7/14/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mark Levin
Friday, July 14th

Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer wasn’t inappropriate, what’s inappropriate is that this country is being pushed off the cliff. We are in deep trouble because the politicians are destroying our culture, borders, finances and military. We have Islamonazis in Iran violating the deal ...


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Inappropriate unethical illegal I've ever talked to these young men in my life. In my entire life. I'm gonna tell you what's inappropriate. This country's being pushed off the cliff. It's being pushed off the cliff. We've got the Islam and Nazis. As we get there. As we entertain this nonsense. The Islam Nazis into Iran. By idling violating the DL that. That was cut by Barack Obama. They're building ICBM is they're advancing their nuclear weapons program and it's aimed at us. The Democrats voted for this. They're Democrats voted for this. And they dare to concern themselves of what took place in a meeting. Where no information was exchanged. Where John McCain is now saying this is Watergate. Time for an old fool to get out of office. And I get a rig Charles Krauthammer going on and on the former Mondale Monty. Matt how attempting collusion is collusion pollution for I want. Pollution pro what. All these pseudo conservatives. All these left wing marxists. Dragging this country over the edge. What a massive debt and it's taken us under any suggestions on what we do that not from them. Social Security at seventeen years have gone any suggestions from them what we do about that not what. Medicare is gone at eleven A half years. Any suggestion from memo what we do about it and I think. We got student loan jewel and I've now. On the hook for them they've been nationalized effectively. A lover a trillion dollars any thoughts on that no. None. We got judges in this country. We're completely out of control rogue judges. Political liberal practice dressed up as judges of black robes. They talk about impeaching drop probably happy to judge to not get through that mart. Ruth Bader did rare. Campaigning against Donald Trump should recuse herself on every issue. Related to this administration. Before the Supreme Court any talk of impeachment about hair out one. Not one. Nothing. National security. I mention Islam on Nazi regime in Tehran look what's going on a North Korea. They single day and not put any Democrat about what to do about it now about. How about John McCain not think. Our economy is growing at a paltry wanted to have to do whatever percent a year. Yeah so I remember the Reagan years where I grew 7%. This is what we talk about how many people were inning meeting would Donald Trump junior. Where there's not any single allegation. Any thing wrong I've heard in that meeting. In fact. Democrats and pseudo conservatives are sitting on the edge of their chairs hoping that something wrong place at a meeting. Digging and digging and digging a lot. Press will look over here or there are supposed to look over there that we look over here but they are tyrants and CNN of the Washington Post. MSNBC. Driving the nation's agenda what is the nation's agenda. We've got a special counsel already. Barack Obama eight years of lawlessness. IRS. Has been curious. Ignoring court decisions violated the constitution. That of course didn't upset. The media that didn't upset the Democrats they were cheering every step of the way. It's disgusting it's a disgrace. What's going on in this country. We've got to bureaucracy out of control we have leaks like Eric every single day felonies every single day. Coming out of our intelligence agencies coming out of our federal law enforcement agencies. It's now commonplace it's not accepted. And that we need to know how many Russians. Are perfect direction to the damn meeting. You like that. If nothing wrong was done then nothing wrong was not. Anytime we made it to you land now flat. This collusion. What their freak show that exists there they jettison I don't maniacs that exists that we need lectures from Nancy Pelosi. Matt what that's not undermine bush. Every single Democrat in congress. Has been silent when information came out about their great hero Ted Kennedy. Not colluding with the Russians transpiring. Out right what directions. Undermine an election and a sitting president of the United States. Every one of these Democrats know the fans out there and yes. They Communist working for FBI. Giving information to Joseph Stalin. About negotiations never Europe. And then of course there's Bernie Sanders what is that different between Bernie Sanders. Better Russian operatic I ask you what is the difference. He hates America. He hates our economic system he hates our military he hates law enforcement. And he's a senator. We've got 45% of the Democrat vote. All this screaming and him bringing. All that's crap. About a meeting. You know how many sleazy contemptible politicians there are Washington DC. Having meetings like this every damn day. The American people don't care how many Russians right now leading what Donald Trump junior. They do not care. Because they're smarter. Enough fools who bring them. So called news and the full politicians. And let's be clear about something. This same media. Covers up. For Democrats all the time. John Kennedy killed in a horrific assassination. I Communists they leftist. He was protected by the Washington Post. The man had sex with a seventeen year old intern that man had sex with a any German spy. That man had sex with a girlfriend of a mobster and I did no water or not. Yes I could. But you know out we can't talk about that stuff. Johnson becomes a multimillionaire. Somehow some way he gets TV and radio licenses. This man was hurt or when he was elected to congress. He leaves the presidency exceedingly rich. How does that happen. While I don't know do you. Bill Clinton. So war when he was governor he. He put on his tax form the deductions very used under way. He's now worth a hundred million dollars. Al Gore. Where top 150 million dollars. These men never produced a damn thing they never created a damn thing. They left the presidency. The vice presidency. And they sold out. Guess like Obama's done. There is no scandal in this meeting ladies and gentlemen. As they continue to drag it on and on. There is no scandal ladies and. None. None. But ladies and gentlemen. Look what's taking place. Look at the distraction. It is embarrassing. Embarrassing to have to come behind this microphone. Five days a week and talk about this crap. As the country unravels. There's a murder rate in Chicago goes through the roof is the murder rate in Baltimore goes through the roof. This is a country in deep trouble and let me Tyson the I don't believe we're in deep trouble because of you the American people. I believe clearing deep trouble. Because the politicians are destroying. Our economy they're destroying our finances. They're destroying our pensions they're destroying our health care. They're destroying our culture what it needs to be a citizen and opened borders. They're destroying the united states military they're destroying the United States law enforcement community. Unity. That's what these damn politicians who don't. What they stand judges are doing and what that Dan bureaucracy is doing. And I think we're so let's hope right that we care about people who edited it. But we have to care about a ladies and gentlemen because I read something in national review online by Charles Krauthammer. Mogul collusion is still collusion. Wow he get that from a fortune cookie. Not trump junior emails discredit the nothing burger argument the president's supporters have been advancing for months. But they are. College crowd Hemmer thank sisters. Not a nothing burger he thinks this is a cheeseburger. This is a big deal ladies and gentlemen trust program. And so we almost agree with him. And then some of the others. By the courts. This is a disgrace. Absolute disgrace national review editorial this is a disgrace. Tipping at least think if if it works. I think at least they get different words. Actually they're disgrace this. I say this is some it has no special brief for the trumps. I don't. I say to somebody who is speaking honestly. I don't wanna see the president fail. I don't want to see the president's lead the institution of the presidency to strut. But really what I'm talking about is the republic what's left them. I see that these attacks. As dire threats. I served in the Reagan administration but some of the highest levels in government. And I saw what the Democrats tried to do the rank country. And are hoping to impeach one of the greatest presidents in American history who destroyed the Soviet Union. And created over twenty million drop jobs they try to destroy them and even though it too massive landslide victories. They called the Irish Contra scandal. I saw what they did they Richard Nixon. Over and over read a war negated the greatest crime ever attended by president. And he had to resign he won a spectacular landslide victory. And they were digging on George. W bush they were hoping they find something. How this investigations. Scandals when he fired the US attorneys I can present the United States can't fire fire the appointees of the president of the United States. Always a big scandal don't you know ladies and gentlemen. Auto and auto on. But we get there late but they have a much more cause for special counsel's. And now we have the greatest scandal ever right Charles Krauthammer. The intention to collude. Wow. The intention to pollute. Well. Not in my eyes. There's a man who is enjoying his retirement. Hang in that would multi billionaires. He and his lovely wife signed a sixty million dollar book deal. Who sold this country out to Iran. Who closed his ties to North Korea building nukes. And who covered up the interference into our election. By the Russians now that's a disgrace mr. Krauthammer the national radio in this iPod ports and all the rest of you I'll be right back. Okay. Meetings at the White House anybody remember Barack Obama meeting with a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Anybody remember multiple occasions when the Muslim Brotherhood had official visits at the White House. Any investigation of that now what's the big deal mark what's the big deal marks the Muslim brother let. I don't care. Meetings with hair does that bother anybody. Obama having meetings with hair can't having its way in the White House and so forth that the FBI the rest of the Justice Department well that's okay what's the problem. You have a president of the United States. Meanwhile members of the Muslim Brotherhood meeting with a remembrance of care the other president of the United States selling out the United States. I regime that rent what secret jails. Passing the treaty clause of the constitution. Now that's serious ladies and gentlemen that didn't lose that's a big deal. No I'm not worked up about eight Russians are twelve relatives. Are four Russians and a partridge in the pear tree having a meeting what Donald Trump junior. Who has no say about any big whoop that's no information ever see it now information. About Hillary Clinton uttered ad campaign. I am sick and tired out this effort. I am with. No I bungled collusion is not. Still collusion mr. Graham I'm Aaron because there wasn't a bomb both. Collusion. I'll be right back. Liberty and conservatism. Or call mark now it's 87738193811. Tommy ladies and gentlemen I'm just curious. What policies has Donald Trump pursued that have benefited rush. Can you name one. I can name several. That Obama pursued the benefit aggression that would be Obama and Hillary know bombing carried. To what policies has he promoted the benefits Russia I just wanna know. Trump believes. In opening American. Energy unleashing. It appears the Soviet Union has spent a lot of money. Backing left going environmental groups to kill our energy systems. And yet. I don't see the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating that I don't see Mark Warner who is the apparent chairman of that committee. Even talking about. Why is that. Why are we only looking out one little tiny piece of this if it has been named tropic assigned to it. Why are we looking at anything that has the name. Democrat attached to it. Or environmentalists attacked hood. During Hillary Clinton attached to. Why is that. We want to get to the bottom of this get to the bottom of what. Get to the bottom of what here's my suggestion. You want to investigate Russia let's look at a half a century. A Russian activity in this country. What do you say mr. Warner what do you say mr. Schiff what do you say immediate let's look at all of it. And let's see which political party. Has polluted what the Russians. Checked that with the Soviets. Which political party. Evading corporate Communists let's look generally are all court. I would political parties' policies. Are more similar. They Communists. Then not. I would probably this let's put it. The rest of America watches this spectacle. Bespectacled. The axis powers in our country. What are they access powers and our country the Democrats the media that bureaucracy in the courts. The Democrats the media the bureaucracy in the court the axis. I don't fault for this for 12. Not for a second. I talked at some went over the months about domestic surveillance that was taking place in the Obama administration eight. Twice a court judge. They place a court judge. Put the extraordinary step. Are issuing a statement. Against the Obama administration's abuse of power based on the warrant that she approved. Weird thing about this. The unmasking of American citizens. Involved. In the. Surveillance activities. Of the Obama administration. Up there massive domestic surveillance activities. Beyond man's in his own. Carla. In modern American history not a scandal. Others did. They cover up other Russian. Interference in our election. All of me almost all the way to the end of the election cycle by the Obama administration. By the CIA director. By the national intelligence director by the FBI director by the attorney general. Vienna say directed. That's not a scandal. They wanna get to the bottom of the Mubarak you look at it. Would take it to the bottom of that. There's now a democratic congressman who thinks that if I could drop should be brought you part congress. To tell congress. What she might know about her husband Jerry pushed back. It his dealings with the Russians. You see the poison biggest Sunni and sanity ladies and gentlemen. It's incredible. Absolutely incredible. Our enemies are on the rise our enemies are moving. We have an excellent secretary defense we've got. We've got solid people in place were trying to address this. Everyday. There's a phony story. And I'm supposed to get worked up about it and I suppose to have to follow along. What is Charles Krauthammer had to say who gives a damn. Get less and I hit a 1984. You would of voted for a Condo for God's sakes. Offense. We're all the other children the Democrats out there telling us what. This gracious. Well. I'm not buying it. We have serious serious problems in this country. And by the way most of them caused by the Democrats most of them caused by the left. An immediate defending them recovery not many of them caused by the courts in the bureaucracy. And. We doing nothing effective about it nothing. Nothing effective about. Now. And I believe. But the vast majority the American people. Please what's taking place in Washington DC I do not believe the vast majority the American people. Have faith. In Washington DC is not a fact I believe the vast majority American people despise us. Democrat and Republican politicians in Washington despise the media. It's based in Washington DC CNN and MSNBC and all the rest of them. Despise the New York Times in the Washington Post which is why they're always on the brink of bankruptcy. The American people. And their government. Have an enormous disconnect. They disconnect. But the left only knows one way. Just let me tell you something waited in general I studied the left. I know. Who they're philosopher kings aren't the many of you now do as well. I know. What Russo wrote I know what hagel wrote I know what march route. I know what Wilson's and I know I probably said I know what do we set of sodium. And I know what they're moderate apparatchiks that so Lansky. And his up. This country's being taken through the grinder. If there wasn't Donald Trump it would be tied pros and it wasn't take crews of the Rand Paul. And what was it ran all of a B Ronald Reagan had a pleasant Ronald Reagan just then the next one. It doesn't matter. Yet the Democrats. Can do damn near anything. Secret deals with the Islam a Nazi regime in Iran. Lying to the American people in the media about what they were doing. Without any consequence whatsoever look at obamacare. Lying to the American people about whether they can keep their doctors about I think the cost of pollen season deductibles and access to good quality healthcare. Lie after lie after lie. Again without consequence. Medicare is going broken eleven I have fears they steal the money out of these trust funds. To redistribute wealth Social Security started seventeen years steal some money out of these trust funds and redistribute wealth. Written press stuff like that. If you're right and a company. Are packed. Our engine fine print that. And our country are noble politician. The damn fault Bernie Sanders. Shows. We should have a national Medicare budget should be a Medicare. Everybody should have free college. Amanda some lunatic he's at all. And it gets 45% of the vote. From the Democrat party. 45% of the vote. Incredible. How many Russians is Bernie Sanders Netflix. Does anybody know. I know he and his wife credit criminal investigation for fraud or he had. Yeah. Many Russians as he met with. Tell me how many Communist Chinese is Dianne Feinstein and her husband Matt was. Considering that family is made a boatload often deals with Communist China how many Communist Chinese. Ships. As Dianne Feinstein met with him or her husband. Should they be forced to testify under oath under penalty prick at that perjury congress. How many. Well. Well well well. It's technical. Stephanie. Long Island the Arctic grade WABC go ahead. Our late night. The times I have been discussed you know what I I totally Billy on this one I and kill I I can't even I can't watch anything anymore that's it I shut it down. You can't put my cable I you know listen to you adolescent hit a couple of other talk radio people. You know I I feel like everybody is attacking hand people they even thought you know we at least be fair and you know Charles Krauthammer. Stephanie this is an attack on the country. These are people who never. Won this president let me take something else Stephanie. And I mean that's the same people premature attacking trop where attaching packing crews went to. Yeah they wanted Jack oh sure they wanted to pay say they wanted this one they wanted that one so they're joining him what the last. And they're doing this. Yeah and it it is that the the worst part of that both sides. It it becomes so obvious that nobody wants this country can do better they have called agenda and. And yet they'll wrap themselves in their own propaganda and tell you that they do. Apple is. You know sadly I hate it hate it but I feel like so many people are you know still buy into that because anybody who turns on regular television is being said these life. Over and ran eleven let me tell you send the vast majority of the American people are sick and tired all these people. But I don't want to think when people turn on TV it is a tiny percentage of the population that's watching these shows you aware that. I don't know man I live at tight something I live in double a Long Island. And there are this my county is so hard to be in. Only get the hell out of there when I was still. Ready I'm ready at all people leave it there leaving New York. New York is being dug deep populated by the people who are productive who pay taxes who love this country they've had enough they're leave. California's being deep populated by the very same types of people police dark Blue States that's why they count on illegal aliens. And that's why no one will submit to. That the voter rolls how do you feel about that. Still a lot about at a about states could be giving into. You know the commission who who are investigating of voter fraud. And and how many don't actually handled it about a world. While some of the states some of the states are concerned that the federal government won't handle them the information product. I'd be concerned about that two friends. That didn't all public information anyway. I mean there's no real reason why won't know which information we took you do. They didn't they don't they just they just want to have like a name date birthday glass for the social. Did address. I don't think I don't think it's anything that you know typically they want. Public information when they just get that they don't have this the State's Republican information. But it that and compare their voter roll. I'm saying is the information is already public what they need this would. So obviously the information they're seeking isn't the I think that separate challenge. All right my friend I appreciate your call good call we'll be right back. Open. By the way. I'm gonna wait till. Tomorrow to post it. But I wanna thank doctor Larry aren't in. Thomas Tacoma. The wonderful hills don't college. They've written in magnificent review of my book read rediscovering Americanism in the training progresses. So we'll hold back on that so tomorrow the poster on my social sites and I'll read it on Monday. When he get. This kind of review official city. From one of the leaning to relax. Certainly in the declaration of independence. That's doctor Larry aren't prisoners goes to a college that means a lot to me. I don't know that they do this off and I don't think so. But it was absolutely unsolicited I'm. So I am. Greatly greatly appreciative. And even more so do you folks out there. You understand me you understand where big family this is a big town hall meeting we don't agree all the time. But we are patriotic. Pro American. Conservatives. Individuals. Who believe in liberty. Or declaration. And I constitution. Who support our military. And law enforcement. And our numbers are shrinking. So it's important that we communicate with the chair. He really is. It's important. That we reinforce teacher. Did you go insane you watch this stuff. You'll lose your mind. How many people were in this meeting how many people in that meeting that the meeting happened over here did it happened yesterday. This incredible. But we're talking about spies we're talking about the exchange of information that is detrimental to the United States. If we're talking about giving information to Vladimir Putin and so forth as well OK tell me and I did. Instead what we hear. From those were on the attack is assembling. Is this seat is propaganda. The intent to collude just pollute. A bungled collusion is still collusion. You know stuff like that. Very very clever. They're really not. To disgrace. To disgraceful and technical lewd and didn't clue what it's a disgrace she went ten to decode. Now we intended to get dirt on Hillary Clinton he could. 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Don't worry every into T-Mobile store Collison 1800 T-Mobile where. I'll tell 3% giving users a 32. He's here. Now the literally underground. He's from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leave. Hello everybody mark an end here I numbered. 877381. 38118773813811. You know ladies and gentlemen. Well the media and the Democrats and many Republicans are counting how many people. Where a meeting where nothing happened. How many of you know that sixteen service members were killed in a military plane crash here. 1615. Marines one navy soon. Witnesses described hearing a loud crackling noise around the time of the plane crash. Investigations underway to determine what caused it. 85 miles north of Jackson Mississippi. Nine Marines on board where. From marine aerial refueling and transport squadron the MGR 452. They said a Stewart Air National Guard base in Newburgh New York. The other six Marines and one navy corpsman. Where from a Marine Corps forces special operations command part of the leap second marine raider battalion. Based in Camp Lejeune North Carolina. They were traveling. From el centro to Yuma Arizona for pre deployment training. Carrying cargo. Body armor radios weapons small arms ammo. KC 130 there on a KC 130. End they all died. They all died. The end. The media. And the politicians in Washington more interest in the names of the individuals. When that meeting with Donald Trump junior. The names of the individuals who gave their lives for this country. I'm gonna read their names who would do my best to get it right and if I don't. I apologize. Major cane go yet. Captain Sean Elliott. Gunnery sergeant Mark Hopkins. Penry sergeant Brendan Jones. Staff sergeant Joshua snowed it. Sergeant Julian. Kevin. Sargent Cohen Landon. Purple Daniel. I was sorry. Corporal Colin shed. Staff sergeant Robert Cox staff sergeant William Contra. Sergeant Chad Jones sergeant talon which. Sergeant chosen Mary. Sergeant Dietrich. Should mind. Petty officer second class Bryan Murray. These are red blooded Americans so I know they're not Russians. If they're Russians that we would we wanna know who they are where they come from all their but no these are red blooded American. Sixteen. Who died in this tragic accident. Sixteen servicemen slowed them. Who died in the tragic X. Who do not draw the attention of the media. Or Washington. Our politicians in either party. He's seen a story done about this it's longer than thirty seconds. Has there been much coverage of this on CNN. Or MSNBC. They're very much coverage in this. Really in any of the media. I suspect not. That's the name of the sixteen American heroes. And yet. You Russian lawyer and a Russian lobbyist and a Russian in this in Russian that. Those names they're going to be all over. The weekend talk shows Sunday talk shows. We know nothing occurred to me. Here we have heroes training. For deployment. In their debt. Here's another story utterly unrelated. What you draw our attention to. From Philly dot com. Cousins Cosmo DiNardo. Sean cracks. Arraigned. In Bucks County slings. This is near I was born and where I'm from I'm from Montgomery County this is Bucks County in neighboring town outside of Philadelphia. It pair of cousins charged in connection. With the disappearance and slings have four young men missing since early this month. Ordered held without bail out today just hours after being charged in the case. 'cause my DiNardo twentieth Ben Salem confessed to police that he killed the man. If they're luring them in with offers to southern marijuana. This cousin Sean cracks twentieth Philadelphia. He burned through the bodies. In in battle tank he called the pig roast it. And buried them on his family's so very touched the state according to court filings released today. Those gruesome details emerged as an art and crafts were charged for multiple counts of conspiracy homicide. Abuse of a corpse. The C investigation and there slaying shifted focus to crack his rule on the case. But as for a motive to explain what led to pair we series accounts. That are equipped Philadelphia much of the region for the past week. Bucks County district attorney Nancy one Trevor had no explanation. He said I'm not sure if I could we could ever answer that question. We have the two men locked up they need to be brought to justice decent and very very relieved to say that we brought four men. One step closer to their loved ones. Yeah. Distribute parent explain that he often take to death penalty just a table in hopes of securing an artist cooperation locating the body of the fourth missing man. Jamie Tyrol Patrick nineteen. The Newtown pouch. Unbelievable. Mass murder and slaughter. Four young men. But we're more interest in in the meeting of eight. Mean he was twelve mile seven doesn't seem to matter that goal of course is to destroy this administration. Destroy the president and destroy his family and it. We now have a Democrat congressman. Demanding to hear from I Lanka trump about her husband Jared. Coming have any of the democratic children have been treated this one. What's the problem they're successful. I don't always agree with the trump children there and much more liberal than I am but who cares who is what is that doing anything. And to hear people on TV and radio who used to be social. Portable clump of rubber clog the Pope. I was a certain private demand presidencies outward zaps. This is why ladies and gentlemen you've got to clean. To your belief system he got a clean to your values and principles. In easy times. They're easy to spot. But and harder times. They're easy to surrender don't surrender. Stick to the. Stick with the. That's my opinion anyway. Anyway and mr. producer do we have god bless America there. Nine pitching you've got to pay this is an honor of the sixteen man who lost their lives the other day. In this horrific accident go ahead. And I. Don't hear. Okay. Okay. And this time. Yeah. Okay. I mean. I. Okay. Okay. Okay. Good. Okay. Okay. OK. Now. News that. Yeah yeah. Yeah okay. This. Yeah. It. Guys. Friday that I keep the foot on the gas pedal. It's not a day just to to back off here. This takes a mere calls. Let's go to George queens a great WABC. Go up. And Marco. Thank you look first bullet former US rip eccentric bike. And we launched on Greek and the baby quorum in the human blood semen. Architecture to pay tribute to them that we thought. I much sort of we greet refugees from Albania. And I grew up here and all the stories in my local stores in my grandmother's stories. About how this college regime. Kept the people go out. It would create outlaws. Or double life. And they get like a nugget of truth somewhere and you know I hop you know what we said it true you know you bucket truck. Had Russian dressing burst out yesterday so there Nobel conclude with the Russian got me. It is columnist tactic I understand lifestyle which would mean would do it. I don't understand how someone that cold sober new news organization. And it's also be doing investigations. And investigative journalism is welcome to the way. It's always mother. Loud and get away with it because luckily we have a First Amendment and freedom of the press that's OK but I'll tell you what they've done George they've exposed themselves. So as far as I'm concerned they're running around with scarlet letters on their far ahead saying you know dishonest. But you know. Weirder I have a question for you. Why is CNN and all the airports have had to get this monopoly. Great. I keep asking have been asking it for months how this seeming get this monopoly. Is it that they were once thought to be safety relatively objective news organization well even if that were true which it's not they're not now. I mean I was in an airport today to airports I was at the Reagan national. And in the Palm Beach airport you know I'm in Florida new book signing tomorrow and I'm looking at it every game screen if they don't sports. They have CNN. Why. Maybe it's time we say is these restaurants and so for these airlines. Get rid Obama. Put something else up at the jewelry channel op at the History Channel company. It's something now sign that HDTV my favorite but some are bad enough this already. Mean it's a joke. I enjoyed show you stow would be yes sir yes sir. And insinuate signed copy of re discovering Americanism. And you very much I appreciate it look forward to be it but I'd rather you take you try milling in Michigan on the market and NN now are you. And Mark Udall wrote okay thank you. They first ordered just thank you you're. Where they are true to my only news source like common sense source went permission source work I can hear common sense and intellect and I appreciate. Twenty. Gamal howl the Democrats of created solely problems in this country and that's true they know what the problems created now. Creating now. Let's put the boy would blame goes to come Republicans. Angry little I agree with that. You know I mean why why would. Eat in condemning the Democrats in congress only have power to the extent the Republicans Lebanon. Correct that security and trunks I hope I mean the typical Republican don't permit lying. The attorney general even Wallace. Special counsel they should assess it know your activity there. So while the deputy attorney general appointed a special counsel and I'll be honest when there. It was disgraceful he buckled in 48 hours to democratic pressure he just buckled like a unity foe alike could cheat and play get. We meanwhile they're not they're not are represented as they're just supposed to file law. And since no law was violated not not there was no not pretext. Or requisite. For a special counsel anyone ahead and did an anyway because he's a coward and I said it and I mean the deputy attorney general's account. You know in the trunk powered. He's got some shorty got control the cleanup kept the swamp and you can going to talk to a to a ordinarily can't. He can't get rid of civil servants then you get two million civil servants but he can clean out about 3000 slots. And I really don't know what they're waiting for on that it's mind boggling. And we feel well it's we the people. All week we controlled the blame to go without salt and damn time we during the. Given how do we do that that's the whole point in my book how to we drain the swamp when the vast majority well the the government is. Is some news and managed and operated by this administrative state. Which is immune from election. This is why you need to slash the size of government this is why we need to spend the next decade. YouTube. This so called people who are politicians that we vote for explaining why we need to do these things but they don't stay they contribute to. Try don't hang up somebody give me a signed copy of rediscovering Americanism I think he'll like it. We'll be right back. While bonds backed ventures will repeat tomorrow coal market 8773813811. All right guys it's time to get hearing treated when the United States concealed carry. Associations don't of the day to get more guns and the homes of more responsible Americans. The US CCA is giving away eight different gun every single day this week and you could be next. Today's gun has a seventeen round capacity. And is known for its reliability and accuracy. It's black stacked and loved by law enforcement. Think you know which one it is it's a popular concealed carry handgun. The Glock seventeen just go to defense then dot com to lock in your entry to win it's that simple. But when your chance to win this completely free no strings attached period. But remember this clock disappears at exactly midnight tonight so when a few hours. In new gun will take its place tomorrow so you have to Harry wanna enter into that into this up into this process. Don't get left behind. Go to defense then dot com to get entered to win for free. But it's defend them that come to see the official rules the chance to take on the brand new gun that's defend them dot com. You send them back kind of you know. So wonderful sponsor. Wonderful sponsor these folks the US CCA. And it's a rare country. Don't we try to combine my First Amendment right. To speak to you. To support our Second Amendment. There really is. A wonderful wonderful thing though thanks to current politicians by the way. Just think what this country would be like. If the people in Washington today where their constitutional convention. They can let. What would be a free people. Would make. What we even have a bill ranked. Was it B three branches of government the answer is no ladies and gentlemen that's the whole point rediscovering Americanism. We trajectory we are on is not a trajectory that is set by our constitutional system. Where I'm more from that system. The more we debate nonsense. The more and more we become because we're losing. Our attention span. So that's what's crucial to understand that the you form of government we have today is a. This is a defects and anyway. It is. And so up. We have this Biller writes I don't believe we have a bill of rights of the people in Washington today were writing the constitution. And yet I believe strongly the state legislatures. Could stop what Washington is doing today. That they want to. There's an effective way to do that. There article five and conventions state. But do you think Bernie Sanders. Would support the constitution as written answers now do you think Chuck Schumer work. Do you think any leaning Democrat would now do you think most of the media would know they wouldn't and they don't. And they don't. This is the counter revolution that took place. Over a hundred years ago and has been taking place every sense. And so it gives you a really good context for what's gone on in this country today that's the point of the book. It's not slap dash it's not yet know meant for the election of the president did dammit no. It's more encompassing more comprehensive. And any of that. And so. When you put it in proper context. You think Barack Obama. He ripped a constitutional convention would have supported. The constitution is written now he would not cut. The think Jake tap through it now. Pranks that live now. Any of these leading media people know they wouldn't. Those of this amazing. The very constitution to give so many of them liberty. The freedom to pursue their careers as they do. Need to test. They detest. I've thought about it that way you know. These report to constitutional convention what they would be fighting for an. That would oppose private property rights they would oppose separation of powers. As they push more more this progressive agenda. That would oppose federalism. That is state authority and how to win all these things number one listened to them. Number two. Read the book read three wood there SO called scholars and intellectuals. Be with their philosopher kings that. So this truly is a huge battle. Between those who believe in the enlightenment to those of us who believe in universal principles. Those of us who believe in. An individual liberty. Those who don't. Lynn and the fountain Colorado they great KV. Oh iron don't. Hello mr. Clinton is such an honor to speak with you thank you for taking my call. I just wanted to say could they know a couple of times this week to spend a little bit down on thinking that your not. Able to get through to people. And earning him almost 54 years old and while I get anxious waiting for you to write another book. I want you to know that I can spend that two years or two years plus. Digging deeper and finding. The original flopped first that you refer to. And even going to the others I didn't reading their writings and I have learned more and probably the last ten years or so that I've listened to you than I did throughout any schooling that I ever had. And I wanted to think you have between your books and TR TD you're shall I trying in trawling and watched two shows to retreat carrying. Just to scrap everything that you teach us. You know very kind you. I want to thank you you're very very kind and missing a signed copy of the book. All we do live in there would be off so thank you so much you're happy to somebody else I will do so. Yeah very ya what you just said about imagining. Our congress today at the conventional. Yeah that was almost bone chilling. Because I can only think that two people with even mention the constitution. And that's likely in Ted Cruz yeah I don't nobody else even mentions the word like it's taboo. All right Lynn you're terrific don't hang up. CNN. Airport network. That's what they call their networks to CNN airport network. Participating network she's been participating airport trying your list. This is for CNN has a monopoly. Albany International Anchorage international Atlanta DeKalb peachtree. Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson international Baltimore Washington international Thurgood Marshall. Boston Logan international Chicago midway Chicago O'Hare international. Cincinnati northern Kentucky international Cleveland Hopkins international. Not done Dallas Fort Worth international. Dallas love field. Dayton international Denver international. Detroit metro Wayne county international. Houston bush Intercontinental. Houston William. Boo or international airports Kansas city international again these airports they carry CNN. Party see an end airport immediate network. Patrick Kane and international airport. This year not so McGhee Tyson airport Memphis international airport Miami international Minneapolis Saint Paul international. Myrtle Beach international. And right Nashville international. New York's John F Kennedy international near LaGuardia. Airport near Long Island MacArthur. Newark liberty international. Oakland international Ontario international Orlando international Pensacola Gulf Coast. Philadelphia international. Phoenix sky Harbor International. Saint Louis Lambert international. Salt lake city international San Francisco international San Jose international Savannah international. Seattle Tacoma international Tallahassee regional. Washington Dulles international. Washington Reagan national. These are 46. Of the airports around the country. Better part of the CNN here at the airport network media. Does that trouble you troubles me a lot. This monopoly troubles me a lot. As I say maybe they pretended to be in his service a one point maybe they weren't quite as I news service at one point but they're not anymore. Let's go to my body Ivan Laurel, Maryland to great Debian main ally met Ivan at the Virginia signing for the first time great guy diving go right ahead. Not even know how much of an honor it is good to have that you have person I just. You have an October 9 when I got home until did you turn to eliminate these and I love this guy can accept that. I'm a bit of an Xbox Live dogs. And you're you're wrong unlike an M 1 AM Monday. I'm mark I'm not I'm not too Smart. Yes but I looked at. Collusion. And the dictionaries are represented especially the end of the dude do something illegal. The contest and activity we don't already have taken place. The Russians wouldn't want to include the truck everything that they would go to bed took electronic collective information that would not have. Can play I don't think about it and critical moment that you didn't give us. And the Pentagon excluding mark today isn't it McConnell who's kalugin can't go relevant to destroy conservatism. Yes there has been good health care bill to me thinks of itself to the 28. Blame conservatives. And bring to open a good number of Democrats the same room John Boehner did notice is that I don't understand I know try to not Smart enough. You have to you have to same you all our intentions there's additional content that guy is they just let us I don't understand it. While we get a repeal and replace McConnell or he's gonna dragged down the entire Republican senators he's moved it to the left. There's no question he's alluded to the left. And by the way have you noticed a Susan Collins doesn't get that trashed. Susan Collins says get trashed Susan Collins says we need to spend more Medicaid. Now Susan Collins has no desire to address the debt Susan Collins is in the new arraignments. Susan Collins is the tail that wags the Republican guard. You won't see leaks against him Politico or the New York's lines at the Washington compost now you'll see attacks on guys like Lee and and Rand Paul and so forth. Simplicity citizens who have no. They had no desire to help the American people that all isolated cheaper power in this position so frustrating was the system was actually broken mark. All right brother you're exactly right you take carry yourself. And I'll be right back. OK okay. You fall behind on your taxes you know the anxiety and sleepless nights to come from. Trying to get out from under the thumb of the IRS. These guys are ruthless frankly they won't stop until they collect it. Even if even if you question. But they're trying to collect from you have to get out in front of the your iris problems before they show up return home and work. Before they take your paycheck and bank accounts. Before they add you to their 92%. Conviction rate call optimal tax relief they're the experts that the best. They step between you and the IRS and they start resolving the problems keep you up at night. Just call ask how they've resolved over half a billion dollars in tax debt for their clients. Ask about their eight plus rating with the better business peer. And ask about the fresh start program with a chance to settle your back taxes for pennies on the dollar they're amazing I know because I see the success stories. Caught 804996300. 804996300. It's 804996300. Police Don junior didn't meet with the individuals connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in care like Obama did. At least on junior didn't how to deal with the Iranian regime ensuring it would attain nukes NIC BM is aimed at American. Like Obama did. Oh yes let's get our priorities straight ladies and it's still possible you know parent that's see who's out there Sean. Nor folk Virginia they're great WH KT go. Well that's why they can do much for always being fair. Listen to you know during the election there in the primary I know you're crew guy Ellis do you. Put the heat under trumps. The all walks but you're always fair no credible on policy. And that's the problem now is all that we hear in the news. It is without his personality about Russia itself baked and now you're hearing these people like Trout caught hammer to a waiting. And boy in the butchers a volley come out and say that he can go home. And here you want mr. consistency. Broke all his good work good if you're right you're right you're wrong you're wrong. And I just really appreciate. You're. How fair you've been. Throughout the entire process and I came within the nude anymore can't watch it could just. Ticks me off somewhat consistent I'm sensed. But I mean give us some friendly advice seriously the weekends coming. You and mine tired a lot of audience. Don't watch the news this week. Don't watch the Sunday shows don't listen to it don't watch it. Don't aggravate yourself you know it's gonna be right. You know what it's gonna be it's gonna be whole now we have 8 PM let me know. Kind people all. Fiery bungled collusion is collusion he intended to collude. You know may be involved can shed some light on what Jared was doing yes let's get a pocket let's get their kids in here you never know what they're over her what do you say. It's so frustrating you know and on the beatable I thought there it did the media by it's really gets me so that is so while the deployment we have the switch between. CNN or Fox News and watching CNN not cover what's going on now than the other than the fifth fleet bank IB. And you saw the duplicate coverage as well there any given day that that that one out one. They're our military did not been about are not military our politicians. Who have the tools at hand that helped didn't. To the day were looks me in the media all in all broken you know it's fine. And that they didn't well I completely go reelect upper watching that as it straightened out some farm work. And I want to thank you Prius there are so here we have sixteen man who died in a terrible. Accident it's under investigation right just a few days ago. How much have you heard discussed about these men. Put it twice I think once thought your shell and another time. Very little right. Not nothing close to the names of the people who are the names I really can't pronounce. Who met with trump junior correct. Over power over and over. Nothing happened in the meaning in something horrific happens to those sixteen men they died. They deserve respect they deserve the nation's attention. And some of these other issues and they drag us down drag us and we very people who are better than these politicians we are people who are better than the media. Anyway Sean don't hang up I wanna sing a signed copy of rediscovering Americanism and I wanna thank you. Mike. Santo Marguerite got California serious satellite. Are you. Great night attacking America thank you really love your show. Really thank you amount former marine might come. Deployed right now I'm Canadian. Lastly in harm's way but thanks to both of you thank you still march. Sure honoring our. The man unit that the other day it and at least. Which. Don't you my best to your son. Thank. All right when he got. But I agree with it and the only thing we got let is that conventional state. Our education system is. Pretty much destroyed the country. And by the way this was part of as big as they say not the is to be honest and rediscovering Americanism I get into this John doing. And others but he was the the one of the most vocal proponents. Of of indoctrination. In our educational system he said you know and I quote him Atlanta he says it's not enough to teach arithmetic and literature and in history and so forth we have to teach the the social aspects of it and so. This is this is the nature and I mean I. What can I say we'll be right back. Progressive brings you four poetry. The flow. I Cologne Cologne which is in the known. Nine through. The great showing them all he's a call seeing the rest I choose. Yeah some chances are sometimes. When I lost. Fox trot. That's a good question. Compare progressing characteristic competitors' rates because at progressive.com. Prisoners of engines company affiliate comparison is now available in these situations are very based on how are you buying. He's here. Now. Literally underground. He from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leaving little. Everybody mart women here. I number 87738138118773813811. Okay I'll play along. Here's the big story the Associated Press let's play along shown. One hour ago. Stick let me it'll be okay I promise. A prominent Russian American lobbyist and former Soviet military officer. Attended a meeting with president Donald Trump's son son in law and campaign chairman. Last year. The lobbyists said Friday adding a new wrinkle to the trump teams evolving explanations about it June 2016. Session. This name is unreadable. Somebody consonants without vows I can't I can't anyway this so this guy. He he had an interview with the associated depressed. He not been previously identified as a participant in the meeting at trump tower in New York which was billed as part of a Russian government effort to help the Republicans. White House campaign. You know I'm. See the AT propaganda. Started a Russian government effort to help the Republicans White House campaign. The meeting has heightened questions about whether Trump's associates coordinated. With Russia. Is there any evidence of that whatsoever. To meddle in the presidential election to help him and support Hillary Clinton. Is this an op Ed where is it nukes. And whether they've been forthcoming about their foreign contacts. Federal and congressional investigators are probing possible connections between the campaign in Moscow. So this Russian lobbyists well known in Washington apparently I don't know any of these people. Has been reported to have ties to Russian intelligence. A characterization he dismisses as a smear campaign. Is he well known Washington presence. Lobbying for Russian interests trying to undermine the allegations of a lawyer who died in a Russian prison. It is the namesake of a US sanctions law ought. This say this news. Let's go on so this Russian lobbyist told the AP. He served in the Soviet military any unit that was part of counterintelligence. But he was number formally trained as a spy. In emails posted by Donald Trump junior earlier this week stay will me be strong folks will get through this. In music obsessed. Choosing music publicist said he arranged the meeting because they Russian lawyer. Wanted to pass on negative information about Democrat Clinton. They go between stated that specialist part of a Russian government Africa. Doubt the GOP did go between is his goof ball. While trump junior has confirmed. The Russian train Italian whatever was in the meeting. He has not disclose that. But the presence of the other Russian. President's son has publicly discount of the meeting. Saying he did not receive the information he was promised. Stick Whitman. The statement Sunday. Trump junior said the attorney had said she'd information that people tighter Russia. We're funding the DNC and supporting Clinton. Description that the lawyer backed up. In his interview with the eap. Don't know a description of the lobbyist back that. I'm trying to get to the meat of the matter but I gotta keep going here. In his first public interview that the meeting the Russian lobbyists said he company and the Russian lawyer to trump tower. When they made an interpreter. He said he had learned about the meeting only that day when the Russian lawyer asked him to attend said he showed up in jeans and a teacher. The Russian lawyer brought with Terry plastic folder. With printed out documents. That detail what she believed was the flow of illicit funds to the Democrats. Said the Russian lobbyist. The Russian lawyer presented the contents of the documents to the truck associates. And suggested that making the information public they dubbed the campaigning set wow. Yeah yeah. This could be a good issued or expose the DNC is accepting bad money. You're not a lobbyist recalled her saying. Trump junior Uga this is the key trump junior asked the attorney she had sufficient evidence to back upper claims. Including whether she could demonstrate the flow of the month. But the Russian lawyer said the trump campaign would need to resurgent more and that. After that. Trump junior lost interest. According to the Russian lobbyist. They couldn't wait for the meeting to end he sent. Ladies and gentlemen. If I were Donald Trump junior is Lauren of course I'm not. I would think this was a magnificent article. In defense of my client. He asked the Russian lawyer. Welcome you back up this information your present. Know you have the research many wanted to get the hell out of it. That's not collusion is that mr. producers and that the opposite a collision. I mean. And I really want to reassess. Mark you don't understand. If so why is good information it but it wasn't good information. Any didn't take the information. Anyone they get the economy. The fact that meeting is not illegal the fact that meeting is not unethical. Slime balls all over Washington DC a meeting with slime balls all that time including some of the slime balls were beating their chests. They greater than now morrow slime balls. Whatever I can't put it. I had lunch with their met whether things that were said in the shadows. Have another question for. Given all the people who at this meeting there is no way that Donald Trump junior could have expected all of them. To keep the meeting secret. So something untoward happened in the meeting. He had no expectation. That the people on the meaning tickling the Russians would keep the shot. Fact the expectation to beat it like blackmail him my right mr. Bettis. So. I understand the frenzy. That's going on ladies and gentlemen I understand that it's been concocted I understand there was that this would be something else really I do. And this is why you're sick of it in your second this media and you're sick of the politicians and you're sick of the whole damn. Crowd you what's going on in this country. So the fact of the matter. This meeting takes place maybe there were eight maybe there are 28 I don't much care. But that's just more witnesses. More witnesses that nothing happened. And it's something untoward happened. Just look no witnesses who have been there. Putting Russians. I have inflammation of polio. And what is it Natasha. Boris gave me this information. Really Natasha what was it. I doubt it listed monthly going into the DNC cool. Really the Taj oil yes. Bully everything to substantially no all you have to look into it yourself you know and that passion. Let's finish up signed a ballot here. It was like to cartoon. Like a cartoon. Ain't I think he committed treason and it's treason. And not only that that's not a lot Jared Kushner let drag his wife an amount that what does she know and when did she know it yet. Ladies and gentlemen. If this doesn't scary. It's kinda bony hysteria that they're trying to create. That the media are trying to create that this drumbeat can be created around nothing. And then I have pseudo conservatives joining him. Well it ought to consider. It a special counsel. Prosecutors. Roaming the countryside. To hire fourteen Liberal Democrats are so. Decriminalization of politics. The bottom line is this. Donald Trump was not allowed to win. Any Republican running against Hillary was not allowed to what it was her turn and she was trying to expand. The Obama agenda. And enshrined forever they're progressive movement's. Agenda. And you said no. You said now. Donald Trump wants parents swear under the Electoral College system that's the only way to become president vice president the United States there's no other way. Not by the popular vote that sick the electoral college and he want. And paints one parents where. And I told John I played yesterday that day after they want. That there were not gonna stand for they've had violence in the streets. They've had lawsuits stood challenges agenda. He can't get his nominees through the Republican senate. They're trying to undermine every one of his campaign objectives. You've got judges. Obama judges Democrat judges. Both grown and give the most outrageous felonious leaks taking place out of this government. All intended. To destroy this president. You need to remember something about most of the media most of the media. Barn appendage to the government. What do they mostly reported up. Government. Good government big government. Spending congress presidents the courts. But for this massive government where would the media they they wouldn't have sources they wouldn't have leaks they would have their headlines it would have anything what they get a reported that. Apple hardest thing. At the American people actually good people. Actually love their country what do they got a report that went for a government leaks. But for government period the media have become. An appendage of the government in so they protect government big government centralized government and more government. I'll be right back. Open. I'm Pensacola Florida the great WC OK go. Mark I just wanna thank you honoring those Marines. Were killed in that KC 1:30 crash site I am an actual. Ex flyer that aircraft valued supplier back in the seventies. Believe it out of still out there operating they they play worldwide they refuel. Marine Corps and probably navy jets and they and helicopters and this time don't fly around the world and they're refuel as well they also due out. Missions like this one was we were moving people from one place or another so. It's a good Central Florida so it's kind of a local story I mean where it happened was probably only under 250 miles here. There's almost no news about it at all I mean sixteen guys are killed. Doing their job and you know been on the national news that I've seen in the last three days I mean haven't followed on the Internet for the registered and it. It's appalling to me. That this is the case that nobody seems to be here were fighting wars right now nobody seems to care I don't even know where we're fighting. We're flying now are these these bombing missions ground crews doing them. Bells going on. Here. Because. Let it here's the truth in media and the left. Drive America's agenda. I wish it weren't so but it's true they drive our agenda they drive the culture. They drive our politics whether it's health care anything else. The driver national security so when you're the president who resists that. Wittingly or unwittingly. Who resists it. Trump or any other president. The goal isn't just out of politically defeated the goal is to destroy him. The goal is to throw his family imprison. These are Soviet style leftist tactics that have now reached this point. As a result the advancement. Of the progressive movement which does not come under serious challenge anymore. And that's that's why I'm challenging it. But that's what's going on. We gonna put a couple of generations know nothing about Communist my ID I flew worldwide earlier in my career I'm still fly and right now I was in Russia. Immediately after the walking down. We flew into Sherman TA Koichi. The big airport and mosque Al. Most satellite also burned out the people walking around like it would be it was dirty. It was it was scary in this is that the biggest airport Moscow Moscow itself. With the garbage dump. The cars drive around without their lights on I think because they think they're stating electorate I'm not sure but then people just don't know. I used to be an optimist I'm not at its it would not there's any more. In the direction this country is going. So are you saying that. I am a fan of do you have a copy rediscovering Americanism. We do. I appreciate the work you're doing. Eleven let me scientists say yes that will let me send you signed copy need you they copied as somebody might be able to read it to use how about that there. That would be awesome I really appreciate market and thank you go to work that you do well thanks for your service Bob don't hang up. Let's go let's go to Joseph Orlando Florida on the market than that Harry you GO. I'm great market while we honor. In long time listener on it enabled nervous. Don't need to know and I've been missing since you refer to that sleet event and I'm members cash out asks. A C or TV as well so thank you for everything you do you. Thank you arm. I don't want to get your your opinion. Of the leading. Of Donald could prompt an awfully especially when it opens with this hole and you know and I am also I'd like to listen to your. It's to your replay and I again I think you hurt her providing our tasks and you were you just talking about it income last night how the day after the election. How warm it you know. Watch out for the media and I mean the vitriol. And hatred and if that puts a Boeing sabotage I wonder you know is so we're going to have to mine's gone in this way. Mainly the media and to do we come tweet got traded in and everything they're dispersed winks and how ecology I think he'll in terms of everything he. He's he's doing. And I thought what each weighted data that is silently said about his son is for the father should step up their son. I think it would be very unnatural for a father to leave his son hanging out there like that under these these attacks. Welcome and it's a little story told this story before but. Many many years ago. When my boss the chief of the attorney general the United States decided to step down. Several of us were brought into the Olof by actually just a handful of us who I was as chief of staff and attorney general Meese in this his wonderful wife first slower than three or four others of us and the president this is regular. And as you know Ed Meese was a loyal counselor confidant. Of President Reagan for many decades. That they really adored each other and and Ed Meese decided it was time to leave. President Reagan said to him. Because Ed Meese came under attack just like all good conservatives do by the media in the left in the Democrats. And that pour pour Ed Meese had come under vicious attack too in the president turned him and he said I want to apologize to you it. Because I know. That none of this would be happening to you. If they can get to me. They're doing this to get to me and I'm sorry that you had to deal with this. They are tech trying to take out people around Donald Trump and his son. To get him. What's he supposed to do trying to communicate to the American people through the very media that are trying to destroy him he has to use Twitter. He should use it wisely. But he has to use Twitter it's his way of getting around the media the way Reagan did with the speeches coming back. Can. Yes it's true. This marks look at this stuff fastest growing radio show in America. The black gloves then you show is on many 77381. 3811. Now. But the fastest growing everything in America can I say. Don't forget those of you in Florida and surrounding areas. Tomorrow at 10 AM Saturday 10 AM to be glorious day at Barnes & Noble Palm Beach Gardens. Right off fruit not any time. And look forward to seeing thousands and thousands of young yes I take my time. People said okay it's starting at ten when is it over to wanted to over. I've done book signings at the last six hours seven hours I've done I did a book signing him Tyson's corner that was find out. So. It just depends how many people come this will be my last book signing before I go to the Reagan library next month. And they do one more in the fall. In Texas the handset. So I'm. He had a chance I hope you'll join us again. That's 10 AM. And I know it's not just the book signing it it is it's that camaraderie. It's fellow patriots. In there's many many many who who will join us so I hope they'll come and join us we're gonna have a lot of fun 10 AM. On. Tomorrow. If Barnes & Noble Palm Beach Gardens Barnes & Noble right off route 95. Now remember one summer was supposed to be a time to slow down relax a little bit. Well if you summer has started off like mine has. Been your busier now than you've been all year. But as a member this audience I know what's so important to keep up the crucial news. Crucial events that affect junior family in this great country and to do it in a way that doesn't drive you nuts. But instead. His pro American. The absolute best way to stay dialed in this way they subscription to conservative repeat TV that's right CR TV. There simply is no better way to get straightforward accurate un filtered information. While you're on the go that this is because CR TVs 100%. Commercial free you can watch it any time on any device from where ever you are in the world. So if you're on vacation a business trip for just trying to catch up on things during a free moment each and every CR TV show is just a click away. There's mine of course Libyan TV. Go to CR TV dot com right now to sign up. You don't have all the rest of the clutter so I have immediate access to the best programs of personalities available anywhere at CR TV dot com or just call. 84 for living TV 844 LEV I can TV. That's my show living TV. I write to. After the news let's take calls of see how my AF fellow Americans are doing. Let us go to. So Myrtle Beach. Out Carolina of the great WRN and go. I'm mark I'm among them carrying currently stationed in Japan. Yeah and not one of you on aren't yes. And thank you. Hi I want you. I'm not my momma burning currently stationed in Japan and one of the sixty on that plane was an acquaintance that is so. Richard each of them meant so much nobody else is doing anything. And it was just firing and it made me feel good to hear I would thank you for that. Well you know what you don't have to thank me and the fact that other people aren't really focused on this is really quite. Detestable. Well edged aren't Donald front gate they pounded on him for days and aren't aren't and with not being. I think they're going are trying to go after what they think it'd be really heal which could be the same preview our eyes would be go after our kids. That they think turn it and a whole different ball game for him I'm really good about where there there for right now. I'll be well. And by the way shouldn't all of us be discussed and what that. Yeah us yes it makes me sick and he has so obvious where and when it all began with Don in here it's got what they were trying to do. As a parent you just know. And that says you know I really feel like they're using his kids to get him like he. And meanwhile we've got young men and women on bases in South Korea and Japan. Over there not too far from mad men and nothing. They're I'm so tired of hearing Russia Russia Russia. Need to Russia wanted to. Is something to Hillary Clinton to help her lead the election which I don't think. Let me ask you this what what does the prior administration do about Russia and China. I'm breaking into the office of personal management database what do they do about. Russia and China breaking into. The databases for all these retailers and all these have a corporations that work on our national security defense. Are indeed. What that's what they got about any of this stuff so we haven't Dan meeting where nothing happens that we do have situations or something did happen now what they got about. Right and is weeding out. It at some point I have often wondered Q if it wasn't a bad up. Just by the way they're reporting it and as you upping the technically how I understood but it just. Sound right to me. Well who knows I don't know I think the whole thing is stupid but I wet suit don't hang up and wanna send you a signed copy. I'm rediscovering Americanism thank you. Steve piney creek. North Carolina on the market even though. Mark how you do it well thank you Bonnie. I just wanted to thank you Bork was actual spill I've read a lot of a lot of the crazy talk about. Like. You know that guy. I'm black and very familiar with Jon Stewart know like our side of the coin. But like with what I like about your book is out there. Reading about this go hagel and you know obviously I'm familiar which doubled off the pile stops that dumb what the world she has talked about. Like dumb. If having them out stop altogether it won't book is really ought. Do you like the way it flowed I'll tell you how I wrote this I wrote it. And then I went back and broken in the chapters but I I was just going with the flow so each piece connected with the other. It it really showed it really shows who let that less. You know you'll ask commentary you like really put it all the other was great. Thank you beat and then another comment until recent defector from the state of Illinois chewed the state of North Carolina. I'm. You like what the Democrats student Donald Trump. It's very similar to. Away. If it will only works where Mike Madigan had overshot that there are. It is. He are. Whatever he's the main guy in the arm. India legislature saw it. You know what he's the one who run the state and then there's a couple of other guys in the City Council which Chicago. And pitched that day you know we totally and Bruce Trout are the Republicans. I looks like Manny in ran into the ground. Right and what was. Who we voted and we had well where to line is running on the right bill to the budget. Let's get rid you know let's take care as some of these problems. And actually she didn't. Did Democrat. Ollie did wish Jewish state Jewish. You know rarely into the ground like he says mom. Just. No demonizing him for try to do what we voted him in Dubuque. Now whether or not they're not gonna tolerate that this and Steve don't hang up on many give me a signed copy of rediscovering Americanism give your copy. Now to another person do you think it might actually help I appreciate it don't hang up. Let's keep rolling stand Travers city Michigan a great WT CM go. You know mark and skating on the excellent Oprah Obama people who what did you name K okay and gagged and thank you. Tom hey Al. You know my thought is is. You've covered perfectly. What's going on. And how it's basically a hoax basically. Nothing. But but but but it's cool that it's time now to talk about. What assumptions do and here's what I opera but obviously nobody knows how to work but. Child should hold a press conference. In say Mueller as two weeks to produce any evidence of collusion. Yet in order indictment. And there's no her production or produces no evidence of collusion in two weeks he's shutting it down. Unfortunately. He can't do that. Analysts who wants to get impeached at this point and he can't just say get two weeks from shutting it down the cat's out of the bag here and you can thank the deputy attorney general of the United States. But I do understand why you're concerned stand don't hang up you get a signed copy of rediscovering Americanism to. 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You can install custom made window treatments. Lied straight back out and air promo code mark listen to this and her prom local market check out you get 40% off. That's just feel my listeners that's lines TER that can't blinds TER dot com promo code mark we'll be right back. Most of the open. Yeah Foley Manning getting it. Now like Dallas Texas they gray WBA pago. Thank you mark to take my call and thank you for your time what was the now to impart your books what you do yankees. I don't give a question regarding Robert Mueller and you know. What wolf we operate under European like it would be. They greeted obstruction of justice put him you know investigation begun appointment he promptly found that. You know crime committed. It younger. And you'll people who gathered outside world private sector have these reports through the baht but what are they doing what's the status with. What kind of cool it yeah operate under. How long can carry the investigation of what day. That would not to order a competent. They pretty much carried on anyway they want to. Because everybody's afraid to deal. The attorney general's recused the deputy attorney general appointed him the minute you know so. That's the problem these so called independent special counsel. And there was not one appointed during any time in the eight years of the Obama ministry he gonna do the Democrats credit even nine despise how they conduct themselves which is. They don't buckle to pressure. So Eric Holder and the redolent we're never going to appoint a special. Council and we have the deputy attorney general really within months of the presidency. Putting a special counsel some sorry tell you they're almost no limits. Good no limit. That this thing I know and that's and that's why the Democrats were pushing and pushing and pushing yet. Under the carpet thirteen people are not accountable. Anybody and I'm a mean. That there's not really. I really believed to report quote investigation I'm Italian I'm really. That that part of the system and that should be six. I don't hang up I wanna get your copy of rediscovering America's. That's keep growing. Debbie. In Kansas KI NA are great affiliate go. I can only because I feel like we're back where we were panicking party was born there were frustrated that we don't have a strong leadership. And the Republicans are shown themselves to be worth it. In Q and that's we have two senators in both Republicans and they can't agree. Either 100 helped everything. And then gonna run the same Republican map out there they will not can he predicts. Travesty. What's still have Robert de Maria. Only have two two when he got Roberts let's see other senators. Omar and you get to lousy senators in Kansas sorry. Well we have to vote or. Is gonna be like eighty. Yeah your crying out loud and they keep pretty not perhaps to go or do you know underground sport began. Why does the same iron that we had before and what is not starting them out. Is it possible that sent the third party of that he cart. Oh say who'll say all right I appreciate your call Debbie I don't hang up. Give that nicely book. I don't know that it's possible to sort of the solar start up a third party but. I'm I'm in the convention stage article five that's my focus. Right folks Ray Charles and America just for you don't. You do. He moves through me. And never change. Whom others. Yeah. June. Maybe. Many. Okay. The amendment. Yeah. Sing your song like OK yeah. The news. Yeah. Love him. Locker room. Majesty. Okay. Okay. Yeah. This. The this. And. Now we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. United Friday unite red paint tonight Pepsi tonight smoking again I Zelda. Get a happier rediscovering Americanism today at your local bookstore all weekend long CA at 10 AM tomorrow Palm Beach Gardens Barnes & Noble. Meanwhile America tank top and I'll see on Monday god bless. Our concerns and speeches from Geico it's a common expression don't look a gift horse in the Alamo. What if the horse's mouth his he'll be useful and shorten schools. This is the exact case with the ankle just the three and they're gonna get all. Uncertainty and a whole emergency room tax digital I'm deep cuts don't pay. Think I look at look at him out get amazing service.