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What's next for Obama?

The remainder of President Obama’s second term looks to be really tough. My concern is not for the president, but for the fractured nation he is trying to lead. I wonder if he has the leadership skills to turn the ship?
Bill Clinton succeeded … (survived?) … because he was able to move his administration toward the middle, finding at least some common ground with his most conservative opponents in Congress. Is Barack Obama capable of doing that? Will his liberal political base allow it? Does he even want to try?
The Affordable Care rollout has been a disaster, and it faces an overhaul or elimination in Congress. President Obama’s job approval ratings have been plunging.
Where does he go from here? Where does the nation go?
At a time when we need a strong hand of leadership, we have a president who is an excellent speech maker, but is short on planning and performance.
Our thought for today is from Pubilius Syrus:
“Never promise more than you can perform.”

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11/22/2013 4:23AM
What's next for Obama?
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