8/18/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mark Levin
Friday, August 18th

On Friday's Mark Levin show, Bill Cunningham fills in for Mark. Trump loyalist Steve Bannon was fired on Friday. This is on top of Rex Tillerson’s speech against hate, Bob Corker calling President Trump incompetent, Carl Icahn distancing himself from Trump, and the five Joint Chiefs of Staff ...


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Not by the way mark lament on a great book tour. And time is seven weeks rediscovering Americanism has been an annual times best seller mark lament and mine. My leader my grade one wood back on Monday night. And so I was honored a couple of weeks ago when he got hold of me and say bill can you do a next Friday knives and allowed to do I didn't all the stuff would be going on. You and I can talk about. And it's really an incredible circumstance let's go over just in the last day or two some events that have happened. Number one about two or three hours ago Carl Icahn. Whose iconic Carl Icahn. As a New York investor. He's got to be about eighty years old close personal friend of the Donald for forty years who was terrible during the campaign as the economic advisor without portfolio. And even after the campaign was asked to go and government but Carl Icahn said legendary investor now I'd rather stay outside. Has that issue day I tweet a FaceBook and other social media posting and a media release. That's that is backed away he's backing away from the president Carl Icahn is not gonna service some economic advisor further. So this is on top of one a couple of three hours ago Steve Bannon has fired. While former executive editor bright part stayed band and who represented the all right the nationalistic that he against multinational is an economist Steve canyon Al. Of the west wing so icon and bang and just on a typical day would be a big story right. Because icon. Carl Icahn is an icon. And at least that in the mine to the drugstore and Dave Gagnon. All of that was seen and as his moral mental and philosophical backbone of the president who got on the campaign in August. What about three months report concluded successfully but Steve Bannon was often in the presidency. This that was on top of Rex Tillerson. Secretary of state. Coming out against hate. This have to come out against hate. Those in favor of the neo Nazis and skinheads. Is in favor of hate. But there was something about the president's remarks on Tuesday. That Rex Tillerson secretary of state. Gave a condemnation. Of hate. As a counterbalance to the president. This goes on top of the comments yesterday reported. At a Tennessee and senator Bob Barker. Who was invited by dropped under the administration this isn't the same as McCain Graham talking this is. Moderate Republican from Tennessee senator Bob coworker who said the president was not acting competently. He's an incompetent in other words senator Bob Parker who's not a bomb thrower this goes on top of this morning. On a wanna be ABC news shows that Heather hires mom. A grieving mother who lost or 32 year old daughter on nine Saturday. Came out and refused to take the call of the president of the United States. And on top so we got Carl Icahn. We got Steve abandoned on we got Rex Tillerson secretary of state former ExxonMobil and of course. Talking about condemning hate which was perceived as a slap against the president. Guess senator Bob Barker. Sang trump is incompetent he doesn't have competency. Then other hires mother says you'll take a call from the president none of those things are good. But add on top of it the business leaders in the last two or three days leaving the White House to live in a presidential economic council. And on top of it. Via social media posting a Mitt Romney and I always thought that Romney was a clown. But it does represented part of the Republican Party he did all of his power to make sure that trumpet not win the nomination. And run it on his part to make sure that trumpet and when the election course Romney's a loser. But nonetheless he said that racist rejoice. About the president minorities week and there's unraveling of America going on. And that the president should apologize what you would never happen. This demonstrates. That Jared Kushner and a bond control are firmly in charge of the White House along with general Kelley and the media certainly likes that. But that's not their goal immediate goal was not to have the Joint Chiefs of Staff two or three days ago. Jointly issued memos on hate this flap the president. Or Carl Icahn. To issue a statement a couple of hours ago that he's backing away from the president. Steve banding getting fired ms. Moore wasn't as how stupid as it. When your at a White House advisor Dave Gagnon. Does say there's no military solution whatsoever in South Korea North Korea and that in the first hour ten million Koreans may be killed. The president's been wanting to use the military club against. The north Koreans and his top Erica and his top philosophical advisor in the White House just said the president is not telling the truth because there's no military solution. You put this together the president I think is in Camp David tonight to talk about Afghanistan. In my talk about other things. Because the media. Hates. Truly hates trump in every way that again the media loved and beginning. Believe me as a radio talk shows from 34 years Bill Cunningham understands. Ratings and revenues Mark Levin understands ratings and revenues you've got every ratings and got a ravenous so in the beginning of his campaign. Even know Mika. And Joseph loved Donald John trump they loved it because it was ratings and revenue goal. But about two or three months before the convention the media slowly turn their guns. To drop and tried politically destroy him. And what didn't happen and he got the nomination in Cleveland then they really got tanks they really got yearning and off instead now okay now we're really gonna go after drop. And they say they're busted at best up the Access Hollywood tape from NBC. And to be dropped in October just before debate to ruin the debate so the media was fully invested in destroying. The president of the United States. But. Somehow. Someway in some manner there was divine intervention. And the president was elected and it had to be Cha and since trump has been a liked what you think about it. What do Hillary Clinton have done any of these things the media won't cover this because it is so good for the don't. Would Hillary have appointed Supreme Court justice neo corsets. Would Hillary have dropped 59 missiles in Syria. What do Hillary have taken us out a team PP. Would Hillary have reduced illegal immigration by 70%. What are Hillary have arranged for 20% tariff on lumber from Canada. Would Hillary. Have approved the Keystone Pipeline news or all the things trumpet done. Whatever they have traded more than one million jobs in the past seven months. What do Hillary stock market beat at an all time high despite the fact is pulled back the last couple. What do Hillary rolled back regulation of those coal mine. Would Hillary have dropped a Moab on Taliban. What Hillary at target MS thirteen gang would Hillary have deported violent illegal immigrants would Hillary have committed a commission on voter fraud. And the commission open or an addiction. What Hillary. Have experienced the lowest unemployment and the past eleven years. And would Hillary have supported local police and local prize your answer all those questions is now. There's less than left on the Internet you can check in on and on and on but all the good things that Donald has done that trumps hers done many good things. If one watches as I watched a lot this afternoon and early. NBC ABC CBS. Read in New York Times the Washington Post. Watched. Anything on cable other than fox and MSNBC your logical once in. One could not come away with a an understanding other than the country is in total absolute collapse. Watching CNN MSNBC to I think the world is ending. I don't know about you but in my personal life. Interpret how your personal life. You're driving a truck of your home driving your car listening in your army your station wagon was an in your pick up charger car right now if you're like okay. Economy do and could do a lot better but it's not doing bad. Don't you have fellow. Black employees don't you have fellow like employees don't your fellow Hispanic employees you go to along with pretty good notre. And in your personal life economically things aren't bad. Sporting world doing like good. BI Taliban and prices is on the run whether it's Syria or Iraq or Afghanistan. The relationship to him most of our allies are pretty good. People are traveling people are buying things Amazon's going crazy making lots of money. Stock markets at all time highs even notes pulled back a little bit here recently I think pretty good so there's a disconnect. We chewing the reality of being an American on the one hand and living your life. With straight people with gay people. With Hispanics with whites but blacks with Republicans with Democrats with men and women maybe even transgender. Whatever it is. It all pretty good. But the media has been centrifuge. This Houston are on high that seems to indicate that Americans. Have completely were complete turmoil. It's over. It's over. One ban on lap deeds waited out war. He wasn't talking about Wayne Allyn root he was saying the war what does Pena mean when he tweets out war after each fire. I don't know. Is the right now gonna leave the tribes there I think things the presidency of Donald. Does that guy have to grow learn and Joba get a little more better we become more competent. Absolutely. Could trump Lauren if you fail and duke should impounded Donald tonight I call Carl Icahn. It's LB and understand something I don't understand. I reach out to Rex Tillerson my secretary of state. And say hey by the way what you mean by that I get older senator Bob Parker and they senator where do you see that I've failed. In my life and in your life. The best thing you can do as an American. It's a step away from your life the way it is and as those who you lied. Don't call McCain Mr. President don't call are Graham don't call Romney. But don't hold your body Carl Icahn. Yet get a hold of Rex Tillerson get a hold of senator Bob coworker got people like that and say you did these things said these things. Help me to understand your seat Mark Levin understands. There's three aspects of a person's being spurred debate being you know number one. It's the way you view yourself. How do you view yourself. Secondly. Second aspect is how others view you. And a third aspect is how you truly. I would imagine Trump's view of himself. Is all the charts. Not apologetic. But Tuesday was great Monday's statement was contrived Saturday not too bad so. I would think trump views himself in extremely highway. Secondly how others view you. How about him reaching out. Not duel vodka not to Jared but go to those three people who love and support you icon. Tillerson and coworker and say why did you say those that. And any must give back the number three which the way things the way things truly car. And if he does those things he can continue to thrive in the presidency because right now the media. And the actors of wolves. On the northern plains through a bit of back leg of a caribou and go to chase it down until bleeds out and consume it. The media wants it done immediately in fact when he one an African American female state senator. In Missouri senator Maria Chappelle Natal. Calls for the assassination. I'm Donald. The media really doesn't cover much at all because the media does not when trump debt. They want him dead politically. But no reasonable person not even Democrats except this crazy woman once tried to be assassinated. Anyone that talks about a president being shot in the head whether it's on Hollywood actor. Or whether it's state senator. Maria Chappelle Natal should be resigned from office and put to the dustbin of history because we've gone through those circumstances and it's horrible. Horrible so Ken McDonald grow in duties that. And lastly before except you the American people the call in the market avenger of the great one hosted by the great American Bill Cunningham at 877. 381. 381 line. 8773813811. What advice would you give. The president tonight and the circumstances that he finds himself then. Much by his own behavior but a lot of it by political lynch mob that wants to hang them up politically to draw. But here's the issue confederate war memorials. You know I was born in Kentucky. Live in Cincinnati Ohio Kentucky never seceded from the union not one to never ever secede however. There were eleven to thirteen confederate states. Who declared war against the United States of America and killed almost 600000 soldiers and millions of civilians. The idea of having symbols. Reflecting the individuals like Robert Lee and Stonewall Jackson declared war against America and kill American soldiers doesn't make me feel to gut. Now it should be a local option to decide what to do with local individuals in Lexington in terms decide to do lawfully. Without committing felonies carrying these things down. That's good with me. I'm good with that but what is it and the president through owned slaves are on dollar bills. And a ten dollar bills into one dollar bills Washington DC. Should be renamed according to the Reverend Al Sharpton the Washington monument should begun to shake what Barrow monument the job as a memorial toward around. Lincoln is being defaced in Chicago and also words and end. It is when the fact of this. That the leftist do not like American backed in America. And what the leftist want is to make you legitimate the founding fathers by taken away the First Amendment the Second Amendment. Getting rid of the constitution that's where the socialist left is the Democrats are all about. So this isn't just about confederate normal morals when those are all gone what about the state of Washington. Should topic on the state. A shake Rivera. Or the state of Jesse Jackson are the state of Martin Luther King Jr. who was a civil rights icon and a leader. Should've stayed in Washington change its name to the president's been taken off our currency to the Washington monument go to different argument. Let's continue we have five lines open because now. Bill Cunningham sitting in for the great one mark Lemmon number called now is 18773813811. Bill coming and a great American and for the great one mark Logan. Cunningham and tomorrow's event if you have not signed up for CR TV yet sign up now and see what you've been missing. It's CR TV today and join the conversation about issues that really matter. It's a fake news and get on board with the only team a conservatives. Dedicated to uncovering the truth. Give them a culminate 844 Libyan TV in joining media revolution again that's 844 live in TV. Course markers on a book tour promoting rediscovering Americanism mean back when you on Monday one last thought. Although god John and Joseph coming up at two lines are open now if you call 8773813811. Wouldn't it be wise in about a year or two. For the Donald to go on television from the Oval Office and say I would not seek. Nor I accept the nomination. Of the Republican Party. For another term as your president. And I'm gonna run as an independent in the air 22 money. And I won't open my front doors of the White House to Republicans Democrats independents or others. And I'm gonna pick cherry pick the best ideas I can from all political parties that to run this country in a proper thing. How much sense without me. That Donald I will not seek nor will I accept the nomination of the Republican Party another term as your press. Does that make sense to you let's continue with more 8773813811. Bill Cunningham the great American. Fitting and from our living. Conservative. Voice the market loved and show. 8773810. Free H one ones. I'm Bill Cunningham and for the great one mark the event one last thought before I turn the show over a year this is a show driven by listeners like Joseph and John in Greg and Tony and Stephanie you drive mark Lemmon and your driver everything that happens in talk radio. One last thought get rid of all the confederate monuments. Get their names off all the schools and bridges and highway markers. Get rid of all the courthouses and streets and avenues and interstate highways named after anyone connected to the confederacy. Maybe get rid of the Washington monument because George did on some slaves and it's a job as women get get rid of all the pictures of the president's all of the money. Change the state of Washington to the stated. How does that change. One bit the life of any America any ordinary American do this goes get better. To the jobs become more prolific. There's more money going your pocket. Is there health care system any better. As the deficit any less. Is American military any stronger dual those things. It is a classic. Divergent technique used by the left and sadly by some on the right. To get the people's view points off the important things that truly matter things that matter. And did you think about things that are completely irrelevant now I've been to stone mountain I've stared at stone mountain Stonewall Jackson Robert. And Jefferson Davis not studded and it was put there I think by the Ku Klux Klan. Now Al Schwartz in Poland still exist. Well when the murder of hundreds of thousands took place and I'll shorts and horrors of nazism were truly discovered and released to the whole world. There was not an effort to get rid of that hole or the effort was the key but the way it is as a reminder. So if we do all those things. Won't won't derby. 4000. African American shot in Chicago anymore. Will it mean that poor white and middle class and rich Americans or white will quit taken heroin. Well I mean the southern border early so much better and a deficit significantly less. Better relationship with North Korea red China Russia would suddenly get better. It would get rid of the Washington monument and topple it down as the Reverend Al Sharpton would like to be done how does that change the life of any American. Zero. Zilch nada irrelevant. Charles Krauthammer good friend of mine wrote a book things that matter. Does that really matter in your life. Or is it eight diversions. To what truly politicians should be doing that they can't do. It is a distraction. That's got nothing to do with reality. You and I live are simple lives in a humble ways from New York City to Seattle Washington to Alaska. Through Florida Texas wherever you left. And that the world America is not in turmoil right now we're not at each other's throats. There is no modern civil war going on. The alt left represented by at and T thought. And the right then neo Nazis is gill nets will continue to fight and try to kill each other but the great bulk of us more or less than the metal. Are living our lives aren't you living your life fairly well have you been affected by Charlottesville as far as. And any bruises on your body of even affected by the hatred comes from the radical left and the radical right I've got passed down I gotta get to the calls and I got a good. At 5:55. PM. This afternoon. I'm watching Jake Tapper. CNN. And they did a three and a half minute report. On and he thought the anti fascist group on the radical left. And one of their reporters one end. To any anti. Fashions rally of these black clad individuals with masks and they it is CNN. Actually did a story on the all laughed the radicals. And those individuals talked about anarchy. Bring an end capitalism. Heading fascism by the way they are the definition of fascism look up the definition of fascism and applies to the end to file that is fascism. And I about passed out when the reporter talked about Reuters NBA peak disgust while that was going on. That battle the belligerence. We're joined and to follow on the left in Charlottesville. And the skin as the don't acted Nazis on the right they were fighting each other which is exactly. What the trump stir said. Trump's first or bad fortune was crucified and vilified by the national media CNN. Actually dead a three and a half minute story on hand to for a I about passed out I thought. Whereas that now were they reply that and replay back and replay that one of the worst aspects a cable news. Is that they Russian collusion delusion was no room no room and over and I know one of the North Korea and more is coming. And then it now that went on to Charlottesville. It erupted on Friday night with a Tiki torches any white man that marches around a southern city. At night with the Tiki torch shouting racist or anti Semitic slogans as they mental illness or mental disease there's something wrong with you. Go home care for your husband care for your life boyfriend girlfriend care for your kids look after mom and dad work. I've always said that Obama the Obama phones should all be replaced by alarm clocks. Give alarm clocks to those with Obama post but I redress. Any southerner who's white. From anywhere who marches are on our southern city at night gonna detour shouting and I somatic or racist slogans has no place in this and I got the right to do what. Absolute first the mad they got the right but they're clowns and something's screwed us this fruitless. And on Saturday when all hell broke loose. It broke closed because and to follow on one side and me skinheads on the other went there a fight with motorcycle helmets and bats. And none mace. Chemical air tends and they got involved in Charlottesville police stood down for one reason or another that didn't happen Seattle a few days later. Now that happen among that group but the rest of us. The answer okay. Two beautiful Friday night. The sun is shining brightly. Parades are going on festivals are happening most Americans had just completed a long week of work. Working with every descriptive person one can imagine it's okay this is a 1960s. With cities burning as Doug Ferguson of Baltimore under Obama. It's okay. You watch CNN. You think a new civil wars about to commence goes they wanna get tribes so bad they've law. Repertory a judgment. Incredible LS that I got to get to the golf I gotta get the David Joseph John Greg Tony one last and I expressed to briefly few minutes ago OPEC's. In the White House communications director. I sent her an email urging Donald. Free the Republican Party and having the president as the standard bearer because obviously. That they're in at the border a divorce is coming. Maybe a dissolution but it may be a nasty divorce right now there ought to be a trial separation going on. Does trump is attacking Ryan he's attacking. He's attacking I'm McConnell he's going after he will go after about corporate real soon of course McCain and Graham are completely different category. Well one's a war hero the other one's a clown and so while maybe the boat that way but nonetheless. There's a trial separation going on between trump and the Republicans the Democrats courts never on except. So what did trump. Soon says you know what. I'm not gonna stick Norah I accept the nomination of the Republican party for another term as your president. I'm gonna become America's first independent president and the last 200 some years. In common except Democrats or Republicans and independents the front doors of the White House and we wide open and I wanna work with the everybody wants to move this country for. Think about that. I told us to OPEC's. If at the Donald against say 38% of the same 40% of the top. I think it got up 4044%. 43% of the votes only got the last. And I I think Hillary like forty segment was 4643. All what do trumpets. 38%. Of the votes did to save 40% freezing minute 40%. In 20/20. That means the Republicans have put up Pope Mitt Romney John Kasay I don't. Democrats put up Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders. Governor Cuomo I don't now. So the Republican and a Democrat split 60% of the vote. Fewer Americans said you know what. I'm gonna vote for the trust her because he's a Republican none in order for the trump Easter because they wanna change and the like would trump was saying and now the hard core trump supporter. If the hard court trump supporters days with the Donald and he believes the Republican Party. He wins the election. If he stays as a Republican. And it gets up 40% of the vote there's 60% of the vote gonna go to the Democrat by default in which case trump loses the presidency. There's got to be first to trial separation. And divorce between trump and the Republicans. Got to be. And then trump wins the second. Your thoughts event. Let's continue. The blind becomes available when it's a couple. Avalon becomes available 87738138118773813811. And a tale. We take a quick break. Take a quick break and we're gonna go to Joseph in Texas I love the caller and listen to this we have calls from Texas. Los Angeles, California. Raleigh, North Carolina. Again Los Angeles, California. And Brooklyn New York, New York California. North Carolina. And taxes you know that's not the so what are your thoughts about the charged or he's leaving now the Republican Party although it's not been officially announced I know I speak to my buddy senator Rob Portman. My good friend from all I Lebanon Ohio his personal friend of mine the Republican Party is still farming trumpet every term are paying. And every turn there who were not they keep saying other separate and apart so why did I hope hicks is gonna tell the president. Some time. Maybe after this November. Make a speech from the Oval Office separating yourself under Republican Party. And opened the front doors and a White House to anyone who can help move this country forward if freeze the Republicans to keep attacking trump. It has freed the Democrats to attack trump. And the hard core trump voter at 38 to 40% will ensure his reelection. Because the Republican democratic nominees or split 60% neither one's gonna get forty of the sixty inning gonna happen. I'm sure there's 3035%. Of the electorate that would love to have Mitt Romney. Or John Kasay. Or Marco Rubio in the Oval Office but don't ever get there there's about 30% 35% of the electorate that would love to have Elizabeth Warren poke honest. Or Governor Cuomo or Bernie Sanders and all landing at thirtieth the only way trump loses the presidency. Is by staying as a Republican Mr. President get out. Yet Alex 46 minutes after the hour let's continue with more once again I won't shut up when we continue shout out. And will go to the American people that I love so well and served so long Bill Cunningham the great American and for the great one Mark Levine. Well hello Brendan. So that's only god help our. Oh. We get the full line. We're I don't know it yeah assembly to. Yeah. And. Whenever he's done a on the cutting the. We're very. Shuttle. Canyon is now saying that weekly standard quote now I'm free I got my hands back on my weapons on quote. Canyon also says the night. That now they trump presidency we thought we had is over. So bandit is fired allegedly. Resigned two weeks ago and announced that this afternoon he was fired but nonetheless stayed Branyan as a serious case of the give do. So just in the last couple days in glittering eyes double ours the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Never before in American history at a military leaders in the five service academies go after the president. Carl. Pop icon on the iconic. New York investor personal friend of the president steps back from the president stop serving as an advisor unpaid Steve abandon the chief strategist. Saying my weapons are back in my hands the term presidency is over. Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. Issues a comment on hate seeing is a contradiction. Of Trump's statement on Tuesday senator Bob Parker. A Tennessee says the president is not competent. The mother of Heather higher says you'll take a call from the president. Mitt Romney says the president is causing racist to rejoice. And minorities to weep and a unraveling America has begun. The business leaders have left the president and a state senator. We are ready. It's never an American people let's go do John in Raleigh, North Carolina John in Raleigh welcomed the Mark Levin show John please go ahead. Yes sir good evening thank you for taking my ball yes or. Okay basically trump was selected an anti global list mirror our first attempt at. And he needs to stay on course with bad weather and the despair or. I mean he needs to continue to get the ball they'll. Yeah get taxes cut yes he needs it obamacare. Peeled yes whether they're placed are not as you're irrelevant. And just continued to grow grow jobs it's and he will be fine. In a jet John John note that the three reasons I introduced them and supported him and outspoken Jones and the began the president turn raises the number one. Is that tax code number two who is this southern border immigration number three is obamacare if the Republicans allow him to do those three things. It is going to be a very successful president. Exactly it needs to keep in that direction no matter what. Well I've got a big debacle because the media. Which is an opposition party don't like him the Democrats and one Democrat is calls called for the president's murder. And the president's own appointees. Are overreacting to what happened on Tuesday. And what he said was imprecise it was inaccurate to an extent but I don't care. Those are things that matter things that matter are the substantive issues. It's all irrelevant hyperbole because what's gonna happen is into when he eighteen the Democrats need to get wiped out further. So that at least the Republicans have a super majority hopefully in both houses. Yeah and then. At that point also a lot of the right knows it right now. The key rate is going to be Paul O'Neill and against riot ensued disgruntled Wisconsin. Who can do that yet that we can do that. OK be. I guess the people's will can still be direct. It lets show about my idea of trouble leaving the Republican Party because the Republican Party. And it is rebuked trump and everywhere that he can't one doesn't trump simply say I'm not a Republican I'm not a Democrat I'm an American on the independent let's work together both parties what is in trouble leave the Republican Party because the Republican Party is led trump. Well the only thing that concerns me about that is it's reminiscent to you Teddy Roosevelt. At that time decked out. Will lose it but but he wasn't in office. You see the only reason he are lost or was Tampa ran for reelection as a Republican. An independent can't win the presidency but a president in office that gets 38% of the vote in the pan under will win the presidency. And if he stays there as a Republican and get 38% of the vote he can't win the presidency bill Lloyd trump gets reelected as an independent. Right. Well possibly. I've not talked network now only think about national. Yeah. Better bring about that may have been because thanks for your call John good about that trumpets about is a survivalist. He's eight naked and afraid survivalist. The only way to get through elected. You'll never again get 4344%. Of the vote he will get 38 and by getting 30% heck he can't lose. Billy Cunningham in for mark with a. Now concerns minded speeches from Geico it's a common expression don't look at gift awesome amount. And what to the horse's mouth this true with useful insured in schools this is the exact case with a guy collapse yesterday. Happens three in their point cute all else I went looking so high the app. And whole emergency roadside assistance digital I peacocks they don't pay. Guess that Geico path look it in the mouth gets amazing service. Is there. Oh well. Early underground. Heat from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building we once again make contact without a leader that is. Putting on the great American and for the great remarkable event rediscovering Americanism is the book. Several ways to New York Times best selling less than Mark Levin and be back with you on Monday night just think. Thirty weeks ended the I'd drop presidency want a little over seven months the names that have come and gone quickly. The mood she was the most dramatic scare Moochie gone. Sally Yates acting AG gone. Change color me gone. Sean Spicer gone. Ryan's grave has gone. General fling gone. Stayed banging gone he said tonight quote stay bang and Chara. Trump presidency that we 54 and one is over unquote he also Texan out the one word war. So now you got. Be all right bright bar when I'll turn its guns and tried to destroy the trump presidency. The Democratic Party is invested in the defeat of trump every which way possible most of the Republicans. Whether it's Bob Parker or McConnell or Ryan can't stand to look at Donald. And the new in the mainstream media is 1000%. Behind the idea that this man is incompetent does not deserve to be in the Oval Office. So that is what the Donald is facing as my last caller said from from Raleigh, North Carolina. If the Republicans keep their word and the rebel Republicans. Are fools and feckless individuals they're fools in fact listen but if the Republicans keep their work. In part on the tribe starters basket. A good tax reform package you'll sign it. If not they put on his desk a good repeal and replace obamacare at least to repeal. No sign it if they put on his desk immigration reform that includes a nice wall in the southern border he'll sign it. So that's story ER but open and is Steve canyon is now firing back at the White House. Bakken pride barred news and media a look at CNN right out of our right there are smiling. Big Bang it is out and now he also takes the president. And the same link have been Joint Chiefs of Staff issued in a sensing condemnation of the president. Our Carl Icahn about three or four hours ago that they've billionaire investor along with Rex Tillerson secretary of state. Who admonished and a sense the president along with senator Bob pork or yesterday along with the mother Heather higher since she won't take the president's. Phone calls and of course Romney Mitt Romney has some pretty good lines today. Race history Joyce. Minorities we unraveling of America. Then senator Maria Chappelle Natal of Missouri. African American democratic course. Calls for the murder the assassination. Of Donald. Well item up what's better what's horses go back to the American people. Let's continue now would Joseph in the great state of Texas Dominic cowboys Joseph welcome to the Mark Levin show host about a great American please go ahead. But golf yes thank you. About comment on the removal that are statute and they removed from the bill and street etc. Oh it's terrible and another route when that happens. One of the lives of average Americans be so much better. Have removed everything from a leadership. Well I have got down by George Washington's face on a one dollar bail. If somebody wants to mail me all their money with the presidential face as I'd take that we knew. Of course of course Lemond ever. I support a boycott in fact Benjamin Franklin's on the one I don't know bell on my serve old band ever owned slaves and Andrew Jackson's 120. The seven president from Tennessee Andrew Jackson he also Israel lasted an Indian send in the money. In fact mortars at stop dropping out of valid point but there is a little bit of a difference Robert Lee Stonewall Jackson opera Jefferson Davis. War. Rebellious individuals who sought to kill American soldiers. And a wage war against the United States that's not the same thing as the founding father who built the country which your great. It. I'm well thank Joseph thing vehicles moved David Los Angeles. David in Los Angeles welcome to the Mark Levin Joseph David and LA please go ahead guy Dave. Yeah bill thanks for having me on mr. I have to comment that he can afford me the time firstly with respect to having the president complement to independent. I respectfully disagree with tutors why yet there's the history that they wrote about not being an incumbent. But we come up in the 1992. Where and in the mid 992. All pro I think had maybe 39%. Approval in the Gallup poll then and boards with a little bit left and that Clinton would 25%. And the incumbent bush. Who had you know had such good. Popularity apple and other school don't or they split the party and Clinton became president with about 43% of the vote. I think that. The Republican Party better wake up. They need help administration. Needs to color gamut so quit worrying about your ego and then they'll be literally people in you guys better get together. And save America for America but let's put ego in check and lets get our act together because. All the libel to put another developer Google that we did in nineteen all the welcome. And that we didn't 1992 Clinton about my first comment with regard to. Bernie that independent. Now let's stay on that point because your points are valid when it went up when when push came to shall. Clinton got about 43 I I think Jeb Bush 41 got about 3536. And running pro got about eighteen or 19% of the vote however. Sam and 1912 Taft. And now Roosevelt split the Republican vote allowed a reply a Democrat to win for the first time in twenty years Woodrow Wilson who was an unmitigated disaster. But nonetheless. I think this time. And independent. Cannot win the presidency because you can't get on. You can't get on ballots you can garner public scrutiny you can't cover you don't have media covering new however if you're the sitting president and you're the drugstore. Do you think trump as an independent. Would get 35 to 40% of the vote. I think he could I wouldn't take that risk at that point on another drink I would I would work with the Republicans and then the Republicans need to win. No bargain with him my friend David. The Republicans are standing trump and a back every chance they can't. Absolutely but the point is that they're gonna lose that they don't have folk got bit. So that because he would be incumbent. Thought and but he does have a strong base and they need that base to beat Democrat because Democrats. Cap the media until that marketed and I would roll a die that it might do this and all the economic comment with regard to float belt that never heard anybody talk about. If you go to bed bath and then by all out of the deal or not people are and and so poor that point did they did have a permit. They did they were carrying whatever they're allowed to carry it under the law okay now. Without being fed. When you had. Doesn't. Let bottom. Left wing side they came in they came without a permit it came without being aware of what club at Federer Federer all of those things. They actually under the law I believe that it probably the same in Virginia then incited a riot because they didn't have a permit and they came a weapon. I can guarantee you it would've been. The all right well let's just say a black white matter with a permit. Do in the demonstration. That would that would legal you know so for. And that would have been the Ku Klux Klan that came in the cool weapons and all would be indictment today against them per share. We'll look at it this way. The courts have allowed. Neo Nazis to march in new Jewish John play a smoky Illinois and what you like it or not we have a First Amendment. And the First Amendment says prior restraint a freedom of speech is not permitted it is a very very very high burden. For anyone to demonstrate a lock and issue a permit because there's a possibility of violence now if you're a neo Nazi skinhead. In Euro and Euro sliding Tiki torches at night in a southern city and your white male. That demonstrates to me that you that you may have the right to do that but to me it is terribly immoral behavior now having said that anti thaw. Knew what was going on because of social media and there were many more and to follow up protesters. Wear a nearby close in their masks well armed to the teeth. There was a fight going on according to the New York Times according to the ATP and according to Reuters in Charlottesville. Where the left in the right attack each other. And his Charlottesville police god bless him stand stood down when the reason or another it did not want to get involved. Now the media only talks about one sided fight. As like talking about McGrath it McGregor and not talking about Mayweather there was a fight going on there were many arrest on both sides. And a person killed unfortunately. I hate to see anyone lose their life especially young American 32 was killed by an all rightist. If that was some Alley into flaw. And killed somebody on the right. The outrage in the media would not nearly have been as great. Because Democrats. Now when they're victims of crime it's gonna hate crimes. When Republicans or conservatives are the victims of crimes that hardly ever hate crimes it's the way the political parties are now organized. Insofar. As a terrible leapt join violent group and their and darkest at 455 this afternoon. I've got drop over dead Jake Tapper CNN. That a three and a half minute report and at the flaw and how violent they weren't Charlottesville and how violent they were on the inaugural day there were two uncertainty and and to far and darkest arrested in downtown Washington DC in charge of writing a red riding it's a serious felony. These individuals have chapters. Unorganized and practically every American city. Burke called out with sticks and clubs and chemical irritants and mace. To attack anybody perceived to be on the right and that movement is much larger or much greater than neo Nazis or skinheads. Not because that's the way the world is order today but the media will never cover. Trump that way they covered Obama Obama got every pass in the world truck and on any passes. And the media will never cover and to follow the way they cover the skinheads because this skinheads the Nazis the white supremacist. Their hate group may should be treated as such on the other side of the fence insofar as a hate group but the Southern Poverty Law Center would never lets them. As a hate group. Who caused violence to behaviors all over the country. Because there on the same political side. So when CNN did this report David I about passed out at 455 denied because it was a fair report for the first time and I seldom see that on CNN sell them. I'd like fully agree with you I understand that the cure on the other foot tall at the where his father had the lead at the permit and the with the Ku Klux Klan and give it became men. And then they would be charged with inciting a riot I believe because the party come in without a permit whipped weapons and Belfour. Inside the right I believe. Because and they read only one allowed remember Obama was under right now straight years one Obama was in the White House and race riots took place frequently. There was never any motive or intent or at questions the mainstream media to Obama. Do you think you're rhetoric in your policies are causing riots in Baltimore in Saint Paul. In not Baltimore there was never connection between the policies of Obama and race riots. But as soon as Charlottesville happen immediately liked Panthers on alleged ready to jump at trump does somehow connect and to the killing to the murder rather hire. The media had a complete double standard when it came don't coverage of Obama that they don't have we're trotman we have to recognize that is reality. Bright and it probably happens to education because people don't know their history couldn't totally know we were back in avenue abolitionist look at have been memoir. Look at the fact that he freed the slaves up his father lock when the father in law passed away. He has staying to a letter to the wire with regard to you lately being immoral and people don't know the truth about Lee. So you know they're fighting over something that they don't understand. And the other thing is. Eric Robert. Ku Klux Klan they were all Democrats it is so ironic. But the Democratic Party is the party of the Ku Klux Klan that's the party. It is not the Republican Party it was formed to fight the Democrats and a free the slaves and now the Democratic Party so ironic. Is going to have to the Klan. Wonder Democrats created the group much client we got around David thank you for your call let's continue now blind becomes available 877313811. Bill Cunningham the great American and for the great one Mark Levine. Yeah. You know looking in my arrived the Clinton news network. Things like there's about to be in jail break. In the White House this is from Steve canyon quote I'm now free got my hands back on my weapons and quote from Steve Bannon. Ban saying quote. There's about to be a jailbreak of moderate guys on the hill unquote band and also says tonight war. War. I guess against the trumps her since the end of this way. Donald. A Rockefeller Republican at his most conservative. And added is at least conservative or more liberal. The Tribe's third gave money to Nancy Pelosi and the Chuck Schumer. He gave money to Al Sharpton and trump gave money to Jesse Jackson he was a New York realistic. Never very political and all you wanna pay everybody off. He was loved by unions love by not enough bankers because he. Can pay loans back a lot but it was blood by the corporate late he was loved by Hollywood. Loved by those watching the apprentice. So this guy. Gate begins running for their running for the presidency. And a number Republican or Democrat he could have easily have been a Democrat as much as a Republican. If Hillary Clinton was up walking him as a Democrat he mater run as a as a Democrat. So he was elected did anyone vote for trump. I don't know mark we've been I was a Ted Cruz kind of a guy. Mark what Ben was at Ted Cruz kind of a guy I voted for trumped compared to the alternative. And I would daresay bit of trouble ran as a Democrat. And we had to tag crew is running as a Republican I would of Waterford had grows and mark love anyone about a for Ted Cruz guy I dosing constitutional Republican. I get that. But at this point are you surprised. That Steve Bannon. Who until I guess two weeks ago when he submitted his resignation or about three hours ago when he was fired at which everyone believed he was a troubled loyalists. And now. Before this before the sun has set. On the day he is left he talks about war and weapons. When it comes to a big guy that he served for the past one year since August of last year saying things. As if he's a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff saying things as if he's a Democrat. Do you use terms like war and weapons. When talking about Donald. It's banned in that much different than state senator Chappelle NATO. In Missouri. Who specifically is called for the murder of the president yes as state effort in American democratic senator and the Missouri has calls for the killing. A the president of the United States. And onstage band and the loyalist. Who says god trouble elected before sundown. Here it is Friday. He's using things like war and weapons when referring to the president. All workers Trump's turn first friends. Is that Gary Cohn is these dang he says yes. And vodka trump of course Jared Kushner haven't been internationalist line. And then Nationalists lost. But continue your call. 8773813811. As we continue on the shot Erica. We'll go to Connecticut Florida Maryland Virginia bill coming and a great American and for the great when marking event. Constitutional. Convention. Mark television show. Colin now be 7738148. Point one. They'll cunning and a great American and for the great one Mark Levin and I daylight. The national media tonight is evident connection that trump presidency. Is over. According ST ban trump presidency is over game and interviewed the weekly standard. And Bannon is firing on Donald. Right part I have an up watching gone abandon its open unless you wanted to get fired he told us Sarah Moochie. He gave an interview. Two I liberal website. Your reporter. That he never Matt Roberts probably knew before. It which Steve Bannon a couple nights ago. Question the policies. Of the president on North Korea. And saying the president was lying. When the president instead everything's on the table bands and obviously. A war with North Korea is down on the table we killed ten million Koreans in the first one hour. That's not on the so how does say the president's chief strategist. Given interview. To a reporter that he's never met contradicting the policies of this president that is sworn to serve. How how did they chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff all five of them. No issue of social media postings contradicting the president after Tuesday's disaster is news conference. How does Carl Icahn who's an icon in New York City. All right this afternoon report that he's backing away is being the president's domestic advisor without portfolio. How does your Rex Tillerson the president secretary of state to contradict the president talk about the evils of hate speech. How does senator Bob Parker. From Tennessee. Up to be us secretary of state and a friend of the president. Say the president is not competent. Is not shown grasp of the office. How does the mother. Of a murdered American Heather hires mother refusing even to take the president's telephone call. How to dozens of business leaders which should be the base a Donald Trump's support backed away from the president at his Mitt Romney. Say the president's words have given racist cause to rejoice. And minorities reasons the week. That's on top of all like crap to figure out John McCain and Lindsey Graham. That's one thing for those guys who say something to grandstand but not senator Bob cork. He's a good man pitcher calls. What do you do now argue the chops to. Do you follow my advice to him and hope mixed communications director. To say. Disassociate yourself from the Republican Party. OJ said it back in the late seventies their backs devers you don't need the Republican Party Donald. If they pass a billion light sign it if they passively at all like veto it. The Republican Party is a foolish feckless slot. Who promises one thing then does another and the Democrats and a completely different mentality the Democrats worthy Ku Klux Klan and other blaming me Republicans. Per the racial movement the Ku Klux Klan but the Democrats found I can't I can't believe what's going on. Continuing their call thousands Arnold millions are listening mark limit but mark Lebanon will be back with you on. On Monday night let's continue now with Sampson allowed to named Sampson Fort Myers. Probably as an on fox radio when Sampson welcoming the Mark Levin show. Is to by the great American Sams and please go ahead. Record at micro. Olympic and you talked about bite are in bed and social event that actually dropping the ball bearings incompetent. They probably should shut all it was an arms movement on news shouldn't. The other what was what you have to say but I would like to say he was the first politician embargo time. Always willing to address the issue of waste at all it was 100% correct there's a lot of games and assume part. When people at white that this is not a one party Barrett. Everyone shared responsibility. In that horrible very draws go a little concerned about what may happen more about a two super well Austin. That's right. It is probably another relative popular vote yeah or those. Wearing a small article Page Hopkins Walters or were they that they can breaking news broad based but it increased I agree. Bad week a lot of drain the swamp. Because there is. Rooney will never get a don't know mate Marco Rubio W bush delegate and I'm hoping that people do the same way that I will help them. All this man has an opportunity to make this country great again and they want a well. And I've got hurt you would know better than they broke. Could you and also already getting granite and brought in seven permissions and yet these politicians would probably be in jail all the competitors like so I would like Peter you're critical. I would say it's my friend and trump after some thirty weeks. Is an eight dangerous political position because. The Democrats. If they win a house next year. Which is quite unlikely but if they do within about thirty days there's going to be a bill of impeachment. Sent to the senate. And at the senate Republicans that takes it takes to Thursday convict in the senate I think the vote on Clinton. And nine year it was like a fifteen to 49 or fifty to fifty. And he is alienating. The Republican the Republican Party would kill itself and commit political suicide. If the voted to remove trump from office the Republican Party would seek to exist as a party. The best thing for the swamped right now and as for the tribes are to leave the Republican Party because the Republican Party has left the president. And have an independent movement now on 1912 it didn't work because TR was not an office. And the 1992 it didn't work because Ross Perot was not in office so you don't get the publicity don't get the money you know again the media coverage. If trump would announce I would not seek. Nor likes up the nomination of the Republican Party rather term Mr. President I'm running as an independent. That would allow the Republican Party to run a Mitt Romney or John Casey and get 35% of the vote. It would allow the Democratic Party to a two run poke honest. Or Bernie Sanders or Governor Cuomo. And get 25 to 30% of the vote and then the tribes or gets 35 to 40% of the vote and Donald. Wins the presidency again. And that's the only way he can win because the Republicans are gonna stab him in the back as they've done for the past thirty weeks every chance they get. And the Democrats think trumpets the devil incarnate. And the news media is not objective the only institution business wise in America that is a constitutional. Exemption. For their behavior. Is the news media. Now when the founding fathers and 1787. Who wrote the constitution had no idea about television radio and suck social but nonetheless. The media is out to politically killed trump. As are the Democrats as are after Republicans show why doesn't trump drain the swamp without the Republican Party. Or read about it would be important sir. It began when Romney and McCain and KCK sic my friends who are played golf with considered him a friend not anymore. In case think under oath. Signed a statement in South Carolina. That hey as the Republican. As the Republican candidate that I will support the Republican nominee he also signed statements of rides bravest and won a national convention was in Cleveland in July. He promised to be there to open convention it took an African American democratic mayor of Cleveland. Don't open the Republican National Convention because a case and the Republican Party. Or what were kicking. Him and they tell you oldies long before November the eighth. They did it in July they did it in August they did in September and October dropped one in spite not because of the Republican Party. That's correct and when we get producer and he will win again but Kenny Kenny run what is a Republican. I actually believe that we can sure tell me why tell they won't tell them because honestly do believe when Mitch McConnell. I don't remember all the little Republican governors in the back multiple reelection two years there will be voted out. And Margot or not they will not get my bill to ability to market it was then that the reflective about them as well. Mark goes knock on an opt out of 22 point two. He just got elected into money sixteen that. Got collected by developer about it and I'm actually sold I did I get more vocal and my only do the due to lose your only option that I. Oh what's the Alter and why who ran again in probably a left during a radical Democrat ran and that's why I want I want it. Senator Ted Cruz that was my guy and when trump got the nomination this was a moderate. Republicans slash Democrat. Trump who gave money to Planned Parenthood Nancy Pelosi. Al Al Sharpton who's a tax cheat Jessie Davis who's a guy that didn't represent me at all but a look at the alternative. And I've ever had a. We gonna wrap you but you know what it had that the eagle has gotten way because I do believe it was a club ticket. Along with a crowd usually W dot com that you supported would have been a strong stand to get encouraged. Absolutely. Both of them together they should join forces to go Chris don't know much about adequately. You don't you're supporting the Clinton going against him. Auburn but I believe that you would have voted by the way because he and did do well uncle or your page you're with open could be another 48 your current tech who is well. When I just thought it would call it Arkansas yeah I want to an open court we are not. I don't own a television. I read the paper cable and I have a good deal will be well earlier I will not support any rhetoric. But why do what it is a lot of hatred I want what you were taken macondo Hollywood. Sanders and Libyan for my living in Fort Myers, Florida which is beautiful. Aren't things pretty good doesn't the world function Arthur institutions that supporters don't you have good relationships with all your friends and family. And life is pretty good immediate depicts this country is going down the tubes. And I'm looking around the revelations we will not only operation to get along no they don't want the water. Because there there will be exposed. That they want complete conflict. It's Steve CNN MSNBC to lesser and lesser extent fox. They want conflict they want war they want disaster they look for the wedge issues they keep going to have that you would think there's and the last that I several months the only stories in America. Have been the Russian collusion delusion. But I borrow weaker too it was North Korea how to trump was gonna fail which turned out Kim Jung a tried to be great success. And now it's been about a week a Charlottesville. They're gonna ride this horse constantly and nothing else matters and all of Reagan world. Other than the Russian collusion delusion a little bit North Korea now it's under race relations again. Yeah we've heard nothing about the other two at all about the regulations that don't party. Trouble be victorious he used to adversity decree will rise to the top. I credit privileged W everybody I will also don't like is slower and I also don't like with the rabbi has decided against presidential. Bob Barr. While we got to sudden going to rumor is a reporter is well and when that. Sure. Sampson thank you are much of Bubba but I'll say this. The idea of state ban. This morning. Was working for the president in the White House allegedly but he said he submitted his resignation two weeks it would I don't believe but nonetheless. Then this morning it was on a White House payroll as the chief us strategist. In the White House within twelve hours. He uses terms like war and weapons to describe. His relationship with the president he's got his weapons back in his hands. I guess. The goal after. The man that he just served. Sampson that's sickening thank you for now let's continue. Coming up calls from Connecticut Maryland and up for junior. We have to align top two lines open because rapidly one. 8773813811. Bill Cunningham degrade American and for the great one Mark Levine. Him. Plus our offense great book rediscovering Americanism has been seven weeks New York Times best seller list. Check it out CR TV also look at this. You and I are adults. You and I won substantive things done that moves forward the lives of average Americans like you and I ruined something's subs and it to adapt. Does the Democratic Party and the news media want this substantive things to occur at trump once that happened. Not just know the answer is hell now. The Democrats in the news media do not want this substantive changes to our economy and to the American way of life. That most normal Americans one including Donald. And so the best tools they can use to stop that substantive policy matters. From occurring. Instead the shiny object off to decide that has nothing to do with the reasons trump was elected. And got our eyes off the prize give the Republicans eyes off the prize. A bigger reason trump one. Is the middle class is being economically decapitate it would no opening races. No job creation an influx from the southern border cheap labor or you can say the three issues are repeal and replace obamacare. Tax reform and I sane immigration policy those other reasons now does that mainstream media. Wind. A sane immigration policy they are not the answer is now the main stream media likes the way things our. The mainstream media far left when we all laughed mainstream media. They love the idea of open borders. And the and large masses from Third World poverty countries flooding and our schools or hospitals and our prisons mainstream media like that. Number two. They do not want to repeal and replace obamacare which is largely government sponsored. Medicine. May remain in Democratic Party once Medicare Medicaid for all which is completely unsustainable. But it's a drain by the radical left. And the third thing as. Tax reform of one type or another mainstream media likes the way things are complicated. They like it that way because the more money you have the more likely as you pay less taxes so they don't want take power from Washington they wanna give power to Washington. And that's why the mainstream media is focused on the rushing collusion delusion. And now for the last week and for the next several weeks race race and more race race race race that's all they wanna talk about. When the Democratic Party created the group Lex land they wanna blame the Republican party for the existence the planners can heads. When a Democratic Party historically as the party of the Ku klux. So now I fear that Steve Bannon. Has left the White House. And according to Bloomberg interview was done a couple hours ago that when he used terms like weapons and war he gonna go. After that Democrats but I I don't think that's true most of us think he's gonna use now is. Significant platforms to go after trump because Gary Cohn and Ibaka trumped in Jared Kushner. Have now taken over at the White House against the ban and factor of the Republican Party. Steve Bennett believes in nationalism America first anti globalism. Cone I think I Bakken trop and I think trump himself in Jared Kushner are more of the a big global list type they wanna trade wanna go across. Across dark net national lines and and it lowered tariffs and more freedom of movement of capital people's. I sense that's what Cohn a bunker drop injured curtains and so that they helped push out they abandoned because he didn't fit the mold. Into I think and his hard Donald. Absolutely not. That's why trump one along with getting rid of stave banded. And we'll see what happens tomorrow is going to be another interesting day because of Boston in Tuesday the tribes through says gonna go to Phoenix Arizona. And the democratic Mary Fannie don't want trumped the company doesn't want trumpet so we'll see well as continue in the last r.'s going to be umi in the American people as we continue. Jerry from east haven Connecticut will be first. And then now calls from rock. Bill Maryland Tidewater Virginia and Jacksonville Florida. When one line open if you call rapidly to get on air under John in the next hour mark Sullivan show the number to call is 877. 381381187731. 3811. And Paula we're blessed to live in shall we say consequences. Bill coming under great American and for the great one mark who have been check out CR TV and so much more will continue when work again. Hi this is Maureen Moreland Morrison here to tell you Geico has more than just great savings much more. Geico has been around for more than 75 years when they're using Morse code. Sorry that's just my sense of hew more what's more with Geico you get 24/7 access to licensed agents on the app online order over the phone. She can talk to them at night or in the morgue and so forever more just know that no other auto insurer has more more than Geico. More power to be Geico and expect great savings and a whole lot more. It is here. No broad similarly underground. Deep in the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leaving the. Mark look at all tonight back on Monday this is Bill Cunningham the great American broadcasting with you live from Cincinnati Ohio. One last up to par return of the American people. The news media Democrats and liberals their time draw completely. In captured. By looking in seeking out racist thoughts and behaviors whoever might be located. One place they want outlook for racism though is the Democratic Party to party to Ku Klux Klan. Or when Al Sharpton or Jeremiah Wright or Brock Hussein Obama or Nancy Pelosi there all of her races and error at all. Because that's the ideological. Platform on which the minute mainstream media finds itself. No one took the time to finality Steve Bannon was it simply wanna caricature him in smear him. He never gave any interviews which I thought it was a mistake except at the end. More lies the exit interview that helped to get them fired when he said the president was lying about having military options in North Korea you can't do that he kind of pulled a Sarah Moochie. Giving an interview that meant you had to get fire. Is incredible. But between you and I big problems the middle class. Is losing. Middle class with the invention of the United States of America we have economic. Oppression and suppression of the middle class. We have an open your weight problem involving a southern border fence. And drugs being imported from Russia. And China. Which are killing 60000. Americans every year. Every year 60000. By the same number killed and murdered by the north Vietnamese in the Vietnam War. We have a southern border despite the fact is great improvements largely wide open. We have a budget deficit. That is I'm gonna go again close to one trillion dollars a year the drivers of our spending Medicare Medicaid Social Security. In Medicare. 121000. Individuals like me. Are gonna retire. Every day in begin taken Medicare 121000 today and we put and about forty cents on the dollar of the money we're gonna get out Medicare. As a financial disaster. Medicaid. Has doubled in the past seven years because everyone now gets Medicaid healthier otherwise. And in the next seven years Medicaid's got a double again to close to 800 billion dollars Medicaid by itself. Social Security. Most Americans get all the money they put in within four years of Social Security from not point on it similar to welfare program. So they're great drivers of the budget Medicare Medicaid those dirty. Is on bridle as unsustainable everybody mr. Obama. Won't deal with this country you'll and I have serious serious problems these are things that matter but not to the mainstream media. The Russian collusion delusion and now race will dominate everything in the media as if nothing else matters. I'm broadcasting in Cincinnati Ohio want to my right right now is ablaze by the kenwood Towne center with 5000 cars it's packed. A look at interstate highway 71 cars are going to other pro north and south. A big East Coast I 95. I five. All across America. People are going out to dinner they're working are gonna soccer baseball games they're going on vacation they're living their lives we worked with everybody you and I. We work with. White folks. Black folks and brown folks we work with lesbians. Hate Americans homosexuals. We will work with Democrats Republicans libertarians. That country's functioning. The economy is going quite well despite the last two days the stock market is in great shape. We're happy relatively peaceful. Unless you're on the alt left are they all right then they wanna fight each other like an old time gang who way to go out each other. But the rest Summers is in your life okay. But you look around and see brightness and skies who got a solar eclipse coming in on Monday I mean okay. Were livid but if you'll watch the mainstream media and some darkened basement somewhere you would think this country's falling apart. Nobody's working. People are going crazy urged race riots everywhere Imus and Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton. Is saying. The other day on think on his lousy show on MS NB is one of the other Al Sharpton the tax cheat. Said it is not wanna pay for the Washington monument. Or the Jefferson Memorial because they're slave owners and enable Washington DC should be changed to Jacob parasitic. This data Washington needs to get rid of that. Georgie needs to get all of a dollar bail Jackson needs to get off into money. What is this thing and what is a stock are you kidding Maine. Is that the guy the media yes the media puts on Al Sharpton but when they give somebody from the all right a platform like that. How is Al Sharpton that much different than not Jeremiah Wright. The black Nationalists who preached a I'll Obama for twenty years but the media never covered him because it was an inconvenient truth to point out that Obama sat in a racist church for twenty years. Imagine if trump had done that. All hades were broken loose so tonight and on nights. When the trump presidency needs our prayers needs our support. In a week. Whether it with a Joint Chiefs of Staff. The five gentlemen in charge of the five branches of our national military ambition in a sense condemnations of the president. One Carl Icahn. The New York investor a personal friend in unspoken advisor to the president backed away from trump this afternoon. When Steve Bannon who was the philosophical. Backbone. Of the campaign. Leaves tonight in talks about war. He talks about weapons. Rex Tillerson. The attorney general. Gave her reputation of hate is if somebody's in favor of it. If senator Bob corporate. Who and a sense he said the president is not competent. And he hopes the president gets more competent. You also have Heather hires mother. I said does this morning and ABC news with. I think Roberts that she wouldn't take it telephone call from the president. Then Mitt Romney doesn't about Mitt Romney does. Before I go to bed tonight on the call upon god almighty. And ever and a prayer a voice prayer for the president. He's the president for the next almost three and a half years whether we like it or not he's not going anywhere. The media needs to cover issues that matter and the Republicans need to stop stamping the trumped her in the back let's continuing their calls. Let's continue with us go to Jerry in Connecticut Jerry Connecticut welcome and a Mark Levin show Jerry please go ahead. I Billy and Billy goat bloated they loved it they love it when the trumpet fighting a politician and I mean yeah I didn't know what word but look at your front door on here in the northeast. We got Governor Christie on concluded that they haven't made animal house to he would play dribble she character over in new York stock opened my house is go into Caldwell. I'm content that is so. In April global quit politics today influence Hollywood fool you wouldn't comment that he would commit twenty million dollar film. He could play in a group called poker played Andy in any movie they remain bowling. And go earlier because it sounded stupid legal speed all tried media. Well. Well. I'm a pig of a married be a thing about this look at look at the mayor of New York. Look at the governor of Ohio big governor of Ohio big governor of New Jersey new governor of New York you mean you tell me. That's the best we can do. Bogey got it just cheap nickel and dime politicians we know that the most outrageous Beagle on the knuckle require state area due to a New Jersey Connecticut Pennsylvania. It is trying to roll the airports they go lower than Third World country will be people don't realize. Well social reasons I attribute it to the city every original art shop. Hate these politicians to. They love it when the trunks the fight with them they will not unleash in New York City you have the greatest. And on the planet like these guys are New York City. Arguing intrigued me and Ed good to try to look at it would put new city. Into the 21 century they would at least be guy what a silly bill there will never have a about. Politics. Jerry stay on that point trump still pointed out a few days ago it took eleven months to build the Empire State Building in the 1930s. It took. Fifteen years to build a new freedom tires said. Replace the World Trade Center we eleven a complicated world in which we have all the digital all the all of the computers all the ability to build any great structure. But hey in third in the 1930s when eighty years ago it took the Americans living in the Great Depression. Eleven months to build good to build the Empire State Building and we can't do that we can't build highways we can't build bridges we can't build buildings we can advance you can't put the middle class to work. Because the bureaucracy the federal bureaucracy either state local bureaucracies. That a Bosnia is the crawl knows and it's out of they stop that from happening middle class Americans Kendall and fact I kind of wish him a sense. Trump we simply go play golf for a long period of time Nomar tweeting no more talk and just leave us alone the government would be much better off if lady essentially no government and just let the American people do what we do that's yet. Why oh what's happening with the trade center a little but big bill to the big money guys who fight with the insurance companies. Well what happened on 9/11 million did distinguish what happened you don't would be it was one ability to build state what politely you're not nonsense we know that. These great unique in New York City would put this city and its weak or centric. In twelve market they if they were unleashed and they won't do it would get him back. Politics Eric day. That should they try to put some wood to George Washington named is already been removed from schools in America to get into a lean and what it is will they walk well where they talk about what region and Iraq and urgency to already. This is nonsense. They couldn't care let's what we do good trick anybody around the world we got the greatest people in the world multi. What people more what we invite people to this concrete and what do. Is we invited people and our whole. Hold it real outrage in the picture didn't like people one time now legal immigration. Or illegal at all. We're second time in this track in new Dickey talked about pension funds and stocks and you know run out of money could go about running out so much. Given those they don't talk about Maria welfare checks. You know Jerry we gotta run but I'll say this every. Obama phones should be replaced. When they trump alarm clock we need those getting government benefits to get off the public dole and get to work. We should give every Obama phoned recipient an alarm clock from Donald. Let's continue coming up late coming up next to be Andy firma Maryland and Jake in Virginia and Scott in Jacksonville and thousands of others. Avalon becomes available 8773813811. I've been in this business for 34 years Bill Cunningham the great American I never have more sense of pride. They wanna get a call from article have been asking for a app I may sit in for him some night. When he's off to. Knew what he does promote his book you CR TV take a little vacation time I love market have been. And mark who have been loves me god bless you let's continue with more. I. Open it. I'm Bill Cunningham right American and for the great one mark the event of a line becomes available 87731311. Check out. 844 Libyan TV if you and order and I see and it's great stuff also CR TV. And market events out there rediscovering Americanism seven weeks spoke on the New York Times best seller lest. And mark will be great with few again on Monday night and tell them let's go back to you the American people. Now I love solo serve song let's continue with that shaken not Tidewater Virginia. Jake in Tidewater welcome to the market have been showed Jake please go ahead. I don't write and count and Caroline knobs are Caroline got. Contact up in Mississippi and Matt. Leinart vice president would be. I've Huckabee to hand outcry market by eight people that have remained negative and can say. And let the people who support him like a battle and then with our. And just continue to do the best he can't keep the product is humid that's all you really want unit. And Caroline day is showing nude dancer the girl that went to the party whip and Steve Bannon has they've had a wide board in his office I'm sure it's gone now. With all the campaign promises that trump actually made that caused many people's 63 million of us to vote for him. And so what's wrong with having someone Indy Oval Office who actually keeps a list of the promises that you made. And check them off as it transpires. And so as longest trump keeps that 38 to 40% of the voters he got in about 43% voted for him. And about 46% for Hillary. If digging keeps 38 to 40% of the vote. At this point. With the media onslaught the way it has is gonna win reelection but I don't care about his reelection. I care about substantive issues repeal and replace obamacare. Immigration. And then tax reform those things mainly why he got elected. Well why can't he focus ignore CNN. Well watch and MSNBC. Don't give interviews to the New York Times how about doing the things that we put him in parted do without be a novel idea. Could not like if I certainly agree with that would be the I'd get pregnant need to quit letting me get to camp. And market on what he ran on and you see on the complete a mission. He's gonna have our support because we love them we want him barely put him apparently want to stay at quantity equity and. As a southerner what is your thought about all these confederate memorials and monuments. You know we've we've solved all of the problems of the twenty. First century we got our all the difficulties in America are now been resolved. So let's go back a 150 years in re litigate the civil war restarted by the Democrats on mine as a winter without as a southerner about all these memorials. Well I think that that does not think that saint history. And that it's not even gonna bid eight and eight burger. Hurt feelings and until they've been discriminated again. You know. I just think that it you know it's a shame because in it's. As things stand there to teach us something we forget history and are bound to repeat it. Well you know our old why can't. Trump articulate a position that says we have serious problems in America today in 2017. That we have to solve as a collective people. And lists the top ten problems I've list and a most of tonight. As so let's all these difficulties and when these difficulties. Hey have been. Taking care of in their solved in a positive way. While we get these ten things done well and they're working in America debate build up the middle class southern border no more financial deficits. Middle class growing we're gonna have repeal and replace obamacare. A strong military tax reform when we did he turn things. But let's go back a 150 years and talk about 1858. And 1861. And 1865. And talk about the memorials put up in the 1920s and thirties. Once all these problems are solved today would go back in time installed the dimpled goalies of other generations of Americans. And it now or unresolved by them does that makes that let's solve today's problems first is when I say. I cannot be I'd check and I. Diet pop eyed embraces them and things like that it was its take to the business of doing what's best for the country. Carolyn your great American thanks for coming on the market have been show which we continue and you'll be next we roll on. We never stop we never has today we simply continue and after that we're Collison Saint Cloud, Minnesota. But trucker in the great state of Ohio and from Jacksonville Florida Avalon becomes available 1877381. 38113811. Break everywhere Bill Cunningham lives remarkably. Yeah America is tyranny hot here we call and now it's 773813811. Yeah. I've only coming up the great American and remarkable event from other 125 big minutes and now what do consequential. We can has been honored to be on marquee events substitutes. Tonight Friday night he's back on Monday night thousands on or millions are listening. We let people know now for four and a half days let's continue and Andy in the great state of Maryland Andy welcome and a Mark Levin show any please go ahead. Well mr. criminal particulate call. I just couldn't I then. Two kids say that put in my opinion president. Trump's net he could say anything wrong by calling out eats people. On the left and I. That's what they are we had during. Congressmen almost assassinated keep that that would kill everyone of them to collect. We had police officers got it. But the archer clinical term to no connection between east. And black white matter what's going on. Is it into an odd group you know that people beat people. Broke. That class and storefronts are arguing. That it's like they don't want to revitalize actually everything he or she what. Any just in Dallas. There was a black lives matter so called protest not for activities in Dallas and elsewhere on his Baton Rouge Melton starlink. But in Dallas black lives matter protesters. Indirectly caused the murder of five police officers New York City I was there when I was going I'll I was in a hotel in New York City and a post and no it was posted and saying please do not leave the hotel civil civil disturbance under way in which thousands of individuals. Caring black lives matter banners and songs and chanting these. Indy indirect incentivized. I think somebody from Baltimore black nationalist. To come to New York City and murder officers Ramos and Lou in Baton Rouge there were two or three cops murdered. Black lives matter protesters and and to file. Have had numerous examples a violent murder rape mayhem burglary robbery trespassing committed by them and the name of black lives matter. And and not one time did CNN. Make any connection which in Obama's rhetoric and Obama's policy and the murder of police officers on inaugural day in Washington DC. 200 members have had to follow was a lack Allah arrested for breaking up downtown Washington. All of inaugural day and is not gotten any better sense but at no point to the national media make any connection. But let one right wing horrible racist groups the skinheads that white supremacy as the white nationalist. And the Ku Klux Klan a group founded by the Democrats. Do what they did have a mutual combatants with and to follow up and and this poor woman was murdered by this fields races and immediate suddenly. Can next trump. Two that they met white nationalist. One day maybe it would never have done that with the Obama what happened all over the country during his presidency in fact and Ferguson. Michael Brown was an attempted murderer a police officer Darrin walls and he tried to murder a cop in uniform and his car. And the president said white house representatives. At a funeral Michael Brown. But no representatives. Did the murder of police officers why does that why does the media do that. It's just can't that and some Republicans. Where the hell it why can't compensate yet. He bought these groups are bad. It's like I don't at the white person and represent tension whatsoever it. Grants actually brought to the nearest bunker on. The sort it all groups they look like they're not much. State each in stat. I'm going after each other groups to. And it never ever go back in the way at all we probably. A racial. That's why everytime some accomplice Nazi or racist instead of sticking up insane that particular moment you're here. Say that they say nothing. In fact they even agree with an apt time. And may never republicans' lack testicular fortitude. And like there's going to be riots race riots that take place I prayed not ever again in my life. I bet your dollar doing Krispy Kreme doughnut. There's going to be re strides taking place is going to be another circumstance. Where some unarmed black kid supposedly shot by a cop. Must like Michael Brown was on armed and it does happen in an happened in nine in South Carolina it happened in Chicago every now and then. Cops are gonna act up individual cops are gonna do some wrong. And wrongfully shoot somebody who's like the great majority of people or shot by cops are white. According to the Washington Post about 53% of police shootings are whites. But the media ignores the act completely able look at the 25%. Shot by cops are black. And suddenly is going to be a race rider race circumstance and a first thing in the mainstream media is gonna do is blame Donald. One a one on for eight years under Obama. There was no coverage on CNN of the racial policies of Obama that incentivized. Individuals. Act poorly in major American cities. All controlled by Democrats on my dad. Democrats control. The twenty top cities in America the Democratic Party is in charge of the educational institutions. In charge of crime and punishment they're in charge of the police departments they elected judges that county commissioners in the city of Baltimore you couldn't find a Republican whether search warrant. Turn all other rides with Freddie Graham on like on a crap that went on and at no point. Did the mainstream media as the mainstream Democratic Party. How come you're political party has been in charge of Baltimore for sixty years. And applied of African Americans is the worst after sixty years that I was sixteen years ago when the Republicans who are in charge and so I don't understand it. I don't agree with that but at some point Republicans must get. Testicular fortitude. And you know what they're doing is you're doing it because they eat every route to the Democrats and epic oh. Every is that people think yet because they know. If 1% go the other way at their that it blew. It's one or 2% so they're trying to ride a lot African Americans and Hispanics. To get them out there at the polls and they're doing so how much. And sit. In the no it's been about race riots in the bottom portion taxes and things like that. When you've got him where exactly correct but I tell you what the Democratic Party every election cycle gins up the black vote. Obama debit Obama's Polly you know Obama won and office in no way. The only reason he won in no way it was a disproportionate amount of so called white vote white Americans had had it with bush. And it with a financial collapse and this guy ran as more laissez moderate. Democrat and the media never told us who he was. I saw through the Obama charade because of his upbringing in Chicago he organizes Southside of Chicago. Now after twenty years of Obama quote organizing. This outside of Chicago was a better offer worse for his involvement. It was Chicago and those twenty years. More jobs moved and more factories move Dan because article on his goal higher educational achievement. In any of that dawned on Obama was in charge of this outside his Chicago murder rate skyrocketed. Educational achievement went down this guy was a dismal failure in Chicago so what do we do. Electing the presidency. And then after his policies failed in the first two or three years he started playing the race card. Because he had a gin up his base he include any of the media on his side labor unions on his side. Planned Parenthood on his side and get Hispanics on his side and blacks and now was the Obama coalition. Plus working class Americans who didn't believe in these so called rich Republicans. And when his policies failed Obama played the race card and now that if child starts to become successful because his policies have worked. The Democratic Party in CNN we'll keep playing the race card. They keep pushing that failing agenda as its work for them so much in the past. And I pray to god any there's more people like you and they stated the terrapins to a rise like a mighty tsunami and say we're not stupid anymore. And at some point in African Americans will return to their traditional home in the Republican Party. When they know their history and the Democrat party are the slave holders. The Democrats were Robert. And Jefferson Davis those are all Democrats and the Republican Party five for freedom liberty and opportunity and the Democratic Party the 1960s. Destroyed a black family took over major cities educational achievement has gone down crime has gone up. When every and Americans feared that out they will return and a Democratic Party will become like a Bull Moose Party. In and you gotta run and thank you for your call in line becomes available 877313011. Bill Cunningham degrade American and four mark London. These children and equipment to push. About this when it's undermining as a Republican sent me an email sent out by prominent Democrat that says the following. Talk about fund raising off the death of another. The MLB ends by saying friends. I know we all hate getting constant emails from political campaigns like mine and amassed and you just as one time you hear me out. This is a Democrat and I'm physically disgusted at what's happening in our country. Yesterday the president of the United States defended racists and white supremacist. Just two days that they violently killed a young woman Heather hi our she had a name the president trump defended them any attack the alt left. The president defended racists white supremacist. And attacked peaceful progressive counter protesters. American values are under attack where you help me. We chipped in 515501000. Dollars to help reach our goal a 4750. Dollars. By midnight Friday night. Every single dollar helps in every single dollar or help resist. Donald Trump and the anti American values he is promoting and that seems to be spreading the Democrat that there is that it did this was Chris CO bock. A Cincinnati. Fund raising all of the murder of an innocent 32 year old female. That is the definition. Of discussed Chris still bock city of Cincinnati fund raising off the murder. A misfire. Unbelievable. Back to your calls on the way. I'm a call from a California I wanna pay a technical from Jacksonville first because that gentleman's been on hold for over an hour. But the a caller from California points out that may be. Glad should be happy got rid of the business council should have a small business council makes laws sent. Let's go to Scott in Jacksonville Florida Scott didn't. Political. Turned into. Tended to listen to mark and you were on a fingernail that absolutely nailed it good and your idea and so the collar have been fantastic to well I'm not so that your idea about trial. Leaving party your party either another party are becoming. In an independent or keep calling up well literally fascinating because lately I've been wondering how might be possible for the president to receive more. Is that feedback from mistakes because the man. Isolated he's only person courageous enough to actually say. What's really going on around us. Judge Scott what does the Republican Party done for trump in the past seven ma can you tell me Ryan in McConnell. I Graham throw in McCain now Bob cork or what in the heck as the Republican Party done for Donald. No not I'm okay. Repeal and replace obamacare. Tax reform southern border fence the big issues he got elected on. The Republicans won't ever took so long as these are part what is your Republican. Let back into Canada now I don't. Everything that I thought would be great is that he was to change parties now as you suggest Obama speak fascinating. If people were able to re register for another party cure would be instant feedback which I think would be fantastic and an actual demonstration much more accurately on the polling we received. If that's the beauty but I think is that people in real time concede our actual. Talks and feelings of the base of people actually started changing their registration. Shot he's got. The Republican Party BOJ sang about it 1978. Our backs dampers. They can't stand the Donald in the back along there's three daggers in his back lawyers from the Republicans to us from the Democrats threes from the mainstream media. What does he say look. I will not seek nor will I accept the nomination the Republican party for another term as your president. I've had over the Republican Party I'm gonna fund raised separately how many get an all fifty state ballots on the open the doors the White House wide. Democrats Republicans libertarians independents whoever has the best ideas about running this country let me know in at the Republicans pass things I agree what I will sign it. If they pass things I disagree with I will veto it I don't need the Republican Party gentlemen and ladies you're on your own. Then what. Better watch. Well he's gonna get the same 38 to 40% of the vote. He he added that the hard core gonna vote for him anyway and I tennis right now if Ted Cruz runs as a constitutional Republican. I'll vote for Ted Cruz but if my choices are John Kasay. And Andrew Cuomo if my choices are are and Lindsey Graham and Elizabeth Warren I'll vote for dropped. But just tell they tell me either Republican Party has not stabbed him in the back every chance they got. And the Democrats in the mainstream media if he gets 38 to 40% of the vote into one joining. These are like flat because the other 60% will be split within the Republicans and Democrats and doesn't trouble winning easily. There all the typical politicians they're at they're job draw party had a job when he showed up you don't you eat all you don't need this just played they do. Pander and that's what they do as soon as. Going gets tough. They head for the hills or they are aggravating you know Crocker we're as strong as lonely person have the courage to actually come out. And saying what we actually also on television Al. Not dead another 62%. According to Gallup believed that the confederate morals are okay these are issues that a hundred years ago a 150 years ago. We don't promise to very. Start up problems right now in the country I don't we go back and re litigate problems of a hundred years ago. Iron fifty years ago 235. Years ago. We can't solve the problems of Americans from the civil war over the 1920s and thirties. Our problems the very let's solve today's problems and what happened a 10200 years ago. Let that remain in the history books they'll lied but no American will be improved. If that three fingers and stone mountain are blown up and taken down like that Taliban blew up the Buddha if they take down at mount Rushmore. Our reach a Zoellick. And say OK Washington enslaved Jefferson had slaves TOR. Didn't have slaves or keep him Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves what are you blow up two to four mount Rushmore is that what the Democrats want. We can't solve the problems. What only deal with the issues that caused that Donald you don't like that in the first place. One always saw. Al Gore problems before going back in history and Sullivan doubled goalies in the past. All the Democrats in the mainstream media winds are wedge issues that separate black from white. Mail from Tama female. Strayed from day they want wedge issues. All played big games at the democratic identity politics and deal with the issue is. That caused tried to get elected in the first place and at the Donald does that he'll get reelected Scott we gotta go thanks your column sorry I didn't thousands normally couldn't get Tia. A heck I could do this all night all afternoon and all morning and it just tries from critics who see what happens tomorrow and Boston. But the great when Marc live going to be back. And I'm a fan his I'll be listening to him Monday night. Check out 844 who have been TV in order check out marquee event dot com check out American is are rediscovering Americanism. I remarkable event has been on. Several weeks there were times bestselling let's I wanna say the marquee event and in Richardson Matta thank you for giving me this opportunity. I am Bill Cunningham. The great American in remarkable. Now concerns minded speeches from Geico. Hardship my grandmother would go through it every month to pay her insurance they'll fare she would hand write a paper check in curses. Then using her own tongue she would wet a stamp for an envelope. Today however we need not we area our hands and tons today we can pay our Geico bill with the Geico lap. A way with hard chip in with bill pay on the Geico. Thank you.