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At Least 70 Dead, 600 Injured in Cameroon Train Crash

STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images(ESEKA, Cameroon) -- Officials in Cameroon now say at least 70 people were killed in a train crash Friday, with another 600 people injured.The train was overcrowded when it derailed while traveling between Douala and Yaounde, according to BBC.Cameroon President Paul Biya offered his condolences to families of the victims in a Facebook post and said the government would "provide full assistance to the survivors."There will be an investigation into the cause of the derailm

US Warns Americans in Istanbul are Targets for Extremist Attacks

Zoonar/Thinkstock(ISTANBUL) -- U.S. officials have issued an unprecedented warning to Americans living in Istanbul, Turkey.The U.S. consulate general in Istanbul advised Americans in a security message Saturday that extremist groups were targeting U.S. citizens for armed attack, attempted kidnapping, bombing and other violent acts. The statement said the attacks could be pre-planned or happen with little or no warning."The Consulate General advises U.S. citizens residing in or visiting Istanbul

Battle for Mosul Advances Amid Reports of ISIS Holding Families to Use as Human

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) --  The massive battle to liberate Iraq’s second largest city from ISIS entered its sixth day amid reports that the terrorist group had taken hundreds of civilians captive to use as human shields.As Iraqi-led forces advance toward Mosul, the last major stronghold of ISIS in Iraq, the United Nations said it is “gravely worried” about reports that the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS or ISIL, is holding some 550 families for use as human sh

Russia Asking States to Monitor US Polling Places on Election Day

iStock/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- The White House has responded to requests from Russian officials to observe U.S. polling stations on Election Day.White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Friday it was “unclear what their intent [was]," and it was fair to be suspicious of Russia's intent."It’s appropriate that people might be suspicious of their motives, or at least their motives might be different from what they have publically stated, given the nefarious activities they have e

London City Airport Temporarily Evacuated After Suspected 'Chemical Incident'

DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images(LONDON) -- London City Airport was evacuated Friday after a suspected "chemical incident."The east London airport said it was "believed to be a CS gas spray" that caused about 500 people to be evacuated. The airport said officials were "investigating whether it was the result of an accidental discharge."At least 26 patients were treated for difficulty breathing at the scene and two people were taken to the hospital, according to a statement from the London Fir

Medical Evacuations in Aleppo Will Not Happen Friday as Planned

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) --  Patients with serious wounds and diseases that can’t be treated in the besieged part of Aleppo, Syria, were not able to leave the city Friday as planned.Medical evacuations were supposed to begin Friday after Russia said it extended a “humanitarian pause” to allow patients, other civilians and rebels to leave the besieged city through corridors. Russian and Syrian officials have suggested that after the cease-fire, the Russian and Syrian arm

Pentagon Identifies American Service Member Killed in Iraq

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) --  The U.S. Defense Department has identified the service member killed by a roadside bomb north of Mosul on Thursday as Navy Chief Petty Officer Jason C. Finan, 34, of Anaheim, California. Finan, who belonged to an explosive-ordnance disposal unit, was serving alongside Iraqi troops as an adviser.According to a defense official, Finan was killed Thursday when the armored vehicle he was traveling in struck an improvised explosive device and the vehicle rolled ov

UN Decision to Appoint Wonder Woman as Female Empowerment Ambassador Sparks Outr

Stockbyte/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) --  The United Nations is facing backlash after appointing the fictional superhero Wonder Woman as its new Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls.A petition started by “concerned” U.N. staff members asks the intergovernmental organization to reconsider the choice, arguing that Wonder Woman’s “current iteration is that of a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions, scantily clad in a shimmery, thigh-barin

Trump Comparing US Economy to India and China Doesn't Add Up, Experts Say

ABC News(NEW YORK) --   Donald Trump's suggestion that the U.S. economy is "stagnant" because it is growing more slowly than the economies in India and China tells half a truth, economists said.The Republican nominee said at Wednesday night’s debate that India's economy is “growing at 8 percent, China is growing at 7 percent, and that for them is a catastrophically low number.”He said of the U.S. economy, “We are growing, our last report came out, and it’s

ISIS Strikes Iraqi City of Kirkuk in Daring Pre-Dawn Assault

iStock/Thinkstock(KIRKUK, Iraq) — ISIS suicide bombers and gunmen attacked several key targets in and around the city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq on Friday, in a daring pre-dawn assault that is testing the Iraqi security forces' ability to respond on multiple fronts as the government concentrates its efforts on seizing the city of Mosul.The ISIS militants struck three police stations, the headquarters of a Kurdish political party, and a power plant. Security forces continued to battle the a

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