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What does it mean when Tebow loses?

Why did God let Tim Tebow lose? Most Christians know God doesn’t often answer the “why” question.
I played a lot of sports as a youth and I don’t ever recall a pre-game prayer for victory. We asked to be blessed in giving our best effort, and that no one would be seriously injured.
Tim Tebow’s public displays of faith during football games have attracted more social media attention than anything else on the planet. A good many people think Tebow goes overboard … that his demonstrations of faith during a sporting event are inappropriate.
I think all of today’s athletes over-celebrate to the point of looking ridiculous.
Christians are urged to acknowledge their faith in public, when it’s appropriate. Tim Tebow is simply doing what his faith tells him. I’m sure he knows that being a Christian doesn’t mean personal perfection or always winning … on the stage of public opinion or on the football field.
Our thought for today is from Steve Jobs:
“Sometimes life is going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith.”

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01/19/2012 1:09AM
What does it mean when Tebow loses?
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01/24/2012 4:03PM
Tebow is a good Evangelist
I wonder how many people took their Bibles from a shelf, dusted them off, and looked up John 3:16 after the Bronco win. Maybe some of those people actually read a bit more. Suppose even just one had his faith rekindled--God would say that was worth it. The point is, it's not just winning a football game. It's a way to spread the Word. Football, since it's so popular, is a potent instrument for conversion.
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