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When it's personal

Amazing how people’s opinions can change when an issue becomes personal.
Kansas Health Institute president Dr. Robert St. Peter tells me the Affordable Healthcare Act … Obamacare … takes a beating in public opinion polls. But when questioned further, many people find specific parts of the law they like.
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul defines his position on possible U-S military action in Syria in personal terms. He is cautious on any military action that puts Americans at risk … such as involvement in Syria’s civil war.
My problem with our involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq has always been the lack of “skin in the game” for Washington politicians making deadly, expensive decisions. In fact, only a small percentage of Americans actually served or were closely related to someone who served. My son’s involvement in both military missions explains a lot about my public and private opinions about Iraq and Afghanistan.
Not that I’m anti-military, I just resent the politicians who make decisions about others while claiming “it’s nothing personal”. Maybe it should be.
Our thought for today is from Abraham Lincoln:
“Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.” 

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09/16/2013 1:19AM
When it's personal
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