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What's next for health care?

Opponents of the national health care act were rocked by the recent Supreme Court vote in support of the legality of the insurance mandate. Just about everyone was surprised that the swing vote came from Chief Justice Roberts, Bush appointee and solid conservative.
So what’s next? Some Republicans say the law will be fixed … possibly repealed entirely … if Mitt Romney is elected president in November. Others are not ready to wait that long.
I think the health care overhaul contains a few good things. But overall, I find it confusing and heavy-handed ... its supporters prepared to sacrifice individual liberty for the sake of better health care insurance for everyone. Of course, that may not be the result … and I’m not sure I like this trade of freedom in exchange for the hoped-for common good.
At the same time, health care in America is too expensive. It seems to me that is the part that’s been missed … and needed to be remedied before politics took over the debate.
Our thought for today is from Robert A. Humphrey:
“An undefined problem has an infinite number of solutions.”

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07/10/2012 1:04AM
What's next for health care?
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