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Wichita's homeless

To some degree, you can see homeless people in every sizable city in America. Times have been tough for all of us the past few years. People have lost jobs and they’ve lost their homes. There are families living out of cars.
There are also the chronically homeless. These are people with “disabling” conditions. We have 91 of them in Sedgwick County, according to the 2013 Point-In-Time Homeless Count, which is mandated in communities receiving federal assistance to deal with homelessness.
The survey showed 538 homeless people in the county in 2013 … down 2.2% from 550 in 2012. Of that 538, 71 are “unsheltered” … people who are staying on the streets, under bridges, or in a car. The number of homeless in the county peaked in 2011 at 634.
Some of these people have drug problems or medical conditions. Some of our homeless are families with children. The United Way of the Plains is leading the effort to deal with an on-going problem for our city and county.
Our thought for today is from John Howard Payne:
“Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.”

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04/23/2013 1:40AM
Wichita's homeless
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