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Would today's Republicans welcome Ronald Reagan?

Today’s Republican Party wouldn’t even welcome Ronald Reagan. That’s what former Kansas Senator Bob Dole said on “Fox News Sunday”. He also doubted that he – Dole – would be welcomed by the G-O-P.
Dole also said the Republican National Committee should put a “closed for repairs” sign on its doors while it works on ideas and positive agendas … reports the Kansas dot com blog. The former Senate majority leader said he is mystified by how little today’s lawmakers get done. Dole said he and his colleagues could get together on a budget or legislation. “We weren’t perfect by a long shot” – said Dole – “but at least we got our work done”.
Of course, the blame for that is bipartisan. But Bob Dole is a Republican and he wants to see his party do better. Other prominent Republicans have made similar criticisms, that the G-O-P needs new ideas and a new approach … to attract more voters and get more accomplished. That would require Bob Dole-like leadership … which is simply not there.
Our thought for today is from Richard Hooker:
“Change is not made without inconvenience, even from worse to better.”

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06/05/2013 1:36AM
Would today's Republicans welcome Ronald Reagan?
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