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What is open-carry?

The Wichita City Council has changed the City’s firearms ordinance to comply with Kansas law … passed in 2007 … with a perception that a concealed firearm is a greater threat to public safety than an openly carried one.
You may now carry a holstered pistol in Wichita, unless it is prohibited in government facilities or by businesses. The ordinance change has no effect on concealed carry permit holders.
Citizens are prohibited from carrying a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle if the weapon is reachable by the individual.
So, if a guy shows up with a gun at – say – a politician’s speech, it’s no big deal?
Or maybe he … or she … is “packing” at the neighborhood block party?
This puts a lot of responsibility on gun owners. Let’s hope they are up to the task.
Personally, if I see someone carrying a firearm in public … under any circumstances … my comfort level drops dramatically.
Our thought for today is from Al Capone:
“You can go a long way with a smile. You can go a lot further with a smile and a gun.” 

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07/25/2012 12:53AM
What is open-carry?
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