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Who do they represent?

I hear them say “The people elected me to ….”Recently, it’s been about cutting spending and/or resisting tax cuts. But is it really that simple? I think not.
Consider our Kansas 4th District Representative Mike Pompeo, a freshman Congressman who survived a bruising primary battle with four other Republicans. Then he won election over a young Democrat with some experience as a state lawmaker.
So, who elected Pompeo? Was it just Republican conservatives? Was it just TEA Party members?
I suggest people like Pompeo are elected by voters with a broad range of political philosophy … differing on individual issues … generally conservative, in the 4th District’s case.
And think about this: a politician must represent more than just those who voted for him or her. Ideology aside, that representative must stand up for what is best for his or her constituency … and what is best for the United States of America.
“The people” is not just one part of one political party.
Our thought for today is from E. B. White:
“Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half the time.”

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08/03/2011 1:14AM
Who do they represent?
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