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Who can afford college?

Are we approaching a time when a college education is only for the wealthy, the most gifted, and the athletic? When does higher education reach that tipping point, when people say “We just can’t afford college”; or the point that they decline the long-term debt obligation?
Kansas public universities are asking for tuition increases next fall ranging from 4% at Kansas State to 6% at Wichita State, to a high of 7.4% for out-of-state students at K-U.
Meanwhile, budget problems in the legislature have forced a 100 million-dollar spending reduction for higher education over the past two years; a 12% cut. There will be a 1.4% cut for fiscal 2012.
The state has been cutting money for K-through-12 education as well. Lawmakers must balance the budget, and they are not about to raise taxes to do it.
There are still Kansans who believe the state’s future ought to include the best educational resources possible … if we are to retain and attract bright people. For them, the withering state revenue support is disturbing, to say the least.
Our thought for today is from H. G. Wells:
“Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.”

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05/27/2011 1:43AM
Who can afford college?
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