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We Can?t Do Better With FOOD?

So, we recently had a story about a good new website made by a K-State researcher about the food history of Kansas. The site,, is really interesting and I linked it here because it is fascinating. But I’m blogging about it because it raises some genuine anger in me.

The site’s page about food related events in the state is broken down county by county. That’s a good design I believe. However; it annoyed me that the first time I checked the site, Saline County had a half-dozen or so events listed (including the Smoky Hills River Festival which I can personally attest to the fantastic quality of the food offered) and Sedgwick County…

The largest, most populous, and culturally diverse county in the state…

One. Just one single entry. How sad is that? Ok, there are reasons for this.

This was a K-State researcher, and Saline County hosts a K-State campus. It’s a new website, and it will get more and more information as time goes by. So it’s not really that surprising. But still… nothing against the Wagonmasters’ Downtown Chili Cook-Off, (it is a great event and I had a great time there this year) but it’s not the only food event in town. What about St. George Orthodox Christian Cathedral’s 77th annual Lebanese Dinner? I can also attest that there is some seriously excellent food at that event. And 77 years, I believe that qualifies as a rich tradition. With a little time I could think of several more events that would qualify. And with a few minutes of web access I could find several more.

I’m sending the info on the Lebanese Dinner on to the folks at Everyone else needs to send in the info for their favorite events. It’s a good website, let’s make it even better and more useful and interesting. Who knows? We might just make this state look a little better to tourists. And that’s more money for our state. For very little effort on our part, and a great effort from Jane Marshall, creator of Thank you Mrs. Marshall.

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10/05/2010 9:16AM
We Can’t Do Better With FOOD?
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