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Will anything change after Tucson?

I have a feeling not much will change after the shooting in Tucson. I’ve seen a number of shootings of prominent people in my life time; Kennedy, King, Kennedy, Lennon, Reagan … to name a few. After each, there was talk of gun control and mental illness … but not much really changed. We still have difficulty identifying assassins before they shoot and we still can’t keep them away from firearms.
Can we change our public political discourse, in the belief that civility has an impact on violent behavior? Visitors to our web site have their doubts, by a four-to-one margin.
It’s clear to me that the Tucson shooting frightened the you-know-what out of many members of the U.S. House of Representatives. Those town hall meetings they all endure now take on a whole new perspective. Not only will their constituents whine, gripe, holler, and even call them names … but they might also take a shot at their elected representative.
Politicians grow accustomed to nastiness, but none of them wants to be a target.
Our thought for today is from Eric Hoffer:
“Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.”

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01/20/2011 4:28AM
Will anything change after Tucson?
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