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What is true?

A responder to our K-N-S-S Facebook recently wrote about “correct facts”. Of course, by definition a “fact” is “anything actually true”. And while the term “correct facts” ought to be relegated to the Department of Redundancy Department dead file, I think it’s an indication of today’s public discourse.
Part of the broadcast and print media urges Americans to disbelieve other parts of the broadcast and print media … so-called “mainstream” or “traditional” journalism. We are told the facts change, according to which media outlet we access. We are told we need only believe what we agree with.
Meanwhile, a large segment of the population busies itself with un-edited, un-verified cyber information … pumped into our laptops and i-pads. If you can click on it, you can believe it. You can also share it with thousands of cyber strangers.
Government standards of information are routinely assailed, spun, and misused for political purposes.
First I ask “What is true?”  Then I ask “Does anyone care?”
Our thought for today is from Oscar Wilde:
“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.”

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10/29/2012 12:54AM
What is true?
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