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What do you think?

For centuries we human beings have communicated on socially-accepted levels. To get along in private discourse, we understand the importance of self-restraint and simple tact in expressing our thoughts. Social media seems to be changing all that.
I look at offerings on our radio station’s Facebook page and marvel at the insulting content. When people start typing they seem to lose any grace or civility they may possess. It seems that some of us are intent on trying to shock others with our blatant rudeness. 
We respect no one, we judge everyone.
Is it really so important to feel smarter, better than others? Do we realize the way we share our opinions can offend others, even those we’ve known for years? Or is this social media simply an outlet for the outrageous, and not to be taken seriously?
If so, many do not understand. People are being humiliated and punished for their cyber behavior. I guess they don’t get it.
Our thought for today is from Eric Hoffer:
“Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.”

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11/19/2013 1:42AM
What do you think?
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