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Four US Military Peackeeepers in Sinai Injured in IED Blasts

iStock/Thinkstock(MOUNT SINAI, Egypt) --  According to the Pentagon, four U.S. military service members serving as peacekeepers in the Sinai Peninsula were injured in two roadside bomb explosions.The Pentagon said their injuries were not life threatening.The Americans are part of the observer force that has been in the Sinai for decades to support the Camp David Treaty between Israel and Egypt, a rotating mission typically carried out by a U.S. Army unit.The two blasts injured four U.S. obs

The Number of Trees on Earth May Surprise You

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- How many trees are there on Earth? It's the ultimate estimation game, but a group of Yale researchers believe they have arrived at the most precise answer yet.There are 3.04 trillion trees on Earth -- nearly eight times as many as was previously thought, according to the study, which was released in the journal Nature. Scientists who worked on the study relied on satellite imagery, forest inventories and supercomputers to help map the number of trees on Earth down

Two Bellydancers Given Jail Time

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Two bellydancers in Egypt have been sentenced to half a year in jail, according to the BBC.The two bellydancers were arrested for inciting debauchery by their performance in a video.BBC News reports that lawyers claimed the dancers were harming the image of Egyptian women and public morality.The two dancers, Suha Mohammed Ali and Dalia Kamal Youssef will each serve six months in jail.The cameraman was also sentenced to six months in jail.Copyright © 2015, ABC

Lost Australian Sheep Gets Nearly 90 Pounds of Wool Sheared Off

iStock/Thinkstock(CANBERRA, Australia) -- A major haircut took place in Australia Wednesday after a sheep with nearly five years worth of wool on him was found wandering outside of Canberra.The sheep, who has been nicknamed “Chris," was rescued Wednesday by RSPCA Australia officials after someone spotted him wandering with a much bigger-than-average mass of wool.RSPCA officials immediately put out a plea for a shearer who could handle the difficult task, given that the sheep was thought to

The New Zealand Fabric That's Revolutionizing Performance Athletic Wear

ABC News(WELLINGTON, New Zealand) -- When most people think of wool, itchy blankets and sweaters might come to mind.But a unique breed of sheep is redefining how consumers think of wool and revolutionizing the world of performance athletic wear.At a farm in the southern Alps of New Zealand, Tom Rowley is a third generation sheep farmer raising merino sheep. While normal wool can be itchy and uncomfortable, merino wool is much finer which is why it's soft against your skin.“The softness mak

Canadian Woman Reunited with Dog 5 Years After He Was Stolen

Giovanna Carabella(ALBERTA, Canada) -- Years of heartache turned to joy Monday night when a dog owner was happily reunited with her pet pug after unknown assailants snatched him off his leash in front of a supermarket five years ago."When we could see her coming down the escalator, I said, 'Is that your Mommy?'" said Giovanna Carabella, who brought the pair together again. "His tail started wagging and he started squealing. He couldn’t wait to get out of my arms."She held him and he starte

Father Who Lost Two Sons, Wife Off Turkish Beach Describes Their Perilous Journe

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images(ISTANBUL) -- The Syrian father whose two young sons died after falling off an overcrowded boat headed to Turkey was captured in a photo on Thursday, crying as he left the morgue.The heartbreaking deaths of the two boys, 3-year-old Alan and 5-year-old Galip, are not the only ones that their father Abdullah Kurdi is dealing with right now.His wife was on board the boat and also died during the crossing.A series of photos of Alan lying drowned on a Turkish beach has pro

Heartbreaking Photo of Drowned Migrant Child Prompts Outcry

BULENT KILIC/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — A series of photos of a young boy who drowned on a Turkish beach has prompted outrage over the lack of help refugees are being given in Europe.Local reports state that the 3-year-old boy and his 5-year-old brother died as they were fleeing to Europe after leaving their Syrian hometown of Kobani.The photo was used on the front pages of newspapers around the globe, from the Wall Street Journal to the Guardian.People shared the photos online, includin

Refugee Family Desperate to Get to Germany Was Smuggled from Syria to Greece

Pierre Crom/Getty ImagesREPORTER'S NOTEBOOK BY ABC'S TERRY MORANThe scenes coming out of Europe are staggering.There are children crawling under razor wire, people walking mile after mile under the blazing summer sun and whole families who have nothing but what they can carry on the move.In what has been the greatest mass migration here since the Second World War, at least 350,000 refugees have illegally entered Europe so far this year, which is nearly three times the number of the total from 20

NASA Probes How Mars Became the Red Planet

NASA/JPL-Caltech/JHUAPL/Univ. of Arizona(NEW YORK) — NASA is sifting through new clues that could yield insights about how ancient Mars went from a planet with surface water to the dry, Red Planet it is today.It is believed ancient Mars had a thicker atmosphere, allowing water on its surface to not immediately evaporate while the Martian atmosphere of modern times is inhospitable to surface water.Scientists analyzed the largest known deposit of carbonate minerals on Mars to determine what

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