The 53 Man Roster (Sept 3, 2017)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Monday, September 4th

The 53 Man Roster is set for the Kansas City Chiefs.


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This week he would teach football. The official chiefs radio podcast. Now your host Ben Israel led Kendall Gammon. Welcome to this week in cheese. Football for Sunday September 3 it is the Labor Day weekend however it's been anything but holiday for your Kansas City Chiefs Kendall the club was required to cut to 53. On Saturday. Before we get into the positions who made the team who did not make the team the big news of that day was when they cut running back CJ Spiller of course. With the injury to where it seemed almost a certainty that Spiller was gonna make the teams a little bit of a shock when he was released. Late Saturday however GM Brett beach told us hang tight there's still a chance Spiller B on this team in minutes things unfolded today that she's made several more moves one of them resigning Spiller. Yeah and any time your general manager says hold tight or maybe something happened happening. That means something's happening and they certainly had a plan that they were gonna have teachers back pages had to wait. For Steven Nelson put him on the injured reserve slashed designated to return Lewis but they couldn't do that until 3 o'clock on Sunday. So they needed to create a roster spot to keep them until then took maybe I guess. I suppose a calculated risk because. CJ Spiller being a veteran is not clear waivers he could sign with anybody but I'm sure that. I know there are some things I'm seeing this atlas and that's what we're trying to do and again I don't know about for fact that's just talks seen done in the past. And save that spot and now. With Stephen Nelson amount IR DTR. I'll list CJ is added back and there are three healthy running backs on this campus and shoots yet Kindle seem pretty calculated I mean this to seem like a case where they knew. How things would kind of unfold for the vested veteran. They kind of took a chance no one would outspend them. They did but I think the fact is when you look at what's best procedure where he's looking at a what's best for him he wants to be where he's been camping where he. Feels comfortable in Kansas City is that place of course being in training camp the whole time in them. You can't dismiss the fact that people like playing offering you read and also that this Kansas City Chiefs team is one to be reckoned with and two in 2017. So. It just makes cents on all ends really. So let's get into how they cut the team down. As it worked out 45 on the offense 25 in the defense three for special teams let's start on the offense no real surprise for quarterback. No of course Alex Smith as your starter. As everybody is from Brighton Beach to the they read there is a gray area outs with QB Patrick Holmes the second and outbreak brings in the third atop possibly. He might show some value to another team and who knows maybe so body in the future but right now those three set and really. I think you know I've talked about this. Probably the best. Really strange for QB that we seasons we've been here in quite some time are let's move on to the running back obviously were all the news was. This pretty much slated exactly how we thought. It did Kareem thought he was named the starter last week after Spencer ware went down. And ensure can request to had a nice game against Cincinnati who maybe was on the outside looking in if there hadn't been for that injury to Spencer ware who knows maybe. They read would have kept for the things CJ Spiller. Brings up the rear of running back position of course fullback am special teams stalwart Anthony Sherman makes the team as well. Moving on to tight in this it was a surprise to me really thought the chiefs might keep four titans. Yeah trust Kelsey of course is number woman Demetrius Duma. Demetrius you his number two and Ross troubles evidently beat out to the governor asked Escobar that you just I mentioned and you know I could see it go either way I kinda thought that they were gonna keep us borrow also I thought he had very strong last couple games in the pre season. That being said. If there's one position that might get messed with a little bit. It would be the tide in position so would not surprise me see. I him. Brought back at some point in time if he's if he doesn't assign a lot of unanswered questions in training camp over the offensive line they've done some acquisitions and some moves to try to shore that Kindle how'd they land the the offensive line I think they're pretty good shape. Bryan Whitman has run the left guard position in the entire care that's of course because of the injury to Parker anger. Last year early in the season. Back fold them was running that position in the offseason but when they went to camp it ended up being bribed with them I think the battle for that Brian. Continue to stay there are so he will be the starting left guard Eric Fisher will be the starting left tackle. Ms. Morse will continue to be the center of one of the bright young stars on the office live for Kansas City right guard look Lou Lou retton do Bernie. Or ram do burn a party say that five times quickly damn. He's manned the right guard position one of the best guards in the league of course you rewarded with a Burnett's contract in the off season bug in city chiefs and then Michal Schwartz. Who brought in from Cleveland last year Mans the right tackle spot. Your reserves are of course Zach Fulton I believe he's your senator or both guards. He can swing either way and in Jordan Debbie makes a team Parker anger of course is on he was brought off the PUP last week. It remains to be seen how many weeks we'll take for you can maybe get back can be a legitimate player. And then Cameron urban which that chief brought in from Cleveland last week. They say they're going to stick him one position on what the tackle position for now so hopefully you can man that in his career he's played all three. Most notably cyber last year which didn't go as well and doesn't surprise me for the size he has he doesn't seem like a senator to me but. That's where you're gonna see it again. I think. As the chiefs go on down the line nine. Office of Lyman is a little bit different to keep also normally would you'll keep a Dan and maybe have one on the practice squad so. A dependent on some how some things shake out if they decide they want mother Heidi and it wouldn't surprise me she Jordan that he. Released him in favor of tight and if they ever needed to do something with that but for now those are your nine office line. That shortened heavy move was I gotta be honest that surprised me a little does it mean it didn't catch he didn't catch my eye camp by the this year or last year. And I just I was a little surprised by them but you know again and you gotta you gotta believe they have a plan for them. Yeah I was surprised as well he's he didn't show. Either way to meeting campus and see something bad but I do think things really stood out but again. He was with the team last year and played a fair amount so I think that familiarity. Helps us tremendously in and like I said he's probably. The last one on the outside looking in and unless you know. It depends really on how Parker anger comes back from his injury and and I'm the timeframe for that as well and then finally Kendall the wide receiver position yet going into camp Dan of course Tyreke hill Albert Wilson. Chris Connelly and the Anthony Thomas we thought those four were locked in and they were. There was there was a battle going for the fifth and sixth spots where you looked at. Derek Jeter Marcus camp to Marcus Robinson Jay you chests and and the and you know you you can't fault that the choose what they did because you saw what the markets did in the last pre season game made three outstanding catches one. For a touchdown from. Patrick Holmes the NJU chest and takes that ball. From laughter right on a putt and goes all the way it goes the distance also also provides a very nice back up in terms of the returning position but. That was one of those a ha no more highly contested positions I think on the all on the team for the Kansas City Chiefs and I think you easily could've thrown Marcus came to America. And and not possible to knows where nothing goes between him and Jerry your chest and but again the fact that and we'll talk about little little bit later but the fact that dealer and camp were added to the practice squad I think that's a good situation for the Kansas City Chiefs yeah I wondered if that chest and return TD just made it for him because I really felt like campaign a little bit of an advantage there. A degree few days and a bout Dieter was. You know he made a bid late but he was never truly I do think it was between camp and just them. You know. Hard to know but did you see a kid take the ball back like chess and do it there and he made a lot of people missed he showed some unbelievable athleticism. You can always you can go back you didn't have a great senior year at Michigan but his junior year he really. It's a good thing so they're probably they're probably looking at the ceiling for chess and it's probably pretty hard. So beyond the if you're looking at this team from previous seasons from an offensive standpoint I'm not sure it looks terribly different. It has which is a good thing because it is it was you know a successful team. Where are really think this team is starting to look improved dramatically improved is on the defense let's start with the defensive line. Yeah we're very Logan of course we brought it nose tackle from Philadelphia to. Replaced on target Pau and I don't know if you replace him but he takes his spot Benny Logan at six foot 2315. Pounds. Didn't practice for a few weeks but then did play towards the end of the pre season I thought had a solid camp. Very quick very Agile moves down the line of scrimmage burger well good with the pass rush I think he's going to be fine from nose tackle position course Chris Jones. The defense event he had a great year last year is a rookie and I expect him to build on that even more. And the whole Allen Bailey number 97 he is back to the left you for today and and that is a welcome sight for the Kansas City Chiefs and unwelcome sight for anybody who's played against him because this guy at six foot 32 radiate. The whole describes him very very well he is flat out ripped. And he yet some nice plays when big sack in the first game. Of the pre season and I think the sky's the limit for him C you've got those three starters. And they go across from laughter right pitcher defense have been on what side Jarvis Jenkins. Who's brought in this offseason and Roy Miller brought in late during camp and working Nunez roaches who put on fifteen extra pounds and now. To me looks more like a diva sublime and really had a nice. Pre season himself and and just that a team they were a coach favorite everybody talks about his energy and what he brings when he's on the field. And you see that makes tackles and he's going nuts at having a great time and as we call him not show and who doesn't like nachos so while this is a guy. Who I think. I he's a big part of the big bill is I see all six of those guys you know will play. If they can all play their music and rotate and keep people fresh for not only. The last how from last quarter of games but then getting into the season as well so those guys have the alleged that the name into the season also. The inside linebacker had an immense amount of battling going on in and we we've made. The tremendous change in my opinion and terms of stopping the run with that interior offensive line there's still a big donors or there's a big responsibility on the inside linebacker well. First and foremost Jerry Johnson is back at two will positions and he looks good so nice to have number 56 back. Or meet Wilson knew it would appear is going to play next to him. And of course this is guided didn't make the squad damn last year and in six games in. I was brought off and started the rest of the year and had a pretty solid season. Behind him you've got to computer Lewis of course we traded him open up for. Up to some engineers and our dear thank you DJ Alexander. Two. Seattle and come here he brought a blocked punt in pre season and he's not only four course special team are much like who we traded for him but. He seems to about it more depth to the middle linebacker spot also which I think is gonna bode well NC chiefs. Of course who could who can make a big way the fifth round pick out of Georgia southern. Is at that middle linebacker position as well he showed. Good at the end. Pre season early on who's missing tackles in the pre season games and coaches quarrelsome were very pleased but. He shored that up for it quickly which is good because this is a guy that I think they all like and Terence Smith somebody who I started couple games for the chiefs last year. I geeks he stayed on in the course the chiefs traded for Reggie redolent from buffalo and I'm excited about this this guy's six point 1252. Pounds then he's coming off knee injury from last year. He says he's good to go I think the teams are waiting to see but I think they believe he is also Rosa wouldn't trade forum. Traded forum but if you're looking if you're listening to what I just said. You can have six people. And normally your only gonna keep for so. The chiefs are heavy yet inside linebacker and should be noted that. Adjusted march lowered is actually on the US squad for the Miami Dolphins so every single inside linebacker. That was with the Kansas City Chiefs is on a squad right now which I find amazing because coming into camp. I thought the middle linebacker and inside linebacker rather was going to be the weak part of it but. It's going to be fun to watch this group I'm looking forward to see how Reggie rack when fits into things he's a 34 inside backer. Many people think that maybe he's just a proper meaning he's only got a run stopper complain the first two downs in the outcome out. A big red says otherwise he thinks this is a god could play all three downs and then he runs well in. I think the sky's the limit for this guy I think. The change scenery is often nice and of course him coming from buffalo where they are changed from a 34 defense to a 43. He's just not your your. Your quintessential middle backer so I'm like this move for Reggie and for the Kansas Kansas City Chiefs. I met him today Kindle news he's a big guy I'm you know for aligned inside linebacker he's a big guys. He looked kind of reminds me of a slightly enlarging or DJ the forty day kind of went through that first read up and lost the way he's he's that kind of size in. And has a good attitude incident coincidentally he'll be I saw him he's gonna Wear number 59 which was just in we're march's number. Which now that they've you know he's been claimed by Miami he'll be in the in the league as well as you mentioned but. We we kind of weren't surprised by them in we we had great hopes for him he just didn't work out that way but I think rag and is gonna be. I think he's going to be equipment. I think so and and really getting getting back a little or. I just goes to show you how quickly things can change and I felt because they loved Leuer plastered insults and that they didn't like him this year but what. The opposition just became crowded and it said each and every year that it gets down to. Not always have a talent contest and a numbers game and that's what became my there was a numbers game in the middle linebacker spot you just can't keep all guys you know they're all good enough to be on the squad. Yeah that in debt I never thought we had that much competition in the air but you know if it goes to show how much was there in that little it's got a job. You know got it really doesn't I'm happy for him yeah. Comment tell you a play a long time and and this is that a stressful time of the year for the players aren't. If it was stressful for me it and I'm convinced to take years off my life it's just. You know note. It's sometimes things work out sometimes adults from the guys that we saw play. On Thursday that was the last time ever Don football outsold. If it's a tough time you're for the players and really it's a tough time in the year for the coaches well when you're realm Andy Reid. This is something that he really takes seriously in terms of letting people know. If you have they've had to let him go or not and it's not something that he enjoys but he he does with dignity. Because it deserves because these guys you know. Blood sweat and tears out on the field in their late at all all on line this is their dream to play or continue to play and and when you're told that you're not good enough and that it's time to go somewhere else that that's tough to deal was. To like talk to Andy Reid about that after the titans scheme last Thursday. Alison toughest part of this business writer so these next couple days you elect guys go and everything to make team these guys made par so. How Brusca some tough decisions and he includes me odds that we both got tough decisions ever. You know the one thing that they've been able to do this this training camp is they've gotten films. There's tape popular himself. Thank you as an opportunity if they don't make us our team and they have a chance make another tape. On Sunday you know 11184 Gaza be on the streets how do you Parse through all of that is that just. Is that the rule of of Britain discounting to yeah they've they've divided up the man they were high crazies kind of all nighter Galen. They get an iron Gooden. It's tough time there's a version that we had hers. This number of W and there are hammer it out and and to see you know what they are fine. You don't tell you head coaches are tough men that he feels every every bit of that are worried a little heavy on inside linebacker how about outside linebacker. Well they're keeping for of course Justin Houston. Hopefully will be the dynamic two duo and will be a nightmare for not only Tom broad Brady but all the QBs this year deep Ford. Had is gonna campus I've seen this year Dan you and I talked about it a lot throughout camp. Justin Houston was out there each and every day so he appears to be completely healthy. He's one of the best not only Russian pastor really holding the edge on the run game and what was seen from deep fjord on the other side is that he's learned. To hold the it's much better that he used to sort of like that. Their backups on the left side backing up Houston will be ten no passing Euro. This guy's six foot 7290. Pounds then we talked about a mortgage you can't talk about it and now which is. He's just he's free to freak yeah he is a freak and he's fun to watch he has a little something to with a seven foot two wing span. He's getting his hands into those tackles quicker than they're ready for and he's he's he's a waste Bender. And need vendor at the same time where it can get underneath the block of the of the attack sometimes you get around the edge. And he's got enough power as well to relieve the bull rush he wants also selecting the sky's the limit for him is his ceiling is way way up there. And one thing he really absent some versatility also because he was a a tackle as well so. He can play any of it and had any of the three. Interior line positions also salute to pitch a you've got an extra player there you hope that doesn't happen but at least it is a possibility. And then on the other side is old faithful offerings although this guy. Knowing how to sacks this last pre season game he does everything disasters of all war of course special teams. He can actually play inside linebackers well although we know we've got plenty of those but this is just a Smart kid who and it's a year I'm just gonna continue to help out. Where are needed on the on the defense and more likely to special teams so you you kept. Him. Linebackers which is. One or two no more normally venue. You keep in general but that then means that you have to look at another position and maybe not have as many people at that position I think that's what we're gonna talk about. Next it is before we do that with fans are gonna be glad to hear because he's a fan favorite. The did not release Tom holly they move him to the physically unable to perform list that he along with daddy Nicklaus who had a very severe injury and injury as well. Not deemed ready to go in and had a trainer Rick Bieber colder today addressed the media and just talk about the fact that they're going to continue to monitor them continue to monitor all bug in just. You know. Go slowly them and when he's ready to come back and know they'll take it one step at a time from their open but until then. He won't. He won't have any bearing on anything going on with the exception and I think you agree with this also witches. He's a good guy to have around me knows how to study the game he's been there for a long time haven't played for a think thirteen years he has a good I had on the shoulders and we've heard a lot of these young guys talk about the fact that likely art. I just try to be around on this much as possible or you'll also sublime back percent. I just I just try to be near Derek Charleston as much as possible listen to what he's saying now is doing things and and I can't be underestimated in terms locker room presence. In the logistics behind the pup list Kindle he has six weeks to return. Once a day announcer once he does returning his two weeks to actually play any game is that correct. Well it is he has to be on the pup at least six weeks that I can wait Oca. They can wait until week seven week eight week nine whatever it is. And then he has I think you said you're right two weeks stood for them decide whether to be acted as though she says yes him yeah. Yeah the two weeks so we can start cracks and they decide whether. Activate him or at the end of that period they can. Put him back on IR in any shelf for good so. That's not something that. Is really differ with the can you give us because at least gives guys who are hurt. From the previous year continued rehabilitation time they can get into the next season and at least be ready for no the last. Third half whatever it may be and contribute that year as well. Are right you mentioned that the chiefs kept probably more linebackers than normal and that came at the cost of the defensive backs course we mentioned earlier but I'll start with it which is Steven Nelson he's on the IR designated to return. So we don't know the severity of his injury I'm hoping it's shorter than than maybe. A normal and what would one would be two to go in this type of list but. He has significant damage because he was your starting right corner then on nickel and dime he was moving in any was covering the slot receivers well so. When he goes out. Then you have to rearrange everything else which is you had Terrance Mitchell who went to the right corner spot also. And then all I'm. It's what and then when they got into nickel or dime. You had told gains come in him and man the slot position Terrence and stay there or vice Versa. Terex has been you know slowed up with a hamstring issue as well so some real gains right now is Manning the right corner spot. Ups of the markets Peters out and figure had star Marcus I think everybody pretty knows us. That the best quarterly in the game maybe team but. Russell LaMarcus Peters Philip gains terrorist Mitchell those three. And then behind them D. J. White last year six round pick out of Georgia Tech and and Kenneth Acker who we traded for from San Francisco. A right before the season started in sixteen. Amend your quarterback position and that's just five quarterbacks which is definitely a little bit awed. Because when you look at the safety position. Of course Eric Berry rod Parker and backing them up instead of sorts and they're Marie. You get 54 you only have nine generally we expected. Two for them to keep at least ten if. Not eleven deepens the backs and something to keep twelfth so to keep dying is very odd now about being set. I think that's because I think when you look at that you read between tea leaves they've only got nine right now. I think they expect that Stephen Nelson will be back sooner than later and once he comes back in the course of we will have to go up with the off the roster and that's where your extra linebacker or your extra up and linemen. May be in jeopardy but until that comes this is about that fills out the last. Third level of the defense incident. One I think one of the final. Pieces of great news was the fact that they did release him thickened the interim kicker in that can only mean. They Kara Santos is feeling much better and ready in fact I talked to him today he's feeling great he's pretty excited he's pumped up. He is he was actually told me he was ready to go in Seattle they just wanted to play it safe because. Nadine the medium and so. Is that's great news obviously. It is. I spoke to after the game also when we talked about the fact and he agreed which was. Why you never like to miss time because they re was really groove and everything. Not kicking has really brushing his leg up even more about the time you kick a lot camping neck that. That let can be a little bit weary coming out of camp but he's not have a issues so. I'm glad to hear that you that you talked him today and he felt good about it also because that's what you communicated to me. After the game as well and knows what buster's game he's done. Very admirable job in terms how he strained his leg. Am an increased his kickoff distance and hang time that makes a huge difference of course he's joined by. Potter Dustin Colquitt who's in his thirteenth year dostum with actual teammate of mine for one year and endgame when you James Winchester who is Manning me. All stepping positioned for the third year for the chiefs they're very happy with him I think he signed a contract in lawsuits offseason and extensions so. They are set at the special teams a lot of things no doubt. So that's pretty much the way the team cuts down give me your thoughts just your impressions on an overall how I mean how do you feel about it. I'm very happy I look at the office of line as we discussed deadly surprises me a little bit. But not completely. I love the fact that we signed Cameron heard him I think he will be coached very well by Andy heck who was a first round. Thirteen year tackle himself in the league. I think bodes well for the offensive line. Of course QB we know what we have their tight ends I think it's still going to be influx a little bit I like our wide receivers I don't think people in the NFL. Are giving them enough credit I think they're gonna shock some people and then defensively. I'm excited about her defense of life you know meets him I think they're very very deep I think you're gonna see a lot of rotation and that's going to be a positive thing. For everybody and then. Are outside linebacker position. I think is well I think there's going to be some times I think it's going to be fun to watch them. I believe you're gonna see Allen Bailey as your lone defense of linemen and you're gonna see Houston deep forward intent on passing you know on the field same time. And that is absolutely going to cause fits for office like monopoly and defensive coordinators that are defenders Gordon. Her opposite corners room rather that are happening to them against them because I think that tandem of four has a chance to put pressure on the QB with just those four. If that's the case you and you're seven back in coverage and and have a much better base back there to cover their big guys routes. So I'm excited about that as a said the that I also linebackers I'm excited about. Gary DJ we saw him happy with what he's doing. I think I I think. The linebacker offices of Derrick Johnson. While through me right now is still going to probably peace itself out a little bit. And I think during the games you'll see different people in there depending on the situation I think probably Kevin Pierre Louis. If it's a little bit more to pass side of things as opposed to meet with the run. I think they're going to try to get ready Iraq went up to speed as quick as possible in the course of Kim Mahan Terence Smith. One if not both of them will not will not dressed probably could you can't have them all out of its first week. Who came and probably will and maybe you will more because special teams that Reggie won't be ready I wouldn't they but like the inside linebackers. Defensive backs I'm lover safeties of course I love markets Peters. The right corner position we've talked about all camp that's one as the what is your question on it doesn't I would agree if there's one. One weak spot of the five I'm not trying are of of the three levels. That's a woman I'm looking out I'm not trying to get down on those guys but we've got we've got a very solid defense that's one spot that I believe. Often that teams will try to laughter. Well you know and it's that's part of good game planning if you got a corner like a Marcus Peters. You're not gonna go right at a mall today that's crazy so you're gonna pick on the other side it puts a lot of pressure on that number two to be better then. May be what you would if you just were an average quorum both sides but the I think for me that the most exciting parts about the way this 2017 team is coming together is. I think two things that we. We've struggled with in the past. Is that downfield speed on offense I think we've got that we we're locking that down it is getting stronger better than the long passing game that deep passing game. Has some real potential this year and then the other side of that is that the the defense we have always been a Smart defense in my opinion we've always been a sophisticated defense. In my opinion. And with these guys. All coming back healthy I just I think we're going to be a physical defense. And to meet that's going to be a huge swing we're gonna dominate teams physically. Where we may not have been that you know in in years past are certainly now with some of the injuries that we've had do endure on the defensive side it's very exciting. I defensively we have to stop the run if the chiefs and stop the run and it and make some obvious past situations than I believe you can make up for. What deficiency there may be at the right corner position but putting pressure on the QB that's all the whole bunch of things and then quickly to your point on office. Gotta remember Tyreke you know I think he's arguably the past this guy in the NFL talked about that but Albert Wilson Chris Connelly and the Anthony Thomas let's not forget. All three of those guys run them meant for 340 to protect the cut that's really really fast I mean. Tyreke was never risk but these guys were rarely yet also so and we Soledad mark Robinson can do also and he's. He's really your fifth or sixth tied him so her wide receivers used me so. I'd like the office where they can do and I'm happy and excited about creek auriemma as well. Others depth there are eager to your point with speed even if you've got to speedster on your team to you match him up against Ty Harrell. Well that's only one of the three you know you you've kept up a lot of speed to be able to match up equal on the chiefs this year in my opinion. Yeah Daniel I know we're gonna do I a preview of the of the New England game and we're gonna have we'll talk about it more than but I believe. It is it's going to be where's Waldo Tyreke kill he's going to be all over the field I think that if the tallest will be involved in a lot also. Of those two guys on the filled with Travis Carroll C Chris Conley the Korean hunt you've got five. Very capable weapons and I believe. I believe big red is is just going to be he's going to be up the window it's beautiful mind he's just right now the rhythms on on the window and he's he's coming up plays so. No we're gonna have a great preview for as well. You know we're gonna talk with time you know actually that'll be coming up on Tuesday. 53 man squad mostly set she skipped down to the business at hand to open their season on the road against the defending world champions. And it's a tall order for sure and since this season opener for the league it is Thursday night. Making him a short week to boot Kindle I mean that's going to be. That's a little bit of an him to open your season now where I know could treat doesn't look at it this way he just takes it card off the deck and he plays like he's dealt put. That's a tall order in my opinion. It's a tall order agreed but. We know what type of record big red has. Yeah bye weeks yeah I can lose big if this that this is the biggest bye week you get which is the offseason so. The fact if you're gonna play the patriots. Like that you can play in the first game season on Thursday because they haven't seen. What we're doing you know it's the only game in town at the time and the guys are excited and and you know it. What what better challenge and go play world champions that they're at their house them and spoil that ring ceremony. So instead of it's going to be a fun thing there's no doubt about it Kindle level. Preview the New England game on Tuesday do you now want to miss it as we mentioned we're gonna talk retiree kill. We'll talk with Justin Houston markets Peters Eric Berry Jerry Johnson. I'm gonna ask running back the rookie running back Karine hunt about his very first start in the NFL we have a time plan for you so make sure you subscribe. You know wins they will force the team charter for the East Coast were bringing the best game day coverage in professional football till Tuesday. Thanks for listening to this week in chiefs football. Laces out. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey cheap radios dot com.