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There’s a word I keep hearing in the news and in my talks with elected officials and business leaders: uncertainty.
When I ask why the recovery from the Great Recession is taking so long … why unemployment lingers above 8% … why Americans are not buying, selling, and manufacturing more … the answer keeps coming back “uncertainty” over what’s going on in Washington.
I’m told uncertainty over health care and taxes is holding back business.
To be sure, political gridlock in Washington is a fact of life. Today’s politicians are not inclined to work with their opposition for something as meaningless (to them) as the good of the country. I have serious doubts whether many of these people actually know the meaning of the word “work” in any context.
The federal legislature has been stalled for months, waiting to see who will win the election.
Health care, energy policy, deficits and the debt … why worry about that stuff until absolutely necessary … until there’s a national crisis?
Our thought for today is from Fred Allen:
“Committee – a group of men who individually can do nothing but as a group decide that nothing can be done.”

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09/27/2012 1:05AM
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