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Informational meeting held on the future of Wichita's Century II

September 12, 2017 - 10:47 pm

WICHITA, Kan. (KNSS) - The future plans for Century II were discussed at a public meeting Tuesday night in downtown Wichita.  City leaders focused on two of the four proposals from a $300,000 study conducted earlier this year.  1). Remodeling the building at an estimated cost of $271.8 million, or 2). Demolish and rebuild it at an estimated cost of $491.7 million.

The goal of the meeting was to create a starting point for future meetings on what to do with the Wichita landmark.  

The finding from the consultant’s study, and ways to pay for them were laid out during the nearly two hour meeting.

Both of the plans outlined come with unique challenges.  "One of the real major challenges is how do you keep the user groups in the building, while you try to do a major renovation," 
Manager of Arts and Cultural Services, John D'Angelo told KSN News.

While no decision has yet been made, City Manager Robert Layton told the Council, Century II will always be a part of Wichita's history.  "I think it's important that we respect the history of C-2, and what it means to the community," Layton said.

Tuesday's meeting was strictly informational, and public discussion is planned for the next step in the process.  That meeting will likely come before the end of the year.

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