9/11/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mark Levin
Monday, September 11th

History is crucial to understanding the future, which contains the good, the bad, and the ugly. There are many young people who don’t remember 9/11 or don’t know anything about it. They need to know what took place because the next 9/11, and there will be another one, could well involve nuclear ...


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If you're already CR TV subscriber I hope you've lot the past few episodes as much as I've enjoyed making them. The Libyan TV team and I went to the Reagan presidential library in Simi Valley, California and we shot a special five part series thank you really need to see. It's available right now on CR TV. So if you haven't subscribed yet this is a great time to start your free seven day trial Reagan's principles his policies and his love for America. Our ideas that we need to remember especially in a moment in time we're liberals wanna start erasing our history. If you haven't seen the five part series yet it's a must see. We had QNA with the incredible crowd a discussion with the Reagan foundation executive director John hide bush and a whole lot more. CR TV is bringing you the truth every day now if you're not a subscriber yet just give us a call right now eight for for living TV. And join the media revolution. Again next 844. LEB I and TV. It's. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leaving the. Hello everybody mark with a and here are number 87738138118773813811. Well folks here's the thing. There's a lot going on today. But as you Norman man of history. I think history is crucial. Crucial to understanding the present and the future. Both the good the band in the now 9/11 occurred sixteen years ago. This morning. So there are many many many young people millions young people who are sixteen years old 1718. Twenty years old who don't remember it I don't know a thing about it. Are people even younger than that. Who weren't even born at the time. So it's important and I spent a little bit of time. What took place on 9/11 and a minute tell you something else when you look at what North Korea's doing and what Iran is doing. And the proliferation. Of a nuclear technology in this world. My concern is the next 9/11 and there will be another 9/11 as we've discussed before. Could well involve nuclear weapons. And it's a very very serious thing. Very. Cryptically when you consider how we've allowed North Korea to get to the position it's in today particularly when you consider that the past president. Essentially arm the Iranian regime. And there's a big deal. And so I want younger people as well as the rest of us. To know what took place on 9/11 to remember what took place on nine elevenths. And we're gonna discuss other things today. But we're also in a discuss this. And it is very difficult to that. When you hit it transmissions. From the FDA in line. From the NYPD. From the airlines and so forth. And we're gonna do that. First and what you hear the transmission. When American Airlines flight 77. The one that hit the Pentagon. Fell out of communication and air traffic trawl. Let's start with cut seventeen go. American families have your departure frequently will be 125 points you'll. Quite pretty girls have and I don't. Obama about the third on the way. Learn that. I've intended heaven knows what you're the kind that kind of maintain its. And it got to know if I didn't want to get it out and I don't know at. I. American civic Democrat I bought but I won 33 point 27. It's. It was. Battle are. 100 Peron. Do you. American 77 not climbing climbing maintain my level to a record Euribor. Well I well he's. Yeah he's 17720. Her right back there behind me. About it. We'll. You. America. Or help or hurt Crocker are adhered to 77 director maintains a little behind your Australian yeah. Everybody all. American betting Benetton and maintained by DoubleTree by zero. I rewrote murderer or. We'll. 177. Hitter egg doesn't sound good. However I want to work program. Yeah. Are 177 days. I'm very gifted 77 American ended. America in the 77 American and you're ready check heavier in the America 177. American radio check that eerie it. The ball. Do. They have. This is that Henderson Greg advantage. He's done I don't know what happened to I'm trying to everybody how are worried about her blazers had to turn the job than us now my mom I don't know how did you shatter what he's doing must now is it that Edwards out of the 35. We'll just let me go OK I'll take it all over thank. And Ito was going on that continent. Chip Burlingame was the pilot and his co pilot they were fighting for their lives in the refining for the lives of their passengers for six minutes. In that cockpit they were fighting for sixth minutes. To the death. Era unarmed. And you know what happened that chance. It's flown into the Pentagon. Here is a short montage of some of the 9/11 calls. That were made on that day cut nineteen go. And the fire department or wade led the client. But yeah I had a terrible thing we'll have fail more empathetic voices out there I wouldn't win they'll come up began to get it from outside the windows stuff. I wanna let it. Yeah I don't want a leg up and I. OK I don't think you can windows open and you can open up windows and it did I it's gonna be allowed to make it quite gone down I don't know I don't regret it okay. It's like today I just didn't want to like hit it OK okay. Oh OK and I don't seventh floor heavy smoke okay that's. The latest thinking on third and somebody that they immediately. Everyone's been confidential. OK okay I've not had any help rebuild. OK if you breathe and OK I think just relax and try to stay calm and keep them both the target I think turned it if you sooners can't. I thought you had a typical bleeding and I don't think for the part of our that I. A little later that I'm okay 31 legalized alcohol in the line we hear he. Even had to pull up okay. In ST NY. Fire department in New York transmissions on that day cut eighteen go. OK okay. Company into an area. We have no OK. Okay look like they're playing I was aiming for the stability of its. It's. It's. Okay come good yeah. One of the. It's. Very. It's the it's. I think you know what I'm OK I think I'm. Everything. It's right now. OK let them go into his. So we had no contact with anybody at its. Yeah okay. Saying. Okay. It's. And CE. It's the and. Things have high it's. True city. Okay. You know. Can't answer your take on the. Tracing. It's. Hi yeah. Don't know. Okay. It's right. Any debris and here's people panic in the car and Bentley yeah. Okay. Yeah I'm. Okay. Yeah. Those tools. Innocent civilians. It's horrible. It's wow. Okay. Relief. I hear her. Bring her fishing here this holy. Yeah. Being. It's. Thousands of lives were suddenly into my evil despicable acts of terror yeah. Scribe to return to restore itself. And that's the last time she talked TE. Okay. No real. Filling. Okay. OK. So we. She's okay. Yeah. Okay great. Okay. Yeah. OK okay. Okay. Okay. Only minutes. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Zandi. Yeah. No. I. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. And we're. Yeah. It's. It okay. Okay. Okay. He relevance of 9/11 as relevant today. And I am. And I grave concern is that when we are hit again and we will be any candidate will be absolutely catastrophic. As catastrophic as 9/11 was the first. The problem is the enemy has some more advanced weaponry. Beyond conventional weapons this this is why I cannot oblige the code pink Republicans who seem to think. That we're responsible for our enemies. That we'd somehow Mara. Idea but there are creating the provocations. And that though all we need to do is withdraw. And put our hands and this is in the sand like ostriches and so putting all will be well. Or they accuse you wanting war. Being interventionist and so they sound like the old George McGovern craft they really do. They sound like the old Georgian Democrat. And yet they pretend to support the military. They don't support the military and they don't support national security. Is that simple. Went right in front of our face. To regimes. And it said they wanted to destroy our country and blow up percent. One of them now has one estimate. Sixty. Sixty nuclear weapons. And others fast approaching getting in nuclear weapon and that's Iran. Korea and Iran and both of which are working with. As a result of one administration after another. Doing exactly what the code pink Republicans claim they want us to do now. Pacifying. To some extent in appeasing to some extent the north Koreans who lie all the way. To their nuclear technology. The Iranians doing the same thing except. In the case the Iranians. We the president by the name of Iraq no house Obama. Who left formula. For effectively I'm the physically I think that's the stuff. More on that when I return. This show. Where we create the talking points called and now. 87738138011. Millions of American lives. Could be at stake is North Korea threatens to attack our power grid now how long we've been talking about that. Both eleven TV and on the radio. Look what's going on and started and it's quite serious people who are still out there Harry Kahne wasn't as bad that's because they don't live there. If the state doesn't have electricity that's a big deal. Particularly in a state that's as hot as Florida. And is as many senior citizens and Florida. And has hospitals and so forth. It's a very big deal. And of course a lot of homes were destroyed a lot of communities were destroyed. So. You know and that I'd love people who sit on the sidelines 20/20 hindsight and start telling us this set in the other. What was annoying meet leading after the storm was the when and where these climate change a mouthpiece is out there. And yet in the middle of them tell us telling them telling us about climate change most of them journalists quote unquote host quote unquote Hollywood types quote unquote politicians. They couldn't tell us at the damn thing was gonna hit the East Coast for the west. And all their models how to going up to the East Coast and then suddenly like three days before. Oh look it's gone up the West Coast everybody know. Can't predict can't get. But we can predict the weather fifty years from now we can predict the ocean I spent years that was my point it's so ridiculous we'll get to that later. But the code pink Republicans are much like the coat paint Democrat. The difference in what one respect as the code pink Republicans claim to want America to be first. America first. And yet they blame America first when it comes to our national security and foreign policy. They blame America for the wars and I believe we were attacked on 9/11 ladies and gentlemen. We attacked before that on the at the Twin Towers. We've attacked before that in Lebanon. And I go on or not. I don't understand this mentality this schizophrenic mentality of the coat paint Republicans who claimed to be. And support America's first house so. Exactly how some. Mark or not the world's policeman who said we are. We have to protect us. And there are out enemies. Who were able to violate our immigration system because how lousy it is. We're able to get on our planes even today despite the TSA. And now. We're looking defiant nuclear weapons in north cities. And the answer is. To dissing gate. Is that not stupid. The banning any of the John McCain types in the Lindsay grant types. Every time there's a conflict they say send in the Marines sent in the army sent in the air force sent an aircraft carrier stupid. That's irresponsible. But with the code pink Republicans like it did is throw you on Meehan with a back. These radical interventionist. We're not radical interventions we believe and prudence. Prudence. Google. So the code pink Republicans are ideologues and the John McCain radical intervention is there ideological and I we're not ideologues at all. We're traditionalists. We believe you have to have. Policies and plans. In ideas ready. For all kinds of contingencies. If you're an ideologues about this other code pink Republican. The code pink Democrat. Where radical interventionist. You're gonna miss that. Gonna mess things. An excellent piece in the Washington compost. Believe it or not by mark's piece of he says would last weekend's surprise nuclear test North Korea's reach the final stage. That's crash course to develop some own nuclear weapons. They can reach and destroy American cities. So why are we not on a crash course to protect our cities from North Korean nuclear missiles answered. Because for more than thirty years Democrats have done everything in their parent to prevent obstruct or delay ballistic missile defense. Opposite this is important just like the history the Democrat party when it comes to the confederacy. Opposition to missile defense has been an article of faith for Democrats and president Ronald Reagan announced a strategic defense initiative in 1983. Senator Edward Kennedy led the early opposition what Democrats derisively labeled Star Wars announcing missile defense as a mirage. But Raegan move forward with research and development as successor George H. W. Bush. The missile defense on track for deployment with a global protection against limited strikes program. But as soon as Bill Clinton took office he terminated their programming cut national missile defense. Funding by 80%. Clinton also signed an agreement to revive the more about anti ballistic missile treaty which banned the deployment of missile defense systems. They're Republicans took congress and pass the defense bill in 1996 they require deployment Clinton vetoed it on the grounds that there was no threat. Secretary defense William Perry declared we do not need a national missile defense system because. No rogue nation has Intercontinental ballistic missiles if these Howard should ever pose a threat our ability to retaliate. Within overwhelming nuclear response will serve as a deterrent. In other words national missile defense would never be needed even to protect us against the regime such as North Korea. When George W. Bush became president he revitalized missile defense efforts. And withdrew from the ABM treaty Democrats were more upset than the Russians. Joseph Biden declared that thing we remain this that thing we remain the least honorable to you know it's his broken English. Is an ICBM attack from another nation adding. This premise that one day Kim John ill or someone will wake up what 1 morning and say I Haas San Francisco speech. Bush deployed the first ground based interceptors in California Alaska and put in place a plan to deploy 44 interceptors by 2009. He reached a historic agreement will pollen and the Czech Republic to deploy defenses. And dramatically increase funding for these critical programs the first two the airborne laser in the kinetic energy interceptor. Would take out a ballistic missile in the boost phase of flight. The most viable eight minutes when a missile is still over enemy terra. The third the multiple kill vehicle. Would place multiple warheads on our ground based interceptors so instead of hitting a bullet with a bullet. Would it fire five or ten bullets at each target dramatically increasing chances of success. If we continue the bush program of the past eight years when I had a robust array defenses against any North Korean ICBM. We would be able to targeting North Korean missile in the boost based. And if that thing out we can have ground based interceptors armed with hundreds or warheads that could be fired did take it out in mid course but we didn't continue the program. Barack Obama slash funding from ballistic missile defense 25%. And scrap Bush's agreement with Poland and the checks. He reduced Bush's plan from 44 a ground based interceptors to just thirty. He belatedly change course in 2012. After North Korea tested the type on Dong missile. Andy cancel the airborne laser kinetic energy interceptor multiple kill vehicle programs Obama did. As a result North Korea now has eight minutes of unchallenged flight but we have dramatically reduce the chances of hitting in North Korean missile as it descends. On a US city and this goes to the point people say why don't we hit their missiles when they're doing them now. To show that we can't. Because ladies and gentlemen maybe we can and maybe we can't. If we shoot we miss. It's only going to encourage. The the retro pay. Amazingly not taking office president trumps budget continue to Obama's missile defense cuts. Reducing funding by another 300 million dollars. Trump a sense recognize his mistake promising we're gonna be increasing the anti missiles by substantial amount. Time to do so a short. He should immediately delivered to congress an emergency supplemental spending bill that. Speed the deployment of ground based interceptors and he should revive the multi kill vehicle on the airborne laser and kinetic energy intercept there. There were put congress on a long range plan to dip helped build and deploy space based interceptors promised. The code green paint Republicans would oppose. Now this article is good as far as it goes. It's as good as far as it goes because it talks about all this defensive weaponry except when it comes to lasers which I like. And Connecticut kinetic energy interceptors which I like we talked about lasers the other week. But more than that has to be done. More than that has to be done because it's not just North Korea which China. And I'll go through this quickly one more time. So the back entries might. Might repeat it with some hope they will. We need to redeploy 100 nuclear warheads in South Korea we remove them. Join the presidency. Of bush 41 of my recollection. As part of a deal. To make sure that the Korean Peninsula wouldn't be nuclear arise quote unquote. And that was a deal we made in China was all supported it while it has been nuclear rise now by the north. That's number one number two we should encourage and assist the Japanese. In doing exactly the same thing deploying. Intercontinental ballistic missiles midrange. Typically than nuclear warheads. Number three. We should take a carrier fleet. In permanently based in in the South China Sea. To counter both North Korea and those islands that the Chinese have built a stake islands and have militarized. Number four I agree with everything season says here. We should pour. Significant science. And art and eat. When it comes to national security you know because we have. Enormous threats enormous threats from rogue countries. North Korea and Iran and into the China is another. China is another. And so I support those efforts I also support as we talked about the other week. The the expanded use of laser weaponry because that is the true. Super power weapons. In addition I would encourage movements within China. And North Korea but also within China. You tie Communist movements there as well as an Hongkong. Most of you don't know what's going on and Hong Kong but again China is breaking its deal with the UK. And it's trying to devour the the independent courts systems and so forth. Coordinate Chong has talked about this at some some months. Gordon Chang rather. Who's a really really sharp guy and then none. In and I would hit them economically. Not just. North Korea North Korea doesn't care if I 90% of its citizens die except in the military of course. But China. China's economy is weak it's a strong man economy. Its currency is a joke. It props it up its financial system is propped up its stock market has propped up. It's real estate market. Is in a bubble and so they're doing everything they can't protect it. And the only way their currency actually works is by putting on the backs of the American parents had a dollar. So we've enormous power to affect their parity in their banking system which affects their financial system. Reagan wanted to defeat the Soviet Union and that's what he did it. My concern is that past presidents in this president really don't want to defeat China. Regular was told over and over again. Don't do it they have no you know they really take nukes. They've been incredibly powerful conventional military as well and so forth. Regular wanted to defeat. The Soviet Union. He did it and there was no war. And we ought to abide what he was sent his his policies at the time as well. When it comes to China and North Korea. And what this requires is a significant increase in defense spending. Has anybody seen a significant increase in defense spending the president has proposed. But is effectively a 3% increase that doesn't mean garrison. In either Republicans in congress. Well you knew it supporters of that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and cutting deals would trumpet those three have any of them proposed that. I don't think so has the the new system where we don't have any party in trump takes us in a different direction. Caron are we doing anything about this the answer is no we have the goof ball votes in the UN Security Council like that's gonna do anything. It's not gonna do it dance thing. I'll be right back. Hello and. 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Bound and no party trop at trump up Kansai 150 years of two party rule. Here's a New York Post columnist headline. We may be witnessing a turning point in the trump presidency. Here's acts CEOs why trump hopes the new Trump's ex. And there are some clown. Columnist I guess generally read the guy. Who's trashing conservative. Because you know you conservatives out that you never delivered anyway forget about Reagan forget about the end of the Soviet Union forget about reaganomics and could. Grayson 25 million jobs for. At about Scott Lee and boy forget about all that right right right you'd did nothing and you are nothing. And the courts you conservatives who started the Tea Party. Neither Republicans that house the Republicans the senate and where beat trade. In every did anything what good he'll. And the fact you've taken over thirty. Of the state legislatures and over thirty the governorships what are you you know Ted you don't know what went winning is like. Only the Donald does working was Schumer and Pelosi. And I only that. Not only that your party establishment did you know. Oh yes even though you've been spending years fighting in the primaries. Spending years fighting McConnell. We're successful on helping pushing out Boehner have now taken on not Paul Ryan. And I voted many of you for Donald Trump yet you're just establishment now because you're upset rightly so. Eddie cut a deal. But the worst of the work. Worst of the way. Well it's only three months you know. Yeah you know little pea brains that's what they say because. Now removed in December and then January and the election cycle which makes it incredibly more difficult to get anything good done. From a liberty and constitutional perspective I'll be right back. We'll get in this a little bit torque. If you're already CR TV subscriber and I hope you love the past few episodes as much as I've enjoyed making them. The big TV team and I went to the Reagan presidential library in Simi Valley, California and we shot a special five part series that you really need to see. It's available right now on CR TV. So if you haven't subscribed yet. This is a great time to start your free seven day trial Reagan's principles his policies and his love for America. All right he is that we need to remember especially in a moment and timer liberals wanna start erasing our history. If you haven't seen the five part series yet it's a must see. We had few NA with the incredible crowd a discussion with the Reagan foundation executive director John hide bush and a whole lot more. CR TV is bringing you the truth every day now if you're not a subscriber yet just give us a call right now eight for for living TV. And join the media revolution again next 844. LEB I and TV. Gives me. Only underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel. This brick building. We've once again made contact without leaving the other. Anybody mark. Then here are numbered 877. Create one. 3811877381380. 11. Power is out in a wide part of Florida. Really all parts of Florida can't the state of Florida does none of electricity. Ian that would include my house there would include my parents out there. There's been an enormous amount of damage. By people downplay this I don't know. Can beat because of the climate change movement that Sony movement. But one does nothing to do the other. The reality is this is it the horrendous. Parakeet. The other reality yes that is a horrendous fraud the climate change movement. And we'll get to that in a little later. One thing at a time and I covered a lot of territory here will covered again. These headlines. New York Times are bound to no party trapped. Trump up and a 150 years of two party rule. Why because he worked for Schumer and Pelosi. Is that what you folks want. Near post we'd be witnessing a turning point in the trump presidency. Well that's for sure. Natsios. Some new website why trump hopes the new trump sticks. Then many times a kind of shuttle ankle here a new Washington how Schumer is power play led to a deal with. Trump and then you have these really bizarre. Pseudo conservatives. Or can millions. People who used to run in the reform party that Pat Buchanan Huckabee who was a big spending. Fairly liberal governor of Arkansas erase taxes I think has only in times. And others. Think this is a brilliant move it's a brilliant move to cut deals with Schumer and policy. Oh yes yes you teach Republicans a lesson now. He teach the Republicans a lesson. I leading. By forcing McConnell. And Ryan. To folly. When the big mistakes early on this administration was when trump brought in rents preakness as chief of staff and I told him that at the time what the hell is idol that. When he. Did John Boehner as to what the hell does that. In any of these clowns who write these columns or make these statements are. Or give the speech is saying what a brilliant bulldozer because the Republican establishment and I'm not. And I exactly helping track the Republican establishment didn't help write anything. Anyone over everybody's head when he spoke to the American people. And he forced his agenda. He pushed it. He relied on the people. He rely on Howard Baker. The Republican leader. Least part of the time. Fact they had problems. A lot of the Republicans in the sent. Mean Reagan wanted to eliminate the Department of Education he was blocked by Hatfield among others from Oregon. If liberal republic he did so you know what I'm pentagon that Democrats show your rhinos know. He said Dan and I am the president I won by a landslide comet charged this art not yield some congressman. Yield some senator. On the chided his art. So rather than remake if that's what he wants to do rather than remake the party in his own image and I'm not talking about. You know. Personality and that sort of thing I'm talking about substance. Substance. He cuts a deal with the heat beat the you know Schumer and Pelosi who are radical. Progressives. Toll of Fremont the only don't and that's what continuing resolutions either short deals and their problems their big. So we fund Planned Parenthood right Ottawa and whenever. We don't make big big changes that need to be made. And so there's there's a lot of interesting things going on and I wanna talk to union you can work let me on this to try and sort them out. It's my contention. Then it is the Tea Party movement. Call it what you will. The grassroots you folks. Not only the activists among you let the voters among. Who said enough is enough. Enough is enough. In 2010. That's what you sent. When an upper big spending Republicans like bush. And then becomes a bombing isn't enough of that to. And so you rose up and I know you did because I was with him. Most of the people right now we're not with it. Most of the people claiming to be nationalist and populist in this system that yes they were not with you they were not part of the movement. They talked about it they wrote about you. They tried to catch up with him. But you did it. You do it. It was a Tea Party revolution if you. Much like the Reagan revolution. It took over all these state legislatures and governorships. As conservatives. As conservatives anti big government constitutional considered. He took over the San Antonio fourteen. And you deliver the presidency in 26. Present some of their ideology. That drove you in exactly what you want it you had enough for the unlimited. Immigration. Get enough of liberal courts. Get enough for the attacks on the cops in the military. You had enough for the attack on hard working tax paying American citizens. He had enough all acts. You are sick and tired of being told what you must do with your health care like obamacare lied to a disaster you know it would be. You know what would it. And it lives. And it is. These are the things that drove these are the things about it. And of course you were correct. For the most part they haven't changed. And changed. Present United States surrendered on doc on his own. Owners don't. Is that a good thing. The wall. It's been almost no progress on the long. Ball talk while we are funding written and we're not funding building the law. When are. In Schumer and Pelosi are two of the reasons that we're not. Schumer and Pelosi to the reasons why we could repeal obamacare. Schumer and Pelosi. Are two of the reasons why we can't get a tax cut proposal through. So I know what we'll do what cut deals with ample move to go left battle picks and that'll show the Republicans. Leo and I can't stand the rhinos. We oppose the right has long before trump a long before oh these have populist nationalist tides were constitutional conservatives. They've been talking about McConnell for years just as we talked about Boehner. And kick his ass out. We're not followers are not followers cheerleaders. Your leaders not followers you don't need anybody to tell you what the thank. The problem is if you couldn't jump. To cut a big spending beyond. For three months. That then creates an advantage for the Democrats in the upcoming election. That's not Smart politics. That tells people you're not down by a particular philosophy your principles and that was celebrated the ugly. Hey not a conservative he's not a hundred don't worry about it considerate and generous to this week conservatives are attacked more. I trump cultists that we are by leftist. And yet. He wouldn't be present. But for us deciding that we must elect him to stop Hillary. And by the waist and a number of very good things I've said it over and over and over and lock my archives on my website. Mark within showed dot com radio website they got back forty years. But does have you listened regular. You know exactly what it. Trounced means good owning number of things. But any cuts this deal and then the compound boys and the rockettes they jump up and down I danced across the stage saying how brilliant this is. And we already taught is not a concern he got one. What was I get a straight speech all about what does that list of 21 for the Supreme Court Alabama. So why does he talk about these things and promote these things if he's not. It's very interest in so you have a few things going on here. You've got the hard left. Which pretty much is taken over the Democrat party. He's got a Republican Party that is much. Really much. And progress. The the president who his. Who his advocates tell you is not a conservative. But easy dealmaker but apparently he can't make deals with the much progress or Republicans they make some of the radical progressive Democrat. And we're told that's a brilliant move. Then we of people claiming the mantle of the grass roots. Of the Tea Party. Conservative. Reagan revolution grassroots and renaming it. And putting a different label on it and pushing a completely different agenda. When I completely different but. Significantly different agenda. That's a PR move. Doesn't really bother me that much it's a PR move. Stick your principles. Our principles are not about purity. We've talked about it over and over again when Americanism means. And what conservatism. Conservatism is based on Americanism Americanism is based on reality. Right. Unalienable rights. The laws of nature. This is what they're based on. I understand their pooh poohed by the end. But the slip and fall columnists out there the slip and fall politicians out there in the south promoters and all the rest. But we're in this for the long haul. We are. You mean and ten million other people listen to this program. On various formats and platforms. Over the course of the week. That's who we are. No it's not good it. To embrace. Radical progressives make Schumer and Pelosi. Better that they embrace yield. And you leave them. That's a big deal. And is believed whom. I'll be right back. OK okay. All right. MSNBC. Hosts and guests. All throughout Eric Maynor. Climate change climate change and they know nothing of one. Nothing. At the host Ali Al Sheikh. He's so called scientist he is a scientist Kevin trend birth. Other hosts. Chris Hayes and other scientist Peter elect. Scott brawn and NASA meteorologist by the way. I don't know this guy but. These NASA meteorologist. Some of their absolutely unbelievable. And it's crazy. Mustafa Ali former Obama advisor at EPA. And of course Chris Shays again count one go. But senator I know you are going to take the opportunity. There are a lot of people who say this is in the time to discuss the effects of rising sea levels. Had climate change but you're gonna need to take that opportunity now to remind Floridians again yeah. Then and this is a matter that has to be taken seriously at all levels of government spending climate change is playing a role in this because the oceans are a lot warmer sea level rise is caused primarily by climate change or not exclusively it's. It was growing realization that the fact that we're changing the climate that humans are changing the climate means we also influencing. Its severity of some of these big storm. Mother Jenny and I broad consensus among scientists that go warming is occurring and a working man made impacts from climate change or real. And that there are solutions that can help us. To lessen the intensity of the storm foot you're already seeing architectures and engineers start to struggle with the reality on the front edge of climate change. Of maintaining our society and civilization. In a place that is under constant assault on water and water whose levels we are every day for carbon pollution. Increasing the levels. It. Her interest. And very dishonest. All kinds of lists on the Internet the worst Terry can't. And what's interesting news on. Most of them happened. Significantly before. Now. And some of them happened before the industrial age. Now if these so called. Journalists these fools these hosts so they had MSNBC we're serious people they would bring up baseless earlier the end that you go look yourself might read them off. As with these so called or maybe real scientists I don't know what they're science backgrounds are to be experts and climate. His dad his term allies are ms. not by far the worst hurricane to ever hit Florida. An even more to ever hit. The United States it's not even close. In among the worst Kerry campaigns. There occurred over a century. One practically off a hurricane to sentries. This nonsense about automobiles and your lifestyle and all this has to be changed in this slowdown hurricanes and so forth and so on. He not the problem is desperate people. You know when there's natural disasters. People who are. Obviously fearful of natural disasters we all are looking for answers. Italian no secret there is knowing. That's right I said there's no answer many can't do a damn thing about it. Hello hello may. He would do a thing eight big about the climate. About earthquakes. About America me about tornadoes. Hit it dead thing. That's right ice senate all my lord it wrote. If we destroyed every car on the face they yeah every bus. On the base your. We destroyed every photo on the face but yet if we eliminated humanity. It's not any horrific hurricane. Earthquakes and tornados. That's right they would be mandate that would think so they're trying to convince you that a natural disaster. Verde natural disaster is a manmade disaster. And they just enough morons in this country to fight. I'll be right back. Some are close and show the pool feed for the conservative media guides and now 8773813811. Yeah. Let's go to James how. How out of California they Greg Tate as FOL. You you know it's something that resonated with me after Kurt pitted them. Must be based in reality I think is that true and I appreciate you saying that my concern is. Seat heating up a beard is also a reality. Do you ascribe a storm to it or not. Let's let's say it is a reality how was it heating up. Well if you look at it water temperature. And I said let's I'll let this I plan long and I stipulate that the earth is heating up. How did they heat up. It didn't keep up the true. Recruitment. Appreciate it true carpet. I cannot and how does that happen what's causing heat. Human effort are what caught in that case you and efforts are causing it to heat radiating. Is heating up pretty irritated caused by humans now let's not. Not by volcanoes. And why do you bring up volcanoes and a figure out for you agree to you stipulated that it he. Not the son if it heats up I stipulating for arguments. If the earth is heating up in the numbers are all over the place and I've done research on this as as most people who are looking into this have. You're not coming to the show and any particularly special knowledge I don't think. The earth is not heating up duty human beings human beings have almost nothing to do. But he looked in the sky on a sunny day. But I'm educating your pay attention. And elect that the sky on a sunny day you're unity are trying to educate I have no dog in this whatsoever. But I'll give an example that for years and years and years idea. I didn't believe in article five convention states Thai study and I reversed course. You say you just call the program and you tell me what you think. And that's not particularly useful I mean I'm listening to you say humans there and I volcanoes. Here are rated. He said I will stipulate for argument sake. That the earth is heating icing numbers that go both ways by the it is and it's not that Kanye lady. You don't know what it finish his sentence. I'm Todd has some folks Byron clock in this guy face to face as a human being I'd do exactly this. Camping and say exactly is saying he doesn't like to finish his sentence. My right rich. Richard a lower on that does he talk and talk and it doesn't wanna have a conversation. I know what he's gonna say I've looked into this week and I have a conversation. But he's not he's won easily be a lot and he insists that human being sought and insist that we at the destroy our way of life. That's right that we need to be eating at a trash cans. This is like group think this is the ideology does the propaganda this is an indoctrination. I wanna have a discussion on it I'm happy to have a discussion on it but it can't keep talking that. It's not about that. Imagine volcanoes. Settled where about volcano. Now let me see if I can respond to him. Posthumously. Knowing always but let me let me see if I innocent. Carbon dioxide is what he's talking. The creation of carbon Diana. Well ladies and gentlemen first of all. We can have some carbon dioxide will die and I. Called photo synthesis everybody knows those who went to fifth great. We breed out. Plants green then. We breathe out carbon dioxide. They've read it and in effect and they create oxygen. And have been arguments are very Smart people that we need actually more carbon tax or decree. More plants trees bushes. That should couples and that sort of. And so the idea that remained. Let me ask you sentiment do we have that George carlin's stuff is it can you find that. And what is it three segments is that what it is written. You know we're gonna do this now because all the propaganda is unbelievable. It's just soaks. As a common sense point of the. That even before Maine in any significant number. Was on this earth. Here's got really really hot day that ladies and all boiled over. People don't know I don't need to hear from an engineer about government. Calls. And meeting here from an engine. Hey look I'm an engineer and let me tell about cut and now that's okay. But you can do this research on your own if you wanna read the chapter that I have on in viral status. In liberty and tyranny. You have to believe a word that's in there but take a look at it and look at the research that's done and look at the end notes it's better than. Just to show you what a tiny percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and we've talked about that. Take a stating what 101000 seats. Four seats represent carbon dioxide four seats four. Ford that's it. And that there was a really terrific. Terrific piece done sometime ago. I doctor John Britain now retired professor of industrial instrumentation at the university Southampton in Britain. He wasn't passing judgment on them won't on the substance himself with his background he just pulled to get very composed a list of all. Alarmist claims and news reports. That man made global warming causes or is caught. And I took the entire list that he put together which is enormous and hilarious. And put it in the book. And it took up about four pages of the book single spaced in very small funds. You wanna take a look at that. You should take a look at. So how much is carried segment foreign minister Jason. So how many segments aren't. Just to cut spinal remembered as being longer. Well let's start let's listen Carla because he makes a good point through comedy right ready go. See I'm not one of these people who's worried about everything. You got people like this around you countries Poland now people walking around all day long every minute of the day worried about everything. We're about the error word about the water word about the soil. Or not insecticides pesticides food additives carcinogens. Worried about radon gas worried about its fastest. We're about saving endangered species. Let me tell you that endangered species I. Saving endangered species is just one more arrogant attempt by humans to control nature it's arrogant meddling it's what got us in trouble in the first place doesn't anybody understand that. Interfering with the nature. Over 90%. Over way over 90% of all of species. Ever lived on this planet ever lived are gone we. They're still need. Kill them all. Johnson disappeared. That's what nature done. They disappear these days at a rate of 25 a day and I mean regardless of our our behavior irrespective of how we got them as planet 25 species that we're here today. We'll be gone tomorrow. Let them go gracefully. Leave nature alone. Haven't we done enough. Was so self important so self important everybody's gonna see zone now. Save these seemed to be saved the Lil she knows me hills. The greatest Americans of all save the planet. Why aren't you people kidding me. Did you ever sell GM. I'm gonna save them. For de contact these self righteous environmentalists. These white. Who's while liberals who think the only thing wrong with this country is there aren't enough bicycle path. People trying to make the world safe for them whole Lowe's besides. Environmentalists don't give it about the planet they don't care about the planet not in the abstract they don't. Not in the abstract they don't you know other interested in a clean place to live. Their own. Who have attacked there weren't that somebody in the future they might be personally inconvenienced. Narrow on enlightened self interest doesn't impress me besides there is nothing wrong with the planet. Nothing wrong with the planet to planet is fine. Don't people off. And it is doing great spending airborne have billionaires do everything about the arithmetic. It has been here for a half billion years we've been here Y a 100000. Maybe 200000. And we've only been engaged in heavy industry for a little over 200 years 200 years vs four and a half billion. And we have the conceit to think that somehow we're a threat. That somehow we're gonna put in jeopardy this beautiful little blue green ball it's just a float around the sun. The plan has been through a lot worse than us then do all kinds of things worse then us. Then through earthquakes volcanoes and plate tectonic continental drift solar flares sunspots magnetic storms the magnetic reversal of the polls. Hundreds of thousands of years of bombardment. By comets and asteroids and meteors worldwide floods title waves worldwide fires erosion cosmic rays three ring high sages. Some plastic okay. Okay. Why he was brilliant wasn't all right here's the second and last bit of it got him. Isn't going anywhere. We are. We've gone away. Pacquiao votes. We're going away. We will leave much betrays either thank god for that maybe a little styrofoam made the those powerful. Planet will be you know will be long gone just another field mutations just another poll has been biological mistake and evolutionary cul-de-sac. The plan ever shake us off like a bad Jesus leave. Surface. Nuisance. Planets are doing. Ask those people come pay who have frozen into position. And again. How it's doing. One of the planet's all right ask people in Mexico City or meteor hundred other places ferry hundreds of thousands of tons of earthquake rubble. If they feel like it's grip. To the planet this week. Have a feeling he'll lay a Hawaii and build their homes right next to an active volcano. And then wonder why they have lava in the living room. Kiev for a long long time. Long time after we're gone. And it will heal itself it will cleanse itself because that's what it does it's a self correcting system. The air and water were recovered the earth will be renewed and if it's true. The plastic is not agreeable well the planet will simply incorporated plans to get to a new paradigm. The earth plus plastic. It certainly doesn't share our prejudice towards plastic. Plastic you know here if you're probably she's plastic is just another one of its children. Could be the only reason the earth allowed us to be spawned from and in the first place you want a plastic for itself. Click the easy answer to our age old philosophical question why don't we hear. Okay. Here our job is done we can be phased out now I think that's really started already don't you coming to be fair the planet probably sees us as a mild threat. Something to be dealt wit and I'm sure the planet will defend itself. In in India and the manner of a large organization like that he hibernate colony can Muster a defense I'm sure the planet. We'll figure something what would you do if you with a plan of trying to defend against this past each tumbled since he's that's he. What my flu viruses. Viruses might be good he seemed vulnerable to viruses. And piracy is a tricky always mutating flu strains whenever a vaccine is developed perhaps. This first virus to be one. Compromise stimulus is that these preachers perhaps are human immunodeficiency virus making them vulnerable to all sorts of other diseases and infections that might come along. And media can be spread sexually. Making him a little reluctant to engage in the act of reproduction. Well that's poetic noted that's a start and I can dream can't write. Federer about the little things these trees where you snails. I think we're part of a greater wisdom. Than we will ever understand. A higher order all of what you want when I call it the big elect turn. The bigger. All right very yet. I mean it it it's it's it is com. When you listen to these leftists that caller calling him in any current human username and any kind of coax him humans who. The fact. That the M at the the growth TP industrialization. Types who invented this entire idea. Are taken seriously. And you and I called denies is really precious is and it's really the pot calling the kettle black I'll be right back. It. CNN on climate change can listen the way Jake Tapper poses his question. To John McCain cut three go the Republican Party. As you know what I'm. Generally speaking. Axis if climate change is not real there are exceptions to view the daughter Megan no Republican mayor of Miami numb. But but generally speaking the president the governor of four red setter. Act as if it's not really going to be overwhelming science scientific consensus is that if it's real and it's manmade. Why stop. What is John McCain not breathless. Absolutely nothing as he studied if not then I'm aware of is he written about it. Not that I'm aware of I've studied it I've written about and I'm not an expert don't pretend to be but I'd done more than him. Have a Jake Tapper. Nothing really that I'm aware of it doesn't matter. This is the groups think. The group think that I've written a banner number in my books group think McCain go ahead. I don't know because I can't divine their motives but I know this. That. There is things happening with the climate and in the world that. It's unprecedented second floor stopped and others not. Well there's not. But what kind of lose program is this go ahead. We need to have in my view nuclear power as part of the answer it's the cleanest cheapest. In many ways what source of power. My friends in the environmental community refuse to make that part of the equation I'm not CNET news and quickly what I'm saying it's got to be part of it because they're basically. Antinuclear nice spun off a little bit there. But we have to. To understand that the climate may be changing. And we can take common sense measures which will not harm the American people. Now and and and we heard this we've heard about Obama can we've heard this a thousand times common sense comments a stock comments sent. But it is a government does it it's common sense typically when the government does it lacks common sense. But where is climate change and all this stuff five years ago. Eight years ago twenty years ago thirty years where scientists so stupid. That they didn't know about. Climate change all I know some of them talked about global cooling some of them talk about global warming. There was certainly no huge consensus what happened all of a sudden I'm playing what happened all of a sudden this is a political move. I'll be right back. Admittedly I'm a busy guy with a lot on my plate. So the last thing I wanted to do his waist time standing on line at the post office a light deal. Ever I Stamps.Com. Which brings all the services of the US Postal Service to me I can buy in print official US postage for any letter or package any class mail. Using my own computer and convenient just click print your duck Stamps.Com AB only time and money I can't believe anyone still wait on line at the post office anymore. Don't you wanna say time and money to Stamps.Com makes it he's even into a digital scale you can automatically calculate exact post. Are you Stamps.Com because simplifies my busy life. And right now you two you can enjoy that Stamps.Com service. With a special offer that includes a four week trial. Plus postage and the digital scale with out long term commitment go to Stamps.Com click on the microphone at the top of the homepage. And tightened bunker that Stamps.Com. Enter bunker. Stamps.Com. Never go to the post office again. He's here. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the Britons feel. This brick building. We once again made contact with the lead to better. 3813811877381. Create one what I have a number of audio clips here from Hillary Clinton. Primary interviews CBS sending more and I have no interest in listening. You folks have any interest since do you really care which used to say and I know talk show host can't wait to place stuff. I don't hear which list. I'll tell you what centrist and an interviewer Mike Ditka. I TMC sports yesterday and I'm not standing for the National Anthem I noticed we have a lot of civil rights activists now in the NFL. Who want stand up. An honor the National Anthem they're condemning the country. And what was amazing to me is they did yesterday on Sunday. And of course today is. The sixteenth anniversary of nine elevenths. You think these newly minted football player multimillionaires civil rights activists. Would have done it. The day after the actual 9/11. You think the league would have allowed that you think they owners would have allowed. No no one know. I'm not aware that any of these newly minted civil rights leaders have been dancing for the country. They've been spoiled in college. They're spoiled professional athletes. They get pretty much what they want. They complain about earning 3451012. Million dollars a year. I mean they're treated like like heroes when in fact they're not heroic in the least. How dare they. Disrespect this country. May live in the the heart a luxury when they look jury eight in this country. How many of them said you know what and giving up my multi million dollar job I'm gonna get out of this sports stuff. And I'm gonna work here in the streets in the communities full time. For minimum wage none of them there are frauds. They're up front. They're nothing but disrespect for the fans and it is hurting hurting the NFL I told you. When this Capra nick started this stuff. This is gonna hurt the NFL it's gonna hurt. Football teams. It's gonna hurt the sport. And a buddy Stephen A Smith sent me an email. As I said that right off the bat. And he said you know its interest in about what you say is that there's this whole world outside a sports broadcasting and outside a sports. This world you live in mark Cheney says it and we don't always. Pay attention to her listen to a pitcher on something this is right. I'm not talking about the act of the protest on talking about the fact that there's millions of millions of people who do not watch ESP. What do not listen to Sports Radio. But do watch football games. On the main channels. For whom this is unacceptable. And who are going to reject it. I know watching. But not participant. And it's happen. And it's too bad it's a great sport here is Ditka. On teams cease sports yesterday about this is not standing for the anthem cut tango. Or got a right do they wanted to break the law or hurt and guys if they're pro X is going to be that sign out of that but. Forget now we're debt so my order sales for the majority. Can't. What I live and man work what this country stands for their values and we have. Can't stop everybody neither are gonna be some now. That's being Malkin had let them do their thing. And that's double blind nobody'll liked about it nobody you remember who they work they did ask Santa national and that's their own right out there right you know what I agree. Very. You know very coach him but let me put it to me this thing. They have a right to do that and the owners have a right to fire them and when you understand this. The owners of these football teams do not have to tolerate this behavior. Jerry Johnson at the Dallas. Garrett the Dallas Cowboys teammate clear anybody who doesn't stand on his team is gunning he's gonna get rid of his every right to do it. This is not a First Amendment issue there's no government interference here that the government interfering with speech. It's an owner of a football team who has every right to discipline his employees. He has every right to impose his views on his employees what do you think about that. Because he. Hires them and he can fire it. Again has nothing to do they write. Has nothing to do with the First Amendment there is no right. Not. If you're a member of that team wearing that uniform if you're in that stadium. And that league you don't write. Right what is the right come from. Now. But the owner can finally. These players are the instigated. But the owners are the appease. And they're gonna lose their teams and they don't lose their leagues that's what's gonna happen there late grant that's what's gonna happen. Because the vast majority of Americans and the vast majority of football fans love their country. I don't care what race they look at what team it. They love their country. Sporting events are patriotic events. That's why people sing the National Anthem that's why you see the color guard so often that's why an open stadium TC fly overs. The American people. Our patriotic. They love their country I'm not talking about the nut jobs in the streets like at defied all the rest. And they are patriots who go to these games. They love their country. You know they get a tingle up their leg not because of Barack Obama. When they see the American flag flying. And a little left finds this very point. And archaic. A fine I find them disgusting. And to pour salt in the wound as they say. Catherine act is no leader in a civil rights activist he's an opportunist. This is how he gets publicity. But the latest turning itself and the owners are hurting themselves by not taking this under control by not disciplining their team I know what they're worried about the backlash that. This is a slow death. It really is. It's a slow death. More from debt to cut eleven go. So one day you know he would like to see. He even made the right you'd like you to protest and our whole. I'd like rabbit hole every day. There's Italian players forever. I mean for a football game does not comment. Period. It is short message be to anybody who is thinking about not see anything near a Monday night. Bless America. They accessed after the tko. These old timers and fill Foley's old timers in sports they they have their heads screwed on right. And some of these players today are very cocky their overpaid. And as I say they're spoiled. That's saying they don't work hard to beat top notch athletes that's beside the point. They're spoiled. Spoiled rotten. I'll be right back. Yeah. Jack in London and let that be London England on the market and enact. Yeah I'm on the from New York. So period period everything on global warming. So the total hoax and wonder all know but I don't call to talk about beyond. GOP establishment I was wondering in your mind I hear a lot of color ideas. Well what is the end game I mean we had 2010. When he fourteen last German at one point it oracle saw I've. Is it term monitoring at what point do we have the disarming we have to win what ten elections the Dem win. 06 in a way to destroy the country we have to win twenty election to counter under the terms. Now it turns. Well what are turning requirement where what I think this is my point that the left never ends they never end. They've lost thirty state legislatures they looked over thirty they've lost over thirty governorships. They don't control the house the senator the presidency do you see them giving up. Margaret but what do we have to do I mean like but but but I don't know what you're saying you know when does it and when does it and it difference. The battle between liberty and tyranny is an infinite that. Yeah about the course and I can rephrase that what point do we have 12 years were we've made measurable progress for generation like cricket while we elect conservatives present the United States. So we have a primary out every book I mean did you Hassan. We wanted to say give up. Because you use your answer and so many questions and I'm answering and trying to answer them as quickly as I can. Now go for a OK. You just brought up Reagan what what made him successful. Was a man who was principal there was a man who was a conservative. He didn't get everything he wanted but he got a lot of what he won he came in wanting to destroy the Soviet Union he did it. He came in wanting to have to massively. The launch the economy so we grow significantly he did it. He wanted to build the united states military second or not he did he wanted to put constitutional ritualistic Fraser wasn't even used. And so he became president. On the court skinny did the ST very well could on on things that this would start the what happened. The next president takes over a bush and I the enormous respect for the man but what does he do he immediately lurches back and Iraq analysts. Right racist taxes says I he's kinder and judge Larry wants to cut deals with Democrats and so forth and so on. Can you imagine the progress that would be made if Republicans would follow whether it's a cool age whether it's a Reagan would follow the constitution. As best as they can under these circumstances. Embrace capitalism as best as they can under these circumstances. Our pro American and so forth and so on the progress we would've made the last thirty years. But they don't now you want an end game I don't have a and in game four we're mature adults. We battle it out we have to duke it out. I don't have the Republican Party will last night if he keeps this up it won't matter because it'll be a permanent minority party. It'll be a permanent minority party boat because of its own inaction. It's how passive Eddie. And fact when it dissect it seems that more progressive than knotted scared to do the things that need to be done. But you know I would that this is much as I appreciate many of the things trump does not honestly have expected more from him. And you know if you're gonna start linking up. Was Schumer and Pelosi and the pom pom boys and girls and Iraq had boys in Gaza are at their dancing saying what a brilliant move this says. Why don't think it's a brilliant move and I think it's going to be a lot harder to get things done it would help. If we get politicians who could explain the difference. Between one a philosophy and the other ideology. But as you well know I've been talking for some time about article five because I do not believe audiences are in Washington DC the federal government. And I do not believe that there are going to Willy Nilly unravel what they create. I don't say it. And they're not done it now even though they had the house the senate and the presidency. You know that debt went over twenty trillion dollars today. The federal the yen the yen operating debt. The fiscal operating debt forget about unfunded liabilities that are over 200 trillion dollars one over twenty trillion dollars today even hear anybody talking about it. Jack. Not know dear the president talking about it does he give a damn about it. You know the Republicans in the house and senate to they give a damn about it now they don't. Well that's what article five is all about the constitution. So. There is no simple answer there is a simple answer we wouldn't be talking about. No I mean I I just think that we need like an 81 inning and an 86 you know where you put a few things together the last generation I don't mean this apparatus that never smoked but. But just a couple source Kurt where are we go to you agree with. You're you're exactly right we've only had these short spans of time with conservative presence we've had cooler joint had Reagan right. Pretty much even value here guys trash and ran away tie Lara yeah. Right and. I'm not supposed to talk about the founders not supposed to let the framers and that's most talk about Reagan not supposed to talk about alleged bloom as most talked about. I talk about trump money. But you know when you talk about Coolidge and Reagan you're talking now you're looking in hindsight of the great things that they accomplished and got done. You know when when that trump proposed is a tax cuts he said it's the greatest tax cuts ever. I said no they're not you have an implement it and yet. They're not the greatest tax cuts ever. Because they're not even they don't even exist. I mean I jumped you but I'm as frustrated as you are trust me. Now I am I am and I just. I just wondered like oh. I'm just worried at some point the election victory it'll run out of steam and we just don't have any concrete gains or at least thought about this maybe the elections more more donning a man. I remain active Vietnamese or what they don't learn anything alas you know and I don't know I don't know what I'm saying in beyond that. The vast majority with the government does is unaffected by election. The permanent bureaucracy trump can't even though people and it's it's also it serves so they've put bureaucracy I guess it's too big now welcome. The vast majority what goes into our school systems now unaffected by what communities want. And even if we actually went elections and so forth what are the courts do they overturned major policy objectives of for instance that this president. So the progressives have been enormously successful on the question is whether or not they're counter revolution. Is a permanent victory over the original American revolution and honestly that's fine behind this microphone and I write these books and I live in TV. I am fighting them and I and confronting them. Is much as I possibly can I take on this nonsense equipment whether it's Obama care or Iraq. Or or climate change or whatever than the next you know thing is that next decade whatever it is. We've got to take it all we can't just go along with a all right Jack I appreciate your call very much was a very good. Very good come out. Dave Alexandria Virginia the great WMA out Harry you. Mark I have raised fourteen year old daughter who is a brush and very external public schools and channel tonight. Or what an impression. It's not a hundred you know nothing. Sadly I think torture not to speak out about her and school. Robbie Frey get the deal that can tell you little secret Allen and I've ever said this on the radio ritual time. Somehow when I was a kid probably rough housing. With my Brothers. I broke my nose. I didn't know I broke leno's tonight return at this not. I have such a contorted deceptive so it's so significantly deviated. When they told me what they would do to it. And how would hurt for I said you know what leave it alone. Leave it alone that's why it's not hard for people they imitate. How hard can it possibly date. And it Kennedys made a part of his career on imitating me and he's my best buddies and he knows I go right ahead. So your daughter is afraid to express yourself in school. Well I think urged her not to express yourself is your home she. Or repercussions. Typical burglary and I quick vote it out to a friend Karl Schmidt. Can coach Gerald almost lost a battle. In the world trade center on. Don't you mentioned a minute ago about NFL players looking like a luxury opened in your view. I don't second guys. So let's go ahead but don't Pat Tillman. After 9/11 turned down a multimillion dollar project in itself to joining army Rangers. Now you're right and he should be celebrated each and every game and each and every day and we talk about this happening a hundred times more than Tillman you're exactly right Dave thanks for reminding us I'll be right back. America's passionately so we've grown. Voice. Quit bad boys now 8773813811. He knowing constitution day is ladies and him with September 17. Do we celebrate constitution day. So only four days before my own birthday oh yes yes pretty close. Now we celebrate constitution day every September. And I know you value the constitution and the rights that secures but do you really. Really know the basics. Look he can't really celebrate something if you don't understand why we should it. Pills Doug Collins once she'd and other foundations of your freedoms. So hills those brought back for a limited time their free online course introduction to the constitution. They can take that course of your own pace. 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You know the senate bill. Really cute starter urgent believe everything. Is it just make today. People loved watched him I felt like are are put watched it and it just might consider it because. You know we got people fight our country black white. No it don't matter what caliber Carter are still are are French. Nobody's been oppression and you know that brought back here to liquidate. You know it technical problem or these people need to realize you know hurt ourselves. Our great job properly did you meet. Start fortunately enough film it and show them players on the flight actually leased money that we gave him money out our. You know we do it. I love mark archery like yesterday after the amount of mailing uniform I'll walk the two men are held by keeper. We're server our country. And he was the gipper right Meehan. Well understood about not being bad they're brought tears are. In a lot of heart surgery just like he's sick. I try well said thank you. Bill Beaumont Texas serious satellite Harry is said. To mark 32 micro art is just. Little ascendant but thanks for good McCall. Telling your screen here on the twenty year veteran US air force and served in desert storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom while thank use. But I think that's sitting and watching born sinners who made their money these athletes who made your money up from Altamont back. I think it paid much you go over and fight those wars OK and I are here today. Not stand on the National Anthem and the name of some kind of silly protest I'm trying not because. And they hit an insult me and he is so my country these people have been nothing but Kabul. An inevitable at a much you challenged in a mystery NFL players admit it you're listening and RJ one on the disabled vet with a bad back. How can be any New York football playbook and I'll put it up and don't know risk beating. OK but you changed any your play lower than hell hole we went template and then hand out all sports are going anywhere. All right good spoke any guide it challenge they have no right to do that in just stayed up okay. I'm doing so would he say. I love you sent in only a guy like you can say you know come from me it doesn't really matter but. You're combat veteran and I wanna thank you very very much I think you touched a lot of people you know and I think by the way you spoke for a lot of us to. He take care of yourself a new listener. Isn't that great. Thank you don't god bless thanks for your service. Let us go to Robert San Francisco the great KS FO go ahead. Mark good good evening you want your colors just wanted to make a quick point about when your callers. Who was saying that global this climate change isn't happening as a result all chino ask something or people they understand is when volcanoes erupt just literally millions and millions of tons of CO2 that are dumped in the atmosphere. All of the volcano as a golf around the earth on a yearly basis it's not as if it puts you know mother earth and this completely cardiac arrest someone without. If you look at satellite imagery over the past few years you'll see that. The planet looks actually greener today. But it did 101520. Years ago and from the research I've done actually that were literally under CO2 and on this planet so that that's not really an issue. One of the main issues that I believe that we're dealing with now days is even other in my views say eighty degrees from our side. It seems like you're getting cook and arms start didn't strike a lot faster than normal. And one of the issues that we're dealing with is the UV index. That is that is getting really really bad. I'm not sure you're aware of methane gas blowouts. And then taking place over near Russia. But there's literally hole in the earth that come up through the snow and ice. They can be 607080. Peter Crosslin 200 PT where the may have nothing gasses literally blowing a hole out of the Kurt. And coming up right through the ice and snow. I am a gentleman that's been studying these issues for awhile. He's been for more than fifteen years now arm his name has been waiting waiting ten anywhere that we don't like. Way way way beyond where I wanna go right now on this and I don't know who that is he may be as the greatest ally on the face there as he may not be. And I'm in no way of putting him down but. But I get your point. Robert and near very articulate about and I wanna thank you for your cough let's go to Frank Washington DC that great WMA algo. Right bank sponsored take my cloak as such a quick comment about the NFL before I make my point in my called. There have been I've been to many gains rather than fly overs and has not been that tape that bring that here in your arms up in the stand up and more patriotic. I've dedicated watches football baseball and the National Anthem of the Olympics are you know going on there's not more patriotic. And to see these guys you went down it boils my blood in them and I don't even know how to explain to my national side. Yeah but you're to my to my point. And shamed by the way on the that a fellow owner shall not say anything to their to their employees but as to my point one I called it then you. Four earlier in your shows are taking their time. Two to pay homage and honor. Goes you know who who lost their lives were affected by nine elevenths. And that meant that I had just it is metric scored at two others. And this past week earlier in week three this past week we've been given assignments to watch per month. To watch have been out. That there's. The global warming even climate change now not one of them gave him an assignment. Having to do with 9/11. We keep an eye out you know to honor these people it is climate change climate change all three kids not one of them got a comment about that dragged me. Crayton you know I'm sure. That's why morning and evening is so important when our kids notice before they go to school and when they come back. That we as parents have got to teach them. The truth teach them fundamentals. And it's crucially important. Thank you for your call my friend I am very much appreciate it. Rand Paul. Let's see what's he up to hear him and heard about him lately from the Washington exam Rand Paul plans to block defense spending to get a vote on ending post 9/11 wars. Senator Rand Paul said he will object to all procedural motions and amendments. As the senate votes on the national defense authorization act for trying eighteen Monday and less his amendment ending military action in Iran Iraq Iran and Afghanistan is taking a here's my problem Rand Paul let's put that this. Why does he propose something to protect the country. What is he supposed to do about North Korea. What we have done about the Soviet Union and I suspect he would have opposed. Virtually every move of Ronald Reagan. I get what he's doing here OK but why are you gonna put. Up and promote something that affirmatively. Protects the nation. How woody affirmatively protect the nation from North Korea. Just pretend it doesn't exist. How would he affirmatively protect the nation from Iran just pretend it doesn't engine and quite serious that. I know hostility toward ramp well. But I wanna know how this works because the code pink Republicans and the radical libertarians when it comes to national security. Are particularly good from my perspective. I like Rand Paul on on a governmental and you can on the economy pretty much. But I want this country defend it. Is he proposing an increase in defense spending an increase in R&D there was gonna know what they waste so much money they went all government waste. And I'm certainly not for that. But do we want to defeat. Our enemies do we wanna protect us what what is it exactly. What what is he Rand Paul doctor. I wanna hear lectures about the constitution I know it perfectly well however the Rand Paul national security doctrine. Not trying to pick on him I just don't know what it hits. While Amanda I really detest the secretary of state Rex Tillerson he is a another James Baker. Some of your not old enough to know what I mean by that but depth. James Baker Maggie was a lousy secretary of state George Schultz in my view was an excellent secretary of state. Now we gave. Directly or indirectly. Through our actions a 150 billion dollars to the Islam on Nazi regime in Iran which can declares Dane in day out they want a loss of the face the how Smart is that. And we give enormous sums of money to other countries to defend themselves. What journalists in this from the Washington freed beacon. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson. Has been pushing the trump White House to demand that Israel give back to the United States millions of dollars in military aid. Prompting push back in the west wing and further fueling ongoing tensions between foggy bottom State Department. And the white house of a range of key diplomatic issues according to multiple sources briefed on the situation writes Adam Creighton. Who's sitting here thinking. Is Rex Tillerson indoors in move by congress which is under way. To cut funding to the Palestinian Authority. With the PLO if you will. Which uses millions of dollars and our tax dollars. To subsidize. Palestinian terrorist. Has anybody heard the man actually speak on the news. He watched him free bacon first reported on Friday that the State Department have been lobbying the White House to call for Israel hand back 75 million US military aid. That was awarded. That's of the country about the Obama administration's finance request and funny sixteen. Now why are they doing because you see Obama forced this or Randy are down the throats of our country. The Arabs all states. And Israel. He gave them all little money little technology and so forth in in the case of Israel he said at by the way. If you lobby congress for more money. You have to give up 75 million bucks. And a memorandum of understanding. Multiple sources who spoke to the free beacons that tell Lucent's chief of staff Margaret Peter run. Personally called White House National Security Council efficient Dina Powell to relate to listens position. Which is said did conflicted with the advice of career State Department officials who work on the Israel portfolio. So Tillerson. And his chief of staff. Are obsessed. But getting 75 million dollars back from his. Meanwhile the Iranians are violating. That's phony deal left and right left and right left and right. And I don't know that to listeners asked them for any money back. I never liked this guy here like to. I'll be right back it's. Okay. You know major credit reporting bureau announced he breach they could affect 143. Million Americans. And so far the organization determined they credit card numbers for about 200000 consumers. And personal data including Social Security numbers for about a 180000. Consumers were accessed. Did you know your age eleven times more likely to become a victim of identity fraud if you are notified of a breach. Good thing there's a lifeline. Lifelike detects a wide range of identity threat threads you may miss this I'm monitoring yet your credit. 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Daly City, California KS FO I don't know Richard disagreeing about the go ahead. Hello Tony. Are you their Tony. Tony left Joanna. I don't even had a pronounces. Where in Georgia on the mark lieutenant patty announce where you aren't. I'm living chicken not. Exactly. The right and had my friend. Well I didn't I agree we need to understand really what's probably won't happen being empty church it sit compared panel. And then equipment this happened the way and that then you sang about it. They're doing and the cap went under. They still investigating Russian collusion. And we'll start investigating collusion I don't hear about collusion and Mardy and yeah. Well what happened tonight I thought it was. Not. Only to. Well I thought our Intelligence Committees they're all over it collusion collusion collusion color and now also we don't hear about collusion anymore. Yeah. The left does more damage to our country than anybody else possibly can and the way they undermine our military undermine law enforcement undermine our economic in governing systems. And they get a course as I read from the piece earlier in the program decent marks peace since peace. They've done a hell of a job blocking our our defensive systems are missile defense systems for the last three decades. Thank you for your call my friend. All right let's just grabbed that. Tony your backward to bid Tony. Can you. Was. Yeah go ahead Tony Nigeria Perry go ahead. And I'm calling is because corn because it appeared at. Bieber seemed to build it bride you. And it nobody else. Stop Rangel out whatever you wanna call you have a chip on your shoulder I didn't hear anybody talk about black people by the way the man is half black and that's why do you Wear them. He's heaped up upon our you city's black and half white and his mother is white. Why do you and why do you why do you insist on bringing your racism and projecting it on everything. From gay Powell. I just told you it had nothing to do the race nothing. And you may want to know something mr. leftist. There's a lot of black men and women nor in the united states military. There's a lot of black men and women who have fought for this country. And I am a jerks like you calling me and lecturing me about something that hasn't even happened not get off the phone. Black creek. And I was feeling good. We stood our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency. Personnel and Lee remembers nine elevenths here god bless you off I'll see you tomorrow. If you're already CR TV subscriber I hope you've lot the past few episodes as much as I've enjoyed making them. The Libyan TV even I went to the Reagan presidential library in Simi Valley, California and we shot a special five part series thank you really need to see. It's available right now on CR TV. So if you haven't subscribed yet this is a great time to start your free seven day trial Reagan's principles his policies and his love for America. All right he is that we need to remember especially in a moment in time we're liberals wanna start erasing our history. If you haven't seen the five part series yet it's a must see. We had few NA with the incredible crowd it discussion with the Reagan foundation executive director John hide bush and a whole lot more. CR TV is bringing you the truth every day now if you're not a subscriber yet just give us a call right now 844 living TV. And join the media revolution again next 844. LEB. I and TD.