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Young people sour on politics

The American impulse to make a contribution to the community is strong, but the feeling that politics can be an avenue to do that seems to be souring. That’s the conclusion U-S-A Today arrived at, after a poll indicated that Americans by more than two-to-one say the best way to make positive changes in society is through volunteer organizations and charities, not by being active in politics.
Says U-S-A Today: “Those younger than 30 are particularly put off by politics”. They don’t see any value in becoming involved in politics.
I don’t think younger people have ever had much interest in local or state politics at all … unless some issue comes up that affects them personally.
And when they look at national politics, what do they see? Colorless, humorless, serious, angry, stubborn people … who seem to be constantly whining about the mean politicians in the other party, and complaining that they can’t get their way all the time.
I exaggerate. But not much.
Our thought for today is from Henry Kissinger:
“Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation.”

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07/29/2013 1:19AM
Young people sour on politics
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