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Union membership takes a dive

I know many of you simply don’t care for labor unions. You believe they are too powerful … they encourage poor work attitudes … they impose petty rules in the workplace … and they hamper a company’s effort to make a decent profit.
Well, I have good news for you. The union movement is just about dead, it seems.
The percentage of American workers who belong to unions tumbled to 11.3% in 2011 … the lowest percentage in 76 years. The total number of union members fell by nearly 400,000 … from 11.8% of the workforce in 2011. The rate of 11.3% was the lowest level since 1936, when Franklin Roosevelt was president.
Almost half the losses in the last year were in the industrial Midwest …Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan … where states with Republican-controlled governments have led an assault on unions.
Here in Kansas … a big drop in union membership; from 10.1% in 2011 to 8.4% in 2012.
Our thought for today is from the U.S. Supreme Court:
“Long ago we stated the reason for labour organizations. We said that union was essential to give labourers opportunity to deal on an equality with their employers.” 

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01/30/2013 12:58AM
Union membership takes a dive
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