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What's the message?

Personally, I think Mitt Romney has the potential be a capable-or-better president. Why didn’t he win? Let me take a shot at that.
Exit polling indicated that a good many Americans believe our economic system favors the rich, and Romney is a rich guy. Americans may think the economy stinks, but there are indications that it’s getting better … and many realize Barack Obama inherited a huge mess the day he stepped into the Oval Office.
I think change may be coming. Americans are fed up with mindless, ideological stubbornness on the part of our elected officials. It’s long past time for Congress and the President to agree on the need to do what’s best for the country rather than what’s best for re-election. This is where I’ve seen no leadership from the president or the Congressional big shots.
The storm clouds of financial disaster are on our radar screen, and our elected officials don’t see the need for shelter … or even an umbrella.
Our thought for today is from Mario Puzo in ‘The Godfather’:
“Never get angry. Never make a threat. Reason with people.” 

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11/21/2012 1:02AM
What's the message?
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