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What to think about Charlie?

I noticed that virtually every T-V network scored an “exclusive” interview with Charlie Sheen, the sit-com star who obviously has some real problems. I went to Webster’s for a definition of “exclusive”. I got “excluding; debarring; limited to a special few”. I guess to network people “exclusive” means no other network will interview the subject at that time, in that place.
For whatever reason, Sheen chose to talk with just about anyone who asked. Frankly, I saw only bits and pieces of interviews because I have little interest in most celebrities’ problems and weird lifestyles. It appeared to me that Charlie Sheen has real mental problems, because he didn’t make much sense. Maybe that’s just an actor playing to the cameras … maybe not.
There are multiple network channels locked in on this big celebrity story and playing it just as much as possible. That’s because there are millions of folks who tune in and enjoy the true-life drama of a famous, troubled man.
Our thought for today is from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:
“Most people would succeed in small things if they were not troubled with great ambitions.”

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03/08/2011 5:12AM
What to think about Charlie?
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