2017 Wk 1 Preview - KC at New England

This Week In Chiefs Football
Wednesday, September 6th

The Kansas City Chiefs prepare to open the 2017 season on the road in New England against a Patriots team that played their last game in Super Bowl LI. Do the Chiefs have a chance against the defending World Champions? INTERVIEWS -Justin Houston -Derrick Johnson -Eric Berry -Chris Jones -Marcus ...


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This week he would teach football. The official chiefs radio podcast. Now your host Ben Israel led Kendall Gammon. Welcome to this week in geez what. All it is the 2017. Season we won the chiefs in New England Patriots we'll talk with Justin Houston area very. Derrick Johnson Chris Jones markets Peters in the cheated Tyreke hill but first it's chiefs headlines. She's headline on this week changed football and can only a couple of days here some not a lot of. It is with the chiefs the patriots however. They trade their third string quarterback to the colts wide receiver Phillip Stewart said guess who comes over as you said the Minneapolis and of course that is a good trade. For the New England Patriots of course they've lost Julie have held them earlier. Week. Two days he also. While it's a good. Pick up her New England I don't see that affecting the game too much is him he's going to be there for less than a week. I was anxious to move because Jimmy to Rob Lowe who is a free agent the end of this year if Tom Brady is. You know at some point going to retire I mean obviously having them next year but. They're either gonna have to pay me drop below a lot of money. We're literally drop below which would sort of it's zero because you know Purcell was actually yeah they they talk like he had some potential. Yes the LS cable pre season if they really featured him I think they've made they've featured a more purpose to field moved him because he had a great game. When you look though at New England over the last decade. I want to say there's maybe only been two or three years where they've actually kept. Three QVC yeah. All the other times it can do so this is Russell could differ for coach so they get to a receiver and equality one of those and that's a good move they also make some other groups. The other big thing was. Outside linebacker Shea McClellan. His injury is undisclosed however he has been moved to the injured reserve they brought back. Running back. Random poll who's with them as well and we'll help with special teams but what that does on the defensive side of things is it moves Kyle than noise they traded for last year from Detroit. From the back up Mike linebacker to historians say barker backers so what you have done here we'll talk about a little bit more in depth later on. Is the fact that two of the three starting linebackers. We're not with. We're rather not starting for doing well last year as Nelson brought in David Harris. President Bush or the freeagent from you from New York Jets are one of the things that the NFL teams have to do each week is published there injury reports each day. This is a short week for the chiefs but nevertheless we do have an injury report. One of the highlights from day we'll highlights are the Travis Kelsey he was a little to participation. Both on Monday and Tuesday and it was with the calf injury that's will be something new put. I don't expect that it's just too seriously and rob Parker limit participation also opening ankle injury. Right Linda. Or anger you would expect those guys not contractually were to be limited. They're not a factory gave the big thing is that they Logan Terrance Mitchell in Cairo Santos hall full participation both on Monday and Tuesday when you look at New England. Not much to speak up there it's about time did not bat. Defensive tackle does not. Practice either Monday or Tuesday so looks like you'll not be up. Other than that for the most part you've got guys are limiting participation and if there's anybody. Who chooses to not. Say a word unless they have to into the NFL is the patriots so it was you're looking at Matthew Slater wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell wide receiver. I would expect even though they haven't knee and hamstring. They will be played on Thursday. All right that is your headlines for week war. Kendall Gammon day in Israel this week in chiefs football Kindle it's been awhile since we reported to camp in late July but the season. It's finally here finally been waiting for the states were really since the schedule came out and you can't think of a better way to start the season. Mangled by going up in the challenging me the world champions on their home turf like good but ten. Seems as though you guys who actually played the game and who coached currently you're fine with however they deal the cards you're just gonna play in the way it's dealt. That's what vigorous hoses and let's try to not read it looks like an open as a sudden we roll here we can only played in 98. School picture exactly right I just wanna get off to a good start all right maybe one of the biggest stories surrounding this game. Was this season ending injury to Julian element in the pre season. Yeah that is a big one Julian Edelman you lipped about copiers and playoff game at New England to see a guy who who basically almost single handedly beat the Kansas City Chiefs. He was the favorite target for. Tom Brady last year with over a tough on the little over 11100 yards and but I'll tell you that's that's a rough one to replace I don't know how they do a third they're counting on a few other guys they brought him but. We're certainly gronkowski comes back and and that's a big factor. But. Boy element is somebody who's done it for them for so long. Just seems to catch everything thrown his way gets just the crap knocked out of them. Am gets right back up but finally you know this last pre season game he did not get but I know he seems to have good games against the chiefs too he was that we would timber was neat. He was the and he was the guy that just he just always seem to come through in the clutch it was amazing when you look out of Lester got his numbers when he catches for 11106 yards yet three TDs so I think a big thing also when you look at him yet to 44 catches them on third or fourth down that produced a TD your first I don't know third best in the NFL but I'm Mike Evans and the Andrei Hopkins. That's a big deal when you're catching balls that are either first downs or touchdowns and again now somebody that's. Not only draw the stats. Very prolific and pronounced but I think. The copper level the Tom Brady had with Julian settlement. Where they you know they the borderline read each other's minds it's it's like offensive lineman playing next to each other you know what they're going to do. A depending on the situation presented in front of them defensively and an autopsy sought to have that while you have the you know Brandon cooks of course run and from New Orleans. He's had a whole offseason and pre season. But it's up to like element I mean not and that's nothing on Cox is just you you can't have you can't have that. That or pork in that short of a ballot time I don't believe right. So that begs the question then how will Brady react what will be the game plan here. Well I think from Kansas City said the standpoint they have to get to Brady when you look at him last year demand he had a 126 point five passer rating when he was not pressured. That dropped in half to almost two took 64 point seven with pressure that's the difference of the basically 62 points. And that's a seven at the second biggest gap in the NFL. After Carson went to was just. Awful both ways but. Well the sixties is very pedestrian we got a there's no doubt about it him in the fact his. To be so high when you don't have pressure but what is shows is if you can get to him if you can get in his face. You have a good chance to really mess up this future first ballot hall of Famer. And I think the chiefs defense. There at a point. Where they've not been in quite some time I yours actually which is everybody is healthy and everybody seems to be firing on all cylinders. Mitchell has caught up with Justin Houston and just talked about that very thing. It's hard not to think about two years ago how much putters this defense. And you're prepared to win there in January in the playoffs two years ago. Was the defense right and will eventually we all help is personal emergency sort of stupidest thing wasn't helped or one or two years ago and now we know do. It's always managing editor eroded how firmly closed but about. When these guys then their approach against you know. The key in communication of the key Detroit doing the right almost every town. There's been delivered to some chance our British friends were there were a little volatile sort of did you do me any windows or detergent. So we origin bonus close potentials as more acute. Opportunity limited to just a real tournament for government plays where we're gonna cut back or a lot of moose. We talked throughout camp and loved the look in your eyes it. Because your excitement I can see good things in the house and excited with this defense now do you see it put together a front to back. Numbers our numbers they just a tough territory sort of very that we really were no where weird I know you get to fill it reticent to see you don't receive Brooke. And Thursday were really no argument can be or what Norman. As Mitchell this with outside linebacker Justin Houston man is it good to have him healthy and back has. It wasn't the chiefs team two years ago in that playoff game without him. Note was that. And what he does besides rushing the passer which we've we've seen him you evidenced by the season several years ago worry at 22 sacks he makes everybody else better I think he makes. And TDs credit this camp. He's had us through the campus I think we've seen since he's been here he's developed some countermoves to what you know are his whose. I guess go to moves and we see them hold the edge better run lies. On the defense side of things so. Those two are together I think makes for dynamic duo and you add in the fact of healthy. That Derrick Johnson of course tunnel pass and no it's going to to look at the pass rush the whole. Allen Bailey comes back all of that is that would with the with one thing which is. Getting to Brady so you take that 126 passer rating down to a 64 passer rating now all of a sudden. You know he becomes very pedestrian ma am and we know he's not the fact is you can say that it makes sense. You've got to do. And in the past that's GO. Circling all the way back to element in the past. It was those quick passes stolen. That got the ball out of the pocket so quickly so you couldn't put pressure on him and I don't think you're going to have. As much of that availability with other players as you do with a metal veterans know that Kindle I talked with your old teammate Derek Johnson after practice. How a coach prepare you guys to go a period of play the defending world champions well. We know it's going to be a big task. Two to get a W I'm going down Foxborough but. That that's on minus only thing we we have on mine is trying to dominate. And create moments momentum. During the game and be an impact players in describe take everybody to get this W. How do you dominate against it well coached him my time. Where you get that you editing some right way. Consistently. Rush the passer consistently getting your drops in. In good drops I mean sometimes you have to covers and Brady connection arm open so. As one of those things where we got to play the whole way through and knowing that he's or makes employees that's you know he's the best. You quarterback ever so you can't take get away from that same time. We can't make an art form how close this team different verses the playoff game we've learned from my losses. You have to be in a fail you have to learn from your losses and we can we are colossal he's grown up a lot. We still have those war guys off his in the deepest that we need to win a lot of games this year. Thirteen year chiefs linebacker Gary Johnson Kendall Jillian element may be out for the season. The one guy he's not he's back and healthy and that's they're tied in Rob Gronkowski yes six for six to 65 in any runs ridiculously fast for as big as he is. We're slashed your season cut short I think you'll replace Dan maybe. A six games and in 2016 because that back surgery but you back you go back to 2015. 72 receptions for 11176. Yards and the all important eleven TDs of course he is the ultimate red zone weapon and when you've got those big guys that have that big wingspan that's just a big catch radius and certainly. Bodes well for any QB when you have that in front of you. The thing that he does so well is he creates mismatches. With no matter who covers him now. When you look at it from chiefs propel perspective. You know Eric Berry. And Ron Parker those are the two safeties to choose who I expect rule would cover him you may see dirty Dan Sorenson. A cover him some as well it just kind of depends on the scheme and where they're out with things but. I expect Eric Berry and Parker to get the bulk of it and these two guys that are experience have played against him before they're not intimidated by him they respect him but. Know what. If your role player. You play your role you do your things if you're a star you step up can be a star. And to me that's what Eric Berry is he's a star and he said he expects to step up and I think he'll do well against gronkowski. Listen to Eric Berry's confidence here. She one of the few guys obviously with. Lot of experience against Tom Brady described what it's going to be like going up against right now one of the best in the league. Obama thing is going to be a great match mom I know he's gonna be prepared and while we're preparing now so. Definitely looking forward to and so it's going to be excited. Petty attack this these guys are very well coached team could just play ball man has come on do we do this. And try to change any thing let's come out and compete year veteran you've got a lot of use on you. Pretty help these guys now make that moment too big news. Just take it so let's take one play at a time. No we often play football for a long time just a big stage is going to be prime time game live at the end of the day is football. And notice what we go to do so so you want play at a time and just focus. The man Christian yet. She safety Eric Berry actively army NASA feed that confidence as well and when you. Listen to him speak and how he talks slim that the interview before when we talked dirt Charleston. It's like these two guys are sitting with her legs crossed in the got some homes are going to mean these are two very wise guys that are. You know that they're there in this meditative state if they're getting ready for the game and nothing else than. And and really there example. That the reset in how they've portray themselves off the field on the field how to perform. I just filters down to the rest of the team. Even even on the offensive side because they see how those Dutch products what they do. And to have those two guys leading the charge on the defense. Not to mention Justin Houston as well who I think seems as primed as ever. Two wanted to get that all important Super Bowl trophy I think he sees the window I think they all see the window that is so this 2017 season. And they know they you don't wanna take a chance to break and you make sure. If it's open that you try to get through it and you bust through YouTube you give what you're after but I wanna ask you one more question about the New England offense but before you to take a listen the markets Peters. How do you handle their scheme I mean it seems like a roller robes and stuff. How do you handle that we put together are staying and and we we've stressed. My preparation and being brought tears thanks throughout plays when they come. Just play to play our ball. Hello disease now your third year I just continues to grow for you couldn't have become when the key players in the league now. What have you learned growing in his third year to be successful as a team as a person. Every year don't be different and we put the past and passing them. Programs aren't rows and make sure that we from Houston on our toes of our preparation and everything. And we can takes guys in the news. That is the chiefs corner and perhaps the best corner in the National Football League mark is Peter's. It was New England how much of and we know Tom Brady ever there's a lot of people who argue he's food the greatest ever not one of them. And we all know that because when my caddie bones about it I think he's a very good quarter reckoning is a great quarterback still think he's the best ever. Do they ever running game well they think they do. Time will tell we will know Thursday to about three hours after kickoff for probably earlier than that decide Rex Burkhardt Bob Birkhead excuse me out of Cincinnati. And he got a sold pre season a seven rushes for twenty yards and any cut three out of the backfield for fifty yards. From those verses so. Well as vs Houston and that last game. They expect DR Louis take up some slack and then James White as well but I don't know when you look at last year look Europe blunt. 299 yard slot 160 earth 209 and I'm carries 11161. Yards eighteen TDs. Dan that's awfully harder to replace and he was a great he was a big back here I mean he was singing always say using the 240s. And just curious pets low and and ram too often. He did what a lot of people do they go to New Orleans could. They get there so for the Super Bowl trophy out of the way and then they don't get paid and that's what he did it has been on the Philadelphia so we're gonna see him one way or the other and it was either going to be with Marie literal Philadelphia was sitting on the opening day. Act Kansas City but. Nevada I don't know I'm I I think the jury's out this is that this is assault offensive line for. A New England I don't know that it's. Unbelievably great. That being said the didn't win the Super Bowl so they're doing some things right maybe this is a great game for us to test just exactly whether we've improved in stopping the run this is Chris Jones. Some of us on their own viewing them as very import any game's start time you know. He said that a federal nonstop rain you can aristocrats Sudan he seems like when they wanna run they can run and how do you attack that. You know display on fast physical within the schemes are on defense we got great coaches looked upstairs disk and put us in the right position to make plays only gonna buy and today and you know. Do our jobs you get a couple of new guys in the middle of you and Allen that Allen's back. How does the interior feel for you or not. Bruno sues grey you know we have enemy hill the everyone is healthy around we asked from the pieces around a room. So you know we can only get better from there. Can occur. Steen and he's anchoring that he and Allen Bailey. It balances healthy is he appeared in camp. And I do believe we're gonna stop the run this year and I do believe that's not going to be a glaring weakness that it was from last year. And it needs to be a strength not weakness as you say in Allen Bailey is back and he is certainly every bit of the whole crew they talk about. Bennie Logan of course comes in from Philadelphia he's replacing Domtar Poe Chris Jones a healthy Chris Jones for a focus Chris Jones we just heard there. But those three backed up by rookie millions roaches who's out of the fifteen girls to his body and looks a party was already play in the park nose looks at. Does play even better with Roy Miller Jarvis Jenkins you've got a very. Deep. Defense of lion I can't decide whether they'll bill served up five or six. Well on Thursday night's but either way I know will suit up at least five so they can have the rotation side of things put. You wanna keep those guys fresh given the second half so even if they're an opinion now are duke I believe actually the Bailey and Jones. Possess the qualities to get to the QB. Bennie Logan you know not not as much easily guessed five and a half sacks in his career to an app however when last year. But if you just presses the pocket Denny's talked about the fact that his whole goal in life is too embarrassed the opposite Lyman in front of him. And you do that by getting penetration into the back tilt bit of run or pass and if you can get him to the past side of things. And make Tom Brady not be able to step up and throw the way you would like that'll help immensely. One thing that bodes well from the outside rush for the Kansas City Chiefs via the defense of rooms. Or even though just in Houston and you don't have to be as concerned as normal. With your rush lanes because let's be honest. Tom Brady is not fleet of foot around these. He's very rarely got to run for for many yards before you're gonna catch up with them so. You can get away with a little more freelancing and you couldn't of course of the summer like a Russell Wilson and so. That will bode well for the chiefs said that is in their favor but again. Yard sale these things that depth look good for Kansas City but it must remember this is a guy in Tom Brady who's an eighteenth year in and has confer success another facet though that I believe underscores. What you talking about with the pass rush is one of the weapons that Tom Brady used to Vader you avoid pressure was that quick pass in that guy was doing an element. Yes it was just so he's gonna have to hang onto the ball further quarter to half a second in that. Is in our favor there's no doubt about it I I couldn't agree with you more now I'm sure from their standpoint they think well Brenda coach will be that guy or Danny Amendola won't take up the the slack for but I don't know I just think I think there's too many unwritten and said. Rules between nobleman and Brady that you just can't recreate with other guys not to say that those are great. A wide receivers I just don't think. They're to the and not to say they won't be there mid season you're exactly yuk it. When you talk about when you would like play the patriots I I agree that the first game his is a good and of course there have in the ring ceremony all those things and doing what can talk all they like about the fact that the that we were a concern ourselves of that we don't know about it and we're we're not worried about it. You can't help but I mean it's dubbed the buses around the city as well should be but it's it's a little bit of destruction I think there's no doubt. I can get any of the players to admit. On or off Mike review miracle they want. You kind of do and I love sitting down with Chris Jones it's it's just strange because he sold light in Foley. And he'd joke with you before in a joke with you after the decision asked the question he goes completely quiet because still it's like Stoller to her personality left at all it is he's and he's a very funny gregarious Shia South Korea's foreign an epic smiled for various face off all the time. Maybe it's me may be on my kid in Anbar let's turn on the table here let's look at the chiefs' offense. Basically here the New England isn't known for their defense. No they've they've they've done it for the most part with the offense and others that they become across things that are being set I mean. But this still Super Bowl champions and them candy just OK get there you Joseph judge you still get there you have a solid defense of the two of the office has been live but. When you look at Kansas City what they have on offense. You know what's. I was excited about this group receivers as I've ever been since I've been hearing it's a young group a think fuels once maybe 24 years old mets' Oliver Wilson. The sort through hoops crazy is crazy admit the but it's a group that is so he's older than Connelly I think ya ya ya probably sold within three years. They have Wilson this is his fourth if I am looking at right. And I am just so. You know. People were like well can they run Armenians got Terry Kilgore what about that will practice Tyreke I think is arguably. I think its own arguably but we'll say arguably the fastest player in the NFL. Albert Wilson ran for three at Columbine as well and increase Carly did as well that is maybe doesn't translate as well. Into the game says we've seen the others put. Those three comply move and then all of them who's the other one DF and Thomas and that if tyra kill wasn't here. You do talk about the Anthony and how unbelievably fast he has. Of course should be handling kickoff returns. This year so he will have a chance to make its presence felt there well but I think you're going to see some wildly creative. Sets. And in people in different positions on offense that you never seen the chiefs do before because of the that the chess pieces the big risk big rip has had his disposal now you know even if your guy isn't that the top of the NFL's fastest list there'll on the list. Yes that's impressive is impressive that's one thing we've seen that with both the QBs in the pre season campus. They go over the top a lot this third the third level passing for the chiefs I think will be as good as it's been him. Well over a doctor Mitchell does caught up with sophomore Tyreke kill. Play in these guys what you see and how can you attack them and take the fight to them and we just gotta be physical. There's an office for those guys took great doubles by being physical on this out of also. He's got to come out and and just say they'll. Receive from them defensively. And their approach and its students from what does it migration. Is Kelly. Of those gas those guys not a great football army obviously dead. For a champion so. He's got to come on be physical more physical then god in them. It's been exciting obviously to see how you've grown mature route running men are running tires me out. Throughout what have you done no work no matter how much that is natural how much that a viewer to work at it. See all my thing is what I do is I just don't do this once myself in light trying to. Try to like learn from massive see what I come what I do to get better is how what do the gas so. Mean I watched tape phone Antonio Brown no DO luckily he didn't even Julio. I am just to see those guys and like how the brought this spring and they are in their routes and how much I just taking it. And and I it is and it's my toolbox. Kendall Machida has definitely matured. In his last twelve months I mean I remember during that first interview with him. How little you know right after he was drafted I guess is that maybe eighteen months the group. He was shaken any visionary is he came out means he'll high five and in he's just a different guy he's really get comfortable in his own skin he had a lot of issues that he was still with them we've we've talked about those before the fact is you've heard. Amy tuck them but that talk about to everybody which is. He's taken advantage of every opportunity he's done everything that's been asked of him and and more. And so you have to credit that the young guy and tell in terms of how he's handled. Himself how he's handled his second chance and how he's handled his talents because that they are. They are there wildly. Effective and he hasn't got a big caddies for it if any thing. He's actually put his nose to grindstone more and has gotten better that is route running you heard him talk about how he watches others he's trying to add to his game I think maybe. He recognizes. That he's on a different level even more than maybe he thought he might be. And that he has a chance to do something special and I like that from him an individual. No matter what it is that they recognize their tails they won't take advantage of it you almost have exactly what I was thinking it's really amazing. That he is not sitting back he is working harder and harder and harder and and while you and I are privy to what these guys doing their off time we know people that are. And we hear nothing but glowing reports about how he spends his down time. He's a leader in both the community. And on the you know he's really an emerging leader on this team even though he's only been here a short time. He is so good in his work ethic is so. Intense that people are looking at him. Two to be like him and and that's what that's one part of leadership. It is. He gets so much success last year six receiving touchdowns three return touchdowns three a rushing touchdown also can do and he's not the ex factories and XY and Z factor can easily can who can rush like that at drummer confusing Melanie thank you hum. But. He's going to create Havoc also in the return game as well he's going to return punts that is the first. A player of offense and even if the ball's not in his hands. They won't be because they're taken away from imminent terribly they're gonna shrink some of and kick them out and you're gonna have. 1520 yards of fill position created without him even touch them because they don't want him to touch it. And they actually see it as a win sometimes even if they only have a you know 3035 yard punt but. That's what speed do it is scares people and he's he does scare people. You want Tyreke killed with the ball in his hands and space. And the number one play to have people the most amount of space to give you give Tyreke the biggest. Advantage. To get around complain about it. That's part of return because that's when the guys are spread out the most sort of think that he wouldn't be returning punts. It is ludicrous and you know he's gonna where he's gonna he's gonna Wear a receiver gloves and I'm convinced that's not to help them catch better but to rather not work else's on his hands from have a ball in America too much because. I think this is the kid that this game may catch that he may touch the ball somewhere between fifteen and twenty times. Well I think you're right Al he's gonna be is on the field yes it's like standing in an open door in an airplane with a parachute it doesn't matter if you step out of the plane tonight your heart's racing. Yes and if that guys on the field. You know a little more anxiety is that defender you got a little more tension in your body. When you know you've got to go against a guy that's that fast I think he's just on the field he's he's a warning that he is a perfect example is you're gonna run reverse to the some point this game. And may be real successful were they may just go for no game. But it doesn't matter because it creates the effect of now. Every time he's in motion people think OK is it reversed and it's so the backside defense of vendor outside linebacker they're going to have to hold. The to make sure to watch if he gets the ball and without that now sets up the cutback which is where you get most of your big place in Europe fell. Is on cutbacks against the grain of the defense so. He Texan Tom Della checked in his in his what I would call the most unemotional. Press conference I've ever seen in my life he didn't make mention of the fact of which I guess is a normal press conference for for bill. But he did make mention the fact that you know I'm sure they're gonna use him as a Decourt they get it but they don't discuss about there's no doubt about that that the problem is is that you can put the Anthony Thomas and him on the field. Now what he got you out with here's what you got hash tag mach three on fire because. I don't know hiatus in debt. I mean you you you got to take them both you've got to respect the speed both those guys or it and how do you deal with that if 12. If they're both from about fill the forms were back phillips' tour of one side and now you've got kills you on the other side. I mean you've got. In my mind you've got to bracket up hi I'll call him on a Atari killed because you've got to help out help over the top. Or you've got to play so much cushion that now did you deprived a twelve yard outs are like stealing candy from a baby so it's it's it's up. It's it is. To win win situation for Kansas City I like candy only. You concerned at all ultra skilled Siemens Kelsey I'm not he I think he will be flying if he's. Got limited participation news. I have nothing completely to base that on except for the fact that I had seen you think coming up to what to them. I just think we would have heard more underwear I. Talked to him I think it was Monday a possibly Monday or Sunday against it was. And he was dripping wet with sweat so he's he's obviously physically. You know. Able to them to move around there's not a can't be too serious I'm with you I only easily keep him off the field there. Knowing him. Your next thing that's going to beef. Really worth keeping track of course we'll do it on game day and then within the fox which is. Which guys are active because you have to touch DF three types of thrust Travis active if you got three touch and are you going to have only five. Wide receivers active for you can still positioned somewhere else I don't know because. You know your your last two specially your last two receivers. Our two Marcus Robinson and Jerry you chests and I would think that Marcus will be up for sure the engine you would be a game time decision depending on where you go with other positions but. This is where the chess match comes into an of of of what you want to run offensively. A what you need to defend that defensively and then how you mesh the two together for the special teams side of things also Dave told. Let's not forget ever since he came to Kansas City with big red. His special teams units have rarely parental leave them in the top five. And he does nothing but create killed position for offense until decisions and for defense. And that goes tremendously this is one thing I think. With this game is the two position battles going to be big I think the chiefs have a chance to win that because of the Clinton situation with Dustin and on the return situation. Of both Tyreke and the Anthony and I think. I think. New England knows that they brought him and they brought about a most C they've got to Slater backers a pro bowler now they got. Made admirably visits naming is the yes he's a safety so those guys that are that are really just special teams guys for the New England. But I think they've they've they've brought in a few guys just for this game closely I think you're gonna see New England cut. Two or three people after this week because. Of what their truck airport for the chiefs while that's inexpensive price it is and I agree but I think about a mostly I think for sure was one that they brought him because of Tyreke kill him to. You know. I guess what's what time will tell what's the price of a winner right. Federer takes to win our 11 final thought. Here with regard to the chiefs' offense. Spencer ware is lost in the pre season possibly probably for the entire season. The head coach. Coach Reid then appoints Korean hunt the rookie running back to the starting position. That is a whole tall order in my opinion not that he's not quite ready for you think starting on Thursday night the first games unifil against the former world champions on their home after if you think that's a big bill you know I their guys that it started in Major League Baseball with a Grand Slam home run up front of a national audience I you know I remember that kid from TCU would do well pitching in the World Series for the royals I thought goodness. And how do you keep your head about you but. I think that's the biggest factor in fact. After practice I got a chance to talk to cream on now is the first thing I asked him is how do you keep well actually the first thing I asked him was about just the whirlwind of being. You know going from being behind Spencer ware to now the starter but I wanted to know you know how does he keep this. Moment from getting too big this is running back Corey. Crazy a couple of days Fareed described it. You know it's gone by really fast honestly this is game week now passes the road. Excited for it. Tell me how you keep this moment for being too big. If not this you know play football long long time and always you know some big games that the focus on them but this is the biggest the biggest stage tonight. I does not gang you know make it bigoted or as I gotta keep don't what I normally do and that. That's just making plays and you know being confident myself. Chris beanie and it was a very focused individual what my goal has he given you guys ticket to New England. You know this you know play well as hard as you can foyer for as long as you can you know don't play make you really bigger than what it is. We often you know play full line is this. You know you just got to take it play by play and you know day by day. Catalog gift Kareem hunt this. He is poised you know for Eric Eric kid I mean as a kid right. That is my son's older than cream on ya I think he may have listened to your interviews with Eric Berry and third Charleston W autumn's could be innocent girl in particular to collect as well but. Korey Hall eighteen rushes for 79 yards in the pre season your lower 45. They had four catches for 32 yards so. Very good numbers for the pre season he didn't of course played the last pre season game in the the wonderful that he didn't play much. 511216. Pretty decent size I like the fact him more poorly the chiefs like the fact that. He's a downhill runner. He'll make a force are actually read. Quickly put its foot in the ground and that's to say the four hole the sixth hole that hole so. Doing it you know it's kind of as he's going to running towards the outside of rough off tackle the he scared me and see where it is and the minute he sees a hole opened at least been coached what to look for. It puts his foot in the ground and he gets thirty runs with a Dell were blamed the Dickey wrote a little bit angry and he. Holds onto the football. And college. Would say he almost 800 carries and had one fumble so this is a guide and the other thing too is he catches the ball well the back tilt. Which and you read always likes to have at his disposal and the big thing from. Running backs coach Eric enemy is the fact that he learned how to pass block and did admirably. In pre season so we seems to be okay there at that being said. I can't imagine a scenario. Where's the New England Patriots wouldn't try to give something that's very different and audit and see if they can confusion reserve when I'm back from what why not sell. You have to pass that test but that's part of it. I think we're both in agreement on this but we both believe the chiefs have a chance here. Undeniably have a chance correct no doubt they have a chance yes. They need to stop the run they need to put pressure Brady make him as so comfortable as you commit a future hall of Famer. From the chiefs opposite side of things they need to. Stay on the field that you best defense against Brady. They need to have chalks you do you want five simply dries you need to have some chunks and they're also you can't you can't win by having. 1011 play drive time after time because it's if it gives you too much chance for error. How were you beat yourself with a penalty or something else happens and the special teams they need to in the field position battle no doubt. I'm really excited to see deacons have one play I don't know one assist you knew you would think at wanna see the offense because that's where the glitz and glamour is that. I wanna see with this new you know I wanna see what a healthy defensive lineman looks like. A fully healthy just in Houston Allen Bailey Christian. We haven't seen me we have an eye and looking forward to the fact of I believe it's a sought. One time in pre season I'm looking forward to where you see. Just in Houston T four out there total past the Euro and Allen Bailey I think those four. They can put pressure. Which then leave you seven to cover and I think at times you're going to see. And I think an offensive tackles Kabila wartime what what's going on here until death I did not sign up for this. Over and the fact is with that you're gonna create some weak situations where there's four week coming from one side or there's a mismatched. At a running back capital blocker Justin. Houston or. When they sacked Tom Brady. I want to discrete down goes Frazier down goes Frazier. Please. Week one is upon us sweet for the team chartered to Marley hit for New England as always thanks for subscribing send us your feedback would love to hear from you don't forget kick off at 740 Thursday a pregame coverage begins here in Kansas City. Thursday night at 4 PM on 11 the fox. There will be joined by our entire network of stations at 6 PM. Till then thanks for listening see you next time on this week in chiefs football places out. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey chief radioed dot com.