you're really really generous and kind and I don't know you write so I just want to make it clear this is in a set up call. I don't know each other then. Well I wanna thank and by the way. It's a tough book I mean you got to take your time and listen to the audio are actually read it you may wanna go back and read some of the other. Phrases I've written or some of those things other people have sent ranked. Yeah exactly and some. It it's just took that and indeed she did the reader you're not do it step by step it without bouquet not just. Passionately reading it and you know you are an integral part of that pop up book expression when new. Two and yeah maybe I'm talking like English major I want it. I just cannot. Markets mean much to me and I I encourage my friend about it. And I encourage them to do actually because I again and I know you Pratt trick shot. But every single one of those issues are fantastic. Italian very content. Here very very kind. The only reason I'm really like listening this whole night of course is because probably the Leslie the people listening on Reyes Aaron enough sorry but I wanna thank you said. And what I'll do is I'll send you a signed copy of rediscovering Americanism and I really really appreciate you take care. And it's had an effect like that on many many people. People send me notes can at the office actually kittens when their mind I'd get up and get a number of notes. But I also get stuff like this. People commenting on my FaceBook visiting here here's a visitor cabin in the Mickey talent stop that mark. Hey guess what that that Tyler tips you can Pelosi I can handle no more sir with all due respect. And I understand what he's saying he's actually good guy. People don't want me calling out trump. They just don't want me calling trump. Folks I am not. A lap dog for any politician I've never been to the White House would trump. I've never abandon Mara Largo would trump I've been redundant whenever and his New Jersey place with trump. He used to call me I liked him very very much not often. And I still like him very very much it's not a matter of like with me I think he's a really. Cool guy I really didn't. But you know when he's cutting deals with the with people who truly are a way out there. And the deals are not good deals well of course I mean somebody's gonna have to speak up and put pressure on him. Not gonna surrender. Let's get almost fifty years but 45 years of my belief system and values and so forth and just not gonna do it. I know all the cheerleaders are out there all the pomp bombs and rockets. Are others who are cowards are afraid of their own shadows afraid affect their ratings I call him as I see him I've been doing this a long time. And you folks in my audience. You are very very loyal and I am blessed to have you I am blessed to have. Patrick Mansfield Texas. The great WB AT don't. Trademarks or just Patrick first I wanna say well here to be a lot of other shows while there's another I appreciate it. This is a great win tonight by the way has to do like to. Yeah incidentally how halt checked out. So. The other yeah Sergey this is speaking a lot about how Trump's recent deal. When it and policy in shimmer. And by the way there's going to be more than any government and I think we're not that surprised that. It is democratic tendencies are turned come out. So. The bad media obviously outweighs the good for president trump. Trump loves. Good coverage. But more importantly that we can want to name contact. You know and and the Republican Party is not thinking anything obviously he's not an ideal art. So the Democrat particular advantage of and happened on Milton Frieden and then slightly. And I remember him talking about how. Not electing the right people but making it politically profitable for all the wrong people would do right thanks. Yeah. So. Trumpeted obviously the wrong guy. We want to do the right bank. So. It really is the president rightly that is. Wouldn't that it's good news that's better than Hillary obviously exactly. But. You know so that it boat put Tron and the GOP's most of those people or the wrong people Republicans server. But I mean the Republicans. Obviously that platform and. Here with what trump is doing what is important is saying is this. Personal but trashing conservatives who dare to say hey what the hell's going on here. In the using the typical liberal propaganda and platitudes to attack conservatives. In on your purist you know you're out of touch united I'll represent mostly people actually we did. But that's said. And then the other is that this is some kind of a genius strategy isn't genius strategy cutting deals which Schumer and Pelosi. Any moron can do it. And I don't get then they'll get 90% of what they want in the last case again a 100% of what they want it. The EP real hard work. Is going over the heads of the entrenched politicians and bureaucrats in Washington which is what Reagan did it. And the really hard work is revolutionizing. And reforming the Republican. And trump doesn't Linda he's not in it and then that today he's been calling himself he's a conservative over and over again he said. And yet his supporters say he's never said he was a concert so we get these mixed messages and this is what happens when you're not bored to certain principles. And so when you're cutting deals and you're making deals if you're not coming at that with a with a certain. Sat hard and fast principles. And the other side it. Because they're radical progressives. We will be on the losing side at least this cents a. You came out for them as Ron Paul put would need. All right my friend I appreciate your call. Emma San Jose California the great KS FO Harriet. And Dario I'm fine thank you go right ahead. Flopped so. I'm eighteen and I'd been living in California my whole life. Ford generation my family have lived here and now I look at it and I don't think I'll be able to afford it or I want to live here. And it's economy the morning. A big problem but you know one of the great things we have in this country is mobility and I wrote about that and they've been Ian Cheney. And that's really what keeps it it's one of the things he keeps the country together. So if the state becomes truly oppressive. You can get up to move to another state and you can see that all over the country it happens all the time. Certain state your being be populated you could look at Illinois. Excuse me New Jersey California. Excuse me gap Californians some respects. New York. In other states are being populated and that would include Texas and Florida and a so forth so it's sad you don't wanna leave your home you don't wanna leave Blair for generations your family grow up. You don't have. That you I have to depending on the circumstances I'm sorry and I know. You're eighteen yeah. Yeah I get worried about they're out with the Internet state because I look at how much money they're spending on pensions and everything and simply doing what. California's gonna go bankrupt in at the Democrats control the Fed federal government they will. Bail out California and thinking at the start bailing out a lot of these Blue States and some of these red states to weigh heavy responsible governors. Like K like Spacek is irresponsible governor he's dragged Ohio. Through trickery. Into the Obama and Medicaid of this and one day Ohio will go bankrupt as a result of that class. I took it it affected them much and I feel a bit irresponsible when politicians. Path proposal how bad intent but yet they pay for them because. At some point when you can't pay back that debt young young generation like mine and the one public offer. You know I wrote an entire book on this so I wanna send it to you OK don't hang up it's called plunder and the seats. And we will and you tea signed copy of that so don't hang up. I'll be great thank you much specifically for young ladies like him you're very very welcome we'll be right back. And. Yeah and it. Call me advance sale. Media purchased directory publishing sometimes I think and realized that. And I've had a lot of those red three authors on the program usually very very solid people I had not made that connection before. Very very good to know. That's are you hiring. You know what a poster job to find the best candidates. You know as a recruiter he can push tree job to 100 plus job sites which just one click. Then they're powerful technology efficiently matches the right people in your job better than anyone else. That's why zip recruiter is different unlike other job site zip recorder doesn't depend on candidates finding new it finds them. In fact 80% of employers who posted job as a recruiter get a quality candidate through the site within one day. No juggling emails or calls to your office simply screen rate to manage candidates all in one place. Was zip recruiters easy to use dashboard. Find out today white zip recruiter has been used by businesses of all sizes to find the most qualified job candidates with the immediate results. And right now listener that my listeners you can post jobs unzip recruiter for free that's right three. Just coated zip recruiter dot com slash Levine. That zip recruiter dot com slash LE VI and one more time to try it for free. Now you've heard me talk about it jumpin. Zip recruited dot com slash. LE VIN that's an event. I'd. I'd go Matthew Dallas Texas the great WBA pago. Mr. Obama and our planet think it's like you're getting a call thank you senate. Congress cut. They'd let you walk off on the point that you make and how if anybody opposes illegal or undocumented immigrants that putter. If they're column acting like this and argued that you're are hypocritical here and there. The current school districts the iron close about the billion dollar of the year. Educate undocumented non English speaking in his wallet and other black community like 00. Yet school like Tokyo at school and a bigger load type school here in the high school state. They shot down on all over the years or lack of funding or literally has solve our school literally had. Building cold air was able it was not safe for the student to go to school where I didn't think they're hypocritical. This way they're not giving this on the Internet illegal immigrants is this late shift when they are bigger though that don't tradition nobody. This is a problem it's a big problem because local communities have limited resources they can keep raising taxes all they want they have limited resources. It drains it out of the community of drains it out of the school system drains and at a law enforcement trains and at a health care like hospitals and so forth. And you know I had to discuss this. You know I'm not allowed to discuss. Yeah but it is absolutely there's absolutely I learned that you know you got a guy like. The Pope will district includes state and a little Ali you know each even try to make the stuff and look good look cool out. City Council to have a shirt should be aware of that option Trout that's been going on about it local. Officials. If you just massive air they try to know. I'm neither here nor there metric the federal expected but it is ballot that was trying to goal and basically fabricate the whole taking now will probably be statue. At least part they voted for him you know that's that's the perceived that. He he showed up. For the ball and it kind of al-Qaeda the bottom kind of fell out of it is trying to. I tried to respect Hal actually boring listen apps and argue that even. All right Matthew appreciate Chicago man you've to think kicker. Jolie Norfolk Virginia serious. And like Harry you. Mr. mark absolute pleasure first time ever all of them you've really hit a nerve where the conversation with the VA. And then having the liberals the progressive come on and try to explain away. But certainly for years in the navy other submariner. Combat diver and hybrid type thing medically discharged. Our strong military and I'm currently traveling from Alford Virginia. To the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville because look terribly cabbage absolutely. Unacceptable. The priority that we get unacceptable. That actual level. Here we get unacceptable. Waiting lines two and 34 marks. It is getting to a point where people don't realize we're losing 22 veterans day. Just suicidal and it has everything to do look what they have. Joseph there. But also just as much as that what they are not being held. To deal wit and everybody feel good story to my grandfather told me coming back from Vietnam and not being welcomed back. To be in that you are national out that he's only concern that European national asset. You know yeah I mentioned a long time ago and thank you for your savers you know. And some have picked up on a but I don't know that they've done it that there needs to be a voucher system you know I. Landmark legal foundation for years litigated for a voucher system report kids particularly minority kids in minority neighborhoods to be able to go to an area schools and may not be the ones down the street. And I said the same thing and with the veterans and the VA. You know give these guys and gals. Vouchers and let them picture that you know hospitals and doctors were they would like to go. And don't keep them in this system you know some people live there they're they're local hospital V aids and in a lot of don't. Kelli thank you man we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. I hope you'll enjoy living TV tonight. And I'll see Amare on the radio god bless you eat well. Hi there is more you Moreland Morrison here to you Geico has more than just great saving much. Yes wall Geico could help you racked up more mullah faster than you can say more success they've also been the fastest growing auto insurer for more than ten years. 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